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220111220111B001O2HA10A13L4K0H4K0SLIGa. Nanny0051277164800Great for adults, too..........As I was breaking off pieces for the little boy I nanny, I couldn't resist and popped one in my mouth. The result being I stopped by the grocery on the way home and bought myself several boxes. I really liked the taste and they were only 1 Weight Watcher point so they are a great snack when my sweet tooth wants a treat!
220112220112B001O2HA10AB226T2CXPOE6M. Booker0051276732800Healthy rice krispie treat!My son is almost two and he loves these! I used to get them in Target but can't find them anymore. Toys R Us carries them but they are cheaper here. These have the texture of a rice krispie treat only these are good for kids! They're made with yogurt instead of all that marshmallow and butter. They're not extra sticky like I expected them to be either. Lots of good nutrition in them too.
220113220113B001O2HA10A324BF63FJNWC7odratis0111319241600overly sweetThis product is overly sweet and has an overpowering 'powdery' vanilla taste to it. Unfortunately, I had to toss the rest of the bars out. My daughter took a bite out of one, and she couldn't eat anymore. They are little bars, so I was surprised. I gave it a try -- thinking it couldn't be *that* bad -- but, alas, she is right. Such a waste.
220114220114B001O2HA10A1C3PPECRGBIFBMeagan Bisher3711329436800Arsenic?Read this article from NBC Nightly News about arsenic in organic sweeteners like brown rice syrup (one of the main ingredients in this product) and you might think twice about purchasing these cereal bars. My daughter had been eating them regularly as a snack...not anymore.

"High levels of arsenic, a chemical linked to cancer, chronic diseases and developmental effects, have been found in foods that list organic brown rice syrup as a primary ingredient, according to a new study from Dartmouth University..."

220115220115B005BFJGJUA32AVBIWE6EB7YEsterai444651311033600Fantastic.Exactly how I always pictured Bertie Bott's beans would be. I have the generation before these and they've been spot on since movie 1 (GOD, the HORSERADISH flavor was AWFUL. UGH.). The generation before these has a single flavor that literally made me retch. The fish flavored jelly beans are SO AWFUL that you will gag.

You will.

Trust me.

These, on the other hand, only have a few really awful ones. Avoid vomit if you can, because that's probably what you'll be doing next.

whoever makes these is awesome.
220116220116B005BFJGJUA2TS3ASYVLBGVRNick212151323561600The flavours are not lies!These beans are a wonderful thing. The good flavors, you can eat, and they are totally fantastic. The terrible flavors, you can belittle the manhood of your friends with. The in-between flavors? Like grass? They're largely there to confuse you, and do so wonderfully.

To sum up my experience with them, an anecdote:

Driving along one summer, eating said beans, my two friends convince me to eat the Booger flavoured one. "Okay," I begin "but only if you get a good flavored one ready to get the taste out of my mouth."

My first friend passes me the booger-bean, and gets a grape-bean ready on deck. The booger bean was mostly flavourless... until the saliva hit my tongue! Retching, I spat out the window, and demanded the grape bean. Blargh! The dark colour tricked them! It was dirt! Spitting again, I demanded another bean. They produced another dark coloured one, this one seeming noticeably more purple in the light. Noooo! It was more dirt!

Pulling over, and spitting out the bean, they presented me with a white one. "Alright," they said "This can only be popcorn, or marshmallow."

Seeing no bad option, I took the bean and chewed it gratefully. Then I vomited in my mouth.

It was neither popcorn, nor marshmallow. It was rotten egg!

