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220010220010B001E52VRKA1MC6BFHWY6WC3D. Blankenship2251305849600This is a great drink...I truly love this stuff, but read this review and think about test drinking generic...Like many others who have written reviews on this particular flavor and package count, this stuff is the drink of my choice. I do like flavored drinks but due to health problems, and simply trying to watch my weight, I have had to cut all of the soft drinks normal people like, my beloved Kool-aid and anything else with a high sugar/calorie count. Thus, after searching here and there for a replacement, I started drinking Crystal favorite being the Pink Lemonade.

I drink about two quarts of this stuff on a normal day and during the summer when I am out in the sun working or exercising, my intake increases.

This drink is supposed to have only 5 calories per serving and I simply take their word for that. It should be noted that this beverage does contain soy and phenylalamine so those suffering from allergies do need to take note.

There is also the factor, which has been brought up in other reviews, that this particular drink is not as strong as it use to be when in was marketed in the little tubs. I tend to agree with this and I do cut back on the water I add somewhat. This does affect the cost somewhat and should be considered. I suppose the `strength' of the drink is a matter of personal taste though and many may not be bothered by this. This stuff is not cheap, although I will say that the price here on Amazon is quite competitive to what we pay in the local store.

There is one thing of note that needs to be brought up. This is not a reflection of this particular product; a product I dearly love, but rather than that of pure economics. We recently ran out of this particular product and I sent a grandson to the store for more. They too were out! He instead bought a generic brand of this particular drink. I made up a batch and to be quite honest, I could not tell the difference in it and the Crystal Light I have been drinking. What is interesting to note is that the generic stuff cost about on third of what this stuff does! I check the contents of the other brand...the cheap stuff, and they appear to be made of the same stuff! It is packaged in little tubs and the outer package is not as pretty or elaborate as that of the Crystal Light, but hey, I do not set staring at the package when I drink this drink.

Now perhaps many to most have a more sophisticated taste than the one I possess and can indeed tell the difference in the might be something you want to consider though and give it a shot. Hey, in this day and age a person needs to save every dime they can.

I am giving this product five stars as it is most certainly a five star product as far as I am concerned...I have absolutely no problems with it. On the other if I can save some of my hard earned coinage.....!

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks
220011220011B001E52VRKAG1R01SIXO4QDPat's Points2251269388800Drink of ChoiceThank you Amazon for offering Crystal Light Pink Lemonade. You cannot imagine how hard it is to find this on the grocery store shelves. They never seem to have it in stock. It is all my husband and I drink, simply because it quenches our thirst. And auto shipment has another case coming just when we need it. Going on line to Amazon has taken the frustration out of trying to find this product. Thank you Thank you.
220012220012B001E52VRKAAHR384CN72ULAriel2351242518400Great Price and Taste! Kids Love it!My son loves pink lemonade. I wasn't crazy about giving him all of that sugar. This is a good compromise. As an added bonus, it's something I can drink too.
220013220013B001E52VRKA1R0ZOYR1ZCH6Ksgun73 "Steve"0051349308800Tasty and smooth.What the heck to say about this product? Maybe I could make it a negative review for something different. And I will act like one of the idiots on here that reviews a products features or specifics that don't exist anyway or has anything to do with the product. Like I could say I don't like the shape of the bottle. Boom, 1 star. Or the pink of the powder is not the shade I prefer. Or when I mix it into water and haven't chilled the water that the temperature is too warm for my beverage preference. You know what I'm saying. Some crap like that.
220014220014B001E52VRKA3M2LIKHSTN9WECheryl Archer0051338768000Crystal Light DelightI've only tried this flavour along with the Raspberry, but this is definitely my favourite. I mix it in with sparkling mineral water for a lovely tangy, refreshing summer drink, but it also goes great in soda water with vodka :-)
220015220015B001E52VRKA1X1CEGHTHMBL1jjceo0051328227200One of my favorite flavors!This is one of my favorite Crystal Light flavors. I like to keep a pitcher of it in the refrigerator, especially in the hot summer. I like that it is only 5 calories per glass and contains no caffeine and it is low in sodium. That's three things I need to avoid!

