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219631219631B0043WOANYA1T4TPHK6TI8A8Melissa J Denny1151340755200Fantastic Product!!This is a great way for me to send a good breakfast to work with hubby without a huge mess.. I toss it in dry form in a Tupperware container with oats and powdered milk and sugar my hubby can take it to work nuke the oats with a little water and hes got a very good breakfast :) this is also a great way to jazz up vanilla protein shakes :) I have not yet made a PB sandwich with it but I am sure that would be fantastic as well :) Great taste and a awesome way to get protein and curb your PB and chocolate craving without all the extra fat :)
219632219632B0043WOANYAH5RJYG8PYJSPDi1151340409600PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter(With Chocolate)I received this product on date promised. Works great in my protein shakes without any lumps as regular peanut butter does. Don't need very much and the taste is perfect. I will purchase more of this PB2...
219633219633B0043WOANYALZPKFHC8XDHED. Wien "Happy Viewer"1151340064000PB2 Peanut ButterThis is the best healthiest peanut butter I ever bought. It is a fraction of the calories but tremendous taste. I recommend this to everyone who likes peanut butter.
219634219634B0043WOANYA3TJD92Z3UL1FELollyLollyLolly1141339977600Great low-fat alternative to peanut butterI was a little skeptical when I first heard about this product, but once you get used to the idea of mixing up your own peanut butter, it's really quite good. I have tried both the plain and the peanut/chocolate version, and I prefer the one with the chocolate for eating on rice cakes and such. However, I have been adding the plain to my chocolate protein shakes, and that works really well too. It's like drinking a candy bar. If I eat the plain one as peanut butter, I usually add some Truvia or honey, because it just doesn't seem sweet enough on it's own. If you order the peanut/chocolate version, I highly recommend sizing up, because it goes rather quickly, and you will wish you had more. You will also save on shipping.
219635219635B0043WOANYA2SRZZOQHO8U1WL. B. Barbee1151339977600My Fave for Peanut Butter Cup Smoothies!As a low carber, I am always trying to find products which have a "to die for" taste and also fit nicely into my diet. This PB2 with chocolate fills the bill to a T! It's great for baking...(hint mixed with some coconut flour, eggs, sweetener, etc and you have yourself a lovely peanut butter cookie - low carb style)...and perfect for my protein smoothies. I make a pitcher of my Peanut Butter Cup smoothie because other members of my family have claimed this to be their fave as well. Using this PB2 with chocolate, Silk Light chocolate soymilk, ice & water, a little bit of sweetener (I have a serious sweet tooth!), a pinch of salt, chocolate protein powder, and a little bit of real peanut butter, I get about 2 quarts of smoothie for cents per serving! What's more is it's only 110 calories & 10+ grams of protein per 8 ounces! That's awesome in my book!
219636219636B0043WOANYA36O2MSYIBLVI4Carri S. Weaver1151339977600LOVE this stuff!!I've been doing Weight Watchers and PB2 is great for helping me stay on track. I can enjoy peanut butter for 1/4 of the points and it's so much easier to use in my smoothies since it is a powder. The chocolate flavor is great to use with celery as well. I will never use regular peanut butter again!
219637219637B0043WOANYA30MNXH7JI8O3AGrace E. South "grace south"1151339891200Delicious!I absolutely LOVE peanut butter and almond butter and lately I have been eating a ton of it. I attribute the 10 lbs that I gained over the past 2 month to my new love for nut butters... Then I discovered PB2 and was pretty skeptical of it at first, but it's really good! I eat it with apples, in my PBJs and by the spoonful. I also have been adding it to my Muscle Milk shakes and it adds a fabulous texture and taste to the chocolate MM. I buy it by the pound now :)
