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220390220390B0034EDLS2A1KTIA9D71CWLNDingle980051302998400Kind Bars...what other?Well, we were recipients of a box of Kind bars...and were hooked. Ordered a variety of six different Kind bars from Amazon and settled in on the "simple" but delicious Nut
Delight as our personal favorite, with a couple of others which boast of dark chocolate as good the one with cherries. Kind is now our choice in the house for any "sweet treat." Enjoy!
220391220391B0034EDLS2AV0BQJ80TM1R1Archibald Mcdowall "Scotty"0041302307200Good and TastyGood product, right amount of sodium, a little high on calories though
KIND Fruit & Nut, Fruit & Nut Delight, All Natural, Gluten Free Bars (Pack of 12)
220392220392B0034EDLS2A3SB3YHB4JLREVPurrson0051302220800Absolutely delicious!These are like a gourmet sweet. I'm crazy about them. The walnuts are big and crunchy, and the dates taste like candy. One of these for lunch gets me through until dinner. These prove that something good for you CAN taste good!
220393220393B0034EDLS2A1M598QVOM6B4Jcopperone650051301961600Delicious and Gluten FreeI'm a health nut (or so I'm told). These bars are good for you and will offer what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Great gluten free snack to go!
220394220394B0034EDLS2AW6DLJG5VMSINM. Raibley "Pro Reviewer"0051301875200Phenomenal!You'll be hard pressed to find a better tasting bar than this one, 10/10. I'd choose this bar over any candy bar in the supermarket based on taste alone. The fact that it is all natural and gluten free is just a nice bonus.
220395220395B0034EDLS2A3R9OXDG1D0KQ1bapoo5030051301875200great taste and healthfulThe title says it all. The various bars they make are very tasty and emphasize healthful ingredients. Plus I like how they donate a portion of thir take to peace efforts. The company must be fun to work for.
220396220396B0034EDLS2A325RWA8LHK2QJNettie Scott0041300838400Tasty snackThese bars taste quite good, although I agree with other reviewers that there is a strong coconut taste. Fine with me as I like coconut, I've ordered three times and the bars have been fresh each time. I find them sticky, which makes them a bit messy if eaten while hiking or on a road trip. Everyone I share them with polishes them off quickly. Personally, when I look at the ingredients in Kind bars I don't have many fantasies that they are particularly healthy. Honey is sugar. Fruit and nuts are concentrated calories. Healthy fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy will do a much better job of ensuring that I get the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that I need. Gluten free might help some folks. I do not doubt that if you eat little pieces of the bars spaced out over several hours they don't encourage glycemic spiking when compared to a Snickers or some other candy. Otherwise I simply regard them as a tasty snack that should not be expected to be anything more than that.
220397220397B0034EDLS2A20ZWAKKZDXGB04knights0051300752000YummyI thought the Walnut and Date Kind Bars were great! Loved the chunks of walnut and chewy dates. Not a lot of filler, just fruit and nuts.
220398220398B0034EDLS2A1ZI9XKEKKWX6JLynn Mullen0051300665600KIND Granola BarsMy favorite bar! Previously had to purchase from Whole Foods and since their nearest store is nowhere near my home, not practical to go there on a regular basis. So glad Amazon makes them available in bulk so I can save on gas and time.
220399220399B0034EDLS2A2SQ9UG1WW88WCTeresa Parrish-buhs "Seeker of truth"0041300579200Yummy gluten free barThis bar is absolutely delicious! It is moist, crunchy and has plenty of fiber. It is even more appealing because it is gluten-free. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!
220400220400B0034EDLS2A2PP419D2QPV84Zainab Zaheer Khan0031300406400love the bar but hard and stale when ordered from Amazon.i have had this bar at whole foods and was excited to find it SLIGHTLY cheaper on amazon. however, it was stale and hard and i am hesitant to order again. maybe i ll write to amazon and they can rectify and amek sure i get a fresher pack next time?
220401220401B0034EDLS2A15YXLBRH02RCDayna0051299974400YUMMMMMMM!LOVE these! Ive only bought them from the health food store! BUT I love kind and they are one of my favorite brands for sure!!! if ur not sure buy one at the market first but you must buy one of each kind they offer lol cause they offer alot :)
220402220402B0034EDLS2AEDFBF7A5L3RWA. Charlton0051299628800Perfect SnackPerfect Snack....

