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219781219781B001HTN5W8ATHTR6550I7E0H9K900051348790400Very Good!Have purchased and eaten a lot of sushi ginger, none have come close to The Ginger People Organic brand for quality. Some reviewers say too sweet, not so. Actually the amount of sweetness and spice is just about right. No dyes, no artificial sweeteners, just organic ginger in rice vinegar with organic sugar. I will purchase in quantity again.
219782219782B001HTN5W8A2BMFOZSEXR9OTAbby Mann0051347148800In Response to those saying its too sweet:I am writing this in response to comments made that this is too sweet. No I haven't been to Japan...the sushi I've had has been Americanized. The ginger they normally serve with sushi at lower and mid-budget locations is pink dyed and tastes like remnants of a used alcohol pad. This brand doesn't have the awful alcohol taste nor artificial flavors. All the ingredients are organic, and yes, it does taste sweet...but I think that makes it palatable alone as a snack. It doesn't taste over the top sweet to has 5g. sugar per 2 tbsp. I add it to my sushi as extra on the side and never notice the sweetness in contrast with the sushi flavors (I eat the ginger with the sushi), but when wanting to eat this alone I'm neither overpowered by the ginger flavor nor an artificial one taking its place. I would recommend this as the only ginger product I can find that's all natural and organic.
219783219783B001HTN5W8A55VQ3KUD630LOld Granny "Granny"0041317772800Tasty and naturalThis product has a strong ginger flavor and it's especially good to know there's no dye in it. It is a bit sweet but not unusually so. After you eat all the ginger, you can add the leftover juice to sauces, juices, etc. to give them a slight gingery taste.
219784219784B002L96ULGAIXCATW18SQPDP. Goldberg "perihope"4451281139200Delicious cookies!These are light and crispy and tart but sweet. We originally ordered them in a fundraising catalog, and when they were gone, I had to hunt them down on the web. My husband LOVES them and I order them special for him. I have yet to find a Key Lime cookie that compares. I'm a chocolate chip cookie gal, yet I really like these. They are also dainty enough to impress friends when you serve them at luncheons or get-togethers. I have tried all the flavors, and key lime is the best (although they are all good).
219785219785B002L96ULGA1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"1151304035200Have something really good! Wonderful cookies! They hit the spot! Great snack, Great gift!These are wonderful little treats, elegantly packed. A treat has to be good, satisfying with 1 or 2 bites, and worth every calorie. These certainly are! Crispy, light and sweet-hope Amazon carries these always. The lime essence is in the powdered sugar, so be sure to enjoy that with the cookies.

A collection of 6 nicely packed boxes enables you to give a nice box to a deserving friend. And these certainly are appreciated!

Note: freshness is not an issue.
219786219786B002L96ULGA1I9SEYBPTWFTZLARRY STANIFER0021350691200Lemon Drops leave sour tasteNot the same drops from Flathau that I remember. The ones I was expecting had powdered sugar. I was disappointed.
219787219787B002L96ULGA3VAHK76G96TYHLoretta English0051334534400Better Than Home MadeThese lemon snaps are some of the best cookies I've ever eaten. They taste better than home-made, with a hint of cracked lemon candy inside each cookie. I would serve them at one of my finest dinner parties.
219788219788B002L96ULGA1I9GEA8NQ273VJayme0051327104000Delicious!These are great! They taste very fresh and have the perfect bite of lime flavor with plenty of powdered sugar. The packaging is very nice, which made these great gifts for our clients. The boxes weren't packed very well for shipping to Amazon, so two of six had damaged corners, but the others were in good condition (original shipping boxes inside Amazon's shipping box).
219789219789B002L96ULGA2Y1GCI6J0RQVKChantele Artman "Chantele L Artman"0051314662400Yummy!Haven't gotten my shipment yet from Amazon but I've gotten these at TJ Max in the past and they are wonderul. Sweet and soft. The Key Lime ones are also fabulous!
219790219790B002L96ULGA3K1BXS3CQ8VZBandrea nafziger26112991968002 week expirationWhen I received these key lime snaps I noticed they were ready to expire. There is no way we can eat 6 boxes of these in 2 weeks. They are very good and have a great taste. I am very upset about this product. I have never had a problem with any products I have bought on Amazon. I hope Amazon does something about this. A very upset and disappointed customer.
219791219791B000L7W9DSA2T0THD1WU0V3TTXRed "Redhead and book lover"0051295568000WOW, is this bread good!This may become my all-time favorite bread flavor. It toasts up so perfectly -- soft inside and crunchy outside. Just spread some butter on your toast and enjoy! The shelled sunflower seeds come in a packet separate from the flour mix, and you add it during the cycle of your breadmaker between risings when the breadmaker beeps for addition of ingredients. The crunchy sunflowers really add to the texture of this bread as well as the flavor. I gave some of my loaf to a neighbor, an experienced bread machine baker, and he marvelled at the taste and texture. TRY IT, and be sure to toast a piece. EXCELLENT
219792219792B000L7W9DSA2N4P8R5BY8WC2C. Morris "golfing guy"0051194739200Easy instructionsI have baked many, many loaves of bread (many different kinds) from this seller. Every loaf has turned out perfect. The instructions are very clear, you add water, butter and yeast ( yeast supplied). If someone has a problem with these instructions, then perhaps, they should buy their bread from a market.