Crystal light is a good replacement for carbonated drinks and it is lower in cost. One packet makes 2 quarts and the flavor puts some zest into your water. Each canister contains 6 packets that each makes two quarts. That's 18 gallons of flavorful pink lemonade that is Kosher and gluten free. That is less than ½ the price of sodas and it tastes just as good.

My family likes it and yours will too!
220016220016B001E52VRKA3RSKYAEVOYGBJSadie's Mom0051312329600I am a cheaterHave been drinking this in my household for is the only non-guilt beverage that quenches our thirst and it's a panic situation if we are out. Use two packets and it fills up one of those bottles that fit your fridge door shelf. {Great with a little Vodka for the summer time too.} Love the auto delivery on items we use constantly...saves those late night runs to the store. Love Love Love't know how we got along without it.
220017220017B001E52VRKAQWY2BXDXO4MCR. A. Buley Neumar "Rich the Writer"0051264809600Good priceThis was a good price for this item, compared to what you pay at supermarkets.
220018220018B003FJQ0K2A1LS2KF0QR0X32usuallyhappy0051333152000awesome!These are great for treat bags. Large and very colorful! Definitely worth the money. Came with half spiderman then rest divided between characters.
220019220019B003NAWM0AASY82SYDMG18RParity Animal1141332460800Hot applies to taste as well as spiciness!I have not bought this product from Amazon, but I have bought it numerous times at various Asian markets. It is absolutely delicious and very easy to prepare. Don't know if it's worth the price listed here with the added shipping though...the shipping cost is the only reason I'm giving it less than 5 stars.
220020220020B003NAWM0AAPASCXWTM041Ed Raton0051350000000The best pre-packaged curryCurry fans. This is the number one selling condiment in Japan. They make a version of Indian Curry that is pretty good. This is labeled as HOT but don't let that scare you. If you want to make a REALLY hot curry, this is a good base. You can stretch is out quite a bit by adding more water, spices, salt, and a thickening agent.

If you are watching your fat intake, it would probably be a good idea to dilute it by half as described above. On the box label, it lists 7 of fat, 4.5 grams of saturated fat per serving. I'd bet that most people eat more than serving, so just be aware of that.

Otherwise, the taste of this mix is very good, feel free to add more spice.
219991219991B000SAPXRWA26UA4XRZCORSDEnglish Major "Karyn M"5751293494400Great buy on Twig, kukicha tea (hard to find in Bulk)My Puget Consumers co-op used to sell this in bulk, but no longer... The tea bags are very expensive and besides, you have to simmer this for 20 minutes so what use is the tea bag? in addition the tea bags don't seem to compost, even in the worm bin.

This tea is very high quality tastes great and makes me feel better when congested.
219992219992B000SAPXRWA254PCL6SAAV9HP James0011351036800This is NOT GREEN Japanese style kukichaI've been drinking kukicha for over ten years and love it - it's the only tea I will drink. Kukicha is THE reason I started to drink tea.

If you're looking for traditional GREEN Japanese kukicha - this is NOT the tea that you want. It doesn't even taste like green kukicha.

I made the mistake of thinking the pictured example was just a bad photo. I had been under the impression that kukicha was always green by definition, but apparently there are some varieties ",,,,available as a green tea or in more oxidized processing."