219638219638B0043WOANYA31J8FLX2ZOGW2LoveMyBooks1151337299200One WW point!I heard about this product in my weight watchers meeting. I ordered it from Amazon, not expecting much in the way of flavor. Really, powdered peanut butter? But a 2 tablespoon serving is only 45 calories (or 1 point in the world of WW), so I was willing to try it no matter how bad it tasted. Well, I have gone through 4 jars (2 regular and 2 chocolate) and I just ordered the one-lb bag of chocolate. The main thing I use it for is a Smoothie. The middle of every afternoon I make a Smoothie with a banana, 2 TB of chocolate PB2, a half cup of fat free milk, and about 3/4 cup of ice. Blend until smooth. So, so good, and it is very filling and I don't get hungry again until dinner. I also use it to make a dip for bananas and apple pieces. (Mix 2 TB with water until smooth.) The regular flavor is good for this. (I have used the regular flavor to make a peanut butter sandwich, but it does leave something to be desired used like that.) I love love love this product.
219639219639B0043WOANYAVV7XQ22H6T6AM Madeline Clarke1131336435200good, but doesn't taste exactly like peanut butterI suppose I shouldn't be surprised that powdered peanut butter made with water is not as creamy or smooth as peanut butter made with oil. This product is yummy, and I do eat it, but I've found I eat more than I would if I were eating regular peanut butter because it's not as satisfying. It's not as easy to spread on bread, though it's fine for my celery and peanut butter afternoon snack. I bought both the peanut butter and peanut butter with chocolate and have also found the chocolate taste very subtle. Haven't decided whether I will buy this again.
219640219640B0043WOANYA3VL3CFF6XR77MKristin1151335225600This is delicious!!!!Now, I am going to be honest. I had gotten the powered peanut butter and honestly, I did not care for it that much. But, if you tried it and felt the same, I encourage you to try the peanut butter chocolate! It is really great! I can actually just make up a couple tablespoons (50 calories, 1 wwpoint!) and eat it straight for a quick sweet treat! It's that good! Want to try something even better? Make up about 4 tablespoons in a bowl, put it in the freezer and....yum! It is a frozen ice cream-like treat! Really, try this and I am sure you will as pleased as I am....! By the way, Amazon was great....this came all my Amazon purchases have....they are great!
219641219641B0043WOANYA3VARN60B2ODP3mjj_is_here1151335052800yummyI love this powdered chocolate peanut butter. I use it to mix into my plain greek yogurt. The taste is soooo good. I am diabetic so the high carb content of flavored yogurts make them a poor choice but using this with the plain yogurt makes it tasty and healthy option.
219642219642B0043WOANYAWBWU8PJAIVZHRobin Joy1151332979200Peanut Butter SatisfactionI love the taste of peanut butter but I just don't want the added calories or points. This product is great if you like the peanut butter flavor it is a must try for a low cost. I use it when making a low point strawberry & peanut butter smoothie. It is the best, great taste, only 1 points-plus for 2 TBSP, and guilt free! My taste buds are dancing with pleasure. For my smoothie I use 1 cup of frozen strawberries (in place of ice), 2 Tbsp of PB2 powder, and 1 cup low fat milk just blend for 1 minute and enjoy. Buy this product another way to use it like a spread on wheat crackers (just add water slowly making the consistency you like & stir). Also I have added it to a plain 6oz yogurt & 1 TBSP of PB2 and dipped a banana - if you're following a healthy eating plan you have got to try this as a new snack or even a breakfast. I think my next experiment will be with adding it to sugar free frozen yogurt or sugar free vanilla ice cream. Yummy : ) Thanks for reading my comment.
219643219643B0043WOANYAEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns1151325808000Low fat, low sodium, great for baking or smoothiesI've used regular powdered peanut butter for baking in the past (not PB2 brand) and really liked it. It stores well long-term without going rancid like the oils in regular peanut butter do. It also adds a great peanuty flavor to cookies, cakes and pies.

