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220351220351B0034EDLS2A4Z86MPHGG0A7P. Stalker "LifeLongLearner"242651275264000Almonds taste like almonds and apricots taste like apricots...Good texture and flavor in this fresh, chewy and substantial bar. Two make a meal replacement when I have to work through a lunch hour.
220352220352B0034EDLS2A29SDTTPMASNVNA. Jackman "Misc. et al., etc..."141451281225600Yes. We like them.It seems the almond & apricot bars were changed when they switched from the 8 pack to the 12 pack so that they added more apricot or sweetness in some way. I was happy with the less-sweet version, but the taste is still divine. The kids' favorite are the fruit & nut, but this is a close second. The subscription price beats all the market prices I've seen.
220353220353B0034EDLS2A38HBNKB5R2SJYdotsky151711300406400Not fresh, hard and disappointed w/ product freshnessWas so excited to find this at amazon since I had tasted this product and was impressed. It was good and tasty and it was soft. When I rec'd the 3 boxes I opened one and was really excited to experience the same foodgasm I had when I first got introduced to this fruit bar...first bite ...more a food nightmare since I have 3 boxes with 12 bars that I don't feel like was stale and hard...What a waste.:(
220354220354B0034EDLS2A2158Y2U61AU9GLillian37394921329177600The Glucose In KIND Products Is Corn SyrupI ate a KIND bar (Almond & Apricot) for the first time yesterday. Fabulous taste, crunchy, yet soft and chewy. One thing that concerned me was the ingredient "Glucose". That could mean so many things. So I contacted the company to see what their glucose is made from. It's corn syrup. This was their response:

"Thank you again for contacting KIND Healthy Snacks.

Please note that this ingredient is corn syrup, but is not to be confused with high fructose corn syrup. I am pleased to inform you that we use only all-natural, non-GMO corn syrup, which when combined with honey, helps us achieve the best flavor while allowing our bars to remain crunchy. Please also note that 13 out of our 15 snack bars are considered low GI foods, which includes the flavor you are referring to, our Fruit & Nut Delight bar.

I hope you find this information helpful. Please also feel free to contact me with any additional questions or comments, and I would be happy to help you.

KIND Regards,

(Name Removed)

Customer Experience Manager
KIND Healthy Snacks
(212) 616 - 3006"

Corn syrup, even if it's "non-GMO" and not high fructose, isn't healthy. One of my children gets very sick eating corn syrup, so unfortunately Kind products will be on our list of things that we never buy.

Kind is being deceptive in not listing where their glucose comes from. They probably know that it wouldn't be well received if that ingredient were listed as corn syrup, not glucose, which it should be.
220355220355B0034EDLS2A71Z81T2D96P3Dave Delgado "11thAve"101131314403200Love these, but they keep shrinkingThese are a staple on my grocery list from Amazon (I get two boxes a month on the "Subscribe and Save" program, and often have to "send next shipment now" because I share them with friends at work). However, I've become alarmed when I open the newer boxes / packages- the bars are at least an inch shorter than they used to be.

I thought maybe I had a few from the "end of the roll" or something, but it seems rather consistent now. The cellophane wrapper is the same size, but the bars are missing at least a full bite of what the bars used to be. And the prices keep going up. I like these, but at some point the decreased "value" will get to a point where I'll find something else to snack on.
220356220356B0034EDLS2A1WX42M589VAMQMir6651314662400AMAZING TASTE (I've had the almond apricot, fruit&nut, apple cinn pec, alm/cash/flax, etc).It's candy, dessert...I would not use these as a meal replacement. Not enough protein, for one. But when I have them with a meal as dessert, no blood sugar spike. (I used to be prediabetic, and I do check these days to see how foods are affecting me.)

But for folks who want a "less crap" candy bar or dessert treat, this one's it. VERY sweet. Tastes just like these chewy coconut candies my mom used to bring home in the 60s and 70s in my Bronx days. I used to love those. And I love the Almond Apricot for tasting like them. Every single variety I've tried--about a half dozen--are very good. But Almond Apricot is my fave. It hits the "oh, candy" and "ooh, nostalgia" vibe for me.

My second fave (though it's gaining on the Almond Apricot in stealth mode) is the Almond Cashew Flax one. I thought I'd hate it (flax is not my fave thing), but man, it's like a gentle cookie taste in a chewy bar. It's quite delightful. I find I want to reach for that one for my evening "dessert" with coffee treat.

Third fave: Mango Macadamia with Calcium. Very mangoey. Mangoes are my fave fruit and these do taste mango-ey. Macadamia is quiet enough in the taste department to let the fruit shine through. Different "bite" texture than the almond based ones, too. Smoother. (I'm a Caribbean born gal, and I've adored them since I was a wee one.)

The peanutty ones are my least fave. I do find the cashew and almond based ones just are more enjoyable.

