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219539219539B0043WOANYAYHF0RWIOY5DRSam0051338508800Love this stuffI make smoothies, Lots of smoothies. Both this, and PB2 straight-up ... are my favorite additions. Chocolate shakes with chocolate PB2 are like eating a very chocolaty peanut butter cup ...through a straw ... with the fat removed ... Sinful without the guilt!!! Add a few extra ice cubes and it turns thick as soft ice cream. OMG! If you're on a diet (or not), this my friend, is your new guilty pleasure. I know it's mine! Try it. You will be hooked.
219540219540B0043WOANYA26G51B22FLE0GKarenE0051338422400Great product!This product is a dream come true! Peanut butter flavor without all the fat and calories. Both kinds, regular and with chocolate are delicious. Great added to shakes, or I even eat it right from a spoon as a snack. I mix up the chocolate and dip fresh strawberries in it! Great product and it is helping me lose weight.
219511219511B0000CEU6TA3TP5Y45OWOFCHV. LAMET2821240876800DisappointedI was disappointed because I didn't pay attention to the quantity of the coffee. I feel it's way overpriced for the very little coffee you get. Two ounces of coffee for $8 is not a fair price.
219512219512B0000CEU6TA1RXMY3CMJPNAXL. Rockwell0551214438400blue mountain coffeeGift for my son. He enjoyed the coffee. A novelty gift because of expense. Would probably never buy again for that reason. But was delivered promptly.
219513219513B004O5VEZMA204RDEM9N5N88Dr. John M.0041330992000an interesting blendWell, this blend is a bit more 'expressive' than a typical english breakfast tea. It has floral undertones, that I would say is an addition to the typical taste associated with black tea. It has a mildly acidic/astrigent flavor, but not to the point that the blend is sour.
The blend is sufficient for am 8 oz cup, and has no real drawbacks.
i would recommend the blend.
I noted another reviewer found the tea to be watery. This happened to me once when I selected the 15bar pump pressure by mistake on the CBTL machine. But, I must say that if you are use to loose tea leaves in a seeping basket, this pod-derived tea will seem a bit less than optimal.
219514219514B004O5VEZMA1PR7725E8TCNEBuiltmany "Ralo69"0021326672000WeakThis tea is weak and did not taste like I expected it to. It basically came out of my machine looking like warm water. I would not drink it myself or serve it to anyone.
219515219515B0071CAZ3MA2K58CF7P3GT40JMac0051344384000Slippery StuffRecommended by a Physical Therapist and Urology Nurse Practitioner. Non-greasy, a little goes a long way. They use it in their offices. Absolute best product for medical and personal use.
219516219516B0043WOANYAPJUOLME891QYJanet Kraus0051348012800Fantastic!I just found PB2 and PB2 with chocolate and I am thrilled. I love sugary goodies but I'm not a fan of calories and I don't like chocolate. I thought I'd try PB2 with chocolate anyway and I'm so glad I did! Eating a serving or two of PB2 with chocolate satisfies my sweet craving without breaking my calorie bank! Sometimes, when I want to splurge, I spread some PB2 with chocolate on a graham cracker, spread some marshmallow fluff on another and sandwich them together! YUM!
219517219517B0043WOANYA2M4DL8SM9SSFUMandy0051347926400Not what I expected.In trying to cut calories from my daily routine, I examined what foods I ate most often. Peanut butter was at the very top of the list. While I can't just scoop out a spoonful and eat it like regular peanut butter, this still tastes awesome mixed with some almond milk and oatmeal for a delicious and satisfying breakfast or afternoon snack.
219518219518B0043WOANYAQ55YB5ND4N9TStacey S0051347926400great product!This came in quickly. It was just what I was wanting and I have almost eaten it all already!! I had tried this product before and bought it at HEB but either they don't carry it or everyone else is onto the secret. It is better than regular peanut butter and MUCH healthier. You gotta try it and the price on Amazon is wonderful. Thank you!
219519219519B0043WOANYA6JN2NJWK7JHXgfrommy0051347408000Good stuff!It took me a few times to figure out the consistency I like but after that it was all golden. I will keep buying this product. I highly recommend this product and the non-chocolate version too.
219520219520B0043WOANYA2LM7ARN4MMNK5Mary P. Manogue0051347235200Best ever!This stuff is really good/great as peanut bitter or in a smoothie! Especially if you want it low cal and low carb.
219521219521B0043WOANYA1XR4M3NLBPLDA. Jeffries0041347148800Great product!!!Delicious and well packaged! It came right when it was supposed to. I love using this for baking and snacks!
219522219522B0043WOANYAAUFQVN6GTRYBStephanie Kuepper0051347062400Amazinggreat PB flavor with out the calories or fat. I use it in my Shakeology for extra flavor. love love. great product
219523219523B0043WOANYA3OTDZL80FBKMGJohn M. Krumenacker0051346371200Completely and Totally Addicted!!This product is awesome. Tastes amazing. Great to mix up, or if you want to add a little something interesting to smoothies and milkshakes!!
