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220621220621B002GUE5W6A18I7H2A9JOWSIAlice Bradley0051267228800DELICIOUS!!!I hope M & M's will make these on a full time basis. I am a coconut fanatic & they are so good,
220622220622B002GUE5W6ALU8RT25JPQLHJ. K. Jackson "Jkj"0051265932800Drops of sunshineI LOVE Almond Joy® & Mounds® and these morsels are marvelous!

I phoned this company (M&M-Mars®) to congratulate the marketing staff on festive packaging.

Would buy from this seller in a heart beat!

Jana K.
220623220623B002GUE5W6A3CHNGUSZR497BLeah Bush "Leah"0051265241600Excellent!These are very hard to find!! When I first heard/seen them it was at M&M world in Las Vegas. They are sooooo delicious! If you love coconut this is DEF someone you would enjoy! Stock up if you can. These will go super fast!
220624220624B002GUE5W6A2IWU3LWXL1MWLKing Lerxst "Book worm"1211311811200Bitterly disappointedI just can't believe all the positive reviews on this product. Every company should get one free pass for making a mind-numbing mistake and putting out an absolutely horrible product. For the folks at M&M, this IS that product. Peanut M&M's have peanuts in them. Almond M&M's have almonds in them. Peanut butter M&M's have peanut butter in them. Pretzel M&M's have crunch pretzels in them. One would logically assume, given this company's stellar reputation for quality, that Coconut M&M's would have coconut in them. One would assume that, but one would be wrong. Instead, it's just a regular M&M with a slight hint of a god-awful artificial coconut flavor with an overwhelming aftertaste. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I imagine it's similar to what it would taste like to lick a freshly lacquered antique table. If you open that bag thinking that you're going to be eating little bits of coconut joy (like a Mounds or Almond Joy bar), you too will be bitterly disappointed.
220625220625B002GUE5W6A2ITZC8YX0DOLSSeamus Mccormack "euripides 203"1211280793600Never found out,.I couldn't begin to review the M&M coconut as it arrived packaged in such a way that every one of the 24 bags were fused together by the heat. It is true, that you allowed me to return it, and equally true that you credited me for the sale, but the vendor must be stupid. The company is based in Arizona!!! and they didn't think that the M&M's would melt????? It brings into question the business of sense of AZ Perfume. Even the name indicates that it is hot there!!I would Never order anything from them again. I contacted the President of the Co by e-mail and in two weeks he hasn't even deigned to answer me. That does not speak well for a vendor who represents, does it??
220626220626B002GUE5W6A1HCVRM6GN6LNBNhut Huynh "SlickyWickyNicky"0111332201600Tastes like normal m&m'sThese tastes like normal m&m's. I can't taste any coconut in them. I wish there was real flakes of coconut inside. I was expecting something like the center of a mounds bar inside, but instead just tastes like bigger regular m&m's. Still tastes good, but not coconut as advertised.
220627220627B002GUE5W6ATWSPY5Y1YYYEEminem0151306972800Best M&Ms everBest M&Ms ever are really great tasting! though after about 10 or so they just start tasting like regular M&m's. So I suggest eating them at no more then 5 at a time for 5 intervals. Then repeat every 30 minutes for best results. I am also selling a double M&m I found in the bag fused together. I will be auctioning it off for 1,000,000 dollars if your interested contact me.
220628220628B003NCECBUA12V6DKXVEHIU2M. Mora "Miss M"1251292025600YummyThis is tasty. I would like it less sweet though. I dilute it and add more water or milk. Would like a sugar free product, with NO artificial sweetners so I could add my own personal touch of honey.
220629220629B001DBSGQ0A3MDLSN793VD93Lisa C0051349654400MMMM...Pulled PorkOriginally we bought this spice at another store. Much to my shock they were no longer stocking it, I was so happy to find it on Amazon. The momment it arrived at the house I was anticipating the marvalous pullrd pork my partner would make with it. I wasn't disappointed. YEAH!!!
220630220630B001DBSGQ0AEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns0041324598400Good flavor, a little salty, not too spicyI love the McCormick spices in the large bottles sold here on Amazon. They are a great value over buying spices in small bottles at the grocery store, and so far I've been happy with the ingredients in all the ones I've bought.

