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220921220921B0085E7B8WA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle1151310860800Sweet and lightly spicy iced tea for k-cup summersIs this an authentic Southern sweet tea. No. And, so what? Green Mountain/Celestial Seasonings K-cups are a delicious summer beverage for Keurig owners.

My wife purchased a Keurig B40 Elite Gourmet last Christmas. I was reluctant at first to switch from our stainless steel French press but we have now tried more than a dozen coffee blends. The wide range of roasts and flavors available are impressive.

This is our first iced tea k-cup. Following the directions produces a strong glass of black tea over crushed ice with just a hint of spice (although the only flavored ingredients listed are evaporated cane juice and black tea). I find I like the tea even better if I let the mixture sit for five minutes before I start to drink it.

One serving is 70 calories and contains caffeine. The exact ingredients are: evaporated cane juice, black tea, rebiana (sweetner from stevia) and tricalcium phosphate (a natural free flow agent). Personally, I don't add more sugar (not necessary) but I garnished a glass with fresh lemon.

Rating: Five stars

Green Mountain/Celestial Seasonings also offers k-cup iced teas - specially designed to brew directly over ice - in the following flavors:
Sweet Peach Black Perfect Iced Tea
Sweet Lemon Black Perfect Iced Tea
Sweetened Raspberry Perfect Iced Tea
Black Unsweetened Perfect Iced Tea

BTW: During the summer, I drink mainly unsweetened ice tea, like House Mugicha or Ito En Golden Oolong but when the mood hits me, I'll look for a sweet tea. Until I found Celestial Seasonings k-cup, I favored Sweet Leaf Tea, Original Sweet Tea. I recommend all of these iced teas.
220922220922B0085E7B8WA3S3EPKV4UB7WVLinda LaFleur "Meemaw"1151302048000Best Southern Tea ever!!!!Love Love Love this flavor...just as good or not better than I can make it. So easy with Keurig Brewer. Brew it and throw away...Sometimes hard to find Southern Sweet Tea, they are always out. Anyway, this is wonderful..very enjoyable.
220923220923B0085E7B8WA78TDDRXDVE1W. Pech1151293148800I Love It!!! Very good flavor...I love this tea. Whether it's 6 ounces over ice or 12 ounces hot I think it's great. I do add about a teaspoon of sugar to it because I like my tea really sweet but I don't see that as a problem. This is a very good tea served hot. I can't believe I'm going to say this but... I didn't think I could taste the tea bag before... but I did. This is an excellent choice in my opinion you can't go wrong hot or cold.
220924220924B0085E7B8WA365NNVZA4A3MNBonnie1141288828800Good but...Good tea, but I like my sweet tea, Sweet! & this is not sweet enough, so I added some of my own. Then I liked it!
220925220925B0085E7B8WA1KKO0BWXWMAOUSharon Walton "WV Shopper"1131286236800Sweet Iced Tea K-CupI was a little disappointed with this product. I didn't think the tea was sweet enough, and it was a little more expensive than the other K-Cup teas.
220926220926B0085E7B8WA3R061XZQZI70HL. Brisson "BuyMeFlowers"3441284940800Passed the picky husband testMy husband loves sweet tea and he is the pickiest person in the word when it comes to food. He actually loves this sweet tea. Having been born and raised in the south, he likes it really sweet and though I didn't think this was as sweet as some I have had, it has a great smooth flavor.
220927220927B0085E7B8WA3QEPF593S88MEptlvr "ptlvr"3451283212800Soo Good!Almost as good as my southern friends homemade sweet tea. I just put in my second order. This is really good iced tea.
220928220928B0085E7B8WA2NJYJFOEBE2FSS. Loy "Justisiscumin"2311323734400Weak weak weakThis was disappointing as it is the first K cup product I have bought which was not good. It produces a weak tea...way short of what southern sweet tea is.
220929220929B0085E7B8WA2ZZBUR4K17375Jacqueline Wingler "Jackie"0051349222400Easy Sweet Tea!I drink at least one of these k cups EVERYDAY at work! I make my own sweet tea at home using splenda, but this is perfect because I can make the tea early in the morning, put my cup in the freezer and by lunch time I've got perfectly cold sweet tea to enjoy for the rest of the day. I love it!!!
220930220930B0085E7B8WA1SYK5KAHTV03UDonna Martin "Bookie20"0051346889600Perfect Sweet TeaThis Tea has wonderful flavor and it is so convenient to use the K-cup. I like the 22 pack as it last longer than the smaller packs but still fits in the cabinet well.
220931220931B0085E7B8WA37ITFQMWUSVU8Robbie "Robbie"0051346630400I'm addicted.I think we went through the 12-pack in a couple of days, now I'm anxiously awaiting more. This subtly sweetened iced tea is perfect.
220932220932B0085E7B8WA3SLJBY34ZMP5ISuzi0041344384000Sweet Iced Tea at the Push of a ButtonI got the chance to try a sample of Celestial Seasonings Southern Sweet Tea as a BzzAgent. I love iced tea and Keurig, but I usually like a less sweet tea, so I have to admit to being skeptical when I popped that Celestial Seasonings Southern Sweet Tea K-Cup into my Keurig. I needn't have worried! I was pleasantly surprised and pleased by the iced tea this brews. I used the 6 oz setting to get a stronger tea flavor, and this K-Cup delivered exactly that. It has a nice strong black tea flavor, and it is lightly sweet, not at all overpoweringly sweet like I was expecting. Pop a slice of lemon in there and you've got the perfect glass of sweet iced tea in less than a minute!
220933220933B0085E7B8WA1HD82NOGE3U6Hpmyankee "pmyankee"0051343433600Delicious, yummyi love this tea hot and cold. i actually use each cup twice sometimes three times if im making a pot of iced tea i can run the cup thru the third time and still get a good color to add to the pot, no sense in watsting the leaves. I do that with a lot of these cups. but this sweet tea is yommy hot for breakfast or with ice in the afternoon you just cant go wrong. and each box is wrapped for freshness. i know the cups are sealed but i like the idea that the boxes are sealed in plastic. i buy a lot at one time. this makes me feel it stays fresher, longer.
220934220934B0085E7B8WA3CUL9TQ5B1NOZDisgruntled "somewhat"0051342742400Tea taste is great!However this is not authentic southern sweet. It can be, if you add 2 tablespoons or more of granulated sugar to each 6 ounce cup you brew. Then it comes close to sweet like southern sweet tea is sweet. The tea taste is great at the 6 ounce brew level, but there is no way to get enough sugar in a K cup.
220935220935B0085E7B8WA3BFDEBT5IV4UNGroucho00413423968004.5 Stars Interesting Blend of Sweet and Bold*SAMPLE SUPPLIED BY MANUFACTURER*