219793219793B0074AKTNWA1P5WEAR65AN9RTiffany0051347494400YUM!Great Aji Amarillo peppers for Peruvian dishes! Tastes (almost) as good as fresh, and comes safely packaged. These are much better than the Aji pastes/dried flakes you find out there on the market!
219794219794B0001H22KIA1C19WLTO01L95R. Klein0051243209600What A Great Pasta Sauce!I picked this up at a local Italian Market in Des Moines, Iowa - which was a truly GOURMET experience - - and I cannot get over the WONDERFUL taste of this sauce. This product makes any italian quick dish, with any type of pasta, a truly DELICIOUS experience. I highly recommend this product!!
219795219795B004UBEZHYA2D2XOBXVF2V07Bobbygeorge0051330128000Not Just for Dipping!Although they call it a "dipping mustard," it's much more than that. Great spread on ham or turkey sandwiches, and perhaps other things I haven't thought of yet. The taste is sublime, and if you're not careful you'll find yourself eating spoonfuls right out of the jar!
219796219796B0045VHYVIA1J06DOJ3OJE3Ncrinklyfries222241322524800Works as advertisedMy medium sized tuxedo cat has been eating this IAMS for his entire life with veterinarian's recommendation, and he has been hairball free and maintained a correct weight. Not five star because pebbles become stale before bag is finished, even when product is kept in airtight container.
219797219797B0045VHYVIA2CZURIAU1CAYJMrsfrogge1151324944000Best Cat FoodHave been giving our cat this food for the past several years. She loves the food and it keeps her coat shiny and smooth. Last year we switched to another brand and she began to show flakes on her coat, switched back to this one and flakes are gone. No problems with hairballs since using this food.
219798219798B0045VHYVIA7FZ9X0B6QBS3Ronald E. Olivier2321326326400Low in Calories, low in qualityWe had used this product for over a year, along with another leading brand. Our cat is a bit on the heavy side, so 'weight control' really appealed to us. The food IS low in calories, make no mistake. But looking at the first five ingredients - the ones the food contains most of - is a horror show! " Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Meal, Corn Grits, Ground Whole Grain Sorghum, Dried Beet Pulp". Not a single reliable meat (only by-product meal) in the bunch, and two corn-based fillers in the top three ingredients.
Oh, Caesar ate this fine...though he often would take only small feedings at a time, he'd eventually finish most of it by tbe next mealtime. After doing some research, I switched him to another brand that has better ingredients (no by-products and no corn based fillers), and he eats it passionately! It has more calories, but we actually feed him less. He seems to have a bit more energy too!
Please don't take my word for it, as I am not a vet or a scientist. If you do a bit of research, I think you'll probably steer clear of this food.
219799219799B0045VHYVIA2IJ0OSA7DMRV0Roni Nunez0051337731200Solved my cat's chronic diarheaaI realize I should have written this review long ago because it might have helped someone else but anyway,...I was really at a loss as to what to do for my beautiful, long-haired cat. I was desperate and started surfing the internet to see if I could find out what other cat owners had done. So many people were posting this problem but all I read were complaints about the hundreds of dollars they had spent on tests for their pets and still no solution.
You see, he's about 8 yrs old. He goes in and out of the house all day long but I began noticing he was looking thin and then there was chronic diarheaa which was driving me crazy. I mean it was everywhere! I do love my cat but I wasn't keen on paying hundreds of dollars so I thought the first thing I'll do is change his cat food. Unbelievably, this formula resolved the problem. I have tried other cheaper brand hairball formulas and always come back to this one. Without it, he starts painfully haunching his shoulders and walking verrryyy slowly and then I know the chronic poops are starting again.
If you have this problem with your cat, give it a try. Believe me, it beats high vet bills which we can ill afford in these harsh economic times.
219800219800B0045VHYVIAJAOYZXN268AUKyle0051332806400CheapGreat bang for the buck! So far, this seems to be the best bang for the buck that I could find on Amazon as a prime member.