I was happy to find this chocolate flavor available here on Amazon. It's a little expensive at $10.99 per pound, but with free SuperSaver shipping for orders over $25 I decided to try it. And since most recipes would use 2-4 tablespoons of powder, a pound will last at least as long as a big jar of regular peanut butter.

When my order arrived I was very happy to see that it is vacuum sealed in a thick mylar bag. This keeps it fresh and dry for several years, if unopened. I opened mine and followed the directions - 2 TBL powder, 1 TBL water, and mixed well. It became a nice paste with a slightly grainy texture and delicious chocolate peanut flavor. It was reminiscent of coffee, and not overly sweet. It wouldn't be fair to compare it to full fat, mechanically mixed peanut butter, but I thought it was really tasty.

The best thing about this product is the reduced fat and calories. I compared labels from regular peanut butter and PB2 chocolate powdered peanut butter and these were the comparisons (regular PB on the left, PB2 on the right):

Fat: 16 gm / 1 gm
Calories: 190 / 45
Carbs: 7 gm / 6 gm
Sodium: 150 mg / 70 mg
Protein: 7 gm / 4 gm

I'm very pleased with this product and will definitely buy it again!
219644219644B0043WOANYAKBO9TBBTKD76Tammy1141324080000YUMMMMY!If you have cravings for peanut butter, but you don't want the calories - this is for you. This stuff is awesome!! I love it on toast, in smoothies...any way possible. It's great.
219645219645B0043WOANYA39R228QR4IPR2tim1141322611200Actually Very GoodI bought the two pack with both flavors and I actually found that I like this one way more. It is almost like a peanut butter cup. The only downside is that it is pretty expensive. If there is ever a sale I would definitely stock up.
219646219646B0043WOANYA1JAF8T3BXSDMUMs1151319932800Yum!This is so good in smoothies and as a fruit dip. So much better than eating all the fat and sugar in regular peanut butter. I should have ordered two jars.
219647219647B0043WOANYAP1YHVQS65HNTJust Some Guy1151318291200Yum!It's not often that I'm really impressed with a new product on the market. In the world of nut butters, what could anyone expect that would really be new? When I first heard about PB2 products on a food blog, I was skeptical to say the least. When I showed it to my wife, she was even more skeptical. But then I took a piece of freshly baked banana bread, reconstituted some chocolate PB2 and spread it on top. We were both amazed. While PB2 isn't exactly like peanut butter, it is plenty close for me. The peanut flavor is true and tasty. Considering the savings in calories, this is one of the best calorie saving products I've seen introduced in a very long time. My only con is the cost. The stuff is expensive. As such, it will remain a product we don't indulge in as often as we like. But when the mood strikes, it's good to know we can enjoy peanut butter and still manage to lose weight. 5 stars for product quality, flavor and ingenuity. 2 stars for price. Perhaps that can improve as their customer base grows - I can only hope. Regular PB2 and Chocolate PB2 both work great for me. Some may not prefer the chocolate flavor, but that's as much personal taste as anything else. The quality of the product is very good.
219648219648B0043WOANYA3PX9WSJ2WIVJQCaitlin M. Milligan1151316476800great find!I stumbled upon this product while doing an Amazon search for Miracle Noodle, and luckily for me, that search found me my new favorite health food EVER. I was very skeptical when I saw the description, but I read the overwhelmingly positive reviews and decided to give it a shot. I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It's super easy to make too... just pour the powder, add water, and mix. I would suggest adding the powder and mixing in the water bit by bit. I haven't had peanut butter in years... I developed stomach issues and foods that are too heavy or very high in fat make my condition worse, but this takes me right back to the days I could eat peanut butter by the spoonful. I just ordered the 2 pack, and I can't wait for it to get here :)
219649219649B0043WOANYA1CM7V3ZG1BK58RKK1151315699200Great taste.This tastes great. I love peanut butter, but not all the fat. I mix this with my protein shake and it tastes great.
219650219650B0043WOANYA1KMO08LPL7Y18D. R. Rolfes "the I team"1141313884800Great Peanutbutter Flavor NO GUILT!This is a wonderful product that allows you to spice up your smoothies or "mix-as-you-go" to create a great apple dip/spread. IT IS peanutbutter, so it tastes like it. They've just pressed out all of the fat. I prefer this to the plain PB2, but I'm a big chocoholic, so you can't go wrong by adding some cocoa. I like it so much, I haven't let the kids taste it, because I know they'll polish it off!
219651219651B0043WOANYA2DN3DKMIH0P3DK. jeter "kjeter1961"1121313452800GREAT on popcorn!Try this on popcorn. It is very good! I bought mine direct from Bell Plantation.
The price here is not right.
I give it a four for flavor but take away 2 for costing twice what it should
219652219652B0043WOANYA2Q837FFT9Z1LND.T. "Smoothie Lover"1151311120000Delicious PB2 Powdered Peanut ButterThis is truly as good -- if not better - than the real thing. And a fraction of the fat grams. At first, I thought powdered peanut butter would be discusting. But it smells wonderful and tastes just as wonderful. And great for travel. Just add some water and you have peanut butter! I keep a jar in my desk drawer for quick snacks. Make it as thick or "thin" as you want. I am hooked! And did I say a fraction of the fat grams..............
219653219653B0043WOANYA1EC6RGTJN9I8Knurserosado1151310515200nurserosadoThis product is fantastic. I am a weight watcher and love peanut butter. This way I can have all of the taste without all of the calories. I use it all of the time. It makes the best smoothies. Thanks...
219654219654B0043WOANYA3FVQFRT5PMKD0S. Field1151304985600great tastpersonally, i think this one with chocolate is purrrrrrrfect! just right