This is the better deal at 86 cents per glass(including shipping) as opposed to the packages offering less quantities.

This product is a robust tea with just enough sweetness to keep most people happy. Oddly enough the taste is almost that of a honey being used to sweeten the tea instead of refined sugar. Rich tea flavor and bold enough to withstand the watering down that can sometimes seems to happen when you use the Keuring for making iced products.

I love this product. I've been down south and have had true 'southern sweet tea' and this comes close. As a matter of fact the tea I used to get down in Georgia and Tennessee was somewhat too sweet for my taste. I used to have to cut it with some unsweetened to keep my taste buds happy.

You may be able to find this elsewhere for less but I've been finding that those places are usually sold out during the height of the summer and don't carry the iced teas in the winter. With Amazon it seems that you may be assured to be able to get it whenever you're craving it.
220936220936B0085E7B8WA2N53VBYVLCSZKAdia883100051342396800A few questions...I didn't want to rate this product low just yet. I would like some advice before I give it a lower rating because you all seem to enjoy it so much!

I get the strangest aftertaste when I make this tea. It's almost metallic. Here's how I brew it: Large cup setting with some extra sugar, then I add ice after the brewing. Should I do something different for a better taste? I checked my ice and my water to see if they were the problem, but they are not. Also, nothing else that I make with my machine has this aftertaste.

