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219812219812B004SKZWBKAIPBPZT9QR9CCMT "CK"1151313539200great option for ToddlersI usually purchase Similac Go & Grow, however, since doesn't carry that item I decided to try Gerber Good Start 2. This product is for Toddler's ages 9months - 24 months. My toddler drank this down just as well as the typical brand that we provide to him (similac). This brand is also less expensive than similac. I wish that carried similac or offered this on subscribe and save. Maybe they will in the future.
My toddler will not drink milk so this is a GREAT option if your child wants formula over milk.
- Toddler Formula that my Toddler actually loves
- Less expensive than the leading brand
- Great nutrition for your toddler
- Great if your toddler will not drink Milk
- My pediatrician actually recommends this and Similac go and grow for toddlers.

- The product seems to need to be shaken up in the sippy cup or bottle more than most before it can be drank
219813219813B004SKZWBKA4L0WS4UL0EQ7HappyFireFamily1151307491200Great transitionMy baby went from the Gerber gentle to the gentle 2 with no problems. He has done so well on this formula since he was a newborn. I am doing both cow's milk and this, and no problems!
219814219814B004SKZWBKA2RUY2BTYYKNPHJ. VENKAPPA "jp"0011347408000Not an alternative for Nestle lactogenWe were using nestle lactogen for my son in India. Herein us we brought Gerber as an alternative. As we feed him he starts omitting. I tasted ut and ut tastes bad.
Giving negative rating just because its not alternative for nestle lactogen. Do consider nutrition while buying.
219815219815B004SKZWBKA21Y7CI1YEVNPHJenni Wilson0051344297600Worth it for me.My son wasn't quick to start eating table food. He didn't show much interest in it so we fed him baby food a bit longer than most. After he turned a year old I was concerned that he wouldn't be getting the proper nutrition from the random foods he would eat so for me, I felt like this was a better choice than milk. It also ensures that I know how much he is getting while with the sitter because I just send a pre measured amount. It's also a lot more convenient than milk. We have taken several trips that I can't really imagine the hassle of milk with a toddler so I was very pleased with my decision to continue with this. My son is now 16 months old, eating table food VERY well but we still give him about 10oz of this a day. He is happy and healthy and the Pediatrician fully supports the use of this.
219816219816B004SKZWBKA3C0AD3XRCX6CLCheshire Kat0041329436800Good stuffI breastfed through 10 months, but needed something to "get us through" until the transition to cow's milk and this worked out well with no gas, fussiness, or constipation. We had supplemented with Similac Expert Care Alimentum Hypoallergenic Nutrition Formula, Powder, With Iron, 1-Pound (454 g) (Pack of 6) when my son was very young due to some health issues, and I can say without hesitation that this good start formula was way less stinky and less foamy when mixed. Our pediatrician recommended it, and it doesn't have corn syrup as the first ingredient (sadly common among formulas).
219817219817B004SKZWBKA11LK292ODZDE6CHANG HUI0051323388800Good Quality FormulaThanks for good deals, my baby is growing up nutriously, will buy more continuously since retail store sells for higher price!!!
219818219818B004SKZWBKA1PAEGAB6T8R01LM0051320105600Our pediatrician recommended Good startOur 12 month old likes it. We have been giving him Good start since he was 6 month. The only thing that it does not have subscribe and save...
219819219819B004SKZWBKA3DERBMF3N6ZOJSarina060051317772800Great Deal!This is one of the best prices I found for this formula. My son took to this formula well so we stuck with it.
219811219811B0019MJQGMA3EH9M3DDWTUQJLucas Lockard "Luke"11211334188800Hershey and SlaveryHershey's supply line comes from West Africa where there is a prevalence of child slavery in the cocoa bean industry. They continually refuse to make their supply line transparent or implement changes to guarantee the safety of children.

Don't think this is relevant to a product review? Consider if it was your child, friend, relative who lived in slavery - would you want people buying products harvested by them?
219820219820B004SKZWBKA1U5BQV56ORRPYStayathomeMom0051316649600good formulaMy son loves this. He's been taking this since he's 1 year old.We will continue this product til he's 2 years of age.
219821219821B004SKZWBKAZFME8LB7CCG5Jackieo19810321320192000Gassy, crabby babyI bought this product for my 10 month old because of the price, but would not recommend it to anyone. We had a gassy, fussy baby after 2 days of using the product. We finally threw the rest away because it made him have such an upset stomache. We went back to Similac and have had no further problems.
219822219822B004SKZWBKAFAWC4ZJ29YV1AG0411334102400TOXIC hexane still in it!RECONSIDER THIS FORMULA!!

Martek advertises this formula on their website! Nestle owns Gerber now

"Although Martek told the board that they would discontinue the use of the controversial neurotoxic solvent n-hexane for DHA/ARA processing, they did not disclose what other synthetic solvents would be substituted. Federal organic standards prohibit the use of all synthetic/petrochemical solvents".