219524219524B0043WOANYA1R3CO2XPML10HThreelittlebirds "TLB"0051346198400Yum!I tried someone's recipe with the frozen banana, no dairy milk (eek used dairy!), and pb2. First of all, major froth - I assume because of the actual milk. Second of all, NOT enough PB2! Anyway, long story short, if you use this in recipes, it's awesome and low in calories. I like mixing it with a tiny bit of water and applying to animal crackers.. To the people who say this doesn't taste like peanut butter, I DISAGREE! It tastes exactly like crushed peanuts, the only different thing is the texture.
219525219525B0043WOANYA1923OTNDYR87RAndrew L. Stallings0051346198400Great stuffThis stuff is great for making Visalus protein shakes. Gives it the peanut butter taste with 60% less calories.
Will but more.
219526219526B0043WOANYA2HRNALH3SXVVXBookGirl11150051344038400This makes enjoying peanut butter while on WW so much easier!I was hesitant to buy powdered peanut butter, but this product is absolutely delicious! It helps curb the cravings for full fat peanut butter while sneaking in some much appreciated chocolate. I've eaten it on banana slices, apple slices, toast, bagels, and right out of the bowl in which it was mixed, and IT'S SO GOOD!!!
219527219527B0043WOANYA363C53T0YCN1Qprettyface0041343865600It's goodI like it. I bought both original and Chocolate. I like original better, but my co-worker likes chocolate better. For some reason the chocolate version was cheaper, not sure why - maybe a different seller. Anyway the chocolate price of around $4 is better than the original at $6. The jar doesn't last as regular peanut butter.
219529219529B0043WOANYAACT7UPZ3BBP2J. Christensen0051343001600great for travelingWe just moved out of the country and we were looking for an easy way to transport peanut butter with us. This is a much healthier alternative to add to my morning protein shake. The flavor is great and it traveled well. We just ordered more to take back with us!
219530219530B0043WOANYA3U7JMA33P90H4M. Walsh0051343001600great productI bought this to put into smoothies. I do weight watchers and the serving size is 1-2 points. You can taste the PB but not have to worry about the extra fat and calories. I really like this product.
219531219531B0043WOANYA2CTA9LOIK9U2RSherrie Bradford0051342569600I can eat it with a spoonThis is fantastic. If it's really 85% less calorie and fat, I will eat it with a spoon with no reservations. Being constantly on some type of diet, it is a real find. It tastes a lot like peanut butter with chocolate mixed together. I used it first with Yonanas mixer and it worked out rather well with bananas and berries (very little berries, or otherwise the taste clashes)I've bought Peanut butter powder too so I can't figure out which one I like better, they are kind of similar, but both yummy. One little critics I have is the packaging. I had trouble opening it, so in the end I had to cut it. Now it sits open and I would rather have it tight closed. Any ideas? (except zip lock bag)? Next time I think I will buy it in a jar. And I will buy it again.
219532219532B0043WOANYA1PCEV3IH9PXWKMary N0051339200000Great flavorLove PB2 in my smoothies. Great peanut butter flavor without the calories! I use unsweetened almond milk, one scoop of protein powder, a frozen banana and 2T of pb2 and it makes a great low cal shake!
219533219533B0043WOANYA23AVGPB08AHRYM. Stricker0051339113600BUY IT!!!If youre on a low cal diet (or any diet!) and you crave chocolate, GET THIS!! You mix 2 tbsp of the powder with 1 tbsp of water.. You can add a little more water if you want a drizzle like consistency for drizzling on desserts or waffles. But otherwise, its super creamy and absolutely delicious! If it isn't sweet enough for you, try to add one packet of splenda or sweet n low! Will buy again and again! Absolutely LOVED it!
219534219534B0043WOANYAID8DJFJ3Q1ODKathy McFarland0051339113600Addictive and low fat!PB2 is a wonderful product that I frequently add to protein shakes without fear of adding extra fat. Great taste and satisfying. Highly recommend!!!
219535219535B0043WOANYABLHL0DAPUD2GCharles Rockhill "the Wife"0051338768000PB2 with chocolatethis is great! cant tell the difference from original peanut better. I have it with my fruit or on toast. Compared to the origanal calories of 45 vs 190 per serving..can't beat it. Love this and will keep buying it.
219536219536B0043WOANYAD5VX7KF817TJKelly0041338768000Reasonably DeliciousThis is a pretty solid alternative to peanut butter. If the instructions on the label are followed, the peanut butter ends up a little more liquid-y than one might expect, but that is easily remedied by adjusting the amount of water. This works well for sandwiches, and is an awful lot less messy than trying to add proper peanut butter to a smoothie. I've not yet tried using it in baking, but it seems like it would be satisfactory, so long as the amount of water is reduced when making the paste.
219537219537B0043WOANYA3B08W1LCY2QEKFrank McGuire0051338768000PB2 makes you forget about PB1This product has changed the way I view peanut butter. Once afraid to use it and only sparingly, I now get the beautiful flavor of peanut butter in my morning protein shakes, With none of the guilt. I recommend to anyone who loves peanut utter but doesn't like the fat.
219538219538B0043WOANYA2YYUOXGL9JGZTcerealmom490051338681600Fantastic!The chocolate PB2 is just as amazing as the regular PB2 - plus a healthy indulgence. I love to use it as a dip for animal crackers! Also great on apple wedges.

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