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219693219693B009KPU6LOA3JLECMNWC4LDYLorinzo0111327449600I can't decide if the outhouse or my cozy toilet is the better place for this product.After trying this for myself, I suspected that those high ratings were only illusions. My husband told me that company's consider these reviews as just another form of advertising and pay people to lie about a product's quality. I really can't imagine anyone thinking this product is drinkable, let alone, pleasurable. If you want a couple recommendations on decent tasting t-discs for your Tassimo machine, the Jacobs Latte Macchiato isn't bad if you add sugar. This morning though, I drank it after I tried the Voluptuoso and my mouth has a metallic taste to it. Not sure which one is responsible. Another thing, the milk in the disc tastes sour, but when you add sugar, there is a decent flavor there. For the 2nd decent beverage, you can take the Kenco Crema with some Coffee Mate's Spiced Pumpkin and Vanilla Spiced Chai (a liberal amount) creamers, with enough sugar, and have a nice smooth cappaccino. I've tried about nine flavors now, and the coffee, cremas, most lattes and cappaccinos, have the same inferior quality in looks and taste, as a cheap instant coffee, as well as, having your mouth taste like you just drank the contents of an ashtray. Kenco Crema is the only one that did not taste like nicotene. These are the coffees I've tried: Gevailia Cappaccino, Maxwell House - House Blend, Hag Crema Decaf, Jacobs Kronung, Carte Noire Voluptuoso Classic, Kenco Crema and Jacob's Macchiato. After finding one inferior brew after another, I've given up looking for a good cup of black coffee and/or cappaccino, for the Tassimo. Don't do what I did, which was believe all the positive reviews and downplay the critical reviews. My curiousity has been appeased after spending $34 in Tassimo beverages. Thankfully, 2 packages were free. Now I can either spend more money in S&H to return them, or drink all 56 I mean. Oh by the way, for a tasty hot chocolate beverage, try Celestial Seasonings "Tuscanny" 1 bag made strong, followed by 2 pkgs Carnation Instant Hot Chocolate, with mini marshmellows, and hot water in a tall to-go insulated mug. Amazon sells both, but you can get the chocolate mix on sale for about $1.50 in a grocer.
219694219694B003TODT84A28V2WVBMTFNO5The River Horus2251339632000Superior ProductThis oil is far superior to Spanish or Italian olive oils and to many Greek. A First Cold Pressing, there are no additives or preservatives so the oil has a light, clean taste. I use it extensively in salads and over pasta dishes.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of this product.
219695219695B003TODT84A179LCI5DEGVRYThe Hipstones0051344384000Most versatile olive oil.This is by far my favourite olive oil. I used it in a restaurant i worked in, and loved it so much, i started getting it at home. It's fruity and perfect for salad dressing, bread dipping and finishing on you pasta/scrambled eggs/anything! I always cook with it too, and it's beautiful when making pestos. We go through the big tin quite quickly as we use it so liberally! It's great value at this price. GET IT.
219696219696B003TODT84A28MFJUXYCN3ZAfreeShippingFan0051340323200Iliada Extra Virgin Olive OilThis is by far the best olive oil I've had. I first tried it with bread in a local Italian cafe and I really liked the flavor so we asked the server for the brand name. I don't know how to describe it, I think it's more on the fruity rather than peppery side. I can't find it in my local grocery store, fortunately, I can get it from Amazon.
219697219697B002UFDFUKAK4OGHIVEZ8DXgomike "gomike"0051310515200Great Product Great PriceGreat product, Great Price, thanks Amazon, this item is a real winner with myself and the kids. Can never get enough!
219698219698B002UFDFUKA2Z2P6WLLB80EEbargainshopper0021306800000Not a fan of it!!!My kids love capri suns, but this is not a very good flavor, just the smell alone was enough to gag me. The kids drank them, but it took them a long time to drink 10 pouches, usually they would be gone in a day if I would let them, and it took them over a week to finish them, and I have 3 children who drink them. It was an awesome deal as far as price goes, just terrible flavor, now I know why this one was a lot cheaper than the others. We love all the other ones but this one is terrible!!!
219699219699B002UFDFUKALNSFI8X16950Van House0041303344000Great product at this price, but leaking likelyThis product is wonderful. My kids love the taste, and the ease at which they can insert the straw. I usually stock up when these go on sale locally. They are generally about $3 a box when not on sale. At less than $2 a box and free shipping, I couldn't pass these up. Damage in shipping is the reason I gave this 4 stars. Chances are one (or more) of the pouches will spring a leak as the box gets banged around in transport. If you want to be able to store these in their original boxes when they get to you, you probably want to think twice about ordering them. I received the 4 boxes shrink wrapped inside an Amazon box. I noticed when I opened the Amazon box one of the 4 Capri Sun boxes appeared wet. Upon opening I discovered all 4 boxes were damp on one end. I removed all the pouches from their boxes and was pleased to discover only one pouch had sprung a leak. It was a bit of a hassle, but not horrible. If I can't get them on sale locally, I would probably order again.
219700219700B002UFDFUKAMVPRR7BG1LZZMrs. B "Mrs. B"1211302652800NO RETURNSI just received the order today and all 4 of the Capri Sun boxes were very soaked to the point that the cardboard boxes are falling apart. However, the box that they came in was not soaked at all. Apparently, some of the packs must have exploded but that is only a guess because I have yet to remove the plastic shrink wrap that holds all four of the Capri Sun boxes together. Plus, I lost money on this one because there are NO RETURNS. I do not recommend buying this product on Amazon.
219701219701B002UFDFUKA2T5B55V7CGVH0AMRice0251305072000Great price, Great product!Love that I could save gas money by not going to the grocery store to buy some food products! Thanks Amazon!
219702219702B000GIZAS8A707OP6PM4PZZDeDa4451325894400Spice Drop DreamIf you like spice drops, you will love these. They were very fresh, flavorful and perfect for the holidays. House guest even asked about them.
219703219703B000GIZAS8A1RAMT9KT6LCX9Red1151334707200Yum, Yum, Yum . . . SO FRESH!These spice gum drops are delicious. They're very fresh and flavorful.
They are the BEST ones I've ever had, & I can't wait to order MORE.
219704219704B000GIZAS8A4615R4F3TY45Kevin0011347062400Crappy productThis is another bad bag of candy. Stale, clumped sugar, too much sugar, tasted flat and old. Even the bag was cheap. Do not buy!!!
219705219705B000GIZAS8AR0792BJU7LZ5Diana Mendoza "NanaDiana"0121343952000Wited one week for a diappearing packabeI antiiiiicipated it within 3-5 day sn we vever receiceved it. It as sor decorations for my grandson's birthday caaaaaaake. I would do shopping for them myslef, bu I recently suffered a stroke and cannot get out to do this shopping. Now I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav no deor fo th caaaaake which will hit tht table on August 3.
219706219706B007TUV59EA2DTZ7721MKFI1C. Mossaad1131341273600Good, but curious why they are sourced overseas?They are great and thick cut, slightly salty and my favorite chip out of the Terra Brand Sweets and Beets (these are not from the same company), but I can't help but wonder about the sourcing from overseas. With recent issues in China foodsource pesticide treatments, I wonder what other products from overseas the FDA has been reluctant to send back. Anyways, These are a good chip, but the bag is a clear one that appears to be a "repackage" which further makes me question the previously mentioned issues. Anyways, I love beet chips!
219707219707B002IFEM0YA7IFA2NZR7YV0pmen1230051333929600Tasty, and healthy!Tastes good, strengthens enamel (at least that's what my dentist told me!).

