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219871219871B0038B39E2A1STURXX6VYZEYkathyt191951290729600Great energizer!!I bought 5 individual packages of different types of protein drinks to see which I liked before I committed with a whole container. This was excellent - I mixed it with orange juice and proceeded to play 1 1/2 hours of tennis - singles and not once did I feel hungry. I used a small hand-held frother to make sure it mixed completely so I wouldn't taste any of the unmixed granules. I've since ordered the "whole container"...
219872219872B0038B39E2A2KA3OSWQIO67IE Scott Jessup242651295568000wife's favePurchased for my wife the vegan. She loves this product and uses for shakes or sprinkles on her hot cereal in the morning. She has me order more as soon as she starts getting low. On the flip side if you are a "meat & taters" person like myself it is an acquired taste as I don't like it much. In a nutshell....
Vegans & Veggie lovers = GOOD!!
Junk food Junkies = You could use some help
219873219873B0038B39E2AUHABWJ0EV9BLchef lolo9951293840000Great Product!This is a great protein powder and I only use half the recommended portion. I drink it in the morning with unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 banana in the blender and it keeps me going until mid day, then I drink a glass of water and I'm full all day. Its got a nice chocolate flavor, although I add 1/4 tsp of cocoa powder if I want it stronger. I love this product and the price on Amazon.
219874219874B0038B39E2A30LJ78OID5YNKARLENE PALERMO7751339027200My Favorite--I LOVE this stuffI have multiple food allergies, which makes a grab-and-go breakfast...well...not possible. I wanted a meal replacement shake because I tend not to eat during the day (way too complicated) and not eating actually helps me gain weight. I also have some other health issues--like Hashimoto's--directly related to my allergies. Food is an issue for me, and so is energy and feeling well.

I'm not vegan, but I prefer vegan foods for their cleanliness. I can't have soy, but many vegan products are soy-free anyway. I also like whole, organic, Non-GMO foods, and while I prefer Raw, I don't mind non-raw foods, either.

I tried several vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free shake mixes: Garden of Life, Vega, Inca Meal, RAW, etc. This is, by far, the best tasting, best "feeling" shake I've tried.

I've tried all the flavors--Chocolate is my fave, then Pomegranate (sp?) Mango and Vanilla Chai, in that order. I mix mine is a shaker cup with a little mixing ball. I use Vanilla almond milk and a little agave syrup (I hate Stevia, it tastes like saccharine to me) and sometimes I throw a little extra hemp protein in, chia seeds, and flaxseed oil. I haven't bothered with a blender yet. One day, I'll put it into a blender with some fruit.

Let's be real: this is a whole food shake with fruits, veggies, grasses, and hemp protein. This is not a mass-market, full-of-stuff-I-can't-pronounce homogenized drink. This is real food, synthesized down to a mixable level. Dunkin Donuts it's not. So?

Truthfully, the pure, clean, feel-good energy I get from this, plus the cleansing, tonifying, and gut-health benefits are worth chugging down a slightly earthy drink every morning. Mixed with vanilla almond milk & a little agave, I actually savor the flavor--not too sweet (sweet in the morning makes me gag) chocolatey and, well, nutritious-y.

Try a sample packet (you can get them at your local HFS, usually) and see which flavor suits you. I don't ever like this mixed in water--its just too thin. I DO use it on oatmeal, or stirred into yogurt. This is an awesome product. I just saved $12 over what I pay at WF, plus Amazon will deliver it to me every 15 days so I'll never run out...heaven!
219875219875B0038B39E2A1RLP0R1N8H8C4Kitten Kisser7751315008000Amazing Meal ORIGINALThe other flavors of Amazing Meal sound rather yummy but they contain "Natural Flavors" this is the only version that does not. I even went to their website to make sure. The addition of natural flavors is the only reason why I chose their Original over the others.

I find the flavor is somewhat bland & absolutley is grassy! Lately I've been mixing it with organic coconut water. The quality of the coconut water affects just how tasty my "meal" turns out. Sometimes I will add a few drops of organic liquid Stevia.

I'm not sure what it is about this product that keeps me coming back for more. I use Amazon's Subscribe & Save for it! I'm not nuts about it, yet here I am drinking another glass!

