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219481219481B004BJYPCKALT8IGQU5EJA9tc551151320710400Myojo's best flavorI've tried a half dozen Myojo instant noodles and this is my favorite. The miso flavor is light and the soup doesn't taste salty( although there's plenty of sodium in it). You're probably better off buying these from your local Asian market if they carry it---it'll probably be fresher and a bit cheaper too.
219482219482B004BJYPCKA2OWR5G2OAQF7CSincerely Yours3451307664000Ooh super delicious"Do not be deceived with the dehydrated noodles as once it is cooked and soaked in the water, the growth was huge and it was a satisfying meal. There were two sachets with flavoring and oil mix. I didn't use all of it in the soup base and amount you use will spend on your taste bud. A notch up form the basic noodles packets and worth it. The noodles did jot disintegrate if you cook it a little longer than the time prescribed, which the basic noodles tend to loose texture. Yummy snack/meal.
219483219483B004BJYPCKA1HJ4GID06XSB6Conzen0051332374400Oishii yo!~In my experience (having lived in Japan for four years), this is the closet to Japanese street vendor ramen you'll find (in the instant variety). Three flavors to choose from. Highly recommended.
219484219484B004BJYPCKA7NFAAKCNAG6Cgetsomesleep0031328745600Good but not greatSupposedly these noodles should be of higher quality than other fried noodles, but it also takes away some of the guilty taste pleasures from eating instant noodles. The soup is fantastic (it should be, there is 2500mg+ sodium in these) but the noodles taste bland and heavy. I much prefer eating a cup of Shin Ramyun which is less than half the price.
219485219485B004BJYPCKA3TCAVUZ7AYFTFAndrew0141334188800Good, but pricey hereThese noodles are some of the tastier instant noodles you can get. You can get better in the restaurant, but for 4 minutes in a pot at home, you can't do much better. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, a six pack for $16 is ridiculous. I hope this is a typo because you can buy these individually from a store for about $1.50 each. These here are heavily overpriced.
219486219486B004BJYPCKA2JO0SWB1KEWRTom Dark1731326153600Ramen samplingItem was delvered on time, in perfectly good condition. However, I assumed the price was a bargain, but I later discovered that I could have bought it locally for less.
219487219487B004O5VEZCA3LWC833HQIG7Jaustin_Larry6651322870400Full smooth mint (not peppermint) tea tasteI decided to go with a CBTL machine recently instead of Keurig. I liked that CBTL machines do espresso and the one I got, the Americano can accomdate tall travel mugs, has a good sized reservoir and I was happy with the reviews of the coffees and espresso capsules. But I also like a good cup of tea and was excited to try the Moroccan.

Very pleasantly surprised. It brewed an amazingly good cup of tea in literally seconds. One thing I hesitated on was the description of peppermint. My wife and I are not peppermint people. But this was just a nice fresh common garden mint taste. Not pepperminty at all. The perfect strength for me at 10 ounce choice and the Americano makes it at just the correct temperature; slightly too hot to do more than sip at first but quickly hits the ideal temperature. If you like a medium depth, mint tea, do get this. Turns out CBTL machines make great tea as well.
219488219488B004O5VEZCA29CMCDRE49M6CM.S. "Cookin' in CA"0041346025600love it!Great flavor! I either use it to make iced tea, or brew it and mix it hot with Mocha powder (chocolate mint tea mocha!). Both are delicious!
219489219489B004O5VEZCA1ZJBUPBGALL0KD-Ro0041344211200Great Tea!So it may not taste how I expected it to taste, that's because the Moroccan Mint has real mint in it with a lot of sugar, yet it tastes good and is a great added selection to the other three Teas you can normally buy from CBTL. I would purchase again!
219490219490B005QSMEIWA2XPHOBKIDQKPOTeresa Kaczmarczyk2251340582400Excellent!I am on an anti-candida diet and was looking for a chocolate without sugar.

I found this on Amazon and purchased right away.

It did not disapoint! What an excellent bar of chocolate. Smooth, creamy and delicious, you could never tell that it is Stevia sweetened. And Stevia and dark chocolate are both good for you.

It is may favorite treat and I think I will sill use it even after I am off that crazy anti-candida diet, sugar is very unhealthy unlike Stevia.

