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221452221452B0025UCA9WA2GINLUVC72ORBhickmanfive4651334880000my nightmare is finally overMost of my childhood was spent in want of quality catsup served in an easy to pour device. As hard as I have tried to forget, so many tormented images still seem to surface from time to time. Like the time that I found my Memaw dead on the kitchen floor clutching a clogged bottle of Kirk's economy catsup. I don't care what the police say with their whole "Gampy stabbed Memaw" theory. Fact is cheap catsup played a role in this horrible event, an event that could have easily been avoided. If only Memaw had access to Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 20-Ounce Easy Squeeze Bottles.
And it's not just the death of my dear Memaw. The ugly head of sub quality catsup reared its head again during what should have been those wonderful early teen years everyone talks about. It was early summer and Gampy had just been released early from the Warren County correctional Facility for good behavior. We were all gathered for a summer picnic/ Gampys out of prison celebration. Well everyone except for Memaw, although she was there in spirit. All was going along swimmingly until my Pops delivered a plate of beautifully grilled hotdogs and burgers to the table. As a gesture of "welcome home Gampy", I leaned forward and grabbed the cumbersome glass bottle of Cheap Conny's country catsup and proceeded to apply it to Gampy's dog. When I awoke in the hospital 3 weeks later, I was brought up to speed on the series of events that followed my attempt to use a lesser quality catsup. Events that my brain surgeon informed me I may never recover. To quickly summarize, years of cheap homemade prison toilet catsup had left a brutal impression on Gampy. When my hair is cut very short you can still see this impression on the back of my skull.
It was not until I hit my late 20's that an event finally sent me over the edge and I had the epiphany concerning crappy catsup and its dire effects on the human condition. As a handsome young 27 year old buck, you can imagine I had my pick of the ladies. And did I ever pick a good one. Roberta was as pretty as she was smart. And boy was she smart. She was finishing her PHD in Physics, Captain of her schools debate team and a champion chess player in Warren County. Seems like there wasn't anything Roberta did wrong. Well, with the exception of her constant purchasing of mid grade catsup dispensed through inefficient containers. It was just a mere 5 years prior to the release of Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 20-Ounce Easy Squeeze Bottles. A fact that just haunts me. Due to severe heart problems, Gampy had been released once again from the Warren County Correctional Facility. He was living with me temporarily while Pops try to find a home for him. I was working late and Roberta had called me and let me know that she was making dinner for her a Gampy and that she would try and save some French fries for me. DAMN THOSE FRENCH FRIES AND THEIR DEPENDECE UPON TASTEY CATSUP SERVED CONVIENTLY!
The squad cars were in the driveway when I got home that night. We will never really be sure what happened that night. What we do know is that Gampy and Roberta are in a better place now. A heavenly place that is not burdened by watered down catsup that tastes like chemical tomatoes.
I swore that night that I would never consume catsup again. And then one day I stumbled across Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 20-Ounce Easy Squeeze Bottles. It was pure heaven served easily through a squeeze bottle. Since using Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 20-Ounce Easy Squeeze Bottles, my life has been for the better. My only regret is that my dear Gamby had to pass so soon and miss this wonderful product.
221453221453B0025UCA9WANA1W92UTZ0VFBrian L.0031345680000High Fructose Corn SyrupHigh fructose corn syrup costs a few cents less per gallon than real sugar, so that's the sweetener they use here. The good news is they offer "Simply Heinz," which is made with real sugar. The taste is noticeably better and while the corn lobby wants you to believe otherwise, my bet is that the real sugar is healthier. For a condiment that lasts for months, do yourself a favor and spend the extra few cents to get the good stuff.
221454221454B0025UCA9WA16MTF36307916J. Sharp0051343088000great, classic producta classic- the king of ketchups, period. love the new caps, easy to dispense and keep tip clean after using, and easy to store upside-down.
221455221455B0025UCA9WA2R0SX64IQD8F7Yvonne R. Croft "Mulemom"0021314489600hate the bottleI very much DISLIKE the upside down squeeze bottle, It makes a nasty sound, and gets all crappy around the opening. Why can't we have an old fashioned bottle? Ketchup is good.
221456221456B0025UCA9WA370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"0051303948800Classic ketchupHeinz has a nice flavor that most people like, and serves well as a ketchup for various foods like scrambled eggs, sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers, chips, or even as a base for sauce. The easy-squeeze bottles come in handy, though be careful when you open up an almost-full bottle, it's easy to squeeze out too much at once. Overall great flavor and texture.
221457221457B0025UCA9WA1ZK5P0EOE727FDenise M. Everett "writergirl"0051296950400Good KetchupI like this Ketchup and the easy squeeze bottles make it fun to use.
I have eaten this ketchup for many years and enjoy it.
221458221458B0025UCA9WA2TFHMXBU9HG3PP. Myers0051269993600catsup is catsupwhat can you say about catsup for pete's sake, thick and very tomatoey and now you won't run out in the middle of a good burger and chips... also seems to be lower acidity than the organic Annies brand they sell at Amazon. So I guess not all catsup is equal.
221459221459B0001CXU3QAC20CWLI4C7ZVCharlene W. Goosmann0051350518400Orange Crystal SugarGreat Product - Thanks!! Great Seller!! Needed this for fall pumpkin cupcakes!
Should have gotton 3 or 4 more, but will have to order later.
221460221460B002JGBC96A35YSZNOF1ZI6TElizabeth Mark "Elizabeth"5551313625600Not Nutella and I'm so glad it's not!This is so delicious! Amazon didnt have the Chocolate Hazelnut available with their subscribe and save program, that I typically order, so I decided to give the Almond a try and am so glad I did. This is made from Almonds so of course has a different taste than the Hazelnut Chocolate Butter (also made by Justins) but it is still just as good. When u read the ingredients (which you should) you will notice that the #1 ingredient is actually Almonds. This is an excellent source of protein and good fat and a great 'treat'. This should not be compared to Nutella, of course your taste buds would chose something with more sugar, but sometimes you need to have some self control and make a choice that's better for your health and your families health. I admit I have had Nutella and it was tasty, but after looking at the ingredients I will never buy it again. How can anyone make the choice to purchase and consume something with the top 2 ingredients being Sugar and Oil? I cant believe that people give it to their kids and think it's healthy.
221431221431B000BSW6K8ABXANRX4GPYRZhdtravel1151261440000Drives cats wildOur two cats love these treats.

