Amazon Fine Food Reviews

219751219751B001E52YY0A2U58C5IL0TCN4S. Rose0051297900800Amazing and addictiveCan't get enough of these. I think they just converted my vegetarian daughter! Think I'll have to hide them from her.
219752219752B001E52YY0A2YZDQ827EUJVNJanice0051297123200Tasty little morselsA coworker had these one day in the office and she let me try them. I was hooked. They are a good source of protein and great for snacking. I like to go out to photograph local wildlife, birds, mostly at the local refuges and I can take a bag of these and some water and I am set for the day. They are very convenient and very tasty!
219753219753B001E52YY0A2WAF5IKF2MQAJJon G0051297036800Excellent SnacksVery tasty little snack bites for a quick pick-me-up. Excellent smokey flavor with just the right amout of spices and zing. Would be easy to eat a whole bag if you don't limit yourself!
219754219754B001E52YY0APC8R3ZSWMNRLHokie Mom0051295395200These are Fantastic!I am thrilled that I can get these through Amazon AND with prime shipping! Much less expensive than paying $4+ in the grocery store per pack. I personally like the turkey even better than the beef! Great Low Carb Snack!
219755219755B001E52YY0APZ2KFRZ8XRFSfunstuff460051292889600Great if you are trying to lose weight!For anyone out there that is dieting or just eating healthy these are a great snack. I had a problem always finding them in stores but through I get them on a reagular basis and they are the greatest..thank you Amazon for being so prompt and updated..
219756219756B001E52YY0A24VE442GYQ2CIPam Hodges0021283817600disappointedI have been buying turkey snack bites for several months. I have enjoyed them tremendously until this last shipment. Most of the bites were mushy inside the skin of the turkey bite. Now they are dog treats.I have wasted my money because I can't eat them. I really miss the old kind (like the shipment before this one).........Pam Hodges
219757219757B001E52YY0AK4QKCHZ4BBRHEd "HeyZeus"0041273795200Turkey Bites ARE Gluten FreeThe turkey bites' ingredients list explicitly states "Gluten Free". While they may not be considered a "health" food exactly, I'm sure they're better for you than the beef or pepperoni bites. Excellent taste and only a tiny bit greasy. Nutrition Facts: Serving Size-6 pcs. (30g), Calories-80, Calories from Fat-45, Total Fat-5g (Saturated Fat-1.5g), Cholesterol-25mg, Sodium-300mg, Protein-7g.
219758219758B001E52YY0A30AD1EAHR7YRMS. Larrick "Scott"0051273536000NOM NOM NOMThese turkey snacks are really good. I am glad that I found a good snack that I can take to football game parties.
219759219759B001E52YY0A1NTD5OVB8YYJSConda M Walsh "Redcwolf"0051270512000Wonderful ProductWe really enjoyed this product. It was fresh and tasty, price was excellent. Great value for dollar spent. We will purchase again.
219760219760B001E52YY0AIP9EJZWM70PRBuck Connor0051260576000Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Bites, 8-Ounce PouchThese Snack Bites (Beef) are the best and getting them through you company was really great. makes it so Easy to find, with a Good price, offer a fast delivery and gives you just a great product - what else could a guy ask for?
Keep up the good work.
Buck Connor
Peoria Arizona
219761219761B001E52YY0A3J6MD9OPYWXC2T. Brzezinski1221300492800In the search for affordable turkey jerky, this was dissapointingWisconsin Turkey Snack bites, I'm sorry for the low rating

I was pretty disappointed. It might taste good to some, but not me. I've so far had one other brand on amazon, and a few brands in store, and I disliked this one.

The snack bites have a few problems.

1) They're fairly watery. Not only do they look more "reconstituted" than other brands, but their water content seems higher.

2) they're lacking flavor.

I try to solve problem one and two, by cutting them in half, dosing them in some hotsauce pepper mix, and drying them in the sun [and once in the oven]. This is rather time consuming, sort of. But even then, the oil/protein ratio is higher (meaning more oil) it seems than other turkey snacks. Which is lame.