Suffice to say, that these are not the kind of jelly bean you buy, thinking that every one of them will be wonderful. The rotten egg, dirt, soap, and vomit beans all taste exactly what they are supposed to. And that is what makes them a fantastic product.
220117220117B005BFJGJUA3347JHR2QMID5Sassy "Sassy"111151324944000Fantastically disgustingThese things actually taste like they are described. My girl was so fascinated at the idea of being able to eat candy like Harry Potter ate that she tried the vomit, earwax and soap flavors and giggled her way through every disgusting moment of the assault on her poor little taste buds. She LOVED them. But I guess you need to be a true Potterhead to really appreciate the things. Ugh!!
220118220118B005BFJGJUA324E9YJGBGN05Leah Greer-pinzaru121411323043200What a rip-off!!!These boxes are very small! Each is 1.2oz ... yes, you read that right, ONE POINT TWO OUNCES! About the size of a box of raisins. At $5/box you would think you would get something more substantial. I ordered these for a party, thinking the kids could share it. Ha! I'm embarrassed to even bring them out :(
220119220119B005BFJGJUA3HAAMN6X92OZPTammi314011323648000Not worth the moneyI was really excited to find Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans because my kids would love them. It was a 2-pack, and for $9 I figured that the boxes would be pretty big. Boy was I wrong. The boxes are the size of small raisin boxes, and they aren't even filled very full. I was very disappointed and feel ripped off. Breaking the cost down, each jelly bean costs about 25 cents, and these are small candies - the size of jelly bellys. Don't waste your money unless you have a lot to waste...
220120220120B005BFJGJUA2Q3DNAFUF9YFXFermina Daza5551318118400FunI first bought these jelly beans in a local store, my boys 9 (8 and 14) had so much fun with it I had to find it again and buy it, this time for my 18 year old niece who chain reads the Harry Potter books (and loves jelly beans). Some of the beans are delicious (lemon drop, cherry, cinnamon, blueberry, toasted marshmallow etc but I didn't dare to try the unconventional ones...the kids do tell me though they taste exactly as described (sardine, rotten egg, pickle ,sausage, ear wax, earthworm ...)

Fun twist on an all time favorite.
220121220121B005BFJGJUA1VYXCVRUOJ914Gardenia Gramma4451325462400GREAT!Ordered these for my grandson who loves everything "Harry Potter" He had a BLAST feeding the really weird ones to his Dad.
220122220122B005BFJGJUA2N8FMB7PUBNJAI like Amazon3331336953600My Dear Daughter - loves these - a must for Harry Potter FansIf your child is willing to share a few of these jelly beans: BEWARE: as you will probably end up with flavors like: rotten eggs, dirt, vomit, and spicy pepper - but still fun.
220123220123B005BFJGJUA1UBF2WXQYTU0Xweapon lover3341318118400goodthey were good, the boxes were smaller than i thought and the flavors were a nice mix. all in all a good buy.
220124220124B005BFJGJUAHO3SL52Y5JE4JavaJeanne3351313798400Jelly BeansI knew what I was purchasing - those wierd flavored jelly beans for my sons Harry Potter Birthday Party. Now sure if I'm supposed to rate the seller here but they were awesome! The product arrived just in time for the party and see the boys squirm at tasting them!
220125220125B005BFJGJUAMOMWUNIC85NEGuy5611323734400WOW talk about small boxSo we ordered this for our daughter for Christmas and when they arrived WOW was i surprised !!! Not only did we only get one box but the box we did get was CRAZY small. Top of 15 beans! i would have NEVER ordered if i had know the box was so small
220126220126B005BFJGJUAEGR43XZEW5TDLionsd2 "Flustered"2251338076800A Big Hit!These jelly beans tasted like the real thing. The kids had fun tasting the different and some disgusting flavors (like dirt flavor for example). I ordered more boxes!
220127220127B005BFJGJUA1Q6P6CE28HU06Karen R2251336262400Harry Potter jelly beanswe sent these with bertie bunny jelly bean dispenser to our daughter in Texas for Easter. The cute bunny makes the Harry Potter jelly beans even more of a surprise, mostly good, but always interesting. These jelly beans are for fans of the books and movies, they are what they say they are, not a sweet treat but cool and great conversation starters!
220128220128B005BFJGJUA2DIUYHAD0FG61tinalouise2251332806400good joke productthis product is good for laughs my daughters and i got alot of laughs watching their friends and each other taste them they do not taste good in anyway
220129220129B005BFJGJUA14222AECPO7UDBellaMarie2251327104000Cute!Perfect for a small gift topper or as a part of a gift bag or set! Just the perfect amount to make them enjoyable but not too much to feel like it's a waste if a flavor was... Surprising. Great fun for everyone.
220130220130B005BFJGJUA3BD4DB51S0IK1J. Doe2251323043200The original are back!So happy to see these nasty little candies are back- my kids were soo disappointed last year when all we could find were the knock-offs. Nothing gets by my Harry Potter fans! The boxes are quite small, so yes- this is expensive for a few jelly beans. Gross ones at that. But my kids will have a ball tasting them and playing HP while they do. Thanks again, Amazon!
220131220131B005BFJGJUAMOGQQ5UNWAWOJ. Hisako "Hisako"2241320624000For Harry Potter fanatics onlyBig Harry Potter fans get a big kick out of these because some the flavors are genuinely odd like those in the books (such as "rotten egg" or "soap") but they're quite expensive for the size of the boxes. Be aware that each box is tiny - not much bigger than a small pack of gum or mints. My daughter enjoyed sharing them with her friends.
220132220132B005BFJGJUA17726SLS6D5RRCarolyn4541323820800NOTICE HOW small THE BOX IS!!!I didn't pay attention when I ordered these jelly beans, and was shocked at how small the box really is. Only 1.2 ounces. I paid WAY too much for them, but I hope my daughter, who is a Harry Potter nut, will enjoy them. Currently, Amazon has 2 boxes of these available for a better price than 1.
220133220133B005BFJGJUA1K5SZSQO3FBNUB. Nichols4511322870400EXTREMELY SMALL BOXES! VERY DISAPPOINTINGJust received these two boxes which I purchased to go in my son's stocking for Christmas, but the boxes are so small, I regret ordering them, especially for $10! BE WARE! These boxes are about the size of a cigarette lighter. (I bought a box of these years ago and they were a regular size candy box, so i had expected these to be about the same size.)
220134220134B005BFJGJUA3DVH5A4UEEUPBSam C.6841313971200Harry Potter Bertie Botts Jelly BeansI bought this for my daughter who is a fan of the Harry Potter movies. She got a laugh out of it. The flavors are just as horrible as they said in the movie.
220135220135B005BFJGJUA16RIXLABZRFK7Kelly M.1151345852800Read the Product Description Before BuyingThese aren't meant to be a meal, they're meant to be a fun novelty, and for everyone complaining and moaning about the size, READ the product description before buying, it clearly gives the size.
220136220136B005BFJGJUA7JC62FV0BRHED. Wilson "Paparx"1141341273600Wonderfully disgusting (dont pay more than 5 bucks for the 2 pack)A few human flavors mixed with some amazingly gross and disgusting flavors. Im not going to tell you about them, find out yourself.