If you low carb, you probably wanna steer towards, say, the Almond Coconut and have half (or one of the minis). It's not a lot of calories, and it's certainly a prettier nutritional profile for those who want a more "whole food"/no gluten lifestyle. (Beware the ones with peanuts if you're more into the Primal/Paleo side of things.)

These babies are SWEET. If you're prone to abuse sweets like candy bars, don't even taste these. I'm serious. They're amazing. Addictive. Delicious! I've lost 116 pounds (moderte carbing, Primarian eating), and while I did order some (the minis, almond apricot, and others for hubby's lunch box), I think of them as CANDY. Not something to have in place of food, but something that I can have as a treat when I have the calories to allot. I also would happily carry a mini in my purse for emergencies. Because they have healthful fats, they can tide you over.

How did they do on my glucose the way I use them (dessert):

Premeal: glucose 81
Post meal: protein/veggies/fruit and one mango macadamia bar (after 1 hour): 88

Not bad.

I wish they'd ratchet down the glucose/honey, cause they could be less sweet. BUT...I cannot tell a lie: THESE TASTE DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost wish I'd never encountered them. They are tempting!

And with the 25% off right now with S&S combined with the code good til 9/15, if you are dying to stock up, it's a good time.
220357220357B0034EDLS2A2O36FVEVYZIYYL. Staton4451278979200Macadamia & Apricot BarsThis is a wonderful healthy snack. Carry in your purse for a quick filler when you are shopping and have to skip a meal, or for a quick pick me up when your blood sugar drops. Great for the grandkids also! Tastes great!!!
220358220358B0034EDLS2A1PGNIX3QD2B0XRednikkired6751276560000Yummy!I was recently diagnosed as being gluten-free and dairy-free and I am thrilled to have found this snack. It's absolutely delicious, filling and healthy. I have a terrible sweet tooth and I find that it satisfies my craving. I will definitely buy this again from Amazon -- the price is terrific.
220360220360B0034EDLS2A43OC8PLY3GHPBarbara J. Hickman0051315612800A Tasty SnackI have a gluten allergy, so I am always looking for an alternative to cookies, muffins, granola bars, and other sweet snacks that I can no longer eat. The Kind Bars are great - I have not found any that I absolutely don't like, but some I like better than others. The Fruit and Nuts in Yogurt is definitely my favorite - I like the combination of nuts, raisins, and yogurt - it does not seem as overpoweringly sweet as some of the others. I originally discovered Kind Bars at Starbucks, but they were VERY expensive to buy on a regular basis. That was when I checked out Amazon's Subscribe and Save program, signed up for the Kind Bars, and cut my purchase cost by more than half - with no shipping cost! What a cool program - especially for those of us with allergies who need regular access to products that are usually expensive and/or hard to find!
220361220361B0034EDLS2A1NNQ8V4QMFGTILilyrose0051315353600AwesomeGreat taste and good for you. It is also gluten-free for those who have issues with gluten. I have tried several Kind bars and all are good.
220362220362B0034EDLS2A1J87P15HH42Z0Jo0051315267200Kind Gluten Free BarsI love these bars. I'm on a glutten-free diet and they are both
tasty and healthy. I will continue purchasing these bars.
220363220363B0034EDLS2ASAKVOT9SBI4PBella "Twirishlady"0051315180800Delicious!I love these bars. They taste so good and are healthy too! I eat them every day for breakfast. The coconut makes these perfect!
220364220364B0034EDLS2AZ10J7HFT1AAZMellowKnee "MellowKnee"0051314921600DEEEE-LISH!!Put a few of these in your purse or backpack, for sure. They are so much more delicious and hunger-satisfying than I had anticipated. Can't wait to reorder!
220365220365B0034EDLS2A3H1IQE36RZ1A8Ann Williams0051314316800delicious and diabetic friendlyKind bars travel well. Purse,pocket,or car these can take the heat(or cold)! They're lower in sugars and carbs than most other bars and taste wonderful!!!!!!!!!
220366220366B0034EDLS2AKY8DEK8AKRD1D. Neff0051314230400A Great SnackThe Kind bars make a great snack. They are made with dextrose rather than sucrose, corn sweetener or other unhealthy sweeteners. They contain ten grams of sugar which is low for something that tastes better than a candy bar. I have tried all of the flavors and the almond coconut is my favorite.
220367220367B0034EDLS2A2OAJ710HUI5AYrob f0051314144000best mid day snackI have been searching for a great midday snack that is Gluten Free and I have finally found it. The Almond and Apricot Kind Bar is absolutely terrific. It has a good balance between proteins, carbs and calories and tastes great!!
220368220368B0034EDLS2A20WEEYX2YQXW1swans62500041314057600Husband loved them but a little chewy for my denturesMy husband really liked them, even better than the Pure ones we had tried. They are a little too chewy for my dentures which aren't fitting real well to handle. I did like the taste though-very good.
220369220369B0034EDLS2AO34Q3JGZU0JQD. M. Ockert0051314057600My Favorite Kind Bar!After trying 5 different flavors now, this is my very favorite! It's a palate pleaser and feels like I've had dessert in a healthy, pick-me-up way.
220370220370B0034EDLS2A3091RP0SPZLMNBB0051313798400KIND OF GREAT!Really love these bars for an on the go breakfast or a snack when I'm starving. The walnut/date are the best by far. I've tried a few others that were pretty good, but walnut/date tastes great-doesn't look so appealing though. I've had many co-workers stop and say "WHAT ARE YOU EATING?" If they only knew how good they are....:)
220371220371B0034EDLS2A1TGJW109NJG68ErikaB0041313712000Good valueThese are priced very well compared to purchasing at the grocery store. Arrived packed well and wrapped in shrink wrap. The Fruit & Nut Delight are my favorites of the KIND bars. They are filling and really delicious...great texture!
220372220372B0034EDLS2AHFFCVKHZX8QQPennylane0051312761600Love those kind barsI love those Kind Bars my favorite by far are the Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio & the Cranberry Almond. I'm not that crazy about the Fruit & Nut just didn't turn me on like the other 2 flavors. KIND Plus Nutrition Bars, Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio + Antioxidants 12 ea
220373220373B0034EDLS2A2BNQSIS8GI64GC. Polston0051312761600Delicious snackI have bought several different varieties of the KIND bars. They have all been good. My favorite so far has been the Almond & coconut. They are a great snack- they are very chewy & nutty. I like them because I can't eat them quickly (which I often do with other bars) so I end up feeling more satisfied. They have a great mix of almond & coconut flavor along with a very light honey tast. Buy them- you won't be disappointed!
220374220374B0034EDLS2A5OAWF1PUIC93Jen "Jen"0051312588800Just fantastic - a snack that feels like you ate something.KIND bars are really the best of all the snack bars I've tried. They somehow manage to preserve the flavors and textures of the ingredients and still hold it together in a bar that's not overly sweet or salty. They do cost a little more than typical grocery store brands, so I watch for the occasional good sales and stock up. I find they have a pretty decent shelf life. With some of the other brands, I feel like there's often more filler and mystery ingredients than good stuff. With KIND, the fruit and nuts really take center stage. I haven't tried the ones with chocolate or yogurt.
220375220375B0034EDLS2A9C8X1H1I5JMRM. Karakus0051312502400Great Afternoon Snacks.I enjoy these bars during the afternoon for that craving. The nut and fruit consistency is really good and the size of the bar is just enough to fill you until dinner.
220376220376B0034EDLS2A29V32IOAJUP8PShine0051312156800Awesome!Great product, great price from amazon while using the subscribe and save option. And natural ingredients (nothing you can't pronounce)
220377220377B0034EDLS2AE6KNBCR1YCNBLuke Fowler0051311984000I Sure Love Those Kind Bars!I eat one of these bars fairly frequently as part of my breakfast. I think the most telling thing that I can say is that more than a few times the first thing I've thought of when awaking in the morning is "morning! KIND bar time! mmmm!" KIND touts their products' natural ingredients -- a claim, in my opinion, that is well backed by the ingredients lists and by the taste of these bars.