This Bayou Cajun seasoning is a little salty, but because it has no MSG I like using it in jambalaya, on grilled shrimp and salmon, and in dirty rice. It's got a little bite to it, but it's not too spicy for the family's tastes. The shaker lid makes it easy to dispense the right amount, and the rectangle shape of the bottle allows me to stack it with other bottles in my pantry. With free SuperSaver shipping on orders over $25, this is a good value for those who like to cook with Cajun spices.
220631220631B004IN4MRWA2HYHT45PHNIIGAramat "Aramat"0051343433600100% of Dachshund's ApproveAt least the one in our house. This is her morning treat and she eats them every day. We struggled to find treats this picky pup would eat, but she seems to enjoy these and keeps coming back for more.
220632220632B004IN4MRWA2UYYEK7CZWOWLfltwoway0011342051200WormsI purchased a case of these in October 0f 2011 which has an expiration date of August 2012. I opened the case today and found they were all full of worms. This product has no shelf life so I urge you to avoid purchases in quantities for use at future date. The manufactures web site has no clearly defined path to resolve the issue so I will call them tomorrow and update this post.
220633220633B004IN4MRWA1H7I4S0XUWTXB. McCann0051323907200Great treat for any type of dog!I have three dogs that LOVE these Snaps by Purina; this is the ONLY bones one of the three will eat, and the price at Amazon can't be beat even by Wal-Mart!
220635220635B001EQ5J0KA1PB97BLMR9X2SL. Jenkins "Laurie-J"1151179792000Very Easy to Make and Very Tasty Too!This is a great product. I made the potato cakes for breakfast. Just add water to the mix. The potato cakes were ready to fry up in just a couple of minutes. I slapped them down on the griddle with a bit of olive oil. They browned up very nicely and were just crispy enough. One little package made 6 nice sized potato cakes. I only used 2 of them so I just put the others in individual sandwich bags and put them in the freezer. I figure I'll take out a couple more next weekend and heat them up on the griddle while the eggs and bacon are cooking. These potato pancakes have a great texture and they stayed together well. I am so glad I made this purchase because these potato cakes taste much better than the frozen potato hasbrown type potatoes.
220636220636B001EQ5J0KA2XDJUDE91RV3EHana M. Tyler "Hana T,"1151169510400Panni Shredded Potato PancakesMy Mother used to make these when she didn't feel like making them from scratch. The box is much simpler and quicker to make and have a great taste. Serve with a roast, brown gravy and a salad. What a wonderful meal.
220637220637B001EQ5J0KAQ6J40HMO7CH5Jim0051350432000Best Commercial Mix on the MarketThis potato pancake mix is the best mix out there. It even rivals scratch made ones. The price is even a little better (when they had it instock)than what I found in our local stores.
220638220638B001EQ5J0KA356KBB6AE999Ijbt0051334966400Potato PancakesBest potato pancakes on the market. 1 box makes enough to have company over, or refrig the rest of the batter for the next day. Great and EASY product.
220639220639B001EQ5J0KA195XXM44QEKUYcbtwopa0051322611200Please do not stop making these!!!!!I was introduced to Panni years ago. A friend bought them for me since they were not available in many places! I tried them, loved the taste, texture and crunch to them. They are delicious if fried in bacon fat!!! I love these!!!

