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221061221061B000ER6ZRGAZKVUJNGVE503MO "MO"0111224633600messy and a choking hazardThe first time I gave one of these to my 10 month old, she was already eating cheerios, graham crackers and rice rusks. The crumbs got everywhere. She was able to bite off such a large chunk of the biscuit that I had to sweep it out of her mouth because she had difficulty chewing it and it did not seem to be breaking up or dissolving like the rice rusks. I continued to let her have the rest of the biscuit and the same thing happened again. I finally had to throw out the biscuit. I should have thrown out the whole box. A few weeks later our nanny gave her one of these under supervision while she was in her high chair. It broke off into a couple pieces, one of which got lodged in her throat. She went from coughing to gagging and not breathing as her panicked face turned from scarlet to purple. Fortunately, the piece dislodged itself before our nanny had to do any back blows or CPR. We stopped buying the rice rusks because of all the bad stuff that's been doing on with food products from China, but we'll be going back to the baby mum mums.
221062221062B000ER6ZRGA3U7THGTXKR72XHonorary Brit1321246233600This product is a choking hazard!I chose these as a substitute for zwieback toast, which has apparently been discontinued. Gerber makes a very similar teething biscuit, but after comparing both, I found Earth's Best to be much healthier. My son LOVES these biscuits, but I will be throwing the rest of them away. For the second time today, he broke off a piece larger than a quarter after sucking on the biscuit for only about a minute. My son is eleven months old and does great with chunky food, but there is no way he would be able to chew these hard biscuits with his gums. I am thankful that I do watch him like a hawk when he eats anything, because this product is dangerous! I will not let my son have these again.
221063221063B000ER6ZRGAVUBFSJONSXZHRL1311299628800Yes, choking hazard indeed!!!!This is more useful as a dog biscuit. It is very hard, which ok, if it stays in one piece it's good for teething. But as many other reviews say, when they suck and gnaw on it, it becomes soft enough that VERY large pieces break off and remain in their mouth. And these big pieces, once in their mouth is still hard enough that there's no way they can chew with their gums only. Just eat one yourself. This is just downright dangerous. Why would you anyone create a product like this for kids??? If you bought this, please just eat these yourself and not give it to your kids.
221064221064B000ER6ZRGAKE2F3SLGFB84John F. Dorman "jd131"0221219795200Break EasyThese biscuits are very healthy, but break very easy. My seven month old only has one tooth, and within two minutes of her chewing on these they break! Major choking hazard! I would NOT recommend these biscuits.I love all of the other Earth's Best products though...
221065221065B000ER6ZRGAT9SDY6ZVMJ6DY. Wang01011305849600are you kidding me?This is only 1.54 in Target, are you kidding me? Twenty some dollars for the teething biscuits, am I buying gold biscuit.
221066221066B0000D916FA2I6DISKM0YKM8Just a Mom with her thoughts2241308182400Absolutely wonderful, but a bit priceyWhen I opened the cookie tin, the sweet smell sent my senses into overdrive.

I ate one on the spot.

And then I ate another.

David's Cookies sent my taste buds on an adventure. The delicious flavors included in the cookie tin were Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Macadamia White Chip, and Double Chocolate Chunk. I was taken back to the days of eating my grandmother's homemade cookies. My favorites have to be Macadamia White Chip and Peanut Butter, although all of the cookies are wonderfully yummy.

The only downside to David's Cookies is that they are somewhat expensive.
221067221067B0005YVDVGA2PN7IHWO5CFNCChristyne J. Lowman2211144972800Dissatisfied with current pizza crustFor years we have used Boboli pizza crust and enjoyed it very much. But...after it was taken off the market for a period of time a few months ago, it has been put back on the shelves and since then it has been totally tasteless.........nothing like it used to be. Don't know what the previous problem was, but we have probably purchased our last Boboli pizza crust. We were asked to rate the product and do not feel it even qualifies as a "1". Please bring back the previous recipe or explain the reason for changing it.
221068221068B0005YVDVGA212OBFYE213BDJames M. Ploughman "ploughdog"2211137801600Used to be good, now it's just awfulMy wife and I started a tradition years ago where we would make Boboli pizza's and rent a movie every weekend. The boboli crusts that used to be so good have progressively become worse and worse the last couple of years. What used to be a thick but light crust with lots of cheese on it has become a blob of almost uncooked dough with only a couple specks of cheese. They seem to keep changing the recipe and each time it gets worse. It's definitely time for a new tradition!!!
221069221069B0005YVDVGA7QLUVAWPL0J9Lady Action Fan1111315094400Just Bad - Not One Redeeming QualityI was a kid when Boboli was first introduced (at least to the local market). Yet somehow decades passed and I never tried them. So this weekend when I had some leftover cheese and sauce from a pasta dinner, and saw these in the market, I thought, "perfect".

