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219361219361B002NVZDR4A2R4S9S2FDIN4JJennifer Emerson "Cupcake Queen"0051342396800YUMI ordered these for Dark N Stormys at my wedding. Perfect blend of spicy, a little sweet, and super delicious! They are a little pricey, but totally worth it.
219362219362B002NVZDR4A1I5II5KOWQ7HGAlexus0051341792000Top grade non-alcoholic drink.This is a top grade non-alcoholic drink. Great taste,texture. Really enjoyable. Some of my neighbors said this actually has some medicinal value to sore throats and such. Though the maker made no such claim. Natural sugar cane. Quality.
219363219363B002NVZDR4A3MT7MPZ20QW4Tfarout0051341360000Most fiery so far!I love this Ginger Beer both alone and mixed in with other drinks. It is not overly sweet and has the most heat of the GBs I have tried to date. I have tried Barr's and Cock n Bull. I recommend it! If there is one that is hotter, please let me know.
219364219364B002NVZDR4A1H7DXCLINU529N. Merzhvynska0051339286400Excellent drink!This ginger "beer" is a miracle worker for my stomach. It contains no alcohol, only ginger and natural ingredients. The only way I can enjoy it - is drinking it with ice (without ice it's quite a challenge to drink). It restores my normal digestion/evacuation cycle, without any pain, dehydration etc. Perfect medicine, and affordable price for a case. Highly recommend.
219365219365B002NVZDR4A183AW15LUC9BQCharles Mathew0051338768000British Commonwealth folk, you will not be disappointed!If you grew up in one of the former British colonies and are now living in the States, you'll know what I am talking about - you want those long cherished tastes and regularly chase after vague product names on Google. Sadly, when you do get a popular American knock off (American Cadburys?? Really, why is it different?) it tastes different because of HFCS or some similar thing.

Well, the Ginger Beer from Fever-Tree does not disappoint. It is not watered down and has the real sugar (pure cane) instead of that other 4-letter stuff. Strong and tasty, just as I remember ginger beer to be. On a hot summer day, an ice cold Fever-Tree hits the taste buds and brings back those memories just right.

The bottles are 6.8 ounces, not too much or too little, just right. And they are glass like God meant them to be. They are impressively well packaged and came quickly. Unfortunately, the 24 bottles do tend to vanish rapidly because others in the household pick up on the taste rather too soon and so I am a regular customer, ordering another case right after I complete this review.

Now to search for some good biltong and them REAL South African sausages. (Know any Boer farmers that moved to the States?)
219366219366B002NVZDR4A35PQNLZ9DP1Y7luke0070041335744000Best I've foundThis is the best I've found in the US. I discovered Ginger Beer in Africa and it was MUCH hotter than any I've found here. This is the best I've found so far and much cheaper at Amazon. Get it with Prime because shipping is expensive.
219367219367B002NVZDR4A2EHBEUXFE7M13Keystone View0051331596800Tastes GreatFever-Tree brand ginger beer has a great flavor. I use this ginger beer in Mojito Specials. The ginger beer makes a refreshing non-alcohol drink as well.
219368219368B002NVZDR4A25AWPGDPLPIWBjoel77st0051330041600SIMPLY THE BEST!We tried this ginger beer in NYC and couldn't find it anywhere in southern California. Of course Amazon had it. The bottles shipped were packed like they were nitroglycerine. Not a scratch. This beer is so refreshing and not too sweet. A real find for ginger lovers.Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer, 6.8 Ounce Glass Bottles (Pack of 24)
219369219369B002NVZDR4A3G1BZ9790EWGFMichael A Yakiemchuk0051329782400The best there is.I originally bought this as a mixer for my Moscow mules. Now the whole family can not live without having these little wonders ice cold in our fridge. I have had many brands of Ginger Beer in my life and this is by far and away the best out there.
219370219370B002NVZDR4A7IWJ9946VOIEHands51 "hands51"0041329091200Great tasting product!I had been looking for an authentic ginger beer brand and this is very close to what I was looking for! Excellent taste but I wish the bottles were larger for a similar price.
219371219371B002NVZDR4AH02ALP2QKI7IPatricia A. Mickelsen0051324080000The BEST ginger beer!Arrived as promised in perfect condition. Finally able to get the BEST ginger beer here in the States! Have been enjoying it for years in England...thanks amazon!
219372219372B002NVZDR4A19RYSHMDVIC18Bob0051313625600Explosive Ginger FlavorIf you love ginger, this is the drink for you. Refreshing and unlike any other ginger drink. Best served over ice. (Makes a great cocktail, too--add a splash of vodka.)
219373219373B002NVZDR4A22PFNRFDGN4YSNTailor0051312934400LOVE ITIf you are a fan of REAL ginger-beer, this is your best option.

