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219661219661B0043WOANYA2DTKBK0IGIN26Kristin P.0051350432000Great for what I needed it for!I use this for my breakfast shakes in the morning. It adds peanut taste and protein without the fat! I have also hydrated it and had it on toast and it is pretty good but I do miss the oil consistency a little bit.
219662219662B0043WOANYA2IQ8LAJO3LTL2Oma0051350345600PB2I ordered both the PB2 plain, and the chocolate/peanut butter variety, and have been vastly pleased with both. I have mixed both according to directions, eaten them with crackers, and mixed them with raisins and sunflower seeds. My favorite use, however, is in the refrigerator porridge recipe.

219663219663B0043WOANYA3FZ8EVBO2W9RR2Blessed2BeStressed0031350086400OK, but not for my tasteI like the regular PB2, the taste of this product is strange, doesn't seem to be a discernable chocolate taste. I'm not a smoothie person so if it doesn't taste good by itself right out of the jar, then I'm not going to be a fan. Again, not bad, but not for me, I won't be buying again, but have ordered the regular PB2 again, I luv that!
219664219664B0043WOANYA3MF7KUVVKHGF2Marsha Wells0051350000000PB2 Chocolate -- so good!To help me with my Weight Watchers diet, I have been searching for a healthy peanut butter. I found PB2 on Amazon and gave the regular flavor a try. It is perfect for my needs. When I saw the chocolate I had to give it a try. It is wonderful!! I mix the powder to a peanut butter consistancy and spread over toast. I mix the power in milk for a wonderful milk shake. And it fits perfectly within my Weight Watchers diet, giving me lots of flavor for a minimum of points (you WW's know what I'm talking about.) My daughter loves it, as do most of the people who have tasted it.

Because it is a powder, it does not contain fat. People expecting a rich peanut butter/chocolate taste may be disappointed. However, after a few tries I find I like this much better than traditional peanut butter. I like it so much I have ordered it 3 times, and will continue to order this delicious treat.
219665219665B0043WOANYA368TPW5A0DBJEWendy K0051349654400Delicious!I really liked this product. For me, there's not much need to have a dry powder regularly on-hand, but it does make good shakes, so I'm glad that I tried it.
219666219666B0043WOANYA38KCFAWVTJNXMTye Ridolfi "Check"0051349222400Awesome Peanut Butter AlternativeThis stuff is great! I love peanut butter, but can't afford the high calories and fat. This allows me to add a ton of peanut butter flavor to my protein shakes without all the calories or fat.
219667219667B0043WOANYANNDJBVT8B8Q4W. Petta0011349136000Not as Flavorful as the regular PB2I bought both the PB2 & the Chocolate PB2. I am pretty disappointed in the chocolate. It has neither a strong chocolate nor a strong peanut butter flavor. Not worth the money.
219668219668B0043WOANYA236H3QQ015FKKJ. Julian0051348704000Great Product if Jiff is Excluded from One's DietIn November of 2011, I downloaded the LiveStrong App and began making better choices in what I eat and began to control my caloric intake. Limiting myself to 2,000 calories per day does not leave much room for peanut butter, or rather, sitting down in the living room in front of the television with a sleeve of crackers and my beloved jar of Jiff peanut butter and a butter knife. Those days have long been over. However, I still have the urges and I miss peanut butter badly. I stumbled across PB2 when I was doing some research on a machine called Yonanas, a machine that turns frozen bananas into a creamy tasty soft serve. I noticed in the machine reviews that some people were mixing chocolate PB2 with frozen bananas in their Yonanas machine. I had to give this a try! I ordered a regular PB2 and a chocolate PB2. I must say that this stuff really really does taste wonderful considering its low calorie count. I really love PB2. It is giving me back something I have missed dearly. The powder is very fine, but mixes pretty well and pretty quick. I always start with a little less water than the directions say and work up to a little more if needed. It is absolutely delicious to someone like me that has removed traditional peanut butter from his diet. I highly recommend this product. It is a pricy product, but worth every cent! No regrets.
219669219669B0043WOANYA2TO2BN3P4C00LMusic Fan Jeff0031348531200not much, if any, chocolate flavorAfter trying -- and liking -- the regular PB2 product, I decided to try this variety with "premium chocolate" added. Quite honestly, I have a hard time tasting the difference between this variety and the PB2 product without chocolate. Maybe I could discern the difference during a side by side comparison, but by itself this product doesn't really taste like chocolate at all. It just tastes like sweet peanut butter.

