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220891220891B003IN4ORQANZTN7BD7K6KWWayne1351286409600Love this coffee.Great coffee. It teaches you what great coffee is. Once you've had this other brands taste like dirt water.
220892220892B003IN4ORQAYF0FYBTRGDWRWilliam R. Colosi1351282608000Great CoffeeIf you really like great coffee, you have to try this company. A tad more expensive than store brands, but well worth it. Ask at one of your better restaurants to see what brand of coffee they serve.
220893220893B003IN4ORQA3TD1O4EC26NT2swootchie1351280880000Love this coffeeThis coffee is amazing. love love love it.

The flavor ages well - and by that I mean that the first and last cup from the pot are both bright and full of flavor.

My sister-in-law is a self-professed coffee snob. after finding this through amazon, i sent her an order and SHE even sang praises for this filter blend. whew! :)
220894220894B003IN4ORQA3MHAISKX2M6OAJ. Williams0211323648000DisappointedI ordered this pack and have been so disappointed. Following the directions, I found the coffee practically tasteless. So I kept adding more coffee to the Bunn coffee maker and the coffee has been disgusting at best. I am either giving away or throwing away the remaining packs from the order. Too bad because we had just found the "coffee of our dreams" at a big box store and in two weeks they stopped carrying it. So I must do coffee shopping on the web, which can be a costly alternative.
220895220895B003IN4ORQA36GPUBRC4QULPB. Wood0251281744000Great Smooth Tasting Coffee!!I use this in my personal K-cup and my husband and i both LOVE it!!
We have tried many different coffees lately and this is our favorite so far!!
220896220896B003IN4ORQA2MN04WOADV05ONancy B. Mahdavi1431280361600Not bad, but not what I was expectingI also hunted far and wide for this coffee in stores after drinking it at the Chumash Resort in Santa Ynez. Could only find it online.

But after reading some reviews, it seems that hotel-style coffee may be a liquid concentrate, and i can't recreate that taste by buying the ground coffee. It tastes fine, but not better than other brands readily sold in stores. I won't be buying any more online and paying a premium for it.
220897220897B004ILRC8UA2NEA18L0XUO3KMari1151298851200Yum!No mess!I love cookies n cream! I think its delicious, however because of where I live (Florida)it is very hot. Everytime I went to eat the bar of chocolate it would be somewhat melted and a mess was made when I ate it. Now there is no hassle of using the foil wrapper to eat the chocolate. You simply open the package, which is ziploc, making it fresher longe, then you put the drops in your mouth. They are not too chunky or hard they are the perfect amount of chocolate. Afterwards there is no mess and your hands should remain cleaned. : ) Enjoy!
220898220898B0032CU9UYA3IXVOIUJOH5KITuckers-Herbs0341282780800shiping2 days and i had my seeds there not bad looking ether. i just planted some in my grow room hope they do well :)
220899220899B003UQDVOIALXYMJVLLB10Vjkjmt0021325203200jkjmtThis was a Christmas present for my diabetic father. The product came in a timely matter and was packaged very carefully. It came in good condition. The only problem was the shipping cost MORE than the syrup. If it hadn't been a present for my father, I never would have ordered it.....but he loves anything strawberry.
220900220900B000ZSZ5QQA1HF565DR57V7ASrikanth3351231113600Excellent qualityThis product is a great hit, the almonds are fresh and crisp. The packaging is excellent and the almonds are of very high quality. I found the price quite good as well.
220901220901B000ZSZ5QQA1TMAVN4CEM8U8Gunner1151336348800I prefer the flavoredDiamond Almonds
Almonds are a good source of magnesium. One ounce contain approximately 20% of the RDA for an adult recommended dietary allowance (RDA)
Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) the amounts of selected nutrients considered adequate to meet the known nutrient needs of healthy people. The RDA is based on scientific knowledge and has been presented by a committee of the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The Canadian equivalent is the Recommended Nutrient Intakes. RDA is generally accepted throughout the world as a valid source of information. At least 40 different nations have as well as organizations have published standards similar to the RDA.

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and is essential to good health. Approximately 50% of total body magnesium is found in bone. The other half is found predominantly inside cells of body tissues and organs. Only 1% of magnesium is found in blood, but the body works very hard to keep blood levels of magnesium constant.
Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis. There is an increased interest in the role of magnesium in preventing and managing disorders such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Dietary magnesium is absorbed in the small intestines. Are you taking enough magnesium in the diet? The recommended daily allowance is 300mgs/day for men, 350mgs for women. Magnesium is extremely safe by mouth - too much simply causes diarrhea. Try increasing the amount of magnesium you take by mouth until it causes diarrhea, then reduce the dose slightly so it does not. This is called taking magnesium to bowel tolerance (just like using vitamin C to bowel tolerance.

Almonds are a good source of Fiber.
One ounce contains approximately 12% of the RDA for an adult.
So, in summary, Almonds are a very healthy snack, so what's left to say?

