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220775220775B0059YB39OA1DRHQOA0DX5JUdj232000 "Dj"0031341014400not so goodthis is my fav Jerkey of all time..and when i recived mine it was moist and not good..the jerky still had white fat visable on the jerky it was so moist it was sticky..if you now this brand u know thats not how its supposed to be..i even threw out 2 bags it was that bad..idk y or how it happened but i wont buy it online ever again..Gl
220776220776B0059YB39OA3EXFOP4S6RL7UUsdrag0051335657600The Original Thin JerkyI have tried several times to find the perfect jerky that I was raised on. Finally I have found it. I'm not a fan of today's thick and sweet jerky. This thin style from Oberto is the one for me. I am so glad I found it again.
220778220778B0059YB39OA3J84H8P0AEUSEDeviousPH30051329696000Still the bestGrew up enjoying this product. Still as good as I remember. Very unlike the overly sugared candy styled beef jerky prevelant in our increasingly obese culture.
220779220779B0059YB39OA93AG3JQQVXOZR. Valley0011328227200Regular is Salty--Peppered is GreatI would say I get less salt from sucking on a handful of sunflower seeds. This was horrible. Despite what the package says this is not the original jerky. I would eat a bag a day back in 2005 and 2006, so I was so excited to see this but it did not taste at all like the jerky from way back then.

UPDATE: I just ate the thin peppered beef jerky and was surprised by the difference between the flavor of the peppered and the original flavor. Two thumbs up for the peppered jerky, in fact they don't even tast like they were made from the same company. I will make sure to always only buy peppered.
220780220780B0059YB39OA35RHL4NP0SUM7Blade0051326067200The Best!I have been searching for this style in every store and can't find it anymore. This is what I used to eat as a kid. It's even better now because it was very tender and fresh. Sometimes when I buy it in the store it is tough and dried out. Highly recommend.
220781220781B0059YB39OAD72WBS1MDTRODonovan X "freelance consumer"0021325203200Salty leather stripsIf you like beef jerky that is dry, over salted and super tough then Oberta Peppered Thin Style is sure to please. Despite being very tough in the first place the poor meat quality contained large amounts of gristly material that simply could not be chewed. The peppered flavoring was not bad and the only notable highlight in an otherwise terrible product. So two stars on the review. Otherwise this is worst quality jerky I have ever tried.
220782220782B0059YB39OADSAXETCF8TVDronworf0051318550400Love this stuffI'm so glad I found this product here at Amazon. It has been my favorite beef jerkey for the past 15+ years, and unfortunatly it's not so easy to find in the supermarkets anymore. It seems more people go for the thick jerkey, and flavored with sweetners, but this one is salty and very thin, just perfect, and adding the pepper makes it perfect for me. It is a little expensive for the amount you get, but worth it for me.
220771220771B0059YB39OA27I70F4Z9TW9JCatswolf "Karen"1151264118400Love this stuffI love beef jerky, but my jaw gets tired when I eat too much. I found this at a gas station in Montana while traveling, and it was great. I looked all over for it when I got home, but no one carries it locally. Thanks to Amazon, I can now order jerky any time I want.
220783220783B0059YB39OAYOQKDZV35SVEJJ0031290988800Just OKLove Oberto-first time bought product from online and I was disappointed. Product dry. Can't find product in stores in my area. Will not buy from online again.
220784220784B0059YB39OA2CE0MZGWIY1BDaugsfrg0051289606400Best Jerky there isGreat product. Husband will not eat any other kind. Price could be a little lower. I even like it and I am not a jerky eater.
220785220785B0059YB39OA279XGYU9FUQUBG. S. Bond0051288656000Thin Orginal is the bestI have been eating this jerky for over 50 years. Have tried many other brands from all over th 50 states and still like this version best. I am glad I can still get a better deal on Amazon as I can at their Seattle, WA outlet store.
220786220786B0059YB39OA3094EPI56GKZ6Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren"0051287014400Great Beef Jerky!Can't beat the price on Amazon for this jerky. Its thin and still has that Oberto taste that is so good. Great for dieting but don't eat too much as its high in sodium. Otherwise love Oberto Jerkys! :)
220787220787B0059YB39OA2A0T9AFIZGYSMcows0021285632000You get what you pay forIt's just not pleasing to eat. Obviously, because it's thin, there's not much chewing action. This also translate for some reason into being really dry. As for the favor... it is just a mixture of sour and salt....
220788220788B0059YB39OA32RGO6KJSKG37Jimmy Smith "Cheeseburger"0041269648000Great snack, maybe too saltyThe strips of jerky are thinner than average and it tasted good, it was a little too salty for my taste. I would probably try another variety of them and not the 'original' anymore.
220772220772B0059YB39OA27I70F4Z9TW9JCatswolf "Karen"2351253059200Amazon reviewI found this beef jerky at a gas station while on a vacation in Montana. Since it's thinner it's a lot easier to chew (my jaw didn't get so tired). And the same good flavor was still there. Oh Boy! Oberto Thin Style Beef Jerky, Teriyaki, 3.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)
220773220773B0059YB39OA15N54Z3HJ70R1michelleyl0051350345600yummy beef jerkyI love Oberto Thin Style Peppered Beef Jerky and I have only seen it sold in small bags at liquor stores or 7-11. These bigger bags are awesome!
220789220789B0059YB39OA2R9T5JD9U93TRThomas Timm00512538368005 starvery fresh every time i order it an it goes to my daughters house in ca they love it.
220774220774B0059YB39OA27VZ69PZVNEF1Estevan Vivanco Meza "EazyEVM"0011349827200NOT The *Classic* THIN STYLE!!!This jerky is delicious, but please don't think it is the Oh Boy! Oberto Thin Style from 15-20 years ago. You remember, right? It was about as thick as 4-5 sheets of paper and oh-so easy to chew? Well, this product is pretty damn THICK for a supposed "thin" jerky. If all you care about is flavor, then go for it. It's salty, but that's what makes it good. I was hoping it would be the classic thin style, but NOPE.
220790220790B0059YB39OA11KFILTMNAMMOXu Yingbo "Abaddon"3511268352000It's not salty, it's salt!Bought it because it's on sale, but it turned out to be a super disappointment.

