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220411220411B0034EDLS2A1A5TS9R18R73YMaria E. Mercado0051296950400YUM!My favorite snack bar. Tasty and nutritious. Get it here and save. These bars run $3+ at any NYC deli. The nerve!
220412220412B0034EDLS2ASIAG7SXINSBICinci Linda "Cinci Linda"0051296864000My college age son could live off theseI purchased the Almond & Apricot bars for myself and enjoyed how fresh, tasty and convenient they are. Well, my college aged son discovered them in my pantry on one of his weekends home - now I have to replenish the KIND bar stash frequently since he loves them as well. His favorite variety is the Macadamia nut one but he also lieks the Fruit & Nut delight. We both like they are nutritious and filling without being overly sweet. Well worth the money!
220413220413B0034EDLS2AZLOX8M01E1XDkkb0051296518400Love these bars!I discovered these bars some time ago at my local grocery store - they were on this little display with some other things. The next time I went there, I couldn't find them. And I couldn't really remember what they were called. So, I was very excited when I saw them at Starbucks probably a year later. They are, of course, way too expensive there! I wasn't able to find them reliably anywhere around town, so I found them online and now I have two boxes (two different flavors) auto-shipped to me from Amazon. Now I have begun to see these in stores more often so I've been trying some other flavors.

I used to eat Kashi cereal each morning but now I have one of these bars with my requisite Dr. Pepper. I'm not sure how long ago I changed my breakfast choice, but I have lost about 15 pounds (that needed to be lost) since I changed over to the bars. I definitely didn't change earlier than November, 2010. And, instead of being starving at 11 a.m., I don't get seriously hungry until later.*

* These claims have not been evaluated by anyone, and no animals have been tortured to prove them.
220414220414B0034EDLS2A3NLFLQX9FQJ3BKinshasa "Kinshasa"0051295913600Absolutely FantasticI bought a box to keep for myself at work. Yesterday, they were gone. I only had one from the entire box. Great for the afternoon hunger and good for you.
220415220415B0034EDLS2A3Q2VR1C6UZDF9Deborah Jackson0041295913600Yummy!I've found this item at my local grocery store and the bars are always fresh and very tasty. If the price was cheaper, would give it 5 stars.
220416220416B0034EDLS2ACLWAIG0JRWDXMichelle Stewart "michstew"0051295827200AMAZAZING!!!absolutely LOVE these - so tasty! Perfect snack/breakfast for my vegetarian daughter and my friend who is allergic to everything and me - I just love them!
220417220417B0034EDLS2A2VVSVFWCH9R1TMare-bear0051295827200Taste great and healthy tooThis is a great way to have a sweet snack while still staying healthy. Love the taste. Just the right quantity too.
220418220418B0034EDLS2AA0Z1A92IDOABRebecca0051295395200My favorite!All the KIND bars I have tried have been great and all of them tasted yummy, but almond coconut is by far the best. It's like eating candy, or those samoa girl scout cookies. Very good and the bars work great for those times you need to be tied over until your next meal.
220419220419B0034EDLS2A1OEDU7TH3YQZMMargaret L. Stewart0051295222400Kind Bars, excellent choice, excellent supplierKinds bars are so nutritious and delicious. I am so glad I purchased them from this supplier.
The product came neatly and securely wrapped and none were broken. Delivery was within a reasonable
amount of time. I will buy more from the same source when I finish these Kind bars.
220420220420B0034EDLS2ABO8BD2C0ENYYAllotherstuff0051294790400GREAT, GREAT GREAT!!!I love, love, LOVE this brand of protein bars...great taste, not to sweet and a lot of nuts in the bars. I really like this particular flavor.
220421220421B0034EDLS2A1JJI5SM0H9CA6Diane Ware "diane"0051294704000Healthy & TastyThis bar is the lowest in calorie out of all the Kind bars and better to eat than all the other brands on the market. Good for a snack and healthy too!!!
220422220422B0034EDLS2A28GDZ3F1HXB7TPop "J. Paine"0041294358400Make sure you LOVE coconut before you buyI did see coconut listed in the ingredients, but toward the end of the list. However, it is heavily laden with coconut. Just make sure you really like coconut before you buy this variety.
220423220423B0034EDLS2A2WPM4DAZX1QXHJay "KJ"0051294099200Soooo goodI can't & won't order these anymore. I ordered two boxes, this and the one with dates. They were gone in less than 2 weeks. I took one for my long bikes rides and then have 1 or two that night.
220424220424B0034EDLS2A3OVQLKDNSOOWUSis0051293926400sweet and natural tasteI love the flavor of slivers of chewy coconut, honey and almonds it really does taste great to me.So far this is my favorite KIND
220425220425B0034EDLS2A30EX3UEVQ2VZ5linds4060041293580800Mmmmm....mmmmm....good!Luv to have this as a mid-morning snack. They are jam packed with almonds and really satisfy my sweet tooth without being too sweet.
220426220426B0034EDLS2A2JFUXMTD3VTD9L. Annie Foerster0051293235200Better than fresh fruitThis is my favorite snack. No fat, low calorie and gluten free it tastes better than fresh fruit, better, even, than a candy bar, and is good for me, too.
220427220427B0034EDLS2A1SRARHOA74JXMChristopher Yung0051292284800Delicious SnackThe bar is a great snack to eat when I'm in a hurry. It's has a great taste and a chewy texture. Also, it's satisfying to get that nice crunch when you bite right into one of the almonds. The only problem I have is that it's hard to just eat one. I often find myself reaching for more. The fiber content is also an added bonus. Overall, this bar is a great, healthy alternative for a snack.