It is a quick & convenient way to get something nourishing into my body. I find it is very refreshing. I have never used it in a smoothie but when I do, I think it will be out of this world! I have also mixed this with organic almond milk, organic rice milk & organic coconut milk. The rice milk tasted the best probably because it was the sweetest. The coconut milk was so so. For now, I plan on sticking with the coconut water because I think it is the healthiest option & it tastes good enough for me.

Overall this is a great way to get your greens & more in one quick "meal" though snack would be more appropriate as I don't find it filling for long. Usually I pour a small amount of my liquid of choice into a glass, add a scoop of this (scoop is included), use a fork to stir it really good. Then I add the rest of my liquid of choice & do lots more stirring. I leave the fork in the glass & stir as needed because the fiber bits tend to settle on the bottom rather quickly. Thankfully the amount that settles is substantially less than other mixes I've had. I had a Organic Hemp protein shake that I flat out thought was disgusting & nearly all of it would settle on the bottom of the glass so fast I couldn't help but waste it! I'm sticking to Amazing Meal from now on. Lesson learned!

If you want to do something healthy & want to avoid all sugars & artificial sweeteners this mix is the way to go! All Organic & GMO free! If you are one of those sugar junkies who gets those "fast food" smoothies thinking it's healthy when it's just a sugar bomb you will surely hate this stuff. For the rest of you health nuts lets raise a glass in good health!
219876219876B0038B39E2A2YS96XZWFOK9QBaubles6651283126400Love this stuff!I am single and fresh greens don't always stay real fresh in my house. I love this stuff and kept in my freezer it lasts darn near 4-ever and it's great in my smoothies.
219877219877B0038B39E2AFBIFFW6D5R1LKenneth Knott5551339200000Some of these reviews are ridiculous... It's great - periodI'm not a vegan, vegetarian, nutrition freak, hippy, etc.... Yet, somehow, despite some of the reviews I've see, I find this stuff AMAZING. It tastes great. I mixed it with milk and loved it... It doesn't dissolve completely so there is a bit of grainyness to it, but it's mild and didn't bother me in the slightest...

Highly recommended...
219878219878B0038B39E2A1P46ZUN8P8T7HA. Lamb "Ava K"5541322697600Pleasantly Surprised (original flavor amazing meal)I ordered this after comparing other natural brands such as Vega as a morning and or after workout shake. Although I am still curious about VEGA, I am very pleased that I chose this product instead. I chose this product because it seemed more simple and had no artificial sweetener (including stevia in that category) --stevia hasn't been well tested and there are other drawbacks to artificial sweetener such as deceiving the body's metabolism. I also read that Vega has a lot of Inulin which is a form of fiber that I have read is Not effective and is more of a filler to make things appear high in fiber.
Amazing meal in original flavor--When I got it in the mail I was surprised by the small size of the plastic can, but liked the packaging; It is visually pleasing and hopefully easily recycled. It is nice to see the ingredients are grown in America. The powder itself looks green and finely ground. I smelled it and could not tell if it would be palatable. I tasted a little in water and was pleased by the mild earthy taste. I then shook some in a blender bottle with ice and unsweetened soy milk. I was very relieved to find this expensive powder was not only palatable but tasted GOOD (to me). I am one of those people who are Used to the taste of natural foods. I could see myself adding a little honey to enrich the flavor. There is some granular-ness (not exactly gritty) to the consistency, it is not all uniform, but this did not bother me. I was expecting a "grassy" taste as cued by other reviewers but I would call it more of a wheat, nutty flavor. I am very happy with this purchase and will purchase this again if it manages to easily incorporate into my lifestyle. I would like it to be cheaper but I am ok with the quality and price. I bought it on the SUPER SAVER discount for a reduced price for regular shipments. Doing this is easy to cancel if you decide you don't like it.
219879219879B0038B39E2AOXMSGH15FT41TokyoPurpleDog "TokyoPurpleDog"7851331942400much better ingredients than listed in Amazon's blurbThis is a review of the pomegranate/mango infusion version.

The product ingredients are much better than what appears in Amazon's product blurb. The blurb makes it sound like it's sugar (cane juice) with pomegranate and mango added.