Thank you for making them much more available Panni and Amazon!!!!!
220640220640B001EQ5J0KA3UOJN6BOFTYMBDano0051280016000I love these!I have enojoyed these for years when I was young, and now I get to share them with my daughters. Great product, and Amazon has packaged it where it is very convenient to buy.
220641220641B003MATTN4A2VVF8EKPCHNTMRaven Woodard0021346889600Just okThis cake was just ok. I don't know if I just got a bad bag but it didn't come out right at all and I'm mad at myself for buying it.
220642220642B006BU77A4A1YS4ZYEL0K3G1The Mouse "Cathy"5551329436800Yum yumI've done quite a bit of research on dog food. Who knew I was feeding my dogs such sub-standard stuff all these years. But my current pup has a very sensitive tummy and so I was forced to research. When this food was delivered and I unpacked the box, he sat next to the bag and howled! It was a hoot. Needless to say he loves it - and his poop is great with it.
220643220643B006BU77A4A1TY14KGQR6NJXJoanie1151333238400It's alll gone!!!Another 30 lb bag is all gone. My 9 month old Newfoundland puppy just weighed in at 135 pounds. He seems to like it, no allergies, or digestive upsets with this food. He eats about 2 bags a month and I'll be needing to get him a job to help pay for his food soon.
220644220644B006BU77A4A22NU0QZBB0PDKWendy Michelle Kilpatrick "Michelle Kilpatrick"0051349568000Great Food!I have a very active German Sheperd puppy. She has been skinny since we got her until I switched her to Taste of The Wild. She loves both of the flavors of puppy food.
220645220645B006BU77A4AEC0I4XOMJJ72Rebecca Kidder "Patient Advocate"0051342742400My Pit Bull Mix Loves this!I give him raw chicken when I can but have to keep dry on hand for when I run out. I wanted grain free since my last dog died of cancer (he was also getting raw chicken but then I gave him Purina One for a couple of weeks and he just went down hill from there). I believe it is the grain in the food as grains (sugar) feed cancer. Dogs would not run out to the fields and steal the grains. They will steal any type of meat. This is what their creator intended for them to eat & survive best off of.

Wolves live longer than there same-size dog counter parts. Yet we bring dogs to the vet, they are pampered, fed daily & vaccinated. It's the grains! The corn causes problems with their bones. This is why our animals get arthritis and hip dysplasia so early!

My dog LOVES this stuff. I've also tried Chicken Soup for the Soul food, he doesn't care for that.
220646220646B006BU77A4A3TAS1AG6FMBQWJeri Zerr "formerly a Road Rarrior of the Nth...0051335398400Best and Lowest cost Grain-Free dog food as of writing this reviewWe have several German Shepherd Dogs who despite all being related have a wide variety of coats, sizes, head structures, preferences and temperaments. In the past on commercial cereal dog foods this one was picky or that one had a coat issue. NOT ANYMORE. Not since we switched to TASTE OF THE WILD. Finally, a food that I am comfortable serving to them for quality, they all DEVOUR within minutes leaving none to waste and all their skin and coat issues are gone. YEAH!! yes, this dog food SEEMS to be a bit higher cost than the commercial cereal dog foods, however in terms of reduced odor, reduced coat issues, reduced skin issues, increase vitality, increased vigor therefore increased health - it's allll worthwhile!

Even though we currently have full grown dogs I still mix in a bag of Taste of the Wild Puppy formula every few bags, especially in the fall and winter months to give them extra energy. The puppy formula is the perfect boost for our very senior dogs. In the future when we have a puppy I will most definitely consider feeding them TOTW Salmon Puppy formula for healthy development.

Our dogs love the salmon flavor the best though they obviously enjoy Taste of the Wild over all other brands of dog food. A family of mallard ducks moved into our pond for the summer - we were giving them a few bits of TOTW - Salmon daily, as well. Initially they were hesitant then the ducks would paddle over to me at feeding time, as well!
220647220647B006BU77A4A1NK7QP4VL9LSQJude's Mommy170051332288000My Newfie loves it!We decided to get a Newfoundland puppy and brought him home, prior to this I had researched dog foods and decided to go with holistic select giant and large breed puppy[the food he was being fed at the breeder wasn't available around us or online]. I had done the gradual switch from his food to the new food and after days of diarrhea and a vet visit and researching, I decided to change his food to this. From the first bite, we have had no problems. He is now a healthy, growing boy who loves his dog food and I couldn't be happier.
220648220648B006BU77A4A1EML82AKR5WU4M. Doyle0311336176000Recall on this product<
220649220649B001LNJFY2A1E1L1OJZQI3OOM. Stewart0051346025600Pleasant memories revivedMy wife dreamed of having this candy when she was a girl and I surprised her with this classic Christmas candy in the middle of July, and the candy was fresh and delicious; a traditional hard peppermint flavor candy.
220650220650B001LNJFY2A2YLFC29BTH6YCV. Isner "Vicky"0051231200000Brach's Ribbon CandyCould not find this product in stores anywhere. Found it on Amazon, received it quickly, husband loves it!

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