Good for their teeth too !

Recommended !
221432221432B000BSW6K8A2VKKHJMDH59XQM. Clark1111261267200My cat choked on these, more than once.I can't recommend these simply because I feel that they might be a bit on the dangerous side. My cat loved the flavor of these, but had a problem with the size and choked up a single piece on more than one occasion. If you search on Greenies and choke you'll see that others have experienced this issue with Greenies. The best treats I've found are the All Natural Temptations, any flavor.
221433221433B000BSW6K8A278V23ZSISZF1Earthling3411308182400Too much corn meal!Corn meal has no place in a cat's diet! Cats are pure carnivores. I think corn meal plays a role in the development of tartar, in the first place. It definitely plays a role in feline obesity - rich carbs like corn fatten up cows. I'm going to try CET treats... or something else. Corn is a cheap commodity and popular filler because it's a SUBSIDIZED commodity. This is also why many food manufacturers use High Fructose Corn Syrup instead of real sugar - sugar is not subsidized. Corn meal in cat food products is great for corporate profits but BAD for our cats.
221434221434B000BSW6K8AJSUZ8J1XQ7L1Craig S. Thom3451234742400Cat loves themMy cat loves these. As noted in the other reviews, it doesn't make a difference what flavor I buy, so I get whatever is less expensive at the time.
221435221435B000BSW6K8A1P3BW2V830WPDLee L. Lanza "LLL"0051346544000Feline GreeniesThe cats are wild for Greenies - all flavors, but beef is the favorite. The downside is that you end up trained to head for the Greenies bag when they meow piteously at you.Feline Greenies 3 oz. Package Salmon
221436221436B000BSW6K8AC5Z3SJOALBN0itwasalvrstryst0011345161600Just ONE of these made my kitty sick!I bought these thinking they would be a slightly more productive treat for my 6yo, small, male cat. Usually I give him little pieces of plain fish or chicken, but was happy that there was something that might lessen how often I brush his teeth (since he hates it with a furry passion!).

I gave him one thinking if he liked it I would give him more, but didn't want to confuse his system. After about 3 minutes, he threw up everywhere. More than once. I didn't want him to be sick, but he was so excited and had gobbled it up so fast I thought I would try the other flavor. Same thing after only one greenie. He's an EXTREMELY healthy cat, very active and has never had a single health problem, but these made him so sick. After he threw up he wouldn't eat for two days. I was going to take him to the vet, but he perked back up, and started eating normally (hasn't thrown up once since).