In fact the ingredients are:
(1- proteins) Organic rice protein, organic hemp protein: 15,000mg
(2- greens) Organic wheat grass, organic kale, organic barley grass, organic alfalfa: 3,100mg
(3-antioxidants) Organic acai, organic carrot, organic blueberry, organic goji, Organic rose hips, organic maca, organic banana: 2,800mg
(4-other healthy stuff) Organic flax seed powder: 500mg, plus a small amount of probiotics
(5-other not-necessarily-healthy stuff) Organic cane juice, organic guar gum, natural flavors

This is a good product to try if you want to get some of the benefits of wheat grass, kale, barley grass, etc. but tend to gag on the grass powders. You won't gag on this.

If you want to work up to the wheat grass, just add a little bit of that to a big scoop of this pomegranate/mango infusion and then work your way up.

I add this to my dogs' food as a supplement. They all love this pomegranate/mango taste. This one lingers on their breath and makes them smell really good for a couple of hours after eating.
219880219880B0038B39E2A3QY1W3NFJ2Q9IC. Ludwig3351331596800Great Product, Great FlavorThis is the best tasting superfoods product! I love the taste, that it has protein and has all the benefits of eating superfoods. I have tasted other brands but not one is as good as this. I'm not vegan, but I do eat gluten free, and I love that I can get a fair amount of protein (10 grams in 1 serving) from vegan/gluten free sources. I also did the 14 day challenge that Amazing Grass offers. It is less of a "challenge" and more of 14 days of nutritional knowledge. I found it to be interesting and helpful.
219881219881B0038B39E2AXWCKNNY8JNVJJ. Heath3351327104000Very satisfiedOrdered this item as I am trying to eat more healthy. Was very skeptical at first coz of all the reviews on the taste but I thought that I would give it a shot. I ordered the Mango Pomegranate Infusion and was not disappointed. It is green alright and looked like swamp water, but it has a good flavor to it ( I mixed it with water to avoid extra calories ). The consistency is not too thick or grainy either. I prefer this more than the other green stuff I had in the past. I think that I will continue drinking it once a day from now on. Hopefully it will do what it claims or your health

Update; so today 1/22/12 is my second day drinking this swamp water looking thing and I have to say that I like it even more. It has a flavor, but just a hint..a note of fruit flavor in it which is why I like. It is not heavily sweetened and not over powering. If you are expecting a strong fruit flavor to cover up the green, then look elsewhere. For me, I really like it.

One month later,2/20/12, I can feel that I am in a very healthy stage of my life. Not to mention that it makes me not want to drink alcohol (which is good), but I believe that it was the reason why my root canal healed in less than two days after surgery. I had surgery on my front tooth (#25) treating my root canal @ 1pm Monday afternoon. And by Tuesday night, I was off pain Jed's and munching on popcorn! Not to mention that I had no swelling at all. What else can it be if not all the nutrients I am getting in addition if my food onus motion. I have moved on to the chocolate flavor and mix it with almond milk and one banana. It is it so good
219882219882B0038B39E2A38U6H6SYWSB2ZKsb215 "ksb215"5651248825600One busy lady's best breakfast everI can not say enough good stuff about this protein shake. I scoop it into my blender ball in the morning shake and drink. The whole process take 1 minute and I'm not hungry again until lunch time! It tastes great, sort of like gazpacho and It could not be more important to get enough leafy green veggies in anywhere we can! At less than $3.00 a shake, it is also a great price to pay for a quick nutritious no fuss breakfast that leaves you no clean up.
219883219883B0038B39E2A3MOW4RECDRI63Steph M2251341705600Tasty, Filling, HealthyI tried all 3 flavors of amazing meal. I didn't like the vanilla chai (unless a big squeeze of chocolate syrup was added). I did like the chocolate and the mango one. I mix them with almond/coconut milk in a shaker cup, and take it in the car for an easy breakfast. It's a little gritty (I've never tried anything other than w/ a simple shaker cup), but it's not chalky. As long as your expectations are in line with what this is (raw, vegan, etc and NOT a chocolate milk shake from the ice cream shop), it's a good meal replacement shake.
219884219884B0038B39E2A2CPDG0F4R0AE3Colin2251330041600Unbelievable ProductThis is my first amazon review - I had to write about this product because I cannot believe how great it really is. Initially it was a little odd to take down - it mixes in green to water and has a "different" taste, but no aftertaste like many of these products. I took it for a few days and I cannot believe how I FEEL on this. Its not just energy, its just a good feeling that comes over me the entire day after downing this stuff in the morning. I was just sitting at work wondering why I was feeling so good and what I was doing that was different, and then it came to me. They have single serving packs they sell at whole foods. I bought them all. I dont know what it is about the combination of ingredients in this product, but its truly amazing. It doesnt just elevate your energy, it elevates your mood and your very being. Try it and see. You get used to the taste and ive had MUCH more offensive stuff. 5 stars all the way
219885219885B0038B39E2A2T38NGDVHIEZ6Ana Paula Cardia "anapaula"4551269475200Amazingly delicious!Love the flavor and texture of the Amazing Meal! It is so nutritious and delicious to have for breakfast, I truly love this product!
219886219886B0038B39E2A3R7HR0EK89C72KM1131350345600Good Breakfast OptionAfter reading the reviews I was slightly nervous about how this product would taste, but I found that when mixed with fruit and ice in the food processor it wasn't so bad. That being said it isn't delicious either, it's just okay and as tastes will differ you kind of have to try it and see. Also I didn't notice any increase in energy, but if I drink it for breakfast I often feel hungrier throughout the day as if it jump starts my metabolism. Overall, I like this shake as an option for breakfast it provides nutrients without weighing me down and tends to make me want to eat throughout the day, which is good for me because otherwise I wouldn't.
219887219887B0038B39E2A3I7WN805F3WZDMike K1151348617600New to Nutrition---Uhh Newtrition?So basically I realized about 3 weeks ago that I hadn't eaten anything but sandwiches, burgers, or fast food, for as long as I could actually remember. I'm 22 and absolutely have not been eating my vegetables. I'm not overweight, because I don't really eat very much, maybe 2 meals a day, but I wanted to make sure I was healthy and nutritious. I started taking a Multi-V (GNC Men's Energy) but needed to it with food, and I normally do not eat breakfast, so I found Amazing Meal.