The only reason I'm giving it three stars is that it still tastes okay and I like this product generally -- a good way to get some peanut flavor without all the calories. But if you're looking for a chocolate/peanut product to replace your Reese's Peanut Butter Cup habit, this product isn't it.
219670219670B0043WOANYA1LNX86FWHY4DWMaka0041348444800Good stuff!This is the chocolate version of the normal PB2. While this product, like the original PB2, is mostly devoid of the healthy fats found in natural peanut butter, this product is a GREAT way to get that peanut butter flavor into baked goods, drinks, and so on without the added calories and fat!
219671219671B0043WOANYA3QHMG19J01T5EVi-McCoy0041348444800Awesome!This is a fantastic product. I promote this product with all of my Visalus customers to use in their shakes. 2scoops Vi shake, 1 tbsp PB2, 1 whole banana, 8oz milk. Delicious. Cost only thing keeping it from 5 star rating.
219672219672B0043WOANYAP0RSOQHYFRACKatherine Monroe0051348358400Peanut butter loverI love peanut butter. Losing weight didnotgowithmy consumption, this is an enjoyable low calorie way to eat peanut butter. I add a little Splenda, dip apple chunks and yum!
219673219673B0043WOANYA2HDA8W9H5EPYMKitty Marie0051348272000PB2 LOVE!I heard about this product through a friend and decided to give it a try. Peanut butter without the fat, yes please! I found this product to be delicious and use it mainly in refrigerator oatmeal. It tastes just like peanut butter and mixes perfectly! Not to mention it lasts a while so you are definitely getting the bang for your buck. I can't wait to try this in smoothies and PB cookies! I am for sure recommending this to my friends! Give it a try!
219674219674B004EW93YOA3S9DTM7BCJS21garyyager0051340841600Excellent dark Medium roast or light Dark roast.Smooth balanced kcup that bridges Medium & Dark roasts. Normally I prefer full bodied dark roasts. When I want something just a little lighter I reach for these.
219675219675B000LKU3UGA3RYMO6S22FMM5Vanessa Strange "porph princess"121251189209600Delicious and addicting and healthy snack food!I'm really impressed by these corn thins.....when the huge box of them arrived, I was dismayed at first thinking, what have I done here?! How will I ever eat these?! But now that I've started munching them, I don't think that's going to be a problem! These are delicious. Unlike rice cakes, which they resemble, they are much denser so they don't crumble apart when you eat them. You can actually use them as you would a piece of bread. In a sort of sandwich capacity. Terrific with cheese or nut butters. But there is something addicting about them, it's very easy to start chomping away at them as it they are potato chips. IF you can control yourself, they are relatively low in calories. I'm really pleased with this purchase, I was looking for something to rotate my grains,,,and this was a good choice.
219676219676B000LKU3UGA2QO3VPN591MNIL. Bernstein "Knitting is Gluten Free"5551264896000Gluten-Free, Low Fat HeavenI have to eat a gluten-free diet. Most gluten-free "crackers or breads" are high in calories as well as fat, but not these. I love them, and I particularly enjoy putting gluten-free fat-free refried beans on top. I will be experimenting with many other toppings, too. Oh, joy.

I lost over 100 pounds on whole-grain, low fat foods. Since having to go gluten-free, it has been difficult to find crackers, breads, etc. that satisfy as well as fill me, without all the fat and calories. THESE FIT THE BILL! Very happy here.
219677219677B000LKU3UGA3K8143SK7BDXJK4451231027200Best snack ever!We were introduced to this wonderful cracker at the Dr. McDougall program. It's a great whole grain low fat food that tastes delicious all by itself. If you're used to high fat overly salted food, it might take awhile to fully enjoy the flavor of this cracker. We love corn thins, and we usually have some with us when we go out somewhere in case someone gets hungry. It's much better than a rice cake, and I'd compare it more to a chip because of the corn flavor. It's my low fat guilt free treat! If Amazon ever starts offering corn thins with free shipping, I'll add it as a regular item to purchase. We'd have no trouble going through a case!
219678219678B000LKU3UGA3TY1MOSZLSCHUMaureen Shea4441215302400Way better than rice cakesI can do all sorts of things with these, but my favorite is to just stick a slice of cheese on top and nuke it for 10 seconds. Great with tuna on top or blackberry preserves for a snack.
219679219679B000LKU3UGA2J2OYB848AVHKRosario Washer "scoutsky"4451202428800SOO GOOD!I love this product because it can be topped with anything and it tastes just great!
219680219680B000LKU3UGA2JZURC0KKO5D7I. Blumenfeld3351260230400Good bread substitute on a gluten-free dietWe use these corn thins instead of bread, because they are gluten free. It tastes much better then rice cakes. Cream cheese, nutella, peanut butter go well with these. It was nice to get a big box of them, since we keep running out all the time.
219681219681B000LKU3UGA359HBR0BDI48GFishylex1151285286400Thinner than typical rice cakes - hence "Thins" product nameThinner than typical rice cakes (less calories) but still sturdy for topping.

