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221225221225B0006GRBUAA12KP2NK3OXBNImagda121251140480000mouth blisteringI found this candy in the 7-eleven in my area two years ago and just loved it, i would eat so much my mouth would blister inside....but since last year have searched high and low but cant find it anywhere..can i order it myself and not go to a kids love it as well and have tried other sour candys but none come close
221226221226B0006GRBUAA5VMU9MEDWK34shanti hyde "shan"8851142294400haven't had one in a long timewow, i thought they stopped making these! when i was younger i used to run up my street to the store just to buy some. they were so sour, but so good.
221227221227B0006GRBUAA3IBK8X57X9J5LSubwayslasher7751136937600ohmigodThese things are insanely good. I am a lover of sour candy and these are delicious.. very sour and you can either chew them up on suck on them till they're gone.
221228221228B0006GRBUAA27B4WBFN515XLE. Jenkins3351229385600Great Buyi hadnt been able to find this candy for about 8 years and then i finally found them online and they were just as delicious as i remember them. they are also a great price, a great buy.
221229221229B0006GRBUAA2ETI1NSYQH3D8Hoodrichva "I love Sour Candy"3351169424000Mmm... Mmmm... Good =0)Thanx for the speedy delivery and overall GREAT product. Will do business with again in the near future.
221230221230B0006GRBUAAXTGXEI44BP95Bobby "Labonte"2251292716800The Beast Ever!I luv this candy!
I had it as a kid and as an adult today. i wish i could buy it at the local 7 - 11.
221231221231B0006GRBUAA58VHE43B8MJ5Cory A. Rogge "crunchie"1151273190400crybaby tears are sour and tasteyHave ordered 3x these crates over last four years. As a sour candy connoisseur, i beleive these to have the longest lasting amount of sour throughout each piece than any other candy. If wrong, i would love for suggestions...
221232221232B0006GRBUAAK9S33SXH48Y3D. Lovett "luvdogdesi"0031199577600way to goevery thing was fine good product and i received it in a very timely manner keep up the good work
221221221221B0035J1GE2AIIZTJHZLV158JJJlock0051327363200Best. Cookie. EVER. PERIOD!If you have never had a tin tam you are missing out on one of the most tasty delights in THE WORLD, no kidding. I cannot tell you how good these cookies are or how after the first bite you're both so excited, yet so disappointed you waited so long to try them, all the years WASTED that you COULD have been enjoying these cookies instead of all the other sad, sad cookies on the shelf. You simply MUST try these cookies asap or another day's wasted on not knowing what you're missing.
221222221222B0035J1GE2AN6OH1FJWSDZBB. Nelson0051309996800just got back from australiaI have been lucky enough to have had plenty of opportunities to eat tim tams thanks to some of my Aussie co-workers. I read some reviews that said the American version was not as good. I went head to head with the package I brought back from australia and I really didn't notice any difference except for the fact that none of them got crushed by the customs agents.

They have a bunch of flavors in Aus that I really liked that they don't have here but what is offered by Pepperidge Farms are deserving of the name Tim Tam in my opinion.
221223221223B0035J1GE2A330VJN53OVDIWRandi0051298505600love these cookies!!!These are my favorite cookies right now, love them! My husband picked them up while we were walking through Target on a whim, thought they looked good. Now i am hooked and unfortunately my local grocery does not carry them, none of my local groceries. Target is about 20 minutes away. I sort of think that's good because otherwise i would be tempted to eat them everyday. Oh, i just realized there are two kinds, we had the caramel.
221224221224B0035J1GE2A1J52MX2YDWSU0these pretzels r making me thirsty1251290988800AmazingPepperidge Farms has a winner with these! Just tried these for the first time today. These cookies are so delicious! The caramel ones remind me a little of a Twix candy bar but better tasting (to me anyway). The chocolate ones are just as delicious. Havent tried the dark chocolate ones yet but hope to soon. These have got to be my favorite Pepperidge Farm cookies to date. You might wanna try a small package first to see if you like them though, since everyone's taste is different. I hope they will come out with even more flavors.
221233221233B0006GRBUAA3TQVFA4H648Y5Elizabeth Maxman "Liz"3731145232000SOUR????????????Okay, these are good, but when it comes to being sour, these..... well, they're just NOT. I love them though.
221234221234B0006GRBUAA1ZKXKBQPJGA6UJohn A. Mancini21311184544000Don't buy this productThis product tasted like chalk and there wasn't the slightest sour taste to it. I called the distributor who received my payment and they said that I would have to take it up with the candy manufacturer.