This certainly, by no means, tastes like pomegranate or mango. Get that thought out of your head now and you'll be much better off. It tastes like hay/magic mushrooms with an undefinable whiff of fruitiness (not sweet).

To get this down easiest, I mix a half scoop of the powder with a small amount of water, maybe 1 cup. I stir it up until it is very dark colored but not sludgy. I chug that down followed by some clean water. Not to bad. Then I take a quarter scoop of the powder and make a smoothie (frozen strawberries, frozen cranberries, frozen raspberries, half a banana, almond milk, Greek yogurt, and 2 teaspoons of coconut oil (I'm working slowly up to 2 tablespoons)).

That's my breakfast. I also take 1 Alpha Brain each day and 2 ShroomTech Immune every other day. It is completely night and day from when I ate unhealthy and didn't take any nutrients. Just three weeks ago. Pretty nuts.
219888219888B0038B39E2A11THPLWVP57KJS. Oxios1141342569600Tastes pretty goodFirst of all I was very surprised to get this so fast. I just ordered it yesterday and it was at my doorstep before 11 am. ( which never happens) anyway I opened it and had a serving and was shocked that it tasted pretty good. Now for those who have tried vegan drinks you know that they are not always the best tasting thing but this is definitely one of the better drinks I have had. I will be reordering this and I will now try the other flavors and hope they are as good as this one.
219889219889B0038B39E2A1UK235GUTM8KIScot P Dillon1141340064000Very tasty!Like any powdered meal replacement, it suffers somewhat from that chalky taste if it's mixed just on its own with water or (soy)milk, but blend this stuff together with a banana and some peanut butter in your liquid of choice and you've got yourself a really filling breakfast or lunch.
219890219890B0038B39E2A3NBRYVN1W4FB7Kathy "CrestlineKathy"1151333756800Amazing is amazing!Love the taste and texture, especially when I add fresh raspberries and smoothie it up. It has everything I'm looking for and is at a great price. My local health food store charges $39.95 plus tax. I get it for less than $32 here, tax free. Win win!
219891219891B0038B39E2A3CN7D4ICBKCGIneilo1151333411200I like this one!I have orderd this one several times! By far my favorite. I like the plant based protien much better than Whey and milk protiens. I ran out of my amazing grass for a week or so and did not know at to do with myself, I love the stuff. I use it as a meal replacement and I do believe it makes me feel great! I have to eat on the go alot and this fills me up and keeps my energy levels up so i dont feel hypo-glycemic. Lost a few pounds too! cant argue with that! I mix it with half water(mixes better) and vanilla or chocolate almond milk and its a great healthy alternative to a fast food meal, and I'm begining to think food is over-rated anyway.
219892219892B0038B39E2A2BUMO4IARNSLadri1131331251200chocolate has better tastei bought first the chocolate flavor and for me it's better, this has no flavor and i didnt enjoy it.
219893219893B0038B39E2A1V0N0DT8KSXDEMrs. Shawn R. Smith1151311897600Amazing!Love this stuff! Great product, healthy and received quickly. Love it so much that I signed up for regular delivery.
219894219894B0038B39E2ATNZQOW0IBHMBJennifer Oh "Sports Diva"1151309305600Good to the last dropI'd tried similiar products but couldn't get past the yucky after taste. So a friend recommended the Amazing Grass line of products and swore they tasted great. He was right! I LOVE the chocolate flavor. So now that I have a winner, every morning I make a smoothie with plain soy milk, 3 ice cubes, 3 frozen strawberries,throw in some blueberries, half a banana (or whatever fruit I have), some water and a scoop of the chocolate Amazing Grass and drink it during my commute. I feel great, have more energy and honestly, it keeps me regular!