I highly recommend it and the one with almonds is my personal favorite.
219491219491B005QSMEIWA2LZ415GKCMA6HNathalie Royo "Passionée de livres et notamme...2251337558400Delicious Chocolate!Coco Polo Stevia is really delicious for gluten intolerant! I'm happy to find finally a good chocolate bar with no guilty to eat it! Please go to order it!
219492219492B005QSMEIWAEP4IEC3JOEBJBridgerish1151343174400I still feel guilty when I eat itIt's not frozen peanut M&M's. But if you like dark chocolate and almonds, this is the best I've found that has no sugar. I have tried to eliminate sugar from my diet (I still get an ice cream now and then) and you just need a treat once in a while. I like the almond bars, but one day I accidentally bought the bars with cherries, and to be honest I like those even better, though they do contain the sugar in the cherries.
219493219493B005QSMEIWA1E6MRDQO44QY4Sweettooth0051350172800AMAZINGThis is the best chocolate I've ever found. I think it is indulgent and tastes wonderful, yet it does not have a nasty aftertaste the way a lot of sugar-free products do. With my first order there was a shipping issue and the company was very prompt at fixing it; they seem to have great customer service. I am sensitive to sugar, dairy, gluten, the works, and this chocolate is great for my dietary intolerances and preferences. I'll be buying a lot of this!
219494219494B004T34CS0A2IF1960T1QMIOBarbara White0031348012800cheese puffsi expected better tasting cheese puffs but these cheese puffs where stale as soon as i opened them since the Bakery has my first name i excepted at least cheese puffs that had a better taste and where fresh. would not buy again.
219496219496B000LRFVXIATTICSW57G3RJCaroline Saddy "well I never..."2251327449600Best little cookies around.I have enjoyed these wonders for a while and the ingredients are the best. Try one or two with coffee or tea. You will be very pleased.
219497219497B004YWEWFOA2I31UCPI8VD3Jfrequent flyer0011343001600different than photoI gave 1 star because I ordered SOY PLUS but I got just SOY. If Amazon doesn't carry SOY PLUS anymore, please update the photo. It's so misleading!
219498219498B00438KRHQA1PPX6Q4CMRSGESusan F. Rubin "SueRainbowSkies"1151335830400DELICIOUS CRUSHED PINEAPPLE WITH NATURAL JUICE!This is a great crushed pineapple in its own natural juice. So much better than all the others that are mushy and too sweet. The even use the core of the pineapple which I absolutely love, making it have a little crunch too. Great flavor, natural light sweetness, excellent value too! A wonderful deal from Amazon with lightning fast free prioirty mail delivery. Convenient and at a very reasonable price.
219499219499B0000CEU6TAU1N8A8XWHHTPJ. Wright "Super Dad"353551068508800The Real Deal!This is the real deal people. This is real Jamaican Coffee. There are a few brands that claim to be from Blue Mountain, but they do not have that authentic taste. My wife is Jamaican and we have been to Jamaica a few times, but I never seem to bring back enough coffee so I set out to find a brand here in the states that would be atleast close to what you get in Jamiaca and this is it. Wow what flavor!
219500219500B0000CEU6TA1EYSO6BZ9NF58David Silva "combat medic"6641238112000Yes, yes, and yes.This coffee is absolutely amazing. Don't get a BLEND do not, do not buy a blend. You're not getting the real thing. I've tried this through the coffee pot (using permanent gold filter) and through french press and it's absolutely wonderful. Sweet, nutty, fruity, everything it's made out to be. worth every penny. Such a wonderful cup of coffee. I usually like mine with cream and sugar and with this cup I didn't need either. Try it black with a small amount of sugar. Excellent. Someone suggested cutting this coffee with Kona. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This coffee doesn't need to be cut by anything. It stands up on its own and if your friends didn't notice any difference in the coffee they were driking you either a) made it wrong, or b) have friends with little to no taste buds.
219501219501B0000CEU6TA3S43PKPN63CW4Terry Teays2251239494400a good source of Jamaican Blue MountainThe Wallenford Estate tends to be one of the better roasts of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. (I find the Mad City roast to be slightly superior, but it is not available on Amazon.) There are some barbarians in my local area who believe that extreme dark roast is popular, so they do this ultra scorch job on Jamaican Blue Mountain. Wallenford Estate delivers promptly and withou any fuss.
219502219502B0000CEU6TA68MVDTTSYA6VKevin C1151322784000Excellent CoffeeThis is definitely one of the best coffees I have ever had. The seller delivered promptly and the product was sublime. Although I am partial to Kona, this is definitely a coffee to keep around for special guests or when I want to change it up.
219503219503B0000CEU6TA1SI3S5TOH21PQOur Gr8 USA "I love the USA"6931230508800It's Okay ...Purhcased this for Christmas Dinner and shared with family. No rave reviews from anyone. Usually everyone enjoys our coffee but no one, not a one, commented on this brew (which isn't a good thing). We ground the beans right before roasting, tried a few different racios and realized that you need an extra amount of coffee per cup to give it flavor. Flavor is what we're after as coffee people but, this fell short of the rave reviews on Amazon. We never told anyone at Christmas Dinner about the coffee so we would get a "clean" report. Got nothing back and that's not good. For ourselves, we didn't find anything but flatness in this. It might be good to cut this with Kona. We're going to try that out. This is far too expensive to throw out so we have to find a way to enjoy it. We have used other Blue Mountain coffees and love it. We do NOT recommend this particular coffee.
219504219504B0000CEU6TA2DCI3LYFLI95URR2351256342400Fast shipping, great product!This coffee takes me back to Jamaica. Arrived in a very timely manner and was delicious!
219505219505B0000CEU6TA3KLZ5JYDIYZESAmy L. Humphries0051348704000Makes for good memoriesMy dad used to buy Jamaica blue mountain when I was a little girl. He got sick not too long ago and was in a coma for a while. When he woke up, I had to go back home, but I sent him a care package for when he got home. This was in there. Not only was he amazed I remembered this was his favorite, but he was amazed that it tasted as good as he remembered it! He had a heart attack a few months later and died, but I'm grateful I was able to remind him of one more good memory before he passed. I wasn't able to try it, but my mom still raves at how great it was, and how much my dad liked it.
219506219506B0000CEU6TA9QR7MTWCDZ5JWilliam D. Bailey "Friend of the Great Khan"152341142640000Jamaica Blue Mountain, the very best.If you are only starting your trek into the world of serious coffee appreciation, then I highly suggest you, without haste, purchase one pound at least of whole bean JBM. Also a good grinder, a temperature controlled machine and a decent water filtration system. Pre-ground takes much of the flavor away, compaired to properly done fresh home ground coffee, and coffee is lessened without being prepaired at the correct temperature of filtered water.