For those who want the nutrition facts: it has 170 calories, 11g fat (5g from saturated fat), 16g carbs (13g sugar), and 4g protein.
220428220428B0034EDLS2A25A8ENTANPJSZHeather Chodor0041290816000Nice price, nice flavorI never seem to grow tired of these. They can sometimes be hard to bite, but I sometimes heat them up in the microwave to help soften them up. I like these best because they don't have any fruit in them, which would make them even harder to chew.
220429220429B0034EDLS2A3ET198ETSLPG3Lia Smurf0051290384000Great taste for Fiber & ProteinI just discovered these KIND Fruit & Nut, Almond & Coconut, All Natural, Gluten Free Bars at an airport. These were great. They come in other flavors, but this is my favorite. Almonds, because they are healthy, high in fiber and coconut is just yummy! Noticed they are sold in local supermarket but only in single bars, not by the box. So, it is good to see them offered on Amazon and at a comparable, if not lower cost. I found them easy to munch on during the flight, filling (no meals on flight the flight) and was a great meal substitute with a bottle water. I suggest you check the carb, fiber, protein content on each flavor as the % varies based on ingredients. I would not recommend these for anyone who wears dentures or braces, because they have a moist, but chewy consistency. But, if you can take time to chew without worries, it's a very nice treat.
220430220430B0034EDLS2A3OCCBL7CF16UBGaladriel0051290038400KIND with Chocolate!I love this bar. I am fond of most of the KIND flavors, but this one has slightly different properties because of the chocolate (which is really dark and yummy) ... I don't know why others don't like it. This bar manages to be slightly crispy and chewy at the same time. I am not a huge sesame fan, but it works in this recipe. It's dangerous for me to buy a whole box; I want to inhale them all at once. I suggest to try one out from a store and then order them here online in bulk if you love them as much as I do.
220431220431B0034EDLS2A36GGVLILB7LEMSusan C. Lett0051289952000yummieI thought these were a little high priced until I tried them. These are definitely worth the cost. I recommend these to people who try to eat natural and more healthy snacks.
220432220432B0034EDLS2A34NM4QLI46S8Feboyoo70041289606400What we tought about kind bars recently purchased.We ordered the Almond Apricot, Almond Coconut, and the Mango Macadamia.
We actually liked them in the order listed.
I think we will only order Almond Apricot again.
They were good!
220433220433B0034EDLS2A34NM4QLI46S8Feboyoo70031289606400How did they taste?These were ok, I would say they are a harder on the teeth than the Almond Apricot. Maybe a bit over priced.
220434220434B0034EDLS2A385E4RHJS3T57Tara Santos0031289260800Good snackNot my favorite KIND bar, but these are pretty good although rather sweet. They make a nice snack but I would prefer a bit more protein than 2 grams in order to keep me satisfied longer.
220435220435B0034EDLS2A385E4RHJS3T57Tara Santos0051289260800Soooooo Good!My favorite KIND bar. Absolutely love these. If you haven't tried them, do! You won't be disappointed. My only problem is I love them so much I tend to eat too many. Have to control myself when these are in the house!
220436220436B0034EDLS2A29WOWF7GNCTBRJV "Chicago Shopper"0031288656000Not my favorite flavorIt's very sweet- and kind of gummy. I like the almond coconut one better - that one is my favorite.

Kind Fruit & Nut Bar Almond & Coconut 12 bars
220437220437B0034EDLS2A3MI80AD3RZOT0Deborah J Nicholson0031288483200Coconut bars?These are good but not as good as the other Kind bars I've had. I think it was because the coconut seems to overwhelm the other flavors. I love apricot, which is why I ordered these, but I can barely taste the apricot due to the strong coconut flavor.
220438220438B0034EDLS2A1ALBURN0I6H5KDavid P. Jones0051288051200Best Fruit Bar on the MarketThese Fruit and Nut bars are by far the best value and the best tasting
220439220439B0034EDLS2A2P3JD5GG5IUGKGabi0051287532800Deliciously healthyGreat healthy snack - the different taste and options make this a fun different snack for anytime of the day.
220440220440B0034EDLS2A23YWYIETODAF6bearcrkrd0041287446400A Little HardIf you have old teeth these may be a little Hard. Loose fillings may crack. You can't pop half in your mouth and chow down. Need to go slow. They are expensive, too. Don't get me wrong, I just ordered two more boxes. They are tasty as can be!

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