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220501220501B0034EDLS2A3KRTX7LH2IRLEdldiamond1331343520000Someone Can't CountI have ordered nemerous boxes of the KIND Almond & Coconut bars. I have never counted the contents until today. I recently received 2 boxes and 1 of the boxes contained only 10 bars. I was surprised and recounted 3 times. I opened the 2nd box and there were 12 bars. I was disappointed in this shipment of KIND bars.
AMAZON, I want my other 2 bars of Almond & Coconut. I will be counting all boxes in the future.
220502220502B0034EDLS2A20AXXM2UT862WCindy1331339027200Tastes great, but watch how many you eat dailyThese bars are made from a host of natural sources and taste great, but are also calorie dense and high in fats (nuts are high in fat), high in carbs, and are very sweet. I ordered the apricot/coconut which is heavenly, and almost inhaled two boxes. I started to notice some weight gain and when I checked the calorie count, I was shocked to see that one little bar has up to 190 calories! I was eating up to 3-4 bars a day because they taste so good and are small and light. I realized that I consuming over 700 additional calories daily. Yikes! I think these are great for athletes and runners who burn lots of calories and need the extra fuel or as a snack in between meals. The only problem is that they are small and light and for me I don't get enough satisfaction from just one bar.
220503220503B0034EDLS2A2OG6NZMBVV8VGC. Harper1321300147200FYI...Almond & Apricot has coconutI bought the Almond & Apricot flavor, however the bar has an overwhelming coconut flavor. Looking at the ingredient list it is "Almonds, dried coconut, apricots, ...etc." This would be fine if you like coconut, but I do not. Just a heads up.
220505220505B0034EDLS2AD9X6ZF424FK5glowstar1521327104000Not "healthy"These bars may be made of ingredients you can pronouns, but they are not exactly good for you. The contain high amounts of sugar and fats. Not the kind of thing you can eat as a snack very often. I like the taste, but I have found bars that are actually good for you, so I won't be buying these anymore. Also, I find them way overpriced.
220506220506B0034EDLS2A1B8NEQYN1GLKOVictoria S. Woeste "historian"2821322352000Eat at your own riskKind bars taste great and pack a nutritional punch, but they pack another kind of punch as well. On October 10, I bit into an almond/fruit bar and broke a front crown. What made it worse (and more expensive) is that I was en route from Chicago to San Francisco at the time so the accident made it imperative to seek emergency dental care for a temporary crown in SF and then have the permanent crown made upon my return home. Total sticker price for that Kind bar: $1665, not counting the cost of the bar itself. I called Kind's corporate headquarters in New York and was referred to its insurance company, Chubb, which declined to assist me with any of my bills on the grounds that the company was not negligent. That's a matter of interpretation, I think, but rather than pursue silly litigation that would cost more than I've already spent, I think I'll just do my civic duty and warn Kind's buyers in the most public way I can think of to beware when eating these bars. They're delicious, but they can break teeth. Let the Kind eater beware: caveat emptor, caveat vore.
220507220507B0034EDLS2A1L1BRAZEDW2IKfearalicesgarden0511337558400Not so goodI tried this flavor thinking it would be similar to the Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter flavor, but realized it wasn't & was a bit disappointed. The other one is my absolute favorite though & I highly recommend Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter.
220508220508B0034EDLS2A3E44J6UX651BCXSIman0611321488000Horrible tasting and WAY overpriced and may break your teeth.I was looking for a healty snack and these got good reviews. My first impression was that these are very small and extremely bland tasting. The almonds were slightly soft and did not thaste very much like almonds, but it was edible. The second bar had a spot that tasted really bad as if one of the nuts were bad. The third bar was ok, but then it was almost every bar after that was bad. I ended upo throwing the last few bars away. The packaging was sealed properly and it was well within it's expiration date. These bars also have a way of twisting your teeth around to the point I thought I might have damaged one of my teeth. If you want an equally healthy snack for a better price, pick up a bag of mixed nuts/trail mix from your grocery store.
220509220509B0034EDLS2A1EAOYP31O6JLYJohn Monahan21011307491200False ingredientsThis should be named the macadamia/coconut/apricot bar. The second ingredient on the box contents is coconut, which I detest. This list of ingrdients is false. I was very suprised. I would not have thought Kind would go this.
220510220510B0034EDLS2A6D0VD9INFG6SCOOL GUY0721335830400TOO OILY!!I am not an expert of food but something tells me when a bar is overloaded with and an oily residue its not healthy for yah!! i would not recommended this product unless your starving for food!
220511220511B0034EDLS2A2P3GLJU22VAMDChar0801511285027200Not what I ORDEREDI did not receive what I ordered , instead I got almond and apricot these were quite sickly!!
220512220512B0034EDLS2ALPNXYJVO25LXjenn1141338336000a better snack than most granola barsThe almond and apricot bars make the best emergency snacks I've found. The bar is pliable rather than extra chewy or crunchy, and while it's definitely sweet it's not as sweet as the ones with yogurt. Finishing one is usually enough to fix a hungry headache or blood-sugar crash, and satiating enough that I'm not rooting around for more food if I've somehow skipped lunch. The gluten-free is an extra bonus; I've got a few friends with celiac, so being able to share with them is quite nice.
220513220513B0034EDLS2A1B40VBHHI66HQJulie Jackson1151336953600Amazing and deliciousWonderful snack or meal replacement. Satisfies me for hours. On Weight Watchers it has a Points+ value of 5. Great for breakfast or a mid afternoon snack. Delicious!
220514220514B0034EDLS2AEV16YSBBWQS4K. Guevara1151336780800I love these bars!These are my favorite variety from the KIND bars. If you are expecting a chewy and sweet (very sweet) bar that does not make you feel guilty, this is the right kind of bar for you! Additionally, the price on amazon is very good as they retail on other places for over 2 dollars a piece!
220515220515B0034EDLS2A35N7P8CB13ABnycrunnergirl1151335225600Sweet treat, that is not too bad for you.I buy these often, and I get a pretty good deal from amazon compared to getting it in the stores. I keep some in my desk at work, gym bag, and ocket book for when a hunger attack comes on. I like that it is low glycemic too, I don't worry too much about a rapid spike in sugar. It is very sweet for those with sensitive taste buds. Not a meal replacement but a good hold off until you can get a meal.
220516220516B0034EDLS2A2DH1K6FZAN2ETMarjorie A Morris1151335139200Hard to stop eating these bars-- Almond & CoconutThe bars I eat are Almond & Coconut - Kind Fruit & Nut. They are wonderful!! I could eat these for every meal.
220517220517B0034EDLS2A357OD9OW6MPRWBernadette E. Russek1151334880000What's not to like?We love Kind bars and regularly get about four of the varieties. They are delicious, healthy, and reasonably priced on Amazon. You pay a lot more for them in shops, that is, if you can find them.

