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221342221342B001ED9O2MA3M9ZZBFO631MMBoo4Bugs1151328659200Love it!So a friend of mine from Japan who I have been writing told me I had to try this, it was her favorite drink. It came pretty fast and it's huge!!! A lot to drink lol!

Anyways, the taste is really good! It's like yogart that's watered down, only it's not bitter it's very sweet, and it's worth the price. So if you are looking to try then you must try this! Of course also if you like Strawberries, like me, this is the best choice. =D
221343221343B002DHL9ASAJKN1OQ368JGHLynn Benson3351288915200Great snack food.I purchased this 4-pack for my sons classroom snack. Town House crackers aren't cheap, but the price offered by Amazon was suprisingly low (think $1 less per box than the sale price at my national grocery store.) And while I expected there was a chance my crackers would arrive as cracker crumbs, that was not the case. This is one time I appreciate the way Amazon over-packages everything. No mroe crumbs and broken crackers than had I purchased it locally. Yay for Amazon!

We have enjoyed these crackers many times in the past and always enjoy the taste -- it's very unique. And it's not necessary to have something ON the cracker to enjoy it.
221344221344B002DHL9ASA2TJ7RVA2HNM64AFGUY1151336521600OMG They GOODI ordered for a bit of a sneaky snack to keep in my hootch. However, I found that I could not just eat a few and save the rest. NO I sit there and gobble up the whole box. I just wish I had some onion dip to eat with them. Plus they are so good crumbled up in soup.

The Good: Hardy and tasty snack cracker

The Bad: They are addictive

Overall: I am gonna get fat as a house if I keep ordering
221345221345B002DHL9ASA2QQZKPPBYCU00Anne Hass0151325203200Amazon clubLove how this club works and you can so easily set up automatic shipments of things you need without needing to wait at the grocery store or Walmart!!! It's so nice to go to my post office and pick up my packages. I have only tried this once to see how it worked, but now plan to set up many more shipments. Sooo easy.
221346221346B002DHL9ASA33U3EQ0MCI2OBHymachri1351334793600Flip?Sides?My sun jus turnd 13 end has apasion for Skatebording. I have tryd to get him to finish his school works, but hes' pircistent on sckatebording. I told hem that if hes got goals end good grayds and stuff and learns frum hes teachirs that he can have hes own ramp for his schate bord. these flip sides were a insentave to get hem to do hes home werk done and graduate. He was mad cause he opened hes bifday box end thot it wood be a skate bord and it was flipsides lololollll
221347221347B002DHL9ASA13ODG0ZMF9U1ZGift Card Recipient "The Rose"0411315958400Definitely Not as expected! Really Bad!!!!!I love TollHouse crackers so I wanted to give these a try. They were the worse combo cracker
s I've ever tasted. They were burned on one side and gave left a bad after taste. All 4 boxes went in the trash. What a waste.
221348221348B0029XEYJ4A3955M7LQQAJI2Roberto Cassani1141303862400Un favoritoMuy bueno , bien madurado aunque a punto de pasar el termino idealTaleggio Cheese [[ASIN:B00182I5BA Taleggio (8 ounce)
221349221349B002R6P7U8A1WX42M589VAMQMir3341280275200Five stars for homemade iced latter, 2 stars for hot coffee, 1 star off for pricingI tried VIA when it first came out. I tried it the traditional route--as a hot cup o' java. I did not like it. Not this roast and not the Columbian (which was so weak, why bother).

So, it's hot. It's summer. I normally hit Starbucks after the gym for my fave iced sugar free vanilla latte. I saw the ad for the iced coffee VIA, but it has sugar. I don't want sugar. So, it hit me, why not try making iced coffee from the regular VIA. (duh, should have thought of that sooner). I bought a 3-packer (like this one shown in image).

