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219391219391B00005IX98A32DP2CNX5TWYKS. Maynard1141328486400Great for Handpresso!I normally purchase the Lavazza Grand Crema pods for use with my Breville espresso machine, and have always been happy with them but wanted to try something different, so I ordered a box of Espressione Classic Espresso instead. Initially I was very disappointed with the results; a 30-second shot of espresso using these pods contained only about half as much liquid as one using my normal Lavazza pods (in other words, the water was passing through these pods at a much slower rate than through the Lavazza). Maybe my machine is lacking in pressure... but I could tell just by the feel of the pods that these are much more tightly packed than the Lavazza ones.

My disappointment changed to delight when I tried these pods out on my Handpresso Wild, however. I had never really liked the taste of the Lavazza pods using this machine (seemed much more bitter compared to my "real" machine at home), but with Espressione it was perfect!

Bottom line... if you are using a Handpresso, I recommend these pods 100%. If you are using a normal espresso machine, you may want to try out a smaller size package before committing to 150 pods.
219392219392B00005IX98A352E6CIHV73VKJulio1151320451200Expressions decaf podsFor people that enjoy a nice espresso or latte after dinner, these pods are the answer. Easy to make, no mess, great flavor and without the caffeine at nighttime.
219393219393B00005IX98A29UGCLU3K6KHFC. Lazzaretto1151261440000Great Pod, Great PriceWe've ordered two of these boxes and I'm about to get a third. At home, I use Illy loose grounds exclusively and do all the measuring and tamping and whatnot myself so I can feel all Barista-ey. But in our second home, we use these pods. They stay fresh, there's no mess, there's no fuss, and they taste great. Get the 100% Arabica verion; it's worth the extra few bucks.
219394219394B00005IX98A3ODTU118FKC5JRosemarie E Smith5751010275200A little piece of heaven.For years I have been trying to simulate a truly Italian espresso or cappuccino without success. Several packages arrived [...] just before Christmas. My son had sent a Briel Cadiz Espresso machine, two lovely Russian china cups and a case of Espressione Classic Espresso Pods. It was the kindest, most wonderful Christmas present I can remember. The espresso machine excels in quality and ease of use. The espresso is exquisite. Each time I prepare an espresso or cappuccino I experience my son's loving kindness and a small part of the many gifts of Italy. Heaven on Earth.
219395219395B00005IX98A1YVO5V1SO18DZfair_deal_guy "BB"4651082678400Incredible qualityI can't say enough good things about the Espressione pods. They are of the highest quality and the product is fresh, fresh, fresh! If you've ever wondered if pre-packaged espresso can taste as good as freshly ground, wonder no more. The Espressione pods are--to my palate, at least--indistinguishable from fresh ground beans. Yep, they really are that good!
219396219396B00005IX98AGUF1WPEG4GSM"lchang44"5811055376000Almost expired, Sept '03I returned this due to the very short/brief expiration date, Sept '03. That would be less than 3-months to use up all 150 pods. Amazon should pull this "off the shelves"!
219397219397B00005IX98A3DIW9TBW79W7JEspresso fiend3511171238400Shipment was expired by 2 yearsI was really looking forward to these pods based on the reviews. Starbucks is good, but I prefer bolder taste.... imagine my surprise when I ordered 2 boxes - both were expired! One expired back in 2005 for gosh sakes. I admit that Amazon agreed to credit me for cost plus part of shipping, but geez, 2 years expired!!! I'm hoping to find local San Diego area shoppe that carries pods so that I can try something different than starbucks.
219398219398B00005IX98A38NQAY8U0TVAFJanice Veenhuizen "Coffeelover"2411201824000Out of Date by 6 months!!Shipment of pods came with a best-before date that was a full 6 months before delivery. Be aware that Amazon lists all "grocery" items as non-returnable.
219399219399B00005IX98A1E59GF5Q18Q7SA. Franssen0121294790400Like Starbuck Espresso Pods betterBased upon the various reviews I decided to give this a try as we normally use Starbucks Espresso pods. I have to say that the taste of Espressione is much more bland and the coffee tastes weaker.
219400219400B00005IX98A31BD4RXCON7QOMichael A. Duvernois0151257379200Excellent pods that I've used in my Briel espresso unit for yearsBoth the 100% Arabica and the Espressione Espresso are excellent for espresso drinks. Traditionally espresso, unlike good drip coffee, is made with a mix of Arabica and Robusta coffees. The taste differences are noticeable, but I don't have a strong favorite. I use the pods for convenience, although I also roast my own green beans for espresso as well.