What's not to love? Apricots, Almonds, and is so-o-o kind. Just so happens that this snack (MINI) is perfect to take along when you go shopping....delicious and keeps you from turning into a fast food lane for a fast food already got the best one. Almost a candy bar without the bad stuff. The regular size can fill you up for lunch w. a glass of milk or? This bar is so TASTY! Gluten free too! I had to go on auto-delivery. Just I feel. annamc(MS)
220403220403B0034EDLS2ADILFY0SNXV8MMarylou Smith0051299024000nutty as can beIf you like Almonds and Coconut bar you will love these, they are a great snack, and not too sweet,
just perfect!!!
I will definitely order from Kind again.
220404220404B0034EDLS2A185JPGJ1MRW9YT. Hussey0051298851200Excellent productThese bars are an excellent snack, I just keep them in my car for whenever I get hungry. I find them to be both tasty and filling. 5 stars! :)
220405220405B0034EDLS2A1B4OXCXPZH3XIdgood0051298332800delicious gluten-free snackThese date and nut bars are delicious. It is hard to find tasty gluten-free snacks but these bars are good.
220406220406B0034EDLS2A31ZOZWAIQ6YWTAgent 6090031297900800nothing specialThe first one you eat tastes pretty good. But I got tired of them pretty quickly. Too gooey and sugary. And probably very bad for teeth. I prefer Lara Bars.
220407220407B0034EDLS2A3QFGCQSSUZQIZGolden0051297641600The Best!I always have these in my purse, lunch bag, and it is one of the few items my husband will take with him to work.
220408220408B0034EDLS2A1RAWMCENQPQINPaul0051297555200Freaking deliciousI love these. I'm not sure they count as "healthy", since they do have like 200 calories apiece and a fair bit of fat, but they claim to have a very low glycemic index (probably because of the nuts), so that's something. Anyway, delicious. I just wish it were possible to get them cheaper.
220409220409B0034EDLS2A3LQS08K2OBI5ZJ. Lim0041297296000Overpriced bars, but REALLY delicious!These taste great: the apricot flavor is not too overpowering, the bar itself is not too sweet, and I personally love the coconut aspect of it. One bar is honestly enough to fill you up if you are hankering for a lunch but either can't make it, or are on a diet. I don't suggest it as a meal replacement though.

Also, this bar is perfect for a post work-out snack, whether it be intense cardio, or weightlifting.

My only question is some of the ingredients: "Chicory Fiber" and "Apple Fiber"?? Are these merely included to up the Fiber content to fool carb-conscious folks into picking these up? Are these fibers even effective fibers??

USEFUL: If you hate coconut (which a lot of people inexplicably do), you will not like this bar. There seems to be an overabundance of coconut in this bar, from the combination of the "Shredded Coconut" and the "Coconut Chips". I am assuming they made those distinctions because combining them into one Coconut ingredient would have pushed it ahead of the other main ingredients on the list, and this is supposed to be an "Almond & Apricot" bar.
220410220410B0034EDLS2A19WRBUAM7121VJ. Paul0051297036800I like themThey are what they say they are, nutritious and tasty. They are on the sweet side, which I like, and they you can taste the coconut, honey and almonds. I like the crunch and again, this is cheaper for me to buy here then seperately at the three different stores I buy my gluten/dairy free foods.
220381220381B0034EDLS2A33NEOYYFBCVF3Cindy Castaneda0051309651200Great Tasting Bars!being a health nut and watching what i eat i decided to try all the flavors of this bar.......the fruit and nut one is my favorite!!!........hard to believe they're healthy.......great for a little between meal snack.
220382220382B0034EDLS2A2XTTJOTRGIUUUwen0051309651200Great!The best bar's i ever ate,although they came to the wrong address.The box came to my street address
but i only get mail at my P.O Box so they were sent the wrong post office & i had to wait longer for them!
220383220383B0034EDLS2A27UPJQCVK74V0solarlady0051309564800Wonderful bars!These bars are tasty and healthy - my family loves them! My husband and I discovered these bars in our University's cafeteria; of course, it makes more sense to buy them from the internet. I always keep a couple of them in my office, a bar is a great lunch substitute when there is no time for lunch - or just a good, healthy snack.
220384220384B0034EDLS2A10D8LIKNP4G2AOlivia0051307318400Kind Fruit and Nut BarsI love ordering from Amazon because items come within a reasonable amount of time. However, ordering from outside Amazon (except for books) not so much. For example, I ordered 2 boxes each of Kind Bars. The Fruit and Nut bars -- not a problem. The Cranberry Almond Bars took way too long to arrive.
220385220385B0034EDLS2A18UPQABBI4QCZjd0041306540800these contain dairy!these are good but they contain dairy! Amazon says they are dairy free, but when I received my order, milk was listed as an ingredient.
220386220386B0034EDLS2A2W0UU3Y2OMV3FBert0051305849600Great priceI usually buy these at my local health food store. I think they taste great and the price is great on Amazon!
220387220387B0034EDLS2A26KCV1VTOLIQ3S. Ashby0051305849600So good!!This is the first time trying this brand. These taste so good and they are good for you, which is even better. Can't wait to try other flavors!
220388220388B0034EDLS2A3PFI1B6M35CINR. Perloff0051304640000Kind barsSo far, all the different varieties of Kind Bars have been excellent, both in quality and variety. Highly recommend them even though they are rather expensive compared to other bars. However, they are gluten free so appropriate for those with gluten sensitivities.
220389220389B0034EDLS2AJMK6JYFFDJEVallnatural "woman"0041303689600Tasty!The product was delicious and arrived in a timely fashion. However, I did see them cheaper at one of those wholesale stores.

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