It was amazing. 2% milk (about a cup), ice, Starbucks sugar free vanilla syrup (I buy it at my local Starbucks), in a blender bottle and shake, shake, shake. It comes out frothy and delicious. FOr me, I like it BETTER than my habitual 2 to 3x a week fix of it at the store. Because you add the VIA to the milk and the milk is cold and the instant coffee is not hot (like espresso), there is NO DILUTION. It makes for a much more flavorful, less watery, iced latte. OH MY GOSH SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

Now, my problem is not having three lattes a day, instead of three a week. Seriously. I'm a junkie now. (And I have coffee everyday, but my homebrew is so much better than Starbuck's that I don't get hot coffee there, I just used to like the convenience--still do--of grabbing a fast latte after exercising. I have a great coffee set-up at home with Paradise Roasters and Terroir gourmet single origins and a Technivorm and a Barratza burr grinder and filtered water pitcher, so really, now that I can make a fast latte at home and take it with me to the Pilates studio and put in the fridge there until I'm done, I may not be visiting the Starbucks as much, except to get my fave protein plate now and then and stock up on VIA.)

The product is crazy overpriced. What...more than five bucks for what's 3 servings? How sick is that? Buy it at the store unless the price is dropped. That's crazy.

But, nummy latte.

So, if iced lattes are you vice of choice, might wanna consider this. And if you don't want sugar, skip the one they're pushing now in the blue packaging and buy the unsweetened.

And I just slurped one after dinner (latte that is). Addictive. (Er, literally, I guess.) But at least I'm getting my calcim. :D
221350221350B002R6P7U8A3J44VO2DJVQPCC. Parker3441268006400Spendy but quite goodAt over a buck a pop, this isn't exactly a bargain. Still, I like to keep some on hand at the office for when the office coffee just isn't cutting it. It's also great for those times when I'd love a cup, but brewing a whole pot would be a waste. This definitely beats the heck out of any other instant I have tried (even in England where the instant is typically pretty good) but I suspect in a side-by-side blind taste-test, I'd still pick a brewed cup over this.
221351221351B002R6P7U8A2ETXQC1CIG8EJBlasian2351268092800FINALLY!!!I have been waiting for a coffee like this for years. It's not only delicious and close to the real thing, it's conveniently packaged so that you can take it anywhere. I think its worth the money. The aroma smells great and I love that it's actually a microground coffee and not some conglomeration of unknown ingredients. Thank you Starbucks! :)
221352221352B002R6P7U8A2B2E10C1PFJYND. Adams2351262995200Finally, good instant coffeeEuropeans have had instant coffee that TASTED like coffee for decades. What took us so long? Good stuff!
221353221353B002R6P7U8A1U4QG5WDF88SOCMint0041284336000Works in a pinch and it's a good substituteIf I'm in a hurry and there's no time to make coffee I like Starbuck's VIA Instant Micro Grind coffee in hot water. -Of course, I can taste the difference -but in a flash it's nice to have, and tastes better than freeze dried crystals or other instant coffee. Also, this is nice to have on hand for cooking and baking. (Like making Tiramisu or even using in chili or steak marinade. (For some reason coffee gives meat a rich "MEATY" beef flavor?)
221354221354B002R6P7U8A2OA6VTW1XZ0PXSage9210011280188800Good Coffee. Not good here.This costs $2.99 retail. The coffee tastes good but it doesn't taste good enough to pay double the price. Please stop trying to rip people off.
221355221355B002R6P7U8ADHQEKIX1ABNAJames L. Inman1411270080000expensive and horribleWith a promotional discount, I reluctantly decided to try Via. It is still instant coffee and little better than any other instant coffee on the market, which is to say, it's disgusting. Personally, I will just do without rather than subject myself to the inferior qualities of this product. One still needs hot water to make instant coffee, and with hot water one can use a small french press or Coghlans One Cup Coffee Filters or Melitta U S A Inc 640007 Perfect Brew Filter Cone. Don't lower your standards folks!
221356221356B000FPM22YA2ID5QQ1ZF9R2WMommy of Cuties M & Z "Mom of Twins"5551255910400~*~*~My Girls LOVE these, PERFECT SIZE for Little Fingers~*~*~When we first started giving these to our daughters we had to keep a very close eye on them(as with any solid food) because sometimes they would start choking and we would have to stick our fingers in their mouths and get these out.