Obviously it's not like this for every cat, but I looked into it further and if you read reviews from other major sellers there are many problems like this in perfectly healthy cats. Some reacted even worse than mine, so I was lucky.
221437221437B000BSW6K8A20D9VGCF3P13LRoyBlaze0051343952000It seems to work..I was told that my male cat needed tooth work next year(2013). I went on line and found C.E.T. but as it happens my female is the only one that likes them. Then I found that Greenies were good for teeth and the male loves them. Of course it was exposed that the Greenies didn't have enzymes, ammino acids, Lactase inhibitors and stem cells. I still gave the male 6-8 Greenies a day. Now I looked at his teeth at the start and the gums were red, now I see a pinkish color. I give them dry food in the morning and their teeth didn't seem to change. I have to conclude that the Greenies are doing something to make the gums better.
221438221438B000BSW6K8AWX1X4M8HINSXM. Sepulveda "M. Sepulveda"0051342742400HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH GREENIESGreenies are a great way to train your cat. If they go outside and you want them to come in at a certain time,
give them a couple of Greenies every time they come into the house and they will show up sooner rather than later.
My mom bonded with her cats by using Greenies since they were strays. The Salmon and the Chicken are my cats favorites.
221439221439B000BSW6K8A157MPD27GOA1UF. Howard0051341705600My Babies Love Em!All I know is that my cats LOVE hearing the rattle of this treat bag. I give them about 3 each and only give them treats once or twice a week, so they love having a little something extra. My cats are a little picky about their treats but seem to really enjoy these, and usually have them gone before I can close the bag. If they are happy then so am I.
221440221440B000BSW6K8A1BVE2ZIBKJ7YIroaeja "Hey you!"0051338076800I've noticed a great difference in my cat....I've noticed a great difference in my Tuxedo can seem more
awake and more energy, his coat is now shinny and healthy looking.
And those little white flakes have disappeared. My other cat like
it, too. I'm sold on this product and so are my cat's.
221441221441B000BSW6K8A1K7ALVOMP4SKRKelly0051337731200YummyOn my last visit to the vet, I found out that my cat has tarter on her teeth! I purchased these because the package says that they are a dental treat. I'm not sure how much it has helped with the tarter(though my cats gums are not so red anymore), but all of my cats come running when it is treat time. They love these treats! This is the brand I will be purchasing for now on.
221442221442B000BSW6K8A1JFNZ4UAMEZN3Joe496 "kittybaby"0051319673600My Baby kitty really liked the beef flavor.I have not yet tried the Salmon flavor yet but I will keep you updated on her reaction to these "Greenies".
221443221443B000BSW6K8A2PZ7BE1VBJ7HNV. A. Kubat "Vegas Mama"0051303776000GreeniesMy cat actually knows the package already. If you want a detailed review I'll ask her when she gets up. She is partial to seafood, though.
221444221444B000BSW6K8A2ML4DCDWH36IIWilliam Schroeder0051288051200Best cat treat, ever.My cat literally screams for this treat. He really loves it. All I have to do is go near the bag and he gets all excited. I am glad to have found it "in bulk" and at such a low cost. Now, my cat can scream for his favorite treat for months!
221445221445B000BSW6K8A3AD61WKEY66UKyukuaki1251299196800Bela likes them. Good enough for me.They're not bad for him, and my cat likes them. That's all I really need in a cat treat. 5 stars.
221446221446B000BSW6K8A3OULQFD85YXAUKAS0141294272000Seem to be a hitI don't eat these, so I can't really judge from experience. My cat seems to like them though, so I guess they do the job.
221447221447B0002W0S4YA9GQR7CMQERSSKaren V. Stefanini "parrot lover"0051343692800Perkier on thisMy husband and I noticed that since giving this to Rexie he seems perkier and more relaxed as well. He isn't as jumpy and doesn't bark at every noise outside. I am not sure what is in this but it sure agrees with our tiny tot.
221448221448B000Q3CGCGA2Y7PXY4CMYZOPNanny Springer "quilter/writer"1151196726400Solution for the infamous German Shepherd tender stomach!GSDs can be picky about what they eat and often have tender tummies--this food is the solution IMHO.

In May we adopted a rescued thin, sickly 2-1/2 year-old male GSD, AKC registered. We've been without a dog for years, and I wasn't sure what kibble to feed a younger dog. The pet store had Eukanuba and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw "for German Shepherds" and decided to try it even if it is a bit expensive.

It was the best pet food decision I've ever made.

He's bulked out now to a normal weight, has a coat that's incredible, and his breath is clean and sweet. It's great on his digestion--he doesn't eat grass anymore and has healthy poops everyday. Sure it might be pricey, but isn't your loyal companion and protector worth it?
221449221449B0025UCA9WAD2QRU9ZXBQZ1Domestic Gnome5551266710400Duh, it's ketchupSo if you like Heinz, cheap and direct to the house, but as is often the case, Amazon offers a great deal. This lot should last us until 8th grader goes to college or prison.
221450221450B0025UCA9WA2BZ16RKE13PKVShannonAnna1151290902400Love these bottlesI keep switching back and forth between this and the organic ketchup at Trader Joe's. I keep coming back to these ones because they're easier for me to hold and squeeze, even with arthritis in my hands, and easier for my preschool daughter to use (unlike longer necked ones that she tends to have less control of, squirting ketchup everywhere!).

As far as the ketchup itself goes, it's ketchup. I'm guessing you've had it before. (If not, go to a fast food pace to get a packet to try it out. It's the same stuff.)
221451221451B0025UCA9WA1RXU4H8ZCL035TokenBlindGuy "weblerrik"1151284854400It Is KethcupIf you don't know what Heinz Ketchup tastes like then this review probably isn't for you because all i can say is this is a 6 pack of ketchup. it tastes just like I expected. Thought the bottles are bit smaller then I usually buy this is by far a better price then I found anywhere else. Plus with Prime it is free 2 day shipping.

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