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220021220021B003NAWM0AA1BJVX8UVU0GJJFrank J. Perrotta "fjp999"0041348790400Memories of My Days in Tokyo!I really love this Japanese style curry. Very easy to prepare and yummy to eat.

I was surprised that it was not as spicy as I remembered but still could not stop eating it up.

When I was too lazy to cook it fully I just cooked some Japanese rice in the cooker and then shaved some thin slices of this curry into the rice along with some veggies to make a new kind of dish. Not too bad, lol.
220022220022B003NAWM0AAR3LDOEXJIMAHpam steve0051347408000S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix, Extra Hot, 8.4-OunceIf you like curry - this is the product for you. Easy to use and tastes great - recommend for anyone.
220023220023B000FKIYKIA3NLJZI5NEOT0KLinda Pagliuco "katknit"6651221436800Fruit and cremeBeware, all the Creme Savers candies are addictive. Strawberry and orange are my faves. Remember Creamsicles, that orange and vanilla ice cream bar? The orange Creme Savers taste just like those, without the cold. Haven't tried the sugar free variety yet, but I will.
220024220024B000FKIYKIA2S598VCSBJUHTStaceyB3351293062400Hard to find locallyI am 5 months pregnant and have found it impossible to find Creme Savers locally anymore. I was having a huge craving for these and my husband ordered them for me. They came fast and packaged great. Taste great as always.
220025220025B000FKIYKIA2HW6J4S659RGWKardiak2251299024000Tasty TreatThis is a lot of creme savers. If it's for personal use, you'll be in the sugar for a long time. But their fresh, individually packaged bags, and good quality.
220026220026B000FKIYKIALJ255N3HSPREKallen "Kallen"1151295049600Creme saversFabulous candy! It is impossible to find this candy at stores any longer. Too bad, because they are so wonderful. I even gave packages of them at Christmas time.
220027220027B000FKIYKIA3R1OZT0BVHHBASam1151294444800Great thirst quencherIt seems that the food and drug stores have stopped carrying this product. I was lucky to find it on amazon. When the product is kept in a pocket, the warmth does not make the candy sticky.
220028220028B000FKIYKIA1S0SGRSL7FVZ7Millie Westerfield1151265155200GroceryThe Creme Savers Hard Candy Strawberry & Creme is wonderful and I'll order it again, was just what I was looking for!
220029220029B000FKIYKIA3IIGW0OCWE6IKBrenda D. Conner1151257292800love this candythis candy is hard to find where i live, and i really love it! thanks for having it!
220030220030B000FKIYKIA3MR4AJS5RG4ZOBEitAsitMay2351288915200Some of the BestMMMMmmmmmm....Some of the best hard candy made! This is my wifes fave and if she is happy my life is good!
220031220031B000FKIYKIAVRP5FM66S8T4Gale Gourley "ggourley"0041350000000A little misleadingI was expecting 12 bags at 6 oz each. I got one big plastic bag with all the candy in it.
220032220032B000FKIYKIAAPTNIH97499HManny, "The lonely blogger"0051341532800irresistible!!Ooooh these are very good! Since I first opened them I jus can't seem to get enough! It came pretty fast, which was good because i couldn't wait to have them. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. I jus wish the other flavors.
220033220033B000FKIYKIA8TMDTQR0E10SRCM0051330905600Great discontinued item!Couldn't find these anywhere locally in Rhode Island! Purchased these and they arrived a day early! Very Very happy! Will be buying more soon!!! Now if only I could find Crispy M&Ms that are shipped from within the USA,,,
220034220034B000FKIYKIA142RBX6MRSW6ZNick0051325721600Awesome!I was very satisfied with this product. Twelve packages of Creme Savers! Too bad it had to be discontinued... they had a great product here.
220035220035B000FKIYKIAY94DUPJ4ZLGNJavo0041304380800At Last I Could Find Creme SaversI was looking for the Creme Savers but they seemed to have banished from everywhere, I found them at amazon at a great price. I was afraid that it will take one month to ship because that is what amazon said, but they arrived fast and in great condition. The only thing to be aware of is that this is a big box with 12 bags.
220036220036B000FKIYKIAWWPTT1YDOENEShirley0051302307200Creme SaversCreme Savers are absolutely the most delicious candies ever!! I am currently on a waiting list with Amazon to get some other flavors of this amazing candy. I currently have the "Strawberry & Creme" ~ They are so easy to become addicted to ~ and I think I already am. Can hardly wait to order my next batch ~ I can't find them anywhere anymore except through Amazon ~ but then I have found that Amazon can usually fill all my requests ~ and it's so easy. I have even ordered by phone, and the people there are so friendly and so anxious to help you. They carry such a variety, so I don't have to shop anywhere else ~


Your friend ~
Shirley Bray
220037220037B000FKIYKIAGWC1DUWEK230Anna Mae Gardner0051301875200Strawberries & Creme CandiesThank you for having this product available to be purchased on PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE THIS PRODUCT FROM this website. If so, please let me know immediately so that I can purchase these candies. Please do not give out my personal contact or credit card information to other companies, especially without my personal permission or authorization to do so.
I am not sure about how to do this or whether I am even doing this correctly. Please explain this to me in a simple way for me to understand about this review process and how it works.