These do 'dissolve' pretty easily but your baby may take a little getting used to eating them like mine did. But in no time they knew how to eat these with OUT choking. I think at first they were just trying to swallow them before they got wet and 'dissolved'.

We have bought Walmart Store Brand & these Gerber Puffs. Walmart Brand is Good but Gerber brand is GREAT! The Gerber Puffs are bigger making them easier for tiny fingers to pick them up, yet they are still a small enough size for them to eat. Walmart Brand have a lot of broken pieces so many of the pieces are tiny and my girls can't pick them up to eat them, I don't know that I have ever found a broken Gerber piece. I think Gerber stays fresh longer, it seems not too long after I open a Walmart Brand they are stale feeling.

Since I have twins we go through these fast so we've found it much cheaper to order them in bulk.

These keep my girls happy while my husband and I eat or get things done. Even if I have just fed my girls, if they see us eating they will have a fit. We put some puffs on their walker or high chair trays and they are Happy again. We even pour these in their play pen & they don't even make a mess. At a restaurant if my girls are getting fussy, we'll keep giving them puffs and they are happy. We give them puffs while we are heating their food, if not they'll normally throw fits until we are feeding them.

We've tried the Gerber flavors: Bananna, Strawberry/Apple, Apple Cinnamon & my girls love them all.
221357221357B000FPM22YA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman1141331164800Safe and TastyOur little grandson loves his Gerber Sweet Potato Puffs. Sprinkle some on the table before him and he'll immediately start grabbing for them and putting them in his mouth. I like that they dissolve so readily, making them a safe non-choking hazard. The taste is actually pretty good though to me they taste more like orange than sweet potato.

My only complaint, and it's not a major one, is that there is more sugar in the puffs than sweet potato. Yet, with only one gram of sugar in a half cup serving, this minor sin is forgivable.
221358221358B000FPM22YA27IZVABZUGOFanazo1141325462400nice to have..I hesitated to buy this item, becuase its Ingredients include a little bit sugar..
I don't like sugar products. If my baby get used to eating sugar, then he will try to eat sweet things.
Anyway.. He likes it. :)
221359221359B000FPM22YA2DNMHBMMK54L7S. L. Davis "LA Librarian"1141315440000Always a hit!Puff are what I call Baby Crack. They aren't bad for your kid and is always a quick and easy snack. This flavor isn't our favorite but still one my son enjoys.
221360221360B000FPM22YA1YPWLJ7C5GEA9Thomas J. Bell1141308528000Perfect foodThis is a perfect food for a baby who is stating on finger food. Easy to hold and disolves in mouth.Gerber Graduates Sweet Potato Puffs, 1.48-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)
221361221361B000FPM22YA1UEDWFFX7SDQAJohnny Lingo1131303171200Scrumptious little suckers but overpricedI got them at Wall-Mart for $1.83 a box. With subscribe & save would have cost me $2.38. Now, don't get me wrong, I love S&S, I signed up for a lot of things, but buyer beware, price is not as competitive as we're accostumed with S&S.
221362221362B000FPM22YA2J9WP8I1WODG4Houston1151301356800Wonderful productThey taste great, even my 13 year old likes them.
Easy to pick up, My 8 month old is learning to self feed
Dissolve quickly in the mouth, I like ALL of the Gerber puffs!
221363221363B000FPM22YA2ZCP0Y802U2X2k8inut1151286064000Son loves these!I wasn't sure how sweet potato flavored puffs would go over, but my son loves these. I started giving these to him around age 6 months, and the star shape seemed to be pretty easy for him to pick up. He also loves the banana and apple cinnamon flavors, too.
221364221364B000FPM22YAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1141252540800Good for a Teething Baby.Our 11-month-old boy is teething and starting on solid foods. We've been giving him more and more solids for a number of months now. You'd be amazed at the things he loves to eat, such as french fries for example. In any case, my wife found Gerber's Graduates in a variety of forms and the boy seems to like them all to one degree or another.