But why something so expensive? Why jump in to the deep end of the pool before even getting your feet wet?

Some may scoff, saying that only a true coffee fanatic would understand or be able to appreciate this blend. That is entirely true. But how can anyone really understand without first having tasted the standard by which all others must be judged?

Thus why this review is only four out of five stars. You see, JBM is so subtle, so complex, that a new tounge will not notice what makes JBM quite so wonderful.

It is a "perfectly" blended coffee. Flavor, bitterness, acidity and aftertaste. On a scale of one to ten, they all rank dead even at five. Every other coffee is like a exaggeration of this hard to get bean.

This should be the first coffee to ever cross the lips of anyone who wants to learn these things. How else can you truely understand the other blends?
219507219507B0000CEU6TA2PVQOXIZBW0S8Kimberly Alcibiade1211344384000Not worth it.This coffee tastes like any other. I highly doubt it is even Jamacain Blue Mountain since it doesn't have that distinct taste. Save your money.
219508219508B0000CEU6TA2WEL5QJZBOH6CKENNETH BRENIZER1311329177600tree bark taste better so OLD.........I've worked in a few Coffee houses and this is the worst crap I've come a crossed. It taste like tree bark ...their is no coffee oil left in this CRAP..............JUST buy Folgers before you buy this blue mountain crap coffee..I wish I could get my $$$$$ back don't EVEN BUY>>>>>>>>>>>>> -1 vote
219509219509B0000CEU6TA1WQO4MLT2EIURLise Shigenaga Barker2511246233600Old merchandiseI purchased this coffee for my mother for Mother's Day and she called to tell me the beans were old and dry, there was no aroma and when she attempted to make a pot of coffee, it had absolutely no taste at all. If I could rate it at ZERO stars, I would.
219510219510B0000CEU6TA31BD4RXCON7QOMichael A. Duvernois2731249344000Decent coffee, but ridiculously priced for not fresh coffeeI mean this stuff was roasted how long ago? A far lesser coffee roasted a couple of days ago is going to taste a whole lot better. At $50 per pound, what you're tasting is justification for spending the money. What you should do, if you have the money for this sort of coffee, is buy a coffee roaster and start getting good green beans (including Jamaican Blue Mountain) and roasting them fresh yourself. The folks at Sweet Maria's have all the info you need to get started.

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