The experience was anything but.

I don't know what these are supposed to taste like, but I found them to be just awful. Once cooked, they're thick and doughy. Nothing at all like actual pizza crust. Not NY Style, Chicago style or California. Worse still, they have this god awful rancid oil taste. Like used, dirty oil from a cheap take out place.

Needless to say, I will not be using the 2nd one that came in the package. Nor will I be purchasing these again.
221070221070B0000GGI1OA3SR6OGWSOCX7NNicholas Strand ""7751233100800Outstanding productI hadn't cooked with hominy before but wanted to give it a try. Considering that this is just lime-treated corn, it's hard to believe the nutrition label on the back. Per serving (1/2 cup, 245g) there is:

Calories: 60
Fat: 0.5g
Carb: 10g
Fiber: 6g
Sugar: 4g
Protein: 2g

This product is incredibly low in carbohydrates and very high in fiber. But even more promising than the nutrition facts is the taste. I recently used this in a "Peanut Butter Chili" along with 15 other ingredients and the hominy was my favorite part. Once cooked, the hominy has a wonderful texture and consistency, better than any bean or corn I've had. I highly recommend this product.
221041221041B000ER6ZRGA14RYRR7ETV3UYSherry Barr0011292716800Seem Very DangerousI typically love Earth's Best products, but these are dangerous and a serious choking hazard. They break off into large pieces and can't be chewed easily. They are very hard! I knew something wasn't quite right when the plastic packaging that houses the biscuits has "use only with adult supervision" all over it. Well, yes, of course we would only use them with supervision, but I shouldn't have to expect to scoop them out of my son's mouth to prevent him from choking. My husband will eat the rest as a snack and we will never purchase them again.
221042221042B000ER6ZRGA20T9PL7U6KUNNDallas "squishy"0051290902400love these biscuits!We've tried the wheat and barley versions, and our son likes both. We haven't had any issues with pieces breaking off, like we did with the Gerber ones. They dissolve and get a layer of goop on everything, but it's not the end of the world. They take a long time to eat because they are dissolving not being chewed so that's a plus. We normally give him one cracker instead of the 2 in the pack.
221043221043B000ER6ZRGA1FXZ8HT2YVS5CNeato0011283990400Choking hazardI tried this for the first time today with my 8.5 month old grandson and within one minute a piece about the size of a half dollar broke off in his mouth and became lodged in his throat. He started turning off color and couldn't breath. I lifted him out of his high chair hoping that might dislodge the piece but it did not. I then tried the modified heimlich for babies twice and it didn't work. Finally, I put my finger in his mouth and had to go all the way to his throat to reach and grab the piece he was choking on. Thankfully that worked, but I still am freaked out - more than 8 hours later. My grandson means the world to me and I can't imagine anything bad happening to him. Don't buy these biscuits, don't use these biscuits.
221044221044B000ER6ZRGA3R6GLR5RLZ7F3Kristen Kornacki0051281916800My baby loves these!My son has been eating these since he was 7.5 months old and had 8 teeth (he is 11 months now). He absolutely loves them! I love that they are organic (obviously) and that they come in packs of 2. I never leave the house without throwing a pack in our backpack - they've saved me from many meltdowns!
Could they pose a choking hazard? Yes. But I have never had an issue and he eats at least 3 of these a week. As with any snack, you have to watch your baby like a hawk. Mine has not choked once.
221045221045B000ER6ZRGAH2RI8XI4V26Ysjmommie0051254009600Great for KidsThese are not as hard as the wheat version (wheat version is a better starter biscuit). These crumble nicely in their mouths and my daughter loves it!
221046221046B000ER6ZRGAY88JCMFRXD7VErlend Tangen0011233792000very brittle, breaks much too easily, choking hazardI was definately expecting a better product from earth's best. However, these biscuits were not good at all. My son who only has 2 teeth broke these very easily. I will not be buying them again.
221047221047B000ER6ZRGA2LUBN5WRGKD40sunrise "dawn"0051223942400great price and healthy too!The price for these are great considering what they go for at the grocery store. Plus, they are organic which is best for baby. If your baby likes these, then you can save money this way!
221048221048B000ER6ZRGA2UQXJ6G5ALNSFAddicted Shopper "Jessica S"0051172620800My daughter loves these.As with any teething biscuit you need to have a bib on because they can get messy. My daughter loves these and I feel good about feeding them to her.
221049221049B000ER6ZRGA2AYCGNFEOSMCZKelly Ellinghausen3511269475200Choking HazardThese teething biscuits are supposed to be hard enough for baby to gnaw on and not have it break off into pieces. About a couple minutes after my son sucks on the biscuit, it softens, and he's able to break off very large pieces into his mouth. Luckily, I was right there watching and was able to retrieve the huge chunk out of his mouth. This is just not safe. I do not recommend these teething biscuits.
221050221050B000ER6ZRGA3192KK8U0MZBPRyan Burger1251313452800EXCELLENT ProductLet me first address the low reviews found here: Please disregard any low review on here that points to the fact that their kid wasn't ready for it. Each child is unique and just because the package states that a certain age is appropriate, it is just an aggregate suggestion and still leaves the determination up to the responsible parent to supervise and make an informed decision as to if their child is ready to consume the product. Just because their are parents who threw these at their kids and had a bad experience, doesn't mean this product is lacking, just the parenting skills.