They also make great gifts, especially 'thank-you' gifts. I just sent two orders to my daughter and brother.

We are delighted with the Amazon subscription program. We automatically receive three different Kinds every two months, but if we run out, it is easy to get an extra order quickly. The service is excellent.
220518220518B0034EDLS2A1OQUU8LQJAUOUTheGadfly "TheGadfly"1151334793600Taste great and very healthyAll of these bars lack the toxic substances that often trigger headaches/migraines (e.g gluten). They taste excellent, provide a great amount of nutrition and antioxidants. I highly recommend this product, and will certainly be adding them to my to overall healthy diet. You will not be sorry if you purchase this product.
220519220519B0034EDLS2A1ZK6OF6NFRU8XTay1151334188800great taste!These by far are the best tasting gluten free bars ever and at a very reasonable price. Low in calorie and a great after work out snack.
220520220520B0034EDLS2A6WIN1COTXJC7gxkvhc1151334188800soo yummy!I love these bars although the sesame is one of my least favorite flavors but the dark chocolate with nuts or peanut butter and the fruit nut or coconut are wonderful flavors and i think they make for a perfect healthy snack. If i want something sweet i will grab one of these and im satisfied. I also love that these are gluten free!!!
220521220521B0034EDLS2AQY5XBYSENNZQQuickbeam1151330646400My favorite food, finally fresh and best possible price!I use these bars (macadamia and apricot are my favorite) as meal replacements on the go. They have a tremendous energy punch and satiate my hunger for a long time. The best thing about them is that they taste like real food, not some dry rice crispy treat like so many others.

Getting these through Amazon is wonderful because I finally get fresh bars (usually expired in the health food stores near me if I can find them at all) and a terrific price. I definitely recommend subscribing. It's a great service.
220522220522B0034EDLS2A2NML53YCHS80SBurgundy Damsel1151320537600This Made My DayAfter searching high and low for some kind of snack food bar to stash in my purse that wasn't chock full of soy, hydrogenated oils and other nasty things I gave these a go - and I was amazed!

These are delectable - really almost like eating candy, only good for you. I tried about four different flavors so far and have liked them all. I appreciate that the labels are quite clear, so those of us who can't have soy can see at a glance exactly which ones we can and can't have.