I'm sure this tea is very good IF you like black, caffeinated teas, which I do not.
219993219993B000SAPXRWA2M8DYD47KDVXSSpinolio0041350518400Different than expected, but enjoyableThis tea was different than I expected, but not due to any kind of misrepresentation. In the past I had purchased my Kukicha tea from Adagio Teas. Their Kukicha is not roasted, and the color of the tea is a mixture of green and blonde. Perhaps it's not a true Kukicha, but I really enjoyed it. The Davidson's tea has a dark brown roasted color and consists of fairly small twigs. I admit to being a bit disappointed initially since I have not enjoyed roasted teas in the past. Ugh, I thought, now I have a huge one pound bag to get through! Once I made the first cup, I was pleasantly surprised. The roasted flavor is (to me) more subdued than the dark color would suggest. Still prominent, but not overpowering. I've had at least 25 cups so far and I'm not at all tired of the flavor. I also appreciate that it is easy to clean up. Some teas cling to the brew basket as they dry, but these "twigs" drop right out. Given the price, I'm pretty satisfied.
219994219994B000FNPS3QA2B0MX4RIN2AD1Misrak Man "Mr.Varma"1151262304000YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I grew up in England, and these were my favs. I now reside in the USA and had been searching high and low for these for sometime online. I'm surprised Amazon has these as they're pretty scarce to come by in The U.K now.....

Great taste.
219995219995B000FNPS3QA3SSVBC4INFNL0Dulcie M. Westbrook1151168819200Puchase of Drifter barsThis was a great item, having lived in the UK , my daughter loved this candy bar and missed having it. Getting it sent from the UK was about $55 more expensive and with the weather and time, not practical. I was concerned this might not be fresh or the same product. It was as fresh as any candy bar, packaged wel,, and delivered very quickly. It was the gift she enjoyed the most and we will defintely shop for it again, Thanks!
219996219996B006SMJTIIA1MNEHW8WKWSB5odaymd "odaymd"1111339804800Good clams - ridiculous priceThese clams are good but this is a ridiculous price. You can buy a pack of two 51oz. cans at COSTCO for less than $12.
219997219997B006SMJTIIA3MRSVJF07EWOPRampartone "Rampartone"1111332288000Gold platedThis has got to be the worlds most expensive clams at $35.99 a can. No wonder I never heard of them.
219998219998B0015DAEGGAHVCZ9YDE1JQAbaker queen0051348704000great findThese are so much more convenient to carry than the little boxes. The rolls are non existant in our area, and we like being able to get them here at a reasonable price. There is a good expiration date on the product and we don't feel rushed to use them before that date. We will buy again.
219999219999B0015DAEGGA1G4NLDPR4CF9Bdenisealene0051337558400Great service..product as statedIt's been years since I've enjoyed these and I was dissapointed in not being able to find the "flavor blasted" ones promoted back then. This flavor is fine, just not as intense or lasting as I had hoped. My five year old niece adores "her mints"
220000220000B0015DAEGGAVYDIKCNKP9L3Chris0051314144000Best Certs everProduct is great. I bought these to have some candy during my pregnancy and being that they're so great my huband's been eating them too.
220001220001B0015DAEGGAAIDHK9CAMVTHbooklovr0511316131200BEWAREWhen I received this product from Amazon the seller delivered it quickly. However, because I am fastidious about what I eat, I reviewed the ingredients. Much to my dismay, these little candies are full of chemicals, additives, preservatives, and food dyes! I threw all 24 rolls of Certs in the garbage. I am not about to eat anything that is the equivalent of toxic poisonings! Will NEVER buy Certs again! An expensive lesson for sure!
220002220002B000EPYKBGA1VW1DJK6CFLDWClaire Burke0051321228800LoveA little over a year and a half ago I became obsessed with tea. I have tried every organic (and even some of the well-reputed non-organic brands) tea that I've been able to obtain. Now that the tasting spree is over, Ineeka is what I drink.

This chamomile tea has the best and most pure flavor of any I've come across. It has a depth that is amazing.

Contrary to someone else's review of this product: Ineeka's Whole Leaf teas *are* whole leaf. I've never received any smashed product. And if you don't like the air-tight tin box that it comes in that is absolutely perfect for storing tea in (and gorgeous enough to leave on your counter), then order the refills sans the tin off the mfg's website instead. The tea bags aren't any more wasteful than any other tea bag in existence, and they work flawlessly on a myriad of tea cups and even the thick double-walled glasses that I use daily. If you prefer, you can purchase the tea without the teabags, they also sell it loose.