Two things:
1st be cautious about "bowel tolerance" or "happy bowels" if you prefer.
2nd Taste. I realize that taste is a personal thing. That's why they make chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

Here's my current favorites"

1st Blue Diamond Dark mint dark chocolate (reminds me of the chocolate mint Girl Scout Cookies with less sugar).

2nd Blue diamond Dark Chocolate Oven Roasted
3rd Blue diamond Blue Butter Toffee
4thd Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Habanero BBQ (reminds me of BBQ potato chips again with less sugar).
5th Bold Blazin Buffalo Wing
6th Blue Diamond Almonds Cinnamon Brown Sugar
7th Blue Diamond Almonds Lime `n Chili
8th Blue Diamond Almonds Smokehouse
9th Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce

But that's just me: you might have a completely different take on these flavors.
4th and 5th are very close.

May, 2012
220902220902B000ZSZ5QQA22RNRDFI4W7BRJ. Kauffman "Jade"1151334188800These are the best!I have had hypoglycemia at least since I was 5. That means I have to eat high protein, high complex carb, low simple sugars in six small feedings a day. That diet also has to be low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, and as free of refined sugars as humanly possible. You can imagine, I suppose, that such a restricted diet can be a monster pain to follow. Blue Diamond Natural Almonds are a staple in that diet. And when I get them in multi-package containers like this one, I save a lot of money. They crunch, they taste good, and they're good for me, as well as everyone else!
220903220903B000ZSZ5QQA15P5V2WZB0E81Avid Reader Reviews0041348444800Pretty GoodI really love their other types of Almonds and so tried these natural ones and I wasn't as happy. They just didn't seem to have the same crunch to them. However, overall they are not bad.
220904220904B000ZSZ5QQA1X1CEGHTHMBL1jjceo0051337904000A great tasting and crunchy snack that is healthier for you!As I read a book in the evenings I sometimes want a snack. Being a diabetic I look for things that are low in sugar, high in protein and low in sodium. These almonds are whole natural almonds and don't have a lot of other additives in them to make them unhealthy. They are rich in vitamin E, magnesium, calcium and potassium. They also contain 3 grams of dietary fiber but only one gram of sugar. One serving is 160 calories.

Not only are they ideal for a quick snack they are good to have while you are in the car and driving. Your family will enjoy them as a quick energy booster without all of the salt. I like all of the other flavors but to be honest if I can enjoy a snack and avoid all of the salt and sugar that can be added to the other almond flavors I will. I don't feel as guilty and it is better for me!
220905220905B000ZSZ5QQA3RC6GTUFKEY7YRainer Rocks0051335916800Get This Now !Arrived on time and expiration date is June/2015...Leaves me plenty time to eat
it before it goes bad .

Oh Yeah !

These almonds are fresh fresh fresh and crisp but not too crisp where
you would worry about breaking a tooth. Did I say Fresh ?

Seriously..They are perfection in a can and the price is great !

Oh boy they are so good..chewing on them as I type this..sooo gooooood !
220906220906B000ZSZ5QQA2WOL56UKTBOESJeffrey0051307404800delicious almond-y goodnessAs an almond fan, these small cans provide the most consistent, fresh taste. I have had less success with the 12oz and 16oz bags. An excellent value in the 12-pack, and a great alternative to chips or other sweets when you get the craving. Really great for weight loss/weight control, as the protein and fiber will keep you full between meals.
220907220907B000ZSZ5QQA3LMPD1ZQTWOC4AmazonLover0051300406400Delicious, very healthy, and cheaper than my local Wal-MartThese nuts taste great and they are very healthy because they do not have salt or any other unhealthy additives. I love the fact I can get them cheaper than Wal-Mart and have them shipped to my door for free. It is a lot of nuts for one person though. I hope they stay fresh until I am able to eat them all.
220908220908B000ZSZ5QQA3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer1251266364800These are Delicious Almonds - A Great Nutritious Treat To Take With You!These almonds are delicious. Almonds are my all-time favorite nutritious treat and they are easy to take on trips or errands when you don't want to stop for a real meal but might get hungry.

Good product! I recommend them.
220909220909B0029XP07YAD6UI1QXRIKG8cornflower0051280620800deliciousthis fruit and nut combination is great. i can't wait to try the other flavors.
220910220910B0029XP07YA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"0051264636800These are deliciousVery nice combination of nuts and fruits. I also would like to correct the ingredient information on this website which lists pineapple as the only tropical fruit. This item contains, not only pineapple, but mango and papaya as well which some may need to know for allergen information.
220911220911B0029XP07YA3I5D3BUR9V5RNK. Kirkland "Aidan's Mom"0051258329600Crunchy, sweet and saltyCrunchy, sweet and salty but good for you! Not often found in one product. Even my friends who don't like "health food" enjoy these snacks. Beware that there are 2 servings per bag so have a buddy to share the calories nearby! I love all Mrs. Mays products.
220912220912B0026A1CHCA35OA53L058D6XRobert Atchison0051269820800Delicious and DifferentI liked it a lot, it is a unique jam I have never seen before.
220913220913B000BQOAMCA1Q2RGD4F3W4WCLatashia T. Borden "Latashia T. Borden"442118635840025 lb block saltThey charged alot for shipping and handling.Its much cheaper if you order the 50lb of blocks of salt. Its like triple the price of what the salt cost it self.
220914220914B006R0TG9IA22FTVESNQQ6GHCissyBlue0041344211200pretty good snack foodI bought these bars to fill in the void of healthy sweet snack.