It is absolutely DELICIOUS. Not overly sweet like a lot of brands i've had at whole food markets and such.
219374219374B002NVZDR4A2LXW4YX849ZGDRJ "FreqTraveler"0051307145600Not for all Tastes but I love itI ordered a second case. Makes great Dark and Stormies or very refreshing and medicinal cold out of the bottle. My wife won't touch the stuff. You got to like ginger or ginger ale. You will be disappointed if not.
219375219375B002NVZDR4A3F3GYOHM3A3GBCory J. Westgate "Master Who Makes The Grass ...0131347494400It was alright.The product is very light, subtle, and delicate. I assume it would be good for replacing the tonic in a G&T, but as ginger ale goes it's really unimpressive.
219376219376B002NVZDR4A23F2LELNDSB0Powalt0111341446400Ginger BeerThis product was very easy to order and the delivery was quick and packaged very well. The beer it self is one that you have to acquire a taste for. It's not as smooth as other brands, I would not order it again.
219377219377B002NVZDR4A3MQJDWDYH3LCEAB0151325894400Great Gift!I purchased this, along with a copper mug, as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. Like most men he is difficult to shop for, but I hit the nail on the head with this one! I ordered the product on a Monday and it arrived on Wednesday. The bottles are small, but perfect for mixing up a nice Moscow Mule. He went on about how refreshing the drink was and how he couldn't wait to have some this summer on the boat!

Great product and great value with the Amazon Prime free shipping!
219378219378B002NVZDR4A2VDIYCPVUEWY1Maralee0151323820800Fever Tree Ginger BeerBest tasting beverage ever! Great for Dark and Stormy Drink...3oz oz. ginger beer,shot of dark rum,add a slice of lime!
219379219379B002NVZDR4ACJW2YSBG2HA1i am me0231340841600This stuff is good I guess but not as good as Outrageous Ginger AleI liked it but I think it is very similar to Outrageous Ginger Ale except Outrageous Ginger Ale is better. This product was crisp etc. I am sorry I could not give better reviews. My favorite ginger ale is Healthy Valley's ginger ale.
219380219380B000LRKO8KAN4WXJGF9ASPAP. LaForce3351307750400The taste of RAISINS...In case any of you are wondering what the heck this is or what it tastes like, the best way to describe it is:
It tastes like the sweetness and flavor of RAISINS. Which I guess makes sense, sice both raisins and beets are condensed to become the final product and both contain a natural sugar plus other ingredients that arent removed or altered. Even the color is reminiscent and the aroma.
I like the fact that it has high iron and magnesium content, (19 and 30%, respectively) so this is a nice way to treat a sugar craving without it being entirely wasted or in vain.
It does NOT however have the consistency of honey as many say; it is much thicker and nearly crystallized such that it can be 'spun' or create thing long strings/hairs and it will not pour out of the jar. You have to force it off the spoon lol