219895219895B0038B39E2A11MH2ZVCD0N5Rkat1151305849600Easy on the stomachAtleast for me it is. I have tried many meal replacements over the years and so far could not find any that were easy to digest. Eating food is even difficult for me with how my health is and after trying chocolate infusuion a year ago I quickly fell in love.
I can honestly say that this does NOT taste like grass. It has a very bold and delicious chocolate flavor. Mix it with some lightly sweetened vanilla almond milk and its more than flavorful! I admit if you just shake up or mix it in a cup it will be a little lumpy or grainy but I love the texture. My husband always puts it in a blender which makes the consistency like a thin milkshake, especially if you add blueberries which I highly recommend.I Drink it every morning and it holds me over for 3-4 hours depending if I eat fruit or something along with it. Dont care much for the other flavors but still need to try the chai vanilla.
219896219896B0038B39E2A3W5ALW8NJ2HA4loveregardless1151300579200Great stuff!I used this in a smoothie and my son and I loved it. It is not just a meal replacement or energy/vitamin drink it is made from whole super foods, which means it is extremely good for you. I wouldn't compare it to something from GNC that isn't superfood based. Buying whole food vitamins is very costly, and this is a good cost for what is delivered, without having to take mounds of large pills to get the same result. We are not completely vegetarian, but we do not eat red meat, and we do not eat fast and junk food. We only eat real food, but even then it is easy to favor certain items over others. I wanted something to balance my diet and hopefully improve my over-all nutrition. Will be buying more, and continuing to improve the health of my family with items like this. Next stop... super mushrooms!
219897219897B0038B39E2AWVSJSZK7NAOCMKimma3421334880000Only recommend for hardcore health enthusiastsI'm sure this meal replacement has a lot of health benefits, but I wouldn't know because I couldn't stand the taste + texture enough to get it down. Coconut water, hazelnut milk...nothing helped. I would not recommend this for casual fitness fans; an extra level of dedication is required!
219898219898B0038B39E2A2WKI22HOG6144T. Wylie0051350000000It is an amazing mealPros - Good clean energy that does not make me instantly sleepy or wear out after an hour.

Cons - The biggest hurdle with this stuff is getting it blended into anything. It is very stubborn and likes to form chunks. The taste is weird and texture is like drinking wet sand.

The energy boost was enough to drive me into several weeks of experimentation. My best advice is to put this into a smoothie or milkshake of some sort. It will be a gritty smoothie but still better than attempting to drink it in water or milk. I have also baked it into cookies which worked out really well. Strangely enough it levels off the initial sugar rush you'd get from the cookies and you don't experience a crash afterwards.

It is interesting stuff to experiment with for sure. I'll definitely keep using it for quick meals.
219899219899B0038B39E2A1WBF5VZ8SLBYWLeslie Dandelion "Leslie"0051349827200Amazing GrassGreat way to add protein and veggies to my diet. I add a small spoonful to my coffee in the morning.
219900219900B0038B39E2A2LPM6W48CC3E3Rik0051349481600Super easy nutritionI throw this in a smoothie with an over ripe banana, almond milk and raw cacao. It's easy nutrition and hits all my stupid hippy needs: organic, probiotic, vegan, gluten free, etc.

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