As far as I am concerned the product was terrible and the service lousy to say the least
221235221235B005GDSS3WA3315AAN855HYGA. River0051336348800Yummy, a family favoriteA very hard and sweet almond bread/cookie, dipped in delicious dark chocolate and individually packaged. My family always has them with tea after supper. Dipping them in hot chocolate, tea, or coffee melts the chocolate just so, and softens the cookie up nicely. It's become comfort food for me. We buy them in bulk at our local BJ's store, and they are just as good as the ones from our local bakery.
221236221236B005GDSS3WAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051333929600Biscuits With Tasty Dark Chocolate. Rather Good.I picked up a package of Nonni's Biscotti Cioccolati in an individually-wrapped 8-pack box for my wife. She loves stuff like this. Alas, she's been on a diet and refuses to eat any. One wouldn't hurt her but she's afraid of finishing off the box. They're rather good, I might indicate. They're individually hard bread (topped with nuts) slices and are bottomed with a veneer of tasty dark chocolate. A serving (one biscuit) amounts to 110 calories, so I can understand her worries. Well, what are you gonna do? You can't just throw away stuff this good. I ate them. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.

Gary Peterson
221237221237B004AJKE6MA1LD2S14L3AC1GRick in CT1151306108800Very good pudding cake!This is actually a mix for chocolate pudding cake. You only have to add water and bake. (1/2 of the mix makes a 12X10X2 size) The result is a very good pudding cake if you are a chocolate lover.
221238221238B0041SZ4FSA3PIZBX8U0SSJVSara McCoy0051321920000This raspberry concentrate is wonderful!I am very pleased with the flavor and aroma profile provided by this flavor concentrate. The raspberry is very clean with a nice berry finish. I would purchase this again, no questions asked!
221239221239B007L8U8H4A3ADBA8DNGPG2Vwendy5001 "Wendy"1151340409600Awesome!My pup loves these! She's a ten pound shih tzu and will play with these... Toss them, roll over on them, and "attack" them before settling in to chew them down. She considers these a special treat and I consider them, well, a good laugh. No problems with digestion either.
221240221240B0080YCQFUA1EI723QL2KYT9jt0051343433600INTENSE FlavorThese are so GOOD! that i wanted to write a review. Ya chips are something that we shouldn't talk about, let alone review...But Normally when I like something... they usually discontinue the product. So I sure hope "these chips stay around". I'm a big fan of BBQ chips, mainly sweet BBQ. The flavor of these are perfect, and are not too salty, actually less salt than regular ruffles. Sweet, intense kick with sweet BBQ flavor. I've been eating my favorite chip... Better Made sweet BBQ (south eastern michigan chips) for years, and love them... they are almost like a candy, Sweet but kind of too salty. These are my new favorite, taste so sweet with a kick and HUGE Thick ridges, and FLAVOR! When you open the bag it looks like every chip is colored with goodness, no one side half flavored chips here. Anyway if you like sweet bbq rather than smoked out Mesquite flavor... then you will love these.
221241221241B0080YCQFUA2RSYK3WIW376SZsaZsa "zz827"0051343174400So yummy!This is my second's so delicious! I rather get it at the store but they don't sell it anymore where I live. I am so addicted to this chips!
221242221242B00671EI6IA1ATH8T3E9QV73JRaoul0051329264000YUMMYthese are the best Chocolate covered strawberries i have ever had, juicy and the chocolate is FIERCE DELICIOSO... Will buy them again and again...
221243221243B002QX18A0A3LE636GY9G3X8John P. Branan0021259020800review of jerkyI was diappointed with this product for the cost. I can get Uncle Mikes beef jerky that is local for a fraction of the cost and it is much better. I was just disappointed for th money.
221244221244B0057ITPI8A3JVR1VCPXAS0KFrobenius0051310601600spicy & savory pistachiosThese pistachios are large and flavorful. I find the spice level to be well-balanced, layering nicely with the pistachio's meat and salt flavors.