Will buy again.
219801219801B0045VHYVIAVGXQ63QRAA26Agnes Gryczmanska0051329004800My Cat Likes It!My picky cat likes it very much. I will purchase again. This is a good deal because the bag is huge.
219802219802B0045VHYVIA3GSOAYP4XES3LJ. Weight "juliew8"0051325635200Iams is the best!I've used Iams for years and even the crazy cat lady veterinarian I used to see approves. I notice that most vets I talk to or see recommend Iams.

We only have one cat left and he's putting on a little weight with no competition for food. He loves this food (too much, I'm afraid) and eats it easily, even though he's almost 16 years old now.
219803219803B0035BZZ7OA12B4B8FCWW8PJKat6631292284800Good cheese, disgusting salmonAlthough the cheese itself was yummy, the salmon looked and smelled(worse, actually) than catfood. The chocolates were not-so-great(the coconut flavor tasted manufactured) and I have to say now, after the excitement of seeing my boyfriend's happily-surprised face has worn off, that I am less than pleased with the product. I threw the salmon away, and there weren't even enough crackers for one of the cheeses included. Although it's a nice gesture to send to family and friends an assortment of cheeses and such, I'd look elsewhere in the future. Not worth the price.
219804219804B0035BZZ7OA2PEI133FUDENFNewMama102211293667200Yuck- Save your money!Disgusting and a waste of money. Salmon is more like rotten cat food, and the rest is barely passable as edible food. Tiny portions top off a horrendous buying experience.
219805219805B0035BZZ7OA1NDSS4NCM6SXURon B. "ronbis"2211290729600Not as described!The product description said that a bamboo cutting board was included, but there is none. I gave this as a gift and was present when they opened it so I'm sure there is no cutting board. That is the reason I bought this gift basket instead on a different one. Not very happy with it.
219806219806B000N4NKVEASCJ09PB6Q9TEHuge0051292716800great buyyou simply cannot beat this price anywhere for this size. also great flavor and flawlessly ground. would recommend to anyone.
219807219807B000N4NKVEA2DNMWE95G3D3DJJ in North Carolina0151303862400Nice grindThe grind of this pepper is something between what you find in your generic "ground pepper" tins and freshly, coarsely ground pepper. It has a hard time coming out of a pepper shaker if it has tiny holes. It works well for most of my cooking needsand has a good flavor.
219808219808B000MU5ISCAYHGGX3F85C1Dstar_chika0041279843200taste good but could be betterTastes pretty good but it's difficult to eat by being sticky to the wrapper even after refrigeration.
219809219809B008ADQX4GA29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051347840000Tropical Get Away Matcha!By the smell of this one I was really iffy as to wether I would like it or not.
It smelled just like green bananas! Tart really strong smelling green bananas to the point of smelling like artificial banana flavoring. HOWEVER ... wait for it ... this stuff is AMAZING!

Oh and also when I was mixing it my daughter asked "what is that??" as she had smelled it from the other room! I asked her "what does it smell like?" she answered "bananas"!

Okay no, I am not confused, I realize this is not banana matcha and in fact once you get it mixed it does not taste like banana matcha at all!

This is yummy papaya! Like the passion fruit matcha I reviewed earlier today there is a rind like flavor to the matcha but its not quite as strong as the rind flavor was in the passion fruit, this is a very nice, fresh, ripe papaya tasting matcha and I LOVE IT! This is a very sweet tasting matcha too!

Honestly, I never would have thought I would like this as much as I do based on the smell of the dry powder. Also this is one of the last matcha I have on hand that I have not yet tried or reviewed! Actually while I have not done my review yet on the brandy matcha I have had it and loved it. Just need to get the review done, so in fact, this is my last matcha to savor and oh yes I am savoring it!!

I mixed this in my typical latte fashion and with the milk and creamer the flavors are incredible! I feel like I am drinking something on a cruise ship or at an island resort! The only thing missing is my lei and some island music! Gad this is for sure on my re-order list once this 30g is gone!
219810219810B0019MJQGMA3EPHBMU07LZ50Penmouse3351325376000Chocolatey goodness!Hershey's Syrup Genuine Chocolate Flavor tastes good on just about anything. You could use this chocolate syrup as of ice cream topping, to make a quick cup of hot chocolate, or add to milk to make chocolate milk.

To make hot chocolate using the chocolate syrup and a couple tablespoons of the chocolate syrup to microwave-safe mug and then pour in some whole milk. Mix well with a spoon and then place the mother of milk into the microwave oven. Heat until warm.

Highly recommend.

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