THE PRODUCT: Earth's Best is a brand I love, they use all organic, non-genetically modified foods without any fillers, or artificial nonsense. This teething biscuit is awesome. It is a 3 inch long by 1 inch wide biscuit. This is not a cracker like Ritz or Graham because it is firmer and doesn't crumble all over the place leaving a mess when the kid crushes it in their hands. This biscuit encourages the child to 'teeth' it until it is soft. We began giving these to our daughter at round 7-8 months with proper, responsible supervision and they worked great for her early teething requirements. So much so that we used Amazon's subscribe and save feature.

I highly recommend this product and hope you consider the reviews for what they are saying; are they critiquing the mistake they made or reviewing the actual product? Because the product is not the problem, it's the user.
221051221051B000ER6ZRGA2R9M9ALI356JUJewel B.1231299283200Takes forever to eat & super messyI laughed my head off because when my twin babies were finished eating these biscuits, they were literally covered from head to toe. My babies take about 30 minutes just to eat one biscuit. Afterward, they would need a bath! I like the fact that it keeps them busy, but boy do I have to pay for it in clean up time. Also, biter biscuits are not for younger babies. Most biter biscuits are for twelve months and older. Before ten months of age, my babies had some trouble with pieces getting broken off into their mouths and choking. Now, they eat these like pros. It takes some experience, time and close supervision. Gerber biter biscuits are less messy because they crumble easier instead of getting sloppy. But, my 10 month olds can eat Gerber BB's in less than five minutes. It keeps them busy while I'm making their food, which is a big plus.
221052221052B000ER6ZRGA4XN8M2T93V8Jgudmama1221281312000Tasty, but too dangerous for teethingWhile these little biscuits are quite tasty and my 9 month old LOVED the first one I gave her, it will be some time before she gets another one. Within a minute or two the biscuit had broken into pieces just the right size for her to choke on. These are not the sort of teething biscuits I was looking for.
221053221053B000ER6ZRGA2OITIX38PEWSVJ. Lombardi1221274745600Biscuit broke very soon after chewing on itMy son is 5 months old and teething (no teeth yet). The first and second time we gave him these biscuits, they broke into several pieces within about 20 minutes, one time leaving a big chokeable piece in his mouth. I think they are too thin and not sturdy enough to be used for gumming/sucking.
221054221054B000ER6ZRGARFC356687PC6lorfent "Lorfent"1221245110400Choking Hazard - BewareMy 10 month old has two teeth coming in on top and three on the bottom. He eats cheerios, gerber puffs, soft cooked vegetables and ripe fruit with very little problem. I tried the Earth's Best barley biscuits because he is prone to food allergies and I wanted to avoid wheat. Every time I gave him one of these biscuits (3 times) he was able to bite off too big a piece and gagged, not to the point of actually choking, but enough to send me into a panic watching him struggle and turn red. They don't seem to dissolve in his mouth fast enough. On the upside they taste good without being overly sweet. I think they are better suited for a little older babies who have more teeth and have really mastered chewing. I will try the Mum Mum rusks as a previous review suggested.
221055221055B000ER6ZRGA1H5KFNM21XEXRMom of 20151326499200Excited to finally have teething biscuits!I am a new mom of my 7 month old son with a new one on the way. My little guy has been teething for 2 months now and needing something to chew on that will teach me to eat "big people food" and also subside the pain the teething is causing. My mom used these teething biscuits with my brothers and highly recommended them, I was very excited to get them. At first my little guy wasn't quite sure what to do, but after a few minutes he learned not to bite off pieces but rather to gum it and enjoyed it for a good 20 to 30 minutes! However, since they say "9 months and older" I kept a good eye on him to make sure nothing bad happened.
221056221056B000ER6ZRGA3NY49QVQJQK7PKevin Watt "I know that poetry is indispensab...0151320192000these are great, all food should be supervised when < 1 yrThese worked great for us. When your kid is just learning to eat, you should always be supervising! Food is kinda dangerous : That said, babies are very good at choking stuff back up. My doctor mentioned not to confuse "can't breathe" choking with "too much food at once" choking. The 2nd 99.9% is fine they'll choke it back up. The 1st you worry most about wind-pipe sized things like whole peanuts, marbles, grapes, tomatoes, etc.