So, I'll keep looking for good turkey jerky on amazon [which is basically anywhere, since beef is the game in most stores], any suggestions in the comments I'd appreciate. Preferably at a reasonable cost.

P.S, of humerus note, I noticed one of the suggested tags are "Hip Hop". Funny.

UPDATE: I got a comment that pointed out how this is not turkey jerky, but rather turkey sausage. This invalidates much of my review. I dont remember why I originally expected it to be more like turkey jerky. That said, they still were not tasty..
219762219762B001E52YY0A21OMX5XD1DU1LDaryl Jensen "darjen"0111333411200Mechanically separated turkeyI bought these because I started following the paleo lifestyle and have been trying lots of different grain free snacks. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this product contains mechanically separated turkey. Also known as pink slime. Yuck! I wish they would have posted the actual ingredients. They taste alright, but I will not be buying them again after these are gone.
219763219763B001E52YY0A3QUNXKBI7JOHIMary K. Stroup0341228435200Snack bites are good, butI'm not sure I like pepperoni in the bites size. My dogs love them!!! They sure smell better than the pupperoni dog treats!! I think I prefer slices of pepperoni.
219764219764B001E52YY0A1QYH6YB1UFF0BA. Brown51711216771200NOT gluten-freeThese contain MSG, which creates a reaction in many gluten-sensitive individuals.