I've had a piece of this gum in my mouth for 6+ hours without it turning into a gooey gross mess as most other brands of gum will. The flavor lasts a surprisingly long time.
219708219708B004D235V2A2GH0KBD1VQCBXAudrey0051350777600moist treatspounce moist treats great price my cats love them one of the jars top was broken broken b/4 shipment as plastic was not in the box. but did not interfer with inner seal on container
219709219709B004D235V2A2LLAGJW7PKU9ZShane0051342569600Vacation TreatsMy cat does soft treats only, so these are great for him. It's nice that I can buy them in bulk and get them delivered to the door two day shipping for free with my prime membership. I'm not sure he really cares which flavor, but I like the idea of "Caribbean Catch Tuna"... it makes me feel like he gets a little vacation in every bite.
219710219710B004D235V2A31PQ7BGHAJ04Ywinsteele0051339372800ExcellentHave consistently ordered variations in flavor of this cat treat and they are always least my cat thinks so!. And immediately shipped, so she is never without a treat. Highly recommended.
219711219711B004D235V2A1MVC5R6VX33M7MyShelle0051335657600Cats like them.I bought these for 1 year old main coon & snowshoe Siamese. Every time I shake the container they come running.
219712219712B004D235V2AUPBVL51SS2U3gene1110051332892800Pounce Moist CaribbeanMy 4 cats Love this product- they love the tuna and actually knock over the jar when they want more

Perfect A+++++seller thank you
219713219713B004D235V2A3UCV2L9H3L6JEMarty-san0051327708800Cat loves themMy cat is fairly finicky with food so I was a little concerned when I ordered these. But, after the first few nibbles she was hooked and now looks forward to her daily treat...for how long, I don't know!
219714219714B007Y5OAAUAAWOEHT8LWN1ZSchwerpunkt "Schwerpunkt"0111349136000Won't buy this againFirst off let me state Amazon and the retailer did nothing wrong. The problem I had is with the product itself. Even tho it was well within it's expiration date when I opened it it was obviously stale and nasty to eat.
219715219715B006QV1WHWA1YKFFAJ74HXOASarah2251329091200My dog loves these.My dog is allergic to everything and Wilderness is one of the only foods he can have. He loves these bites and they smell delicious. It's like I'm really give him chicken. Easy to digest, no stomach problems. That being said I wish they were less expensive. They're $10 around the corner and more with shipping on Amazon.
219716219716B0000DISV6A2BJEIB8295WPKMartin Wierschin6631108857600good but a bit too gooey and sweet for meThese fruit slices come in a great variety of yummy flavors: cherry, watermelon, lime, pear, grape, and more. But unfortunately they were a little too sweet for my taste.