If you look at the negative reviews, they're mostly on the "best before" dates being passed. While I would also be upset to spend money and get "expired" pods, I should point out that the pods are good for quite some time after their nominal expiration dates. I just found a handful of these Espressione Classic pods with 2002 (this is late 2009 now) dates and they made acceptable, though not spectacular espresso. Basically they're vacuum packed and not much is happening inside the wrapper.
219402219402B000LQL96MA2EUFD1N2F7AO7casa0021286323200Probably not your faultSince this is an extra thick fillo, it damages faster than other things, and the freezing pack that they include in the packaging was not enough and the fillo come spoiled.
219403219403B00112EUM0A1WX42M589VAMQMir9951257811200Wow. I didn't gag! A dark chocolate vibe with slight grassy undertones--and impressive nutrients statsI ordered this with trepidation. I've never been able to swallow green food mixes, other than Green Magma (which is not "mixed", but just barley grass). Wheat grass makes me gag. Literally--cannot swallow it. My body rejects it and I gag and spit it out. So, over the years, trying green foods trying to find something I can swallow has been trying.

Well, there ya go. This one works.

I ordered it on the basis of numerous positive flavor reviews and I liked the list of nutrients/enzymes.

30 calories per serving of 8 grams= 1 g fat, 2 g protein, 4 g carbs (2 g fiber), 65% Vit A, 30% of C and K, 15% of B12 and Riboflavin, 6% of iron and manganese; organic grasses (wheat, barley, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, broccoli, chlorela); with antioxidant from maca, acai, carrot, rose hips, beet, pineapple, green tea, acerola cherry. Fiber from apple pectin, organic oat powder, organic flax seed powder. Also L acidophilus, peppermint, Siberian eleuthero root, and sea salt.

The flavor is pleasant. It's like the taste of bitterish dark chocolate bars with a grassy undertone that isn't offputting. It's not like it's a chocolate malted or anything, but it works fine for me. I can drink this. I do not gag. Yay.

I will reorder this. I like the healthful profile and the flavor.

UPDATE: Okay, I didn't really expect a noticeable effect from this (I mean, I've had superfoods before and didn't suddenly go change the world or anything), but I have actually noticed an uptick in my energy after adding this to my pre-workout smoothie and my pre-chore protein drink. I've been adding it to BSN sytha-6 chocolate protein mix with an extra teaspoon (heaping) of Raw cacao (organic), and it's a nice flavor combo. I think it would be great with a banana, too, for extra potassium (a chocobanana vibe).