If he's fussy, we give out baby one of these and it makes him happy long enough so we can change him & cheer him up other ways.
221057221057B000ER6ZRGA3EFP0WQPYCC2BKristine K D'Elisa0141318636800Best for older babiesWe gave this to our 9 month old and it broke off in her mouth as other reviewers had mentioned. Now that she is a year old she is able to eat them without a problem. I would suggest waiting until your child has been eating finger foods long enough that they can comfortably handle these biscuits. Once they have reached that stage, the biscuits are great. My 4 year old loves them too!
221058221058B000ER6ZRGA15G2N654OGAL5Ellibelly0141317168000Crumbly, but GoodI bought these for my baby after standing in the snack aisle for 20 minutes reading labels. They seemed to have the most real ingredients despite the addition of "evaporated cane juice". When I first got them, she was about 7 months old and had just started solids. I broke them into small bite sized pieces (which was very messy) and she didn't seem to go for them much. Now, she's 10 months and we have started introducing a couple snacks after naps and desperate for a little variety, I broke these out again. I still break the pieces up because we like to "donate" to the dog and I really don't want to waste them. So, I break them into about 6 pieces and she has enough to hold and can bite off little pieces or suck on the end until it's small enough to pop into her mouth. In regards to the other parents talking about choking hazards, I'm not sure how that would happen unless the crumbs got caught in their throat. Or, if the baby took a huge bite and tried to swallow it whole. I would recommend introducing these in small bites until the child is used to the texture.
221059221059B000ER6ZRGA1PUGHCNKXLOOHRanti "Net Cruiser"0121292284800BewarePlease be very careful of this buscuit, it is too thin, a baby biscuit is supposed to be hard and melt upon contact and not be breaking off in chunks enough to choke the baby. Just the thin look was scary to me and was later confirmed.

Looks more suitable to a toddler.
221060221060B000ER6ZRGA19KQ7TKNNLOHQK. Gardiner0131284076800Great Ingredients, Super Messy, and Easy to Choke OnI really, really wanted these to work. They have fantastic ingredients, they taste great, and they're hard... to start off with. Once my 9 month old baby starts chewing on these, they get soft, squishy, and on every single thing they get near. They're perfect if your kid is in a high chair with a bib and can have a bath afterward. The other downside is that they do break off in big chunks and it's easy for the baby to bite off more than he can handle. I'll keep using these when my son is a little older because I think they're probably better suited for an older baby who is teething, rather than someone under a year.

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