Like the others said, it's not edible. What I feel is that it's can not be called salty. It's absolute salt!

I have to wash it in hot water for 5 minutes and then eat it. What a mess!
220791220791B0059YB39OAN11CJGPLZT6ET. Millard2451260748800I've been eating it for years!If you truly enjoy old-fashioned, hard, tear your teeth out jerky, this is awesome stuff. Found it by chance while living in Seattle and fell in love with it. This peppered taste variety is hard to find nowadays, but I'm glad I found it on amazon. Price is good for the quantity in the bag too.

Now that I live in Florida I can't even get Oberto Jerky in the hard variety. Just the soft stuff (which is good too, I just like variety!)

Wish Oberto would bring it back...I'll eat it forever...very addicting!
220792220792B0059YB39OA341IYT2Z8HVPMAl0111333756800YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I commonly order jerky from all over the county. . . From individuals, from small companies and large, this truly is the WORSTE I have ever had. Honestly, it made me gag when I opened the first bag ...
220793220793B0059YB39OALMMCMLBESHGHV. Chiu0111309824000Salt licksPro: It is probably close to the genuine article. Real preserved beef slices.

Con: It is really salty and it is not just from natural sodium chloride. It is full of preservative sodium. It does not actually taste like a culinary creation. It seems like chemically preserved salted beef. It is so bad, I am thinking that I could make a better version by putting some sliced beef seasoned with salt, pepper, and sugar in a large biscuit tin along with a smouldering hickory block.
220794220794B0059YB39OA22GTSCZUAVGQCpaul liu0111290556800too dry and too salty, felt like chewing barkI bought Oberto herky from Amazon few times a year.
But this thin style is simply too dry and too salty, \
felt like chewing bark :-(
220795220795B0059YB39OA3IO9D6SAQJ649gtfan0620100131289174400Oberto beef jerky thin style - good value, a little saltyGreat price for the quantity. The quality is as expected if you have had Oberto's other beef jerky products; however, it seems much saltier than the regular style.
220796220796B0059YB39OA3CBL4OT3EPLLUPeter Lamd0131289088000Driest beef jerkyIt was very dry, and a lot of Grissel, Looks like they left the string on the roast when they served it.
220797220797B0059YB39OA2XL93OUH15DUGVictor Wen0121285545600Not very goodIt's not very tasty. Chewing this beef jerky is like chewing sand paper. Thick cut is the way to go.
220798220798B0059YB39OAHYHLMMV98D9JFellow Amazonian "Chris"0211271289600Moist and Juicy... NOT...I like a variety of jerky but this Peppered style from Oh Boy! all I can say is Oh NO!!!!!! Thin sliced is OK but not when it is as dry as cardboard. I did not like this product at all. I don't usually do reviews but I felt I had to give my opinion on this one. I will NOT be buying this one again... Sorry Oh Boy! Oberto...
220799220799B0059YB39OAVP4LDP2P9B68Amazon-holic.0321321747200Meh.I love beef jerky, and it's perhaps the one thing standing between me and full-on vegetarianism but this product was too salty, didn't have enough pepper, and the thin strips were not as tasty and chewing a thicker slice of jerky. So, all in all, it was adequate, but Jack Links' peppered beef jerky is a much better choice.
220800220800B0059YB39OASFP250F22MDZBut I'm feeling much better now...0331269043200Eh.....Kinda loses the taste in the thin style. On the bright side its easier to chew. I won't buy it again, but I will buy the Oberto brand again.

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