I tell you though, HOW Bertie figures out how to make them taste so realistic is scary. My kids and I had a great deal of fun with these.
(actually the fun is not over. Mama doesnt know the nasty beans have been mixed in her regular beans, and she never reads reviews hehheh)

Easily worth the 4.50 I paid for the 2 pack
220137220137B005BFJGJUA2YQGFJRHAZEXRoss1151335139200For LAUGHS! Not TASTE!If you are going to buy this to eat for enjoyment you sir are outta luck! These jelly beans are nasty and only good for some pranks on friends! Includes every FLAVOR for the most variety of nastiness (For the most part they are nasty). I love them for pranks!
220138220138B005BFJGJUA3H9AY2ZUEBH18slnjds1131332288000Fun but don't expect more than 20 beans.My son loves the Harry Potter books and movies so he had to have these as soon as he knew they were available. The box was very small and had only about 15 beans in it. There were several duplicates so he did not get one of each flavored, which was a bummer. I also think the price and shipping cost is outrageous for the size.
220139220139B005BFJGJUA3OGG1BW4L5CMUspu1151332028800excellently AWFULOK. I purchased this last week and eat the first box without looking at back side...the effect was: I didn't eat my dinner at all because I felt disgusted all day long. This is just what Bertie Botts supposed to be. But don't try it if you are NOT OK with awful flavors.I took a VOMIT one thinking it was cinnamon...and blueberry flavor tastes like dishwasher. I give it a five star because it is perfectly awful, but don't buy it if you haven't decided how much you can take...just don't!
220140220140B005BFJGJUA37D8DRBOYWVHEJ. Glen "Jensuni"1151331942400Harry Potter Fun!!The different jelly beans are like the Harry Potter movie, that said, some of them were not yummy, think earwax. so of course the kids loved them!!

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