Also bought them for the "chocolate" factor. Healthy + chocolate = no guilt.

They are a bit gooey, as opposed to crunchy. There is not nearly enough chocolate in one place for my taste, just little tiny bits here and there, but they do taste good, like good chocolate, when you taste it.

The good news is that they are tastey, I would say they are good, and the best news is that once you eat one, it totally removes your hunger. And it lasts for a good long while.

If I had children, or working adults to feed, I would definitely buy these again.
220915220915B0085E7B8WA2KY1WA7X0FPBFCyndal Provenzano252551302134400GRITS-Girls Raised In The South!!!Green Mountain Southern Sweet Perfect Iced Tea, 22-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers

I'm a TRUE Georgia Girl!! I know how sweet southern ice tea should taste. Well this Chick is no longer in Dixie. I've been searching for the perfect sweet tea for the past 5 yrs. Anyone who has made southern sweet tea the old school way, knows that it takes a lot of time to get the consistency just right. Once that's done the tea goes fast, thus the cycle continues. This tea is awesome!! Keurig makes it easy! Just keep in mind the K-cup is not REALLY sweet. Southerners call the tea itself "SWEET" not because of the suger but because of a particular taste. (This is a hard point to get across if you are not accustomed to drinking many different sweet teas down south) I use a glass pitcher, fill a fourth of the pitcher with sugar, then fill the entire pitcher with hot boiling water. Stir with a long spoon...(careful it will be HOT) until the water is completely clear. It's what we call a SIMPLE SYRUP down south. Before you brew your K-Cup, drop a splash of simple syurp in your glass or over your ice. The Sweet Perfect Ice Tea will then truely be PERFECT! FYI: If you live up north like I do and crave ice tea all year round...You'd better stock up on your K-cups by end of summer. The company considers the GREEN MOUNTAIN SOUTHERN SWEET PERFECT ICE TEA a seasonal item, (the NERVE!!) making them almost impossible to get in the winter and tripple the cost!!!! Enjoy!!!
220916220916B0085E7B8WA2PIJC7KU9D1F0Cory7751327190400can never have enough of thisThis beverage has just the right amount of sweetness and taste. It's not overbearing like most bottled teas and it is probably better for you than traditional soft drinks.

Here three quick tips to keep in mind for best results.
1. Put plenty of ice in your glass before brewing
2. Be sure and stir the tea before drinking
3. You may want to add a bit of ice after brewing

As with any beverage you will have to experiment with different amounts of ice to find the amount that works best for you.

A quick note about Amazon's wonderful customer service. I recently ordered some of this tea and the box was all bent and some of the k-cups were slightly damaged. I contacted Amazon customer service via email and with in less than one hour they emailed me back. They told me to keep the tea and refunded my money.

thanks Amazon
220917220917B0085E7B8WA8UKLYGZO9K4SErin Stewart8951280016000Just like fresh brewed iced teaThis was the closest to home-brewed iced tea that I have found. I love it. Have
went through 2 boxes already!!!!
220918220918B0085E7B8WA2T5Y84ZTY0F7FCafe15541291161600Good Stuff!This is a good K-Cup..the key though is to brew using the smallest size...of course thats less tea but it gives the closest to the "authentic" sweet tea that most of us that are familiar with the drink, are used to. I also think you could drink this one hot..Overall very good taste, not overly sweet but a good enough sweet tea taste to brew, grab, go & enjoy!
220919220919B0085E7B8WA3PUI49ESEALDIMelissa Frederick "melissafred"2241330560000Sweet but not Southern SweetThis is an excellent tea. However, if you are expecting the delicious, "put me in a diabetic coma" southern-style sweet tea, this isn't quite it. It's sweet, but not southern-sweet. That is easily rectified by a splash or two of simple syrup and voila! It becomes the sweet tea we love. What I do like about this tea is that it meets the taste demographics of both those who simply want a sweetened iced tea, and with a little addition, a delicious southern-style sweet tea. Great job to those who designed this one.
220920220920B0085E7B8WA3NOMBOXB1MLY4Justin D. Brown1151337904000Good flavor & easy to makeThis Sweet Tea takes just a second to make and tastes just as good as any you will try. I use a little bit of Agave in mine, and it makes it taste just as good as any other sugared down version. Also, you can't beat the fact that you can just drop it in your Keurig and have a glass ready in less than a minute.

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