All in all its probably an aquired taste, especially for putting on breads, and I tend to think its better as an ingredient IN bread etc, but its nothing far out or difficult to enjoy, either. If you are craving iron, this is a good answer LOL
219381219381B000LRKO8KA21L1CXKOP15TBA. Rehling "Hermi"3351281312000I miss it...If people ask me what I miss abroad ... it is this. For cooking German receipes that use sugar beet syrup you can sometimes replace it using maple syrup - but it is just not the same...
219382219382B000LRKO8KA12FCKJY9CGVYLL. FRIEDHOFF "Cheerful spirit"3351252368000Back to his ChildhoodI bought the Sugar beet syrup for my Hubby. And he loves it,says"It takes him back to his Childhood in Germany."I will be buying more soon, he is almost finished this jar.
219383219383B000LRKO8KA2Y7LU84O6FB9MKazo1151338249600Got potato pancakes?If you like German potato pancakes you should spread a bit of this stuff on top and you might never again put watery applesauce on them. Better yet, place the so prepared pancake on a piece of German whole kernel rye bread (pumpernickel works too). Even better, slice a kaiser roll in half, put on potato pancake, spread some sirup on it, and top it with the pumpernickel. You got yourself an authentic old-fashioned meal from the Rhineland in Germany. BTW, that's also where this sirup comes from. What a treat!
219384219384B000LRKO8KA23UQ9C54L5G51Spring Eagle "Spring"1151318377600great productMy daughter loves this syrup on bread. We only could find it in a German store in Daytona Beach Florida. Since we moved away from Florida 3 years ago and could not bring it on the air plane (we don't like to check in luggage). Thanks for Amazon my daughter can enjoy it again after 3 years.
219385219385B000LRKO8KA16GXU0SCCHYKOMartina Kirby "2ZoomZoom"0051344297600Sugar Beet Syrup, gotta try this breakfast spread!!I want the "Black Honey" as I called Sugar Beet Syrup as a child. Very sweet, sticky and yummy just like honey.
219386219386B00005IX98A1TIVD0Y3KJSCNlawyerwhocooks "lawyerwhocooks"232551023321600Better than Starbucks espresso podsUsing the Briel Chamonix machine I purchased from Amazon, I have produced delicious lattes using these pods. The smell of the Espressione pods (regular and decaf) when opened is incredible - dark, rich roasts. FYI - the pods are produced in Italy, which is a good sign. Also, each pod has a handy paper "tab" so that you can remove it from your machine without burning your fingers. I compared these pods to Starbucks espresso pods (regular and decaf), and the Espressione are my favorite. Only one warning: 150 pods (individually wrapped) take up a lot of space, so be sure you know where you're going to store them. More good news: each box of 150 is stamped with a "best if used by" date, which in my case was 16 months after the date of purchase.
219387219387B00005IX98A3DPP97CNG990R"websurpher"121251046044800Outstanding flavor, great price!After years of using Starbuck's decaf and regular single serving espresso pods, I finally found a substitute that's more economical and MUCH better tasting.

I've used three different brands of pods in my Starbuck's Barista machine, and have found that the quality of the pod and the flavor of the espresso inside is, by far, the best in the Espressione pods. The flavor is more full bodied and stronger than in the Starbuck's pods. I actually use one pod to make two shots of espresso, and the flavor is more intense than when I buy my specialty drinks from Starbucks or other coffee houses.

Also, the pod itself is of very high quality. Each pod is individually wrapped in an airtight, hard foil wrapper, and I've never opened a package yet that contained a torn pod with coffee spilling out. Such is not the case with other lesser brands.

The tab on each pod is also handy, making it easier to switch out a hot spent pod with a new one when making a second round of espresso.

219388219388B00005IX98A24IUOMVERXVEGRick "rick_street"111151036108800Great Easy cup of EspressoI've purchased both the Espressione Espresso (classic) and the 100% Arabica. My vote is definitely with the 100% Arabica. The flavor has more bite and flavor (much more like European coffee than American).
219389219389B00005IX98ANRV5VWOCM1Q2M. Harvey4451073347200DeliciousWe ordered these to go with our new espresso machine and have been so pleased with them. We were really shocked at how delicious and tasty this coffee is - I bought it based on the Amazon reviews and they were right on. I decided these deserved another good review after I tried a Starbucks pod this morning and had to throw it out it was so terrible - it had no flavor and tasted watered down even though I made the correct amount (1 oz.) I have been lavishing praise on our espresso machine, which it does deserve, but I have now realized that the Espressione pods are the big reason that we've fallen so in love with our home espressos. The coffee is very flavorful, richly so. The price is also competitive when ordered in bulk like this, a great deal (these pods come out to be $.40 each whereas the Starbucks pods were $.41 each). They are certainly worth more.

One caveat, make sure to order the 100% Arabica pods - you would be well advised to always buy Arabica coffee as it is far superior to coffee made with the cheaper, more acidic Robusto beans.

219390219390B00005IX98A2TCI780LLLGT2aussie 20036751101081600Loves convenience in GAThese pods have got to be the best invention yet. They are compact, extremely easy to use & is the best solution to making several very quick cups of coffee.

Fresh ground coffee is nice, but there is virtually no mess with these pods. The crema is just as good as ground coffee & these can be used in a pod holder as well as a one cup filter basket.

What more could a person want?!

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