Anna Mae Gardner
220038220038B000FKIYKIA1ATCSN95SX2QLCandyLover0051301011200CREME SAVERS are the BESTI love the Creme Savers Hard Candy. I wish they would bring back the Butter Toffee and Cream flavor. IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why are so many flavors discontinued?
220039220039B000FKIYKIAZI1ROAA1X13HMelanie0041238025600These are delicious!These candies have a delicious strawberry taste! I'd give them five stars if not for the sugar.
220040220040B008YJBZASA1KOUM80KNIO6Gwildflower "wildflower50"0051345593600Great productExcellent popcorn, not greasy. This is a great alternative to buttered popcorn. The sea salt and jalapeno is fantastic. Get the assortment - excellent variety.
220041220041B008YJBZASA1OIUWG8G0UGQ5Abbhie0051345334400Absolutely delicious, we are hooked!These are very delicious corn chips! We absolutely love them all. This comes in 5 different flavors with 8 bags each. Each comes with just the right amount of salty flavor, but very tasty. Try them, after the first bite, you will crave for more.
220042220042B008YJBZASAJ9BMZ3BYUE4KCapeSha "Sharon"0051322697600Love, love, love these chips!These chips are more substantial and satisfying than Popchips. They have a different texture and taste. The variety pack is a great way to choose your favorite flavor. I like them all. The Cheesy Jalepeno is VERY spicy and yummy. I made my WW Taco Chicken recipe and used the chips as a spicy crumble garnish. Mmmmm good!! Buy this pack you won't be sorry.
220043220043B008YJBZASA3J6QFWFV5H3GJVinny Tide Pool1321317340800stale tastingI ordered the variety pack. Every flavor seemed stale tasting to me, not at all what I was expecting. I will stick with pop chips.
220044220044B0056R9YTAAO01UN0C5JDF9Donna Smith1131324857600Good value but quality?Bought as a gift. Price seemed great but the licorice seems very hard. Will see if the recipient is satisfied or not.
220045220045B003UFTRPGA2VWAV0HBSNQ67Catherine Foster "Dog Lover"0051290988800Delicious!Very very good little chocolate bites.The chocolate is of course terrific, as we can expect from Lindt. The only thing I didn't care for was the cocoa on two of the flavours. But, I still highly recommend this one!
220046220046B00374S5UIA2X38T18OG57PNJLS1230111313280000Hardly any chicken!It doesn't taste too bad, but there were exactly SIX very small pieces of chicken in it! It can't even be one serving of chicken in the whole batch. Better off getting the Chicken Helper mixes and putting in your own chicken.
220047220047B000SAPXRCARAAT6LLECPDWJ. J. Mcclanahan3331292976000Cloves! Cloves! Cloves!Do you like cloves? Wish you could make clove tea and bathe in it? Taste nothing but cloves and clove-y goodness all the time? Then you will LOVE this 'tea'.

If, however, you were expecting a tea flavor, with hints of peach and a mulling spice type of flavor, this is not what you want. There is no hint of anything, just the sensation of your senses of taste and smell being hammered into submission by cloves.

Nicely packaged, good price, makes a good potpourri if you don't want to drink any after that first sip. Or I guess you could sprinkle a little on your Christmas ham before you bake it, I'll try some of their other teas but not if they are labeled as 'spiced'.
220048220048B000SAPXRCA135TOHFC1B62Jscharff0011330041600Cloves. And nothing elseFirst of all, I should have listened to the other review. This is not black tea with peach flavoring, not even black tea with cloves, this is just cloves all over the place. No other flavor can be detected.
And I like cloves, so I thought it would be okay but this is too much. It's so disappointing because I feel bad throwing it out and I haven't figured out a way to use it, and you get a 1-pound bag and that's huge!
Bottom line: you might want to reconsider this, EVEN if you like cloves.
220049220049B0043TWYU8A3Q6CPS2ZI34J5ATL Shawty!1141335657600Great taste, but go easy on itI love the product, but if you're not in good health, go easy on it. Too much of a good thing can be really bad for you.
220050220050B0043TWYU8A3GXBZF2F7A0HArobert tinucci1131325030400Very MisleadingTitle says 8 variety pack and the picture shoes 4 packets each of 7 varieties. Description says a unit cost of $0.80 apiece so a $12 purchase should get you 15 packets. I just recieved the order and recieved 8 packets consisting of 1-green tea, 1 coffee mocha, 3 lattes, and 3 black coffees. for a cost of $1.50 ea

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