I nuke w/toppings like hummus w/cheese, but fav taste is to do the forbidden (see caution on bag) and put in toaster over - for delicious hot popcorn smell. Also love contrast of crunch to soft topping.

I also break up & throw in salad as croutons.

Tasty on own.

Rarely on sale, paid one eighty nine at Shaws supermarket, natural foods section August 2010, regular price three twenty nine.

Product of Australia.
219682219682B000LKU3UGA30B8WMR0HYE5AMiss C "Carolyn"1121267488000Organic Corn ThinsThis is the first item I've purchased through Amazon that I wasn't happy with. Normally, they are fresh but this batch is not good. They aren't crispy like they should be. They taste old, somehow-more like eating card board, I'd suspect. My plan was to return the whole box but am on bedrest so I will have to eat this round, I guess. I'll have to think about ordering them again especially since there is a local merchant from whom I bought when I could be up and about. At least someone could return them for me. This way, I'm just out of my money. Thanks Carolyn
219683219683B000LKU3UGA1C2JMGUJPXRI8mary margaret "stork"0051325030400DELICIOUS AND VERSATILEOnly 44 calories for 2 thins full of flavor and crunch. Just the right balance of texture and delicious sesame and corn. No snack can beat this one!
219684219684B000LKU3UGA3D8HRB98QWC2Wdawn becerra0051311638400Great productThis product arrived fast and is delicious! I was scared because I had read a review that said it arrived stale, but it is hard to find here so I took a chance. Yeah! I love these, and they are so low fat and they're good whole food.
219685219685B000LKU3UGA16L6RNEKZK31SLynda L. Fredendall0051306627200Real Foods Corn Thins-Love them!I heard about these through a diet that recommended them. They are only 22 calories each. There are several favorite ways I use them: a little peanut butter and thinly sliced bananas or spread deli meat or braunschweiger, a little diet mayo (or not) and shredded lettuce and they are practically a meal. Not too exciting plain, but you can use your imagination as to what to put on them and don't feel like you're breaking the calorie bank. They're crunchy and can be used for a meal or a snack...I really like them!
219686219686B000LKU3UGAVZ906ON7MKQRRedRosie0041294876800cripsy corn chipsThese corn cakes are excellent. Because they are thin they keep their crispy crunch. If they've gotten a bit less crunchy than you like, they can be easily crisped setting them on the rack in a 200 toaster oven for a couple minutes. They're great with both sweet and savory spreads; peanutbutter and jam to spicy hummus or cream cheese. That they are gluten free is a plus for entertaining friends and family with allergies to wheat. Other varieties are also great; particularly the Flax and soy and Cracked Pepper and Lemon.
219687219687B000LKU3UGA3F6TCK03C12UQSMB0051292544000great healthy crunchy snakGreat healthy snak for all of us who love something crunchy. good eaten alone, or spead something on it (FF refried beans) or even a fried egg at breakfast.
219688219688B000LKU3UGAMJONAHW0HQNTConley Porter "portconley"0121218931200Cardboard...I know this is good for me, and low in calories/fat, etc. - but it's like eating cardboard! The taste and texture all comes from what you put on TOP of it, which kind of defeats the purpose...
219689219689B0019LUDEMA4W6RWWGZFBR1D&A0051343174400Best Gluten free bread mix so farThis is by far the best gluten free bread mix I've tried so far. It baked quickly and turned out perfectly without huge holes all though it like other mixes have done in the past. I can't tell the difference between this bread and regular wheat based bread. Works great using a flax seed "egg" instead of a regular egg too.
219690219690B004DCJUNOA18KK43G1SRB2Dsleazykinleazy1121342051200Not all that great.This buffalo chicken-flavored rice is not something that is supposed to taste awesome. It's more of a novelty product type thing, so you don't really have high hopes for it being a life-changing, holy-crap-this-is-awesome rice dish. It tastes like plain rice with Frank's Red Hot in it. Alone, it's inedible, with some cheese in it, it's passable. Not something worth buying 12 bags of.

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