I drink Ineeka tea all day long (the green, chamomile and mint). I drink more tea now that I don't have to mess around with a tea ball or tea steeper. They also make a little 2 qty tea bag tin that is awesome for carrying in one's bag for those times when you find yourself with hot water but no quality tea (gas stations, cafes, etc).

This is absolutely fabulous organic whole leaf tea from a very socially responsible company.
220003220003B000EPYKBGA3GG9MLOYMQE0Wholymoly0051311292800awesomeI buy this for my husband and he says it is the best chamomile he's ever had and he's tried 'em all!
He loves it!
220004220004B000EPYKBGAE6VHWVRXHU19Laura Faulk0051304294400Great tea!Love the flavor and ease of use of this tea! We drink it every night before going to bed and it really helps us have a restful night!
220005220005B000EPYKBGA2GW15DPSG0K3PDawn1251213056000Simply Lovely!I love everything about this product. This may sound odd, but the packaging and presentation actually enriches the whole experience.

It truly is the best chamomile tea I've ever had.
220006220006B000EPYKBGA1YAMGOA0DMLQAJay D. Anderson2451203724800This tea made me a "Tea Drinker"A rather sophisticated beautiful ex-model friend of mine gave me some of this tea as a gift. Each serving has a little cardboard/paper infuser that you open and set on the lip of the cup and pour hot water through. Sometime I will use a couple pieces of tape to hold it on larger cups. The technique is unusual and adds to the whole experience. The tea is great... mellow... smooth with a kind of "thickness" in fluid serface tension. I almost gave up coffee drinking this stuff and my wife has to ration it out to me or I will drink them one after another... only a "special treat" she says. Argggggh.... out of it and back to coffee... Love coffee... but you just got to try this!! Makes a great gift too... nice metal container that reminds me of a bank vault. I think this tea won a prize at a food show for "Best Beverage" if I remember correctly.
220007220007B000EPYKBGA3SGRLT3AYY56LSarahR0121309132800Chamomile is Not Whole.I purchased this brand because it was one of very few Organic whole leaf Chamomile teas Amazon carries that appeared to be good quality. The packaging and bags themselves are wasteful, especially given how few tea bags there are. There is just too much going on with the design of these bags and they dont even stay on your cup well when pouring water. I also wonder about the glue they are using to attach the paperboard holders to the tea bags. The tea bags come flattened out in the tin box, crushing all the chamomile flowers inside. I think I will stick to Traditional Medicinals brand for now, at least the design is more practical and the box can be put in the compost, even though they are not whole. These are for the infrequent tea drinker.
220008220008B000YTB22MAFHBALCSZJCVBMarge0051318464000I found it on AmazonTETLEY DECAFFINATED TEA BAGS have been impossible to find in the super markets for quite some time. I'm truly partial to this brand; so, I resorted to hunting on the internet. I found a supplier previously and used them for a time; but, when I went back to order more, "They were out of stock." Tried a week later, same message. I decided to look at Amazon. I didn't know if they carried tea.

Voila !! There it was; and, on sale too. Certainly made my day. However;the Post Office had different ideas and the mix up began. Amazon straighted everything out for me. They certainly have my commendation for Customer Service. I'll be doing my initial product searches with Amazon in the future.
220009220009B0017O8F1OA3JRJEJJ7ZSGSDFelix the cat "online shopper"1151334102400No response to a vital question!I asked "Swanson Health Products" for an answer to my question: Would you be so good as to tell me if the process being use to purify the fructose is the Castner-Kellner process (commonly used)? Their reply: After speaking with several Product Specialists and a Supervisor, we were unable to locate additional information on how the swanson 100% premium fructose item #SW1083 is processed.

Now I ask you; how could they know if it is 100% pure?

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