will order again and again

now i wish we'd get almond, cashew and other nut "butters" like this
219655219655B0043WOANYA19123D9G66E0OTim5721337299200Not Peanut Butter, Peanut Flavored Peanut ButterI ordered this at the asking of my wife because she is dieting. I was against it from the start, but I will make my review fair.
The product is not peanut butter, if you expect peanut butter than you will be disappointed. It tastes like peanut butter. If I could compare it to something it is like eating a regular Oreo and a reduced fat Oreo. The reduced Oreo tastes like and Oreo, but really just leaves you wanting the real thing. This product is no different. If you mask it will jelly and bread, the off taste becomes less noticeable, but there in lies the problem. You have to add more calories back in to make this product taste better. There by negating the fact that you have cut calories. As I explained to my wife after we both decided this product was not for us. The problem with any peanut butter food is normally everything but the peanut butter. The fat is the healthiest part. You wouldn't eat omega free fish because it's lower in fat, why would you do the same to peanut butter?
The only way I could recommend this is if you are doing a starvation sort of diet (i.e. you eating this with celery and water). If you are doing a healthy diet don't cut out the peanut butter of your PB&J, cut out the jelly first and then the grain. I eat again "regular" non-hydrogenated peanut butter will celery, now there is a healthy food.

+lower calorie
+great price here on amazon
+does taste similar to peanut butter

-less nutritional value
-doesn't taste like real peanut butter

I will give it four stars if you are doing a starvation sort of diet, which I don't recommend, but it does taste alright for a lot less calories. For everyone else I give it one star as you should not be eating products like this and the product itself is not that good. Overall 2 stars, weighted towards everyone else.
219656219656B0043WOANYA27F3XV9T81YN2skat790051351036800LOVE this stuff!As I said above, I LOVE this stuff. Yeah all capitals on love ;). I have been eating this product for almost a year now, and while I started with the regular peanut butter flavor, I tried the chocolate soon after and never looked back. I use this every morning in my homemade oatmeal. I use instant Quaker multigrain oats about 50 grams(much heartier & filling than regular quick oats), along with some dark brown sugar 6 grams, a sprinkle of Butter Buds season salt, a serving of Chocolate PB2, some kosher salt to taste don't know how much & about 11-12 grams of Ghirardelli 60% bittersweet chocolate chips (they're dark chocolate chips). Overall when I use 50g of instant oats, it is about 295 calories according to My Fitness Pal calorie counting app on my phone. Using the serving size of 40g is about 262 calories. 40g is 1 serving according to the container I believe but I like just a little more. I got the idea when I purchased the Quaker instant oatmeal in Chocolate Chip flavor for my kids. I was starting a diet and was eating as healthy as possible, and I thought hey, I can make this but in a healthier form. I have since been eating this and an apple daily for breakfast for about 9 months now and it's the only thing I look forward to eating every morning. That's amazing since I usually get sick of eating the same thing after awhile and need a break. Sometimes I never even crave that particular food again if I've really overeaten on it. I now often eat it as part of my dinner as well since I crave it so often. It's almost like a dessert when I use semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips. I have also used different types of chocolate chips (semi sweet, milk chocolate, Hershey's special dark choc, etc.) but usually go back to using the Ghirardelli due to the so called health benefits of eating small amounts of dark chocolate that is made of at least 60% cacoa. I have maintained my goal weight for the past 9 months and have not gained additional weight eating this, so for me it is not only healthy, but a somewhat guilt free indulgence at times when my body craves a sweet dessert. All good things in moderation though, if I ate this in larger quantities or more often in the day the carbs and sugar Would catch up to me and I would start to gain weight again, so just like everything else you need to be conscious of calories in and calories out if you want to add this to a healthy diet. Love it!!!
219657219657B0043WOANYA9J5O3BQI18NWStygian0051350950400Try it... it's pretty good!Actually this stuff is pretty good! There's a 'no calorie' peanut spread being sold on here that you should avoid. I bought and have tried this and the regular PBS (non chocolate) and like and recommend both!
219658219658B0043WOANYA1N2Z0HOPD4Y11NWOOD0011350864000YuckI honestly couldn't taste even a hint of peanut butter or chocolate in this product. Waste of money! I'd rather not have peanut butter than attempt to substitute with an inferior product like this again.
219659219659B0043WOANYA1X6ZPF88LTHGJDebra0041350777600Great productI rate this 4 stars only because the chocolate flavor isn't as flavorful as it could be. The chocolate could be more distinct. That said, the PB2 product is wonderful. The regular PB2 peanut butter is definitely a 5 star treat. Quick and easy to mix and it blends well without clumping or lumping. I've been using this product for the two years I've been on Weight Watchers and I don't miss regular peanut butter at all.
219660219660B0043WOANYA2QD3QC5KJTPG8SusieG0051350691200Wonderful Peanut ButterThis was recommended by my nutritionist as I have a lap band & do not need extra fat & calories. It has a great taste & satisfies my craving for desserts late at night. I also put this in my yogurt breakfast shake with a banana. Great treat & highly digestible. Love this chocolate flavor & the regular peanut butter flavor. Very satisfied with price & fast delivery from Amazon.

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