These did not get mushed or sticky or stale the way so many things do - they are a fantastic option and I will definitely be buying more!
220523220523B0034EDLS2A28GM84ZIMNP4Amango™ "mango™"1151319414400Soooo Gooood!I wanted a small, portable snack that wasn't filled with sugar and chemicals. This was highly rated, so, trusting the Amazon reviewers, I ordered it.

This is soooo good! The nuts are crisp and Fresh, the apricot tastes wonderful.

Try it, you won't be disappointed!
220524220524B0034EDLS2A3IT7TTIA02890Marilyn L. Bruce1151305158400Love these BarsMy husband is diagnosed with Celiac Disease and therefore always looking for gluten-free foods. The Kind Bars have become a regular staple item in our food pantry. They are ideal for a quick snack or as a travel snack. He is pleased to have found them available from Amazon in bulk quantity, therefore reducing the cost. Gluten-free foods tend to be very expensive and being able to get them from Amazon is wonderful.
220525220525B0034EDLS2A2VXBOZ7RILGY1Nancy J. Schoepke1151299974400delicious barsI must eat gluten & sugar cane & dairy free. These bars allow me to avoid my allergies and they taste delicious. I eat at least one every day.
220526220526B0034EDLS2A321PKZM7SS0U3Wynter721141299628800One of my favoriteI absolutely love the flavor of the Kind bars, and this one is my favorite. For people complaining about the fat.....NUTS HAVE FAT. But that is the only source of fat in these bars. Nuts are also full of vitamins and minerals..oh yes and PROTEIN. These actually do taste like candy, and are a great pick me up snack. If you want something filling though, and more of a meal replacement...go with Clif bars. They can keep you going for quite awhile. My real complaint with these? The price. No matter where you get them, they are on the high end. I have 4 children and I cannot afford to keep these around as a regular staple. Even buying directly, you have to get them in cases of 72..for over a 100 bucks. Larabars if I am savvy I can get for about 1.00 a bar, and even though the texture is different (since they pretty much pulverize the nuts) are awesome and simple healthy organic, non GMO, gluten free, raw diet, vegan, most are lactose free variety's, and if the word peanut is not in the ingredients they were made in a non-peanut plant. Kind can boast most of these too....larabars do take a couple extra steps. they are also free-trade certified.....Oh and they have 19 flavors of their basic bars.
220527220527B0034EDLS2A3JPP28R32AICIM. Hong1151289865600great sweet treatEvery once in a while, I'll have a KIND bar for my 3 'o clock snack at work. I had no problem polishing off my whole box in around 2 weeks all by myself, because they're so delicious!

Like other reviewers have said, the bar tastes really sweet. I'm a candy/chocolate-loving person and I prefer the KIND bar for my sugar fix. It does have 16g carbs, of which 13g are sugar, so while it may be "all natural", it has quite a bit of "all natural" sugar. While not the healthiest snack option, its satisfying and yummy enough to keep me away from my even less healthy options.

Though I enjoyed the Almond & Apricot bar, my favorite is the Macadamia and Apricot. If you're worried about a lot of chewiness like some of the other reviewers, try the Macadamia option. It is truly melt-in-your-mouth delicious and the soft macadamias perfectly complement the sweet chewiness of the fruit and coconut with an amazing texture. I haven't tried any other flavors, but I will soon!
220528220528B0034EDLS2A3372U920TLHLEcc "c"1151283644800Super deliciousReally tasty, great ingredients, one of the less expensive flavors that KIND makes. Amazon is the cheapest price I've seen. Will buy again.
220529220529B0034EDLS2A1743B9QWOP56ST. Wilson "OaklandCoaster"1151282435200Better than most bars, for sure- very nutty!I usually don't like "nutrition" bars- if I'm hungry and in a hurry, I don't like to try and choke down a grain-type bar that requires a lot of water or liquid to get it down. These bars are great because there's no grain involved. It's just a delightful blend of dried fruit and crunchy toasted almonds- a bit of a tang to balance out the sweetness. Not TOO dry- still moist, chewy, crunchy, and very delicious.
I realize grains may be important to some people, but I usually just have trouble eating those style bars.
This, I look forward to- and in a pinch, it makes a tasty dessert- healthier than lots of other things.
220530220530B0034EDLS2A2D5ZYRQX2IMX5R. Esposito1151278720000Like eating candy!This healthy bar is so delicious that it's like eating candy. Something this yummy shouldn't be so good for you but it is. The Macadamia & Apricot is delicious and the texture is not as gooey as some of the others. It's another one of my favorite Kind bar flavors.

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