Another point of displeasure was the consistency of the slices. I found them to be more gooey than previous fruit slices I've eaten. I even tried refrigerating them in the hope that they would become a bit tougher, but no luck.

I think if you prefer sweeter, softer candies these would be great for you.
219717219717B0000DISV6A2V8WQ7E1OD7XLSandman1151336348800Just like I remembered...I fell in love with these things back 30+ years ago. You used to be able to buy them in bulk at specific grocery stores, but they quit carrying them and/or closed about 20 to 25 years ago. All I've been able to find up till now was cheap rip-offs that were sort of 'harder' and really chewy. I saw these online and found them available at Amazon, so I decided to try them and see if these were the ones I remembered as a kid. Several reviews would have you believe they aren't the originals, just more cheap copies. I'm here to tell you, don't listen to them...These ARE the ORIGINALS!!

It was AMAZING when I first tasted one of these! It was like stepping back in time! EXACTLY how I remembered them both in taste and appearance. The second I opened the package, a smile broke out on my face. I recognized them instantly. The cheaper rip-offs have a more uniform look and they're usually thinner than these. The cheapo ones also usually leave a lot to be desired in the flavor department, but flavor is so intense it's like a slap in the face! Just like I remembered!!

I don't know what the deal is or the motivation behind the negative reviews, though I speculate a couple may be due to the fact the reviewers are used to the cheap ones and never tried the original Boston Fruit Slices and at least one of them out there I personally believe has some sort of ulterior motive since his reviews are the polar opposite of reality when it comes to these delicious little jokers. If, like me, you long for those fruit slices from your youth (25 to 35 years ago), I would HIGHLY recommend these! They do NOT disappoint!! Simply amazing!! I will DEFINITELY be buying more and soon as these aren't going to last long around here!!


The watermelon flavor seems very different to me than I remembered, though it has been nearly 25 years since I had any of the original Boston Fruit Slices. It's a bit strange and not very watermelon-ish. However, every other flavor is exactly as I remembered them. Absolutely delicious! And there's even a new flavor they didn't have back then...pear. I love pears and these have a great pear flavor. I'm not real big on cherry flavored anything, but if I were, I'm sure I'd enjoy that one too. The grapefruit, blueberry, lemon, orange, and grape flavors are great as are the others I've yet to identify: a rich blue (not blueberry which is purple with a blue rind) and something that looks pink with a yellow rind (pink grapefruit or pink lemonade, can't tell yet...only had a small piece of it, sharing with my kids!). All yummy!!
219718219718B0000DISV6AEFHYFJRWL58OWard J. Mazzucco0051330128000Fruit SlicesThis product is TERRIFIC! The slices are fresh, flavorful, and tasty. This is my favorite snack. And, I don't have to eat a lot to satisfy my sweet tooth.
219719219719B0000DISV6AIGTODGS86C7Kskeetsmom0011283212800presentation and packageing worst I have ever seenI ordered these fruit slices as they were in the pics !!! When I received them they were all jumbled in a bag and were Very thin , some were bent over etc. !!!The pics were also misleading in colors and flavors asst . The actual flavors were mediocre at best !! I certainly would never order from this company again . What a waste of my money , and it was not cheap !!! [...]
219720219720B0000DISV6A332U4DDXTF857Matthew Mitchell0031262995200Boston or Canada?The gooey consistency suggests these slices come from the Canadian supplier. Nothing against Canada (I'm sipping a Canadian beer right now), but the Boston fruit slices are less messy and have a better mouthfeel.
219691219691B004DCJUNOA1OZYNWEWRE8WTRobert Ruddle Jr.0051344297600Knorr Buffalo chicken pasta/rice sideMy family loves the flavor. Tastes a lot like buffalo chicken wings! Stingy size though. For a family of four or more you will need to make at least two packets to add to your family dinner. Also keep in mind that this is a mix of pasta AND rice, not just rice.
219692219692B004DCJUNOAEW1IZJKZMS8EJ. Gervais "travel junkie"0051343952000Knorr Rice Side, Buffalo ChickenThis rice is delicious! If you enjoy rice and a little spice this is a great rice side. There is enough rice in the pack for about 2 adults. There is a little kick to it but not as much as buffalo chicken normally is, and there isn't any chicken in the rice, or chicken flavoring that I can tell. What is also nice about the Knorr Rice sides is that there are recipes on the back of the packages for different ways of being able to use the rice other than for just a side. The buffalo chicken rice side has a buffalo chicken taco recipe, and the Knorr Rice Side Chicken flavor has a delicious spicy cashew chicken recipe. The website also has a lot of different recipes to try with their products. I would definitely recommend this product to rice/spice lovers.

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