Ingredients: Pork and Beef Pepperoni, (Pork and Beef, Salt, Corn Syrup Solids, Spices, Dextrose, Lactic Acid Starter Culture, Monosodium Glutamate, Sodium Erythorbate (made from sugar), Garlic Powder, Oleoresin of Paprika, Sodium Nitrate), Salt, Corn Syrup Solids, Spices, Dextrose, Lactic Acid Starter Culture, Monosodium Glutamate, Sodium Erythorbate (made from sugar), Garlic Powder, Oleoresin of Paprika, Sodium Nitrate, BHA, BHT, Citric Acid. should have a clear policy to label all food items sold here with a full ingredient list.
219765219765B005NGEP98A14VL9Q83CABBTPhoenix1151328313600Unbelievable!OMG -- these are so yummy!! So much gluten free bread-type stuff is just plain nasty, but these are incredibly good. When the box arrived I had to try them right away. I opened the package and took one out, took a bite, and could not believe the party in my mouth!! I quickly closed the box and put it away, because these are definitely one of those "can't eat just one" products :D
The other problem I've noticed with gluten free cracker products is they break so easily, they can't even get to the store shelves without breaking. But these were unbroken, and could easily stand up to a nice heavy dip. Yum, yum!
219766219766B005NGEP98A3K6P45L0HBWNAShop Girl ATL "Samantha"1151326153600amazingly deliciousI picked these up for the first time at my local Whole Foods (though not all carry them) and love them! They are crispy (sometimes a little hard like all bagel chips) and packed with garlicky flavor. The garlic is a little intense so, if that isn't your thing, try the plain ones. I buy a box whenever I see them and now love being able to order in bulk.
219767219767B005NGEP98A3CRSIAVIAA352Patricia0051349827200Delicious and crunchy Glutino Bagel ChipsI love the bagel chips...The flavor is wonderful and the CRUNCH is terrific...As people who have celiac know, we often have to eat things that are soft and crumbly...NOT THESE...I will continue to buy them...they are hard to find in stores, so am happy I could get it on AMAZON..
219768219768B005NGEP98A14VPYG4HLFV4BH. Yu0011349049600These taste horribleI was thinking these wouldve tasted like regular bagel chips, but they don't! They taste pretty bland actually. Nowhere does it really scream bagel or parmesan to me, it has a hint of garlic but thats about it. They actually taste pretty awful. I bought a pack of 6 seeing to as all the good reviews it had gotten, and i didnt even finish 1 box. I ate one piece and spit it out, it was so dry, flavorless and disgusting. Not worth the money! And worst part is there is no way to return them!
219769219769B005NGEP98A2MH45450030H0Shana Banana0051348531200Best GF crackersI've been trying lots of crackers and I've been disappointed in most of them. But these are great. There's no gritty aftertaste. (Thank you!). They are highly seasoned but not too salty. These would be great with a cheese ball or dip.
219770219770B005NGEP98A23OLU53NMXTX3J. Raab "Food lady"0051346371200I am in love!Being gluten free has meant nasty cardboard blah crackers...until I found these. I am thrilled beyond words. They taste like the regular bagel chips. No one would be able to tell the difference. Yeah!!!!
219771219771B005NGEP98AAMW5O8L479Y7Kathryn0041345507200Good but would have been better without the ParmesanThese are surprisingly good. Definitely satisfies a chip/crunch craving. But I wish they were just Garlic. The parmesan makes it taste a little funky and leaves an aftertaste. I'm very impressed with the NO SATURATED FAT. Kudos to Glutino for that
219772219772B005NGEP98A178O0FTG65M1PKimberlie K. Jensen0051345334400Kim- Oregon wiBought a box at local grocery store for my 18 year old daughter to try.Even though they were quite pricey. She loved them! In fact the whole family did! Loved seeing these in bulk for a great price. Definitely worth the price.
219773219773B005NGEP98A3A08XAU3Q5XR6Vtfltlndr0051344211200Very Tasty!It's tough having to live on Gluten free diet, so when a great product comes along jump on it at pricing from Amazon that is more affordable.
219774219774B005NGEP98A2IFYWQ4RC21NEL. Shively0051343001600Amazing!!!These bagel chips are delicious and are the perfect size for bruchetta or toppings. They are crunchy like croutons but thin. The typical size is approximately 1 1/2 to 2" in diameter and less than half a centimeter thick. The taste is fantastic on its own, like garlic toast with parmesan cheese, but isn't very noticeable with toppings. Will definitely buy again.
219775219775B005NGEP98A2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.0051342396800Delicious!I recently found these advertised in a magazine. I ordered a case through Amazon. I could not believe how delicious these are. They are so addictive. These are great plain or with dip. I even used these as croutons on my salad. They are sturdy and do not break when used with a thick dip. The price here is cheaper than in my local store. I will continue to buy these. What a great tasting gluten free product.
219776219776B005NGEP98A2SDISOLPK8WIDLinda19610051340409600Very YummyThese chips are delicious. I use them in salads as croutons, in soups/chilli and especially for dipping hummus. I also snack on them plain out of the bag and when I'm snacking on tuna/chicken or egg salad. Haven't done this yet but I've been wondering how they'd work if I broke them up and used them to coat chicken with to fry in the oven. I will buy these over and over.
219777219777B005NGEP98A3RS1ZI8KS9H4EM. Hewlett "Mama"0051338854400A wonderful snack for Celiacs!I LOVE these bagel chips! Wish Amazon had them on Subscribe and save. They make excellent croutons (just crumble them on salad) and they are very good in chili (think of how we used to eat Saltine crackers!) The flavor is very good, not to strong, and the delightful crunch is something I've been missing in gluten free foods. I will certainly buy more!
219778219778B001HTN5W8AWCKYLK7KN2U3Laine H. Massey7911253491200Too sweet! Don't buy food from China if I know in advance!Pickled Ginger shouldn't be so overly sweetened.
I think your offerings should include the country of origin, especially on food products. I make it a rule to not purchase food from China but didn't know this was until I received it.
Laine Massey
219779219779B001HTN5W8A1EAZ1D76TT6EKPookles "Wellington"2211337558400I agree WAY too sweet! it has 5x the sugar of other brands and tastes awful
219780219780B001HTN5W8A1CS5JDV6YZQ8VDaniel Nelson2251257984000This stuff is goodI lived in Japan for 4 years and since moving back to the US have experimented making alot of the dishes I learned to love over there.
I've tried this ginger and really love it and love that its not died that horrible artificial pink color.

I use it for sushi and also to add some kick to soups and other dishes.

Good eats for sure.

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