Advice would be appreciated, and I will update this review when I find the perfect way to make it, in case someone else is having the same problem as me.
220937220937B0085E7B8WAFRX2IUAWJJ1ZJeepMom0041341532800Good, Not SweetI don't know how this is "sweet" tea. I live in IL after having lived in NC. This is not sweet tea, even by Illinois standards. It tastes plain and unsweetend. If you want a plain tea, then this is great. The flavor of tea is there, not sweet though.
220938220938B0085E7B8WA39UW4FVJ5XMFireRaven90041340236800Good tasting tea.This tea tastes pretty good. As a tea lover I think it could be a little stronger, as it doesn't have a very strong flavor (though I do use my cups twice to fill a small pitcher). It is sweetened with sugar (18g per k-cup, I think) and stevia. I'm not a big fan of artificial sweeteners but I'd much rather it be stevia than another toxic chemical sweetener. There is no foreign after taste, which makes it more agreeable. If you like sweet iced tea and you are willing to use stevia, I recommend this product.
220939220939B0085E7B8WAONL8JBH4J3M9kroder0051338336000This stuff is goodI am a big sweet tea guy but I hated screwing around to make it. I was wishing it could be as easy as coffee is to make in my K machine so I did a quick AMAZON search and found these...perfect!
220940220940B0085E7B8WA1H2CVCK3A7GT0"unknown" "Ayatollah of Rock n Rollah"0051336694400Yeah!I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good this tea tasted. I am a Southerner and know my sweet tea. A++++
220941220941B0085E7B8WA1YPGV6EE06HWYJGC "JGC"0031336176000Definitely not "Perfect" but okThis tea is nowhere near sweet enough to be described as southern sweet iced tea, but adding a packet of Splenda to it makes an adequate approximation.
220942220942B0085E7B8WAKJHHD5VEH7VGDominique W0041334880000Not sweet but still an excellent brewThis product would get 5-stars if the what was in the K-cup matched what was advertised as being in the K-cup. This tea was not sweet whatsoever.

Aside from that, this is the perfect tea for me. Brewed over ice or consumed hot, this has been my go-to beverage since I received my order.

I will definately be purchasing this again.
220943220943B0085E7B8WA3DSL2ZHOQ7INFSuiteleo0051333843200Best TeaI love this brand of southern sweet tea. It really has a great taste and is just sweet enough. I am always happy with my purchase.
220944220944B0085E7B8WA33NXNZ79H5K51Jean M "JM"0041332806400Not very sweetThis tea has a nice flavor for ice tea, but was expecting a little sweeter, I had to add about a tsp of sugar to my liking and I don't like that sweet. But everyone taste sweet, salty, sour etc.. differently so only way to know is buy and judge yourself. But for convenience its great.
220945220945B0085E7B8WAVEJNN6TKMDRRold hen0051331856000Tea 4 MeI drink sweet tea occasionly and when
I'd make a whole container I'd end up
throwing almost half of it out, since
I'm the only one drinking it,it would
get a funny taste after a couple of
days. So these are ideal for me and
they really taste good(not sickingly
sweet). I highly recommend them for
a single tea drinker.
220946220946B0085E7B8WA2260QUJ077YR6Shirley0051330992000Green Mountain Sweet TeaGreen Mountain Southern Sweet Tea is as good if not better than most K-Cup teas. Being black tea, it has that strong flavor one expects to find in Black Tea. The deliverly was prompt and the packaging was in perfect condition. I will certainly order again.
220947220947B0085E7B8WA3R3OQIN6R3P8TSweetMagnolia240051330300800LOVE this sweet tea!!!I probably should've never found this k-cup because I can't drink anything else now. This is that good. I will admit its not a simple syrup type sweet tea. I lived in the south for a period of time and I've certainly tasted sweeter. Its more a half sweet tea, half unsweet tea but it makes just the perfect combination tea that is just right. It does seem to brew all the sweetness first though, so it needs a good stirring before you drink. . my only recommendation. Overall though, this makes a perfect refreshing glass of sweet iced tea! Love it!
220948220948B0085E7B8WA3P8WOPAPURPOA5886810051330128000perfectOrder came really quick and was just what i expected. It is the celestial seasons perfect sweet ice tea. this product is amazing. i love my keurig
220949220949B0085E7B8WA3GSQI9EGEYISRmotoxer9130051330041600I'm addicted!! Fav of all KeurigThis is better tasting than the home made sweet tea I've been making for years and I'm pretty much addicted to it! This stuff is so hard to find in stores that I now buy it on Amazon rather than constantly searching local stores for it and rarely finding it. Thanks Amazon!
220950220950B0085E7B8WA2UILWOFSHECWLChris Douglas0041328745600Decent Sweet TeaWe go through a pitcher of sweet tea in our house a day, three meals a day; it's a staple to our diet. I say that to mean we're quite the connoisseur of sweet tea.

With that, I wasn't overly impressed at first. The cane sugar gives it a unique taste but I still found it weak. BUT... I did accidently stumble upon - if I let it steep in the cup after it's made for maybe 10 minutes, it's profoundly different (and better)!

I won't be rushing out to buy these but I was curious as to their quality... not bad for an "instant" sweet tea.

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