One of the varieties our boy likes is the Graduates puffs. They come in several flavors and the present ones we have are the apple-cinnamon. Previously we had some banana-flavored ones. In any case, the specific flavor seems to make little difference. The little puffs are about 3/8 inch across and are star shaped. We give them to the boy one at a time, which gets somewhat tiresome. So, we place a small handful on his high-chair tray now and then. He attempts to get them all in his hand and then put them all in his mouth at the same time. What are you gonna do? He seems to like chewing them up, as best as he can, and we've had no problems with him choking or anything like that. It's a good product, but we, and the boy, prefer the Cheeto-like larger crunchies.

Gary Peterson.
221365221365B000FPM22YA2CH7D7568YXJFSally2351301875200I'm 21, but I eat them for myself. They're delicious!!I'm 21, but these are great snacks even for adults! I first tried them when my nephew was a toddler. My sister got him these all the time because he loved them. She told me "Try one for yourself. They're really good" so I did. They melt in your mouth within seconds, so this is great for toddlers and babies who can't chew very well yet. As for myself, I'm a constant snacker, so these are a great alternative for me so I don't gain weight. They have vitamin E, Zinc, Iron, and Calcium in them. This is great nutrition for your toddler or baby ... and myself as well I suppose haha.

So far I have only tried Strawberry apple and banana. They truly do taste like their flavors they say they are. This is another reason it is a great snack for your little ones. It'll help cause a much easier transition from these to the real thing (real strawberries, apples, and bananas I mean).

I highly recommend this product. It's great =)
221366221366B000FPM22YADE6861P634RWorawan0011346889600It almost expire !I place order on 25 June 12 . But this snack expire on 18 sep 12.
I order about 200-300 bottle of Gerber Graduate!
I got only 2 mounth and a bit left for this flavor!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why you do with your royal costumer like this.
I pay you a lot every mounth!

Bad sale.
If it almost expire just keep it away or send it to the bin.
Don't give it to me.
Waste of money!
221367221367B000FPM22YA3AIZOQD7O1IPYMei X.0051344384000Adult food.Whoever said these are only for babies. I LIKE EM TOO! They're perfect for small munchies like me. Not too sweet and its whole grain. It doesn't really make me bloat like other natural food. But this, is delicious!
221368221368B000FPM22YA3MJVY6PDTIRN1Purple grapes "Small cotton"0051339977600Strawberry delicious cream puffsPuffs of strawberry apple flavor is the best food, open the can smell a hint of strawberry flavor, each puff of a shallow pink.The baby's favorite.
221369221369B000FPM22YA3MJVY6PDTIRN1Purple grapes "Small cotton"0031339977600Strengths than banana smell, no strawberries Apple deliciousThis cream puffs taste is very light, unusual taste, can not tell what that smell is.Best to eat or thanks to a strawberry apple.Strawberry puff of apple flavor is best to eat.
221370221370B000FPM22YA30RH7ADZLNMQ3avidreader0021339459200good, but there are alternativesPROS
-great to start as finger foods (easier than cheerios to pick up and eat)
-dissolves quickly (less of a choking hazard)
-baby loves them!

-stains! As the baby drools on his hands or loses a half-eaten puff, it leaves a bright orange stain on clothing, rugs, etc. Not easy to get out, and a lot of the other flavors are more neutral colored and do not stain as much as the sweet potato. The last thing I want to do is have to wash his highchair cover and straps, rugs, clothes, etc because of bright orange stains all around.
-cheaper versions available (ie, at Target they have their own brands)
-does have sugar (I wish they can make a low or non-sugar version, because I'm pretty sure the baby will still eat them. Why add unnecessary sugar into everything?)

I started with the Gerber sweet potato, but I'll be sticking to the Target blueberry (because it's cheaper and doesn't stain)

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