My favorite types are Nut Delight; Peanut butter and Strawberry; and Sesame and Peanuts with Chocolate. The Peanut Butter and Strawberry variety tastes just like a PB&J sandwich when you chew it up.

These bars definitely get my stamp of approval. Priced competitively @ Amazon as well.
220378220378B0034EDLS2A1N7L4DRG7XS2QLeslie Heintzberger0051311638400A family favoriteI buy three different flavors of KIND bars. These are the ones that disappear the soonest so I have had to double up the order. What's not to like?KIND Fruit & Nut, Almond & Apricot, All Natural, Gluten Free Bars (Pack of 12) They are delicious, healthy, reasonable priced, portable. My husband and my son do alot of strenuous, physical work. They both love KIND bars for the energy they provide. I highly recommend them over most any choice available. In fact I recently gave one to my mailman since he delivers them for Amazon. He loved it too.
220379220379B0034EDLS2A19M3MEJHXYPB4R. Gabriele "Rogabriele"0051310342400Kind barsWe get these on a regular basis. Great for a quick breakfast or mid afternoon snack. Taste great. Love the regular nut delight bars.
220380220380B0034EDLS2A3PHM2HQUJE3TGclean0051310256000Chewy and deliciousThis is a wonderful substitute for the candy bar. It is delicious and chewy. Just enough sweetness to please and just enough "things good for you" to make you delighted with your choice. You will not regret your order and it won't last long.

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