Maybe it's placebo. Who knows? But as I wasn't thinking I'd notice a change, maybe not. But wow, I do feel an energy surge in the afternoon when I usually have a slump and I get through my 55 minute personal training session with more oomph.
219404219404B00112EUM0A2VFCUC88UKI0DJ. Beckman "ingenue"121451236038400BEST GREEN SUPERFOOD + TASTY= HAPPY me!I first used the regular version of Green Superfood, which, in my opinion, is the best-tasting of all the greens powders (believe me, I've tried 'em ALL). NOW, with the Chocolate Green Superfood, I can have a Chocolate Smoothie everyday with a banana and hemp protein powder and I am flying through my schoolwork, making good grades, and my teachers are amazed at my sustained energy and attention.
I can't stop smiling all the time because I just feel so GOOD. Everyone asks me my secret! SHHHHHhhhhhh... I won't tell if you won't ;-)
219405219405B00112EUM0ADGUQM6A5AJDJObserver4451269734400My favoriteAmazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood Powder is my favorite oatmeal add-in. If you are a chocolate lover looking to get healthier, the flavor of this thing will knock your socks off. Plus, it's incredible 'insurance' for obtaining a rainbow of organic(!) fruits and vegetables, and therefore a definite energy-booster. (How else would one amass all that stuff?) The packets are so convenient, especially for travel, etc. -- I only need to use about 1/2 of one (for the oatmeal alone) per day. But it also makes a great topping for other things: desserts, smoothies, and more. I have seen this identical product in health food stores for $21.00 ($19.00 when on sale), so being able to get it on Amazon for $17.00, with Free Super Saver Shipping if there's something else that you were going to buy anyway (to make the $25.00 threshold), is a great deal. Do your body and taste buds a favor, and invest in some Chocolate Green Superfood.
219406219406B00112EUM0A61OOWP4S9QFCNicole2251302307200Pretty darn goodNo, it's not as good a "real" chocolate milk, but it's certainly enjoyable AND I'm getting my vitamins. I'm not a health food nut, but I saw this product as a way to get some more nutrients into my diet. I tried it over oatmeal & found it to be kinda icky. Dumped a packet into a glass of skim milk, and now I'm hooked. It's a little gritty, but I bet it would be really good if I blended it with some milk and ice and made a "milkshake". Yum!
219407219407B00112EUM0A1Z42U2FBGJ7HTBeemer2251276214400good stuffThis has a smoother texture and better taste than any other superfood that I have tried. Even my 14 year old likes it.
219408219408B00112EUM0AKK8W32KWGFUQMartin Brunelle "Jazzygemini"1151320883200Tastes delicious, energizes like no other drink powder!I tried a packet of this chocolate powder with my Carrot-Collard juice. It blended perfectly and I was cruising through the day with tons of energy. I looked at the ingredients and it has all kinds of good stuff like: Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina, Spinach, Broccoli, Chlorella, Rose Hips, Green Tea, Flax Seed Powder and more. I will be taking more of this stuff in the future (and I'll be giving it as gifts to friends).
219409219409B00112EUM0A3C79FSPVOKXCJOBXcoasie1151280620800yummmThis drink powder is amazing!!! I use it everyday, with chocolate soy milk and frozen fruit. It mixes well and has a good flavor.
219410219410B00112EUM0ATZZ33D4X8FFKM. Miller "NYMom"1151259107200Very GoodThis is tasty and good for you. Also it is very convenient for busy people who work, go to school and/or travel!
219411219411B00112EUM0A1HVQUR06QLVS4Rippefoff0011349308800Oh My GodI want to like this, but I cannot. First off, the box the packets came in, was destroyed it was like someone ran over it 3 times. In addition to that, and I am not kidding when I say this, gathering dirt outside would taste better. I took one sip and threw out the whole box and suppressed my nausea as much as I could. Do not get this please, it is actually the most disgusting powder EVER. I have absolutely no idea what the people giving this 5 stars are drinking because there is no possible way, ever, that someone could actually enjoy this stuff.
219412219412B00112EUM0A1UJB38V4PEIEXMelissa Meiselman0051346630400I bought this for travel.I wrote a longer review of this product. I could not imagining being without this for breakfast during a recent trip so I got these convenient packets that fit well in my suitcase. I love the chocolate flavor and the energy I get after drinking this mixed with almond milk. It keeps me full until dinner. I can skip lunch easily. I find that blending it gives the best results. If you want a larger breakfast, bananas, blueberries or other fruits work well.
219413219413B00112EUM0A3XD9VKU63G8JKelliea Venturini ""0051329868800Delicious!I really love the flavor of this and knowing its packed full of goodness makes it even better. Its a little more expensive to buy it in the packets but the packets makes it easy to travel with.
219414219414B00112EUM0AQ80LJNDLVZPGPinkBiker0041304553600One week in....I have been using this everyday for the past week. I feel a slight energy burst after using this, and I have become much more regular. I take one packet, mix it well with AlmondMilk.. and tada.. yummy!!!
219415219415B00112EUM0A1IIQZLZY8NPUES. L. Webster "Believer"0111317427200Expected too MuchThis would have been a magical food. Imagine green vegetables turned into a delicious chocolate drink! NOT SO! Could not drink it! Tried it on my family - they also rejected it.
219416219416B004MANS12A2CQXOL547Y802Mary Jo Kringas "Mary Jo Kringas"0051333843200Great cookies and brownies, and I am very fussy!I bought the cookie and brownie assortment for myself because although I avoid sugar, I still like to have a rare sugar treat waiting for me (hidden in the freezer), if I need it, to help me deal with life. These said they are made with all natural ingredients. I was skeptical... I know from working in the food industry that companies can save alot of money by putting artificial stuff in the food and most do. When the cookies arrived, the packaging was beautiful.. my name was embossed on the bow. I ate a cookie and a brownie right away (I was justified; up till then it had been a tough day), and to my surprise, I did not get the usual sleepy feeling I get from eating food with sugar. This "not getting sleepy" only also happens with my own homemade cookies, made from scratch, with all natural ingredients. So, I trust this company is telling the truth that the ingredients are all natural. I immediately froze the rest of my order because I like to tell myself I that I have some semblance of self control. I have since eaten one other cookie.. same thing.. great cookie and no sleepy reaction!
219417219417B004BR4Y1EA13Q5R7UEN0RKESandra Grabman0051337990400My favorite candy barNot only are Godiva sugar-free dark-chocolate candy bars delicious (to a diebetic who hasn't had a sugary dessert in over 30 years), but dark chocolate has been proven beneficial to one's health. Heart-friendly, I think the articles said. I'll go along with that. Pass the dark chocolate, please.
219418219418B004BR4Y1EA15S9OH2IG6VVDbetweenthepages0051332547200Chocolate perfection.Oh my goodness. I bit into this bar for the first time today and was transported to the heavenly realm--or at least that's how it felt to me! Seriously some of THE BEST chocolate I've ever had, and sugar free, too! This stuff is so creamy, and rich, that one square is enough to put me on cloud nine. THANK YOU GODIVA!
219419219419B004BR4Y1EAN3D8WMC0NYUSMari0051316390400PerfectI purchased a bar at a store and it is just wonderful. I cannot tell it from the sugar variety. For people that need a suger free alternative this is an excellent quality bar.
219420219420B001CPOLC0A3EUPULLSDR0VWProud Mary "Dog Lover"5551233619200My dogs love these.........Smokehouse 84253 USA Turkey Breast 6oz Reseal Bag are a special treat for my three dogs (Steve and Edie and Sam); they go crazy when they hear the bag being opened. Aside from the fact that they love these strips, I love them because they are made in the US, NOT CHINA!!! If you look at dog (or kitty) treats most of them are from China; it's very hard to find products that aren't made there. These are the exception and the dogs love them!!

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