One of my perennial difficulties with pistachios has to do with un-split shells. Your mileage may vary, but I find Braga's to be the most accessible pistachios I've encountered in recent memory.
221245221245B005LR4VAWA1LFATOH854151Sue Chamberlain0011334188800Coconou oilI purchased Virgin Coco De Manila brand coconut oil and I noticed a marked aftertaste in the product.. and I do not like it at all (after using another brand). We use the coconut oil in everything cooking, baking and eating right out of the jar and on the body in rubs and massages. I bought two gallon tubs at a good price but the aftertaste spoils some dishes. I will not purchase it again. My advice try a small container and make sure you like the taste before you buy the big one.. Live and learn. If I can keep you from making the same mistake.
221246221246B000YK5WF4A36ZMQWLPBX5HZjpc3351316822400RC Special 33 ... IT WORKS!I've had my female Ragdoll cat for six months and every day was a battle with loose and SMELLY stool. I tried every food known to man, all of them high quality and typically grain-free (even raw). Last weekend was really bad and I remembered a sample (12 oz no less) of cat food that I had received at the TICA cat show - Royal Canin Special 33 for sensitive cats with digestive issues. I really didn't want to use this food because the second ingredient is corn gluten meal, but I had a messy litter box that smelled worse than ever (please keep in mind that I scoop at least twice a day). Well, IT WORKED! We have not had one episode of loose and/or smelly stool since and it's been one week. Thank you, Royal Canin, you will always be number one in my book, and thank you for being at the TICA International Cat Show in Philadelphia.
221247221247B000LKVS46A3EE2TVFRKOHWXqadig "dig"3351252713600great stuffBetter than the pintos, and that's saying a lot because the pintos are awesome. We picked up a box of these black beans on sale for the same price as the pintos and wish we had ordered more. If you have never used these beans, they are very, very easy, convenient and delicious. If you have never used them before, simply boil water, add to the desired consistency and by the time you can chop a tomato, pepper and onion, you have a burrito. Simple dinner in a pinch. We have been stocking these beans for about three years now and are not about to stop. Another product that is a must have is the Villaware Electric Tortilla press.
221248221248B001EQ5QZIA24JK26NSBU48ADee Long "TheRightWriter"3341317859200Perfect for Enjoy Trader Vic inspired cocktails at homeWe hadn't tried the Mai Tai mix in several years so we were pleased to find that quality of beverage produced is exactly as we remember it -- just be sure to use fresh, not bottled, lime juice for best results and Barbancourt rum if you can find it.
We don't care for the plastic bottle, which is why we didn't rate this product 5-stars. Would much prefer glass, but this is an excellent product to keep handy among your entertaining supplies for the holidays. A Trader Vic's Mai Tai provides a quick and refreshing trip to the tropics without the expense!
221249221249B001EQ5QZIAG2YE493FELSSLori Duval-dimaio "marimonroefan"3341251849600Don't forget the limeGreat mix but don't forget to read the small print on the back of the bottle that instructs you to squeeze in fresh lime juice. I use half as much as indicated and find it to be just perfect. Better than any mix you can buy at your local grocery/liquor store.
221250221250B001EQ5QZIAATQJWMI88ZP6Butch "pops"2231306713600Just OKFollowed the recipe Mai Tai's, which stated to add additional lemon Juice I believe...Way to sour..check it first to see if it fits your needs and then mix accordingly. A good mix to have on hand to "doctor" other recipes.

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