Martek Biosciences was able to dodge the ban on hexane-extraction by claiming USDA does not consider omega-3 and omega-6 fats to be "agricultural ingredients." Therefore, they argue, the ban against hexane extraction does not apply. The USDA helped them out by classifying those oils as "necessary vitamins and minerals," which are exempt from the hexane ban. But hexane-extraction is just the tip of the iceberg. Other questionable manufacturing practices and misleading statements by Martek included:

Undisclosed synthetic ingredients, prohibited for use in organics (including the sugar alcohol mannitol, modified starch, glucose syrup solids, and "other" undisclosed ingredients)
Microencapsulation of the powder and nanotechnology, which are prohibited under organic laws
Use of volatile synthetic solvents, besides hexane (such as isopropyl alcohol)
Recombinant DNA techniques and other forms of genetic modification of organisms; mutagenesis; use of GMO corn as a fermentation medium
Heavily processed ingredients that are far from "natural"

quote from: Why is this Organic Food Stuffed With Toxic Solvents? by Dr. Mercola - GOOGLE GMOs found in Martek.

This is the latest I have found on DHA in organic and non organic baby food/ formula:
AT LEAST READ THIS ONE*** GOOGLE- False Claims That DHA in Organic and Non-Organic Infant Formula Is Safe. AND OrganicconsumersDOTorg

Martek's patents for Life'sDHA states: "includes mutant organisms" and "recombinant organisms", (a.k.a. GMOs!) The patents explain that the oil is "extracted readily with an effective amount of solvent ... a preferred solvent is hexane."

The patent for Life'sARA states: "genetically-engineering microorganisms to produce increased amounts of arachidonic acid" and "extraction with solvents such as ... hexane." Martek has many other patents for DHA and ARA. All of them include GMOs. GMOs and volatile synthetic solvents like hexane aren't allowed in USDA Organic products and ingredients.

Tragically, Martek's Life'sDHA is already in hundreds of products, many of them certified USDA Organic. Please demand that the National Organic Standards Board reject Martek's petition, and that the USDA National Organic Program inform the company that the illegal 2006 approval is rescinded and that their GMO, hexane-extracted Life'sDHA and Life'sARA are no longer allowed in organic products.

BUT I went to the lifesdha website and THEY DO NOT DISCLOSE HOW THEY MAKE THEIR LifesDHA!!! I have contacted the company to see what they say.

Also these are the corporate practices of Martek which are damaging to the environment as well written just last Dec 2011 at NaturalnewsDOTcom

The best bet is to just avoid the lifeDHA at this time in my opinion b/c corporate america cares more about the almighty $ than your health.
219823219823B003EMXKQWA1DDUZTP8FTYXWz3ro3351298592000Best energy drink out thereI have had many types of energy drinks in my day, but most of them taste horribly, here, however, is not the case. BAWLS tastes amazing, although I personally am immune to energy drinks or something, however, everyone I know that drinks energy drinks said BAWLS gives the best kick and has the best taste. Highly recommend.
219824219824B003EMXKQWA1XL3IP930RBLVWade1141297296000Pretty GoodI remember seeing this energy drink on the news a while ago and ever since then i have wanted to try it.
I looked around for it in New York but to no avail. So i had to get it from here.
I any case, the drink itself is pretty good. i think some once said that it was sorta like an orange cream soda
but with a ton of caffeine in it. and that pretty much hits it spot on. I can sort of taste the guarana
but at the same time if i compare it to the Brazilian Guarana soda Antarctica, the flaver is just little
bit duller. Over all though I give it 4 or 5 stars because it does give you a good kick and it tastes great.
219825219825B003EMXKQWA2KL585P3C0O06meh1151295913600Blue BawlsSOOOOOO good. Hate the fact that S&H is about the cost of the product though :( On occasion worth the price.
219826219826B003EMXKQWA1S8QNLCE66CGQTrevor Johnson0051344816000I gots the BawlsBawls is close to a superior product, and as such I am glad to have been able to procure a case for such. The high caffeine, the fruity flavor- ahhh almost like heaven. I truly wish I could afford more of it.
219827219827B003EMXKQWA18NAG0Y6YW7SKDuckOwnage0051343174400LOVE ITI love drinking BAWLS it taste so nice, i cant stop drinking them. in fact i'm drinking one RIGHT NOWWWWWW
219828219828B003EMXKQWA1U5EECRT8R1MJBrian A. Trischetta "-Brian"0041333238400Best energy drink on the planet, shipping is crazyI remember driving to lan centers and purchasing Bawls energy drink on a consistent basis in order to stay up and game longer. I love this product, the taste is basically a light citrus taste. I would purchase it over any energy drink out today (serious). However, the price is right on but 20$ shipping? Lets have some sort of agreement between amazon and retailers, offer prime shipping please...
219829219829B003EMXKQWA2AHRZLP9X8A5SRoj Adrik0051278633600Best Tasting Energy Drink Ever!I've been enjoying this beverage for years and it's the only one that I can say is the absolute best tasting energy drink on the market. I don't feel any sort of kick with energy drinks, so I cannot describe it's effectiveness very well, however it's the only product line that doesn't make me cringe when I take a sip. It's flavor tastes very similar to a Shirley Temple, but that's just my speculation.

Overall, 5/5. Try out the g33k b33r and the cherry flavors too! They all taste amazing!
219830219830B003EMXKQWA30NDGXVW0CX10vitalxs1251298937600The best energy drink periodI've tried them all and nothing comes close to this one. Just make sure to get the real one and not the sugarless diet version of it - that one tastes horrible (to me), but it does have different bottle color. Anyway, even when I feel tired, or sick with cold, this drink puts me back on my feet and I run like an energizer bunny. Better than coffee in a sense that no jittering occurs and no coffee smell (BTW I love cofee nevertheless).
Pricewise, find it at the local stores and save on shipping. You pay slightly more per bottle but again shipping saves you much more than that. Won't say where I buy it - because they constantly run out as it is and I always buy all that they have LOL. I wish they sold it at large food chain stores...
219831219831B003EMXKQWA3TE7HFLHU76MFWilliam H. Arthur0511327276800Did not receive full orderI ordered 24 bottles. I received only 13. The bottle were dirty, sticky and I cut my finger on broken glass. I am not happy and I want a refund in FULL.

Amazon rejected my last review.... lets see how this goes. Maybe my attorney needs to get involved.

W. H. Arthur.
219832219832B001E52VR0A2SJ7EQDDIE8QOWW6651214006400Jane's Yummy Peach TeaI was introduced to Crystal Lite Peach Tea by my friend Jane. The tea is fabulous!! If you want a little variation on the tea, instead of all water, make the tea with half water and the other half using lemon-lime drink, such as Sprite Zero, Sierra Mist Free, or 7-Up Diet Soda.

You will be asked for the recipe the next time you serve least that is what happened to me.

Betty W
219833219833B001E52VR0ALNFHVS3SC4FVDarena Dorsey "Mom to 2 Boys"2251214006400Great TastingI usually only drink water but when summer comes around, my refreshment taste buds look to other flavors also. Crystal Light is a great way to quench your thirst and get a little taste of something sweet. The peach tea has a really good flavor. There is only a slight hint of the peach, its not an overwhelming peach flavor. The raspberry tea is also excellent. Drink up and enjoy.
219834219834B001E52VR0AB858801QO1ZYVADA0051323388800Can't live without itI drink this all day and night. Thanks goodness Amazon is selling it because I can no longer find it in any local stores. (It's not like I live in the outback somewhere!) I go through about 5 canisters a month. It's quick and easy to make and keeps me hydrated. I carry it with me everywhere I go, which is funny because I heard a sports commentator on TV say one time of Bobby Knight, "He's got his peach tea with him." I had to smile. Sure hope they never stop making it!
219835219835B001E52VR0A22S8R16PW4E40D. Colgrove "Enjoy Archery"0051309478400peach teaTired of water? This is a great product and will help you cut back on the soda pop you drink!! Cant live without it!
219836219836B001E52VR0AH1QG5Z8ZZ4RIJeff H "JAH"0051305417600Big Peach flavor without the caloriesGotta say it, I luv the stuff. Great refreshing peach flavor without any aftertaste. Big fan of Crystal Light products but it would be nice if they could eliminate the corn starch from the drink mix. I like to mix it with a bit more water to keep the taste light and refreshing...try it...3qt H2O instead of 2qts.
219837219837B001E52VR0A3W3RGK3ZHSY56Tanya0051278288000Love this teaI love Crystal Light Peach tea and it has become hard to find at grocery stores. I now order it from Amazon. I love the convenience.
219838219838B001E52VR0A1KWPIORLG2QVS. Daily0051265760000Crystal LightIf you like Crystal Light this is a great price and the product is fresh. I wished I would have purchased more. I am looking for the next sale bargain.
219839219839B001E52VR0A3V3J0WT6HUR16Benjamin0051263945600Good Peach Iced TeaThis is good peach iced tea. If getting tired of Lipton Diet Peach tea, it is nice that Crystal Light is totally a different Peach Iced Tea taste. Making it with slightly less than 2 Quarts of water seems to bring out the peach flavor, while if I use exactly or over 2 Quarts water then it just tastes sweet with no peach flavor. When filling with water, fill to about two inches below the pitcher's spout. I bought this when it was on sale on Amazon, but it is really expensive when its not on sale.
219840219840B001E52VR0AEGZF600Y0GBCPaula Lawter "Paula M"0051256688000WonderfulGreat product, no calories, no sugar easy to prepare and easy to store. Small plastic tubd are great.

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