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221461221461B002JGBC96A31J9RMH7YA2CIVai3351335398400Best thing ever.I love this stuff! I've gone low-carb, and I like this even more than I liked Nutella (and I loooooove Nutella!). It's my favorite snack while watching Doctor Who. Take one serving size of it at a time because it's easy to overdo it! Savor it, dip the tip of your spoon in it - no more! It's strongly flavored, so it's super satisfying. Who needs popcorn? Ice cream? Come -on-! I have my Justin's!
221462221462B002JGBC96A1APVDSGLZMWLAKim Burlingham "rural pediatrician"3341301356800Not Nutella but not bad eitherI was looking for something a tad healthier to replace my infatuation with Nutella when I came across this chocolate almond butter. I took the plunge and ordered it from Amazon, though it would have been an easier plunge if I did not have to order three jars of an unknown-to-me product at one time. Since my goal was to replace it for Nutella I will say that it is not quite as sweet, nor as smooth nor as melt-in-your-mouth candy bar-ish as Nutella and it doesn't quite spread onto toast as easily and the total calories per serving are within 10 of each other. Neither product has trans fats, the almond butter a bit higher in total fat but has many less total carbs and has a higher fiber content. I think the chocolate in the almond butter is of good quality and my brain tells me it is a healthier choice because I don't tend to want to eat it straight out of the jar on a spoon like Nutella so I am automatically saving calories, right? My taste buds tend to agree that Justin's starts out with good ingredients and to make a long story short I would buy this again (once we finish the three jars.)
221463221463B002JGBC96AK9Q7JLFPP3BJDarcy Bee1141342915200Not as sweetI do enjoy this product but it is not as sweet as I would prefer. It does not have to be Nutella sweet but I can almost feel saltiness which I don't like. The texture is also quite grainy. I have not tried the hazelnut product yet but I will before deciding if this is for me.
221464221464B002JGBC96A33L6K2HC7P6IXflatironsgirl1151339977600Favorite Justin's FlavorI love their maple almond butter, but this one is my new favorite. I love the texture and the strong nutty flavor with a perfect chocolate flavor. It's great for dessert right out of the jar, which makes it overall a lot lower calorie then a lot of other spreads which I have to eat with bread or something.
221465221465B002JGBC96A36N86YIEVN1IAM. LONG "momof6"1151338076800Kids love it MORE than NutellaWe've been through a couple jars of nutella and my 6 kids MUCH prefer Justin's over the Nutella. Justin's tastes more like real chocolate--yes it's a slightly different texture but far more tastier. Checked the label of Nutella and 19 grams of sugar per 2 tablespoons is ridiculous--that's literally as much sugar as 2 tablespoons of canned cake frosting. Justin's has 7 grams for same serving size. 19 grams of sugar is almost 5 teaspoons of sugar in every serving--it only leaves a little more than a teasoon to try to fit in hazelnut butter, cocoa, oil, etc. Sorry, but Nutella is literally almost all sugar. Justin's tastes really really chocolately and good.
221466221466B002JGBC96A2J2I45JUPJMS2monique "techwriter"1151328227200THANK YOU Justin-from new veganI haven't had any milk chocolate since becoming a vegan 1 month ago. I tried natural dark chocolate (even the really expensive stuff) but its just not the same. I received a sample of Justin's Chocolate Almond butter while shopping at a health food store. I ate it out of the package like a crack fiend!! The next day I was back at the health food store for more. Now, I eat this like ice cream off of a spoon for my after dinner treat! I LOVE you Justin!!!
221467221467B002JGBC96A3AP5B2JX77GHBgreen151151326412800Love it!My whole family loves Justin's Nut Butter. Amazon carries all varieties for a lot less than what I would pay in the stores.
221468221468B002JGBC96A29GUXSG5VWOF7stacy gallahue1151326067200Mmmmm, Mmmmmmm GOOD!!I am a peanut butter lover! Never tried Nutella, but this stuff is amazingly delicious! I was a little weary about the "grittiness" from other reviews but went ahead & ordered the 3 pack. Sure glad i did! I don't think it's gritty and the sweetness is just right. Will definitely buy again when these 3 jars are empty.
221469221469B002JGBC96A5OVQTZ69J478Roberta C. Lambert1151323216000Mm-m-m-m-m-m WOWI never expected the heavenly taste when I dipped in for a spoonful. Very fresh tasting, not rancid at all. Just the perfect amount of sweetness without wanting more and without the tongue curl that happens with fudge. The texture has some minute particles, but this only adds to the overall good experience.

Only 11 carbs and all organic ingredients. It is an unexpected treat item that anyone would enjoy, even those with well-known sweet toothe issues. It would probably be good on toast but I won't waste it on mundane breakfast food. It will be a precious dessert item for our household.
221470221470B002JGBC96A2KB5F5QAW2L9J. Penvose1151323043200Wow...I very rarely write reviews, and even though this has so many positive reviews I feel it needs another. I was a little skeptical about the cost, whether or not it was really worth it, and after using this for several days on toast and in oatmeal I am 100% certain this is a great product. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy alternative to nutella. It doesn't have the candy taste that nutella has, but I think it's just as good, sometimes eating nutella for breakfast felt like eating dessert for breakfast, a little too sweet, this is perfect.
221471221471B002JGBC96A25MQ2CB9D9NOSB. Hobbs1151318550400Seriously addictedI found this at my local grocery store, and boy am I glad I did. I try to keep refined sugar to a minimum, and this helps me do just that. Nutella is crazy with sugar. Plus, the lower sugar content lets the nutty, salty taste shine through. Highly recommended. My only gripe? The price. But I wouldn't buy any other chocolate almond butter.
221472221472B002JGBC96A248KMCAANTSTEKathy Murphy0051346284800Great ProductThis I found while searching amazon for chocolate. I never had this before but I read the reviews and thought I would give it a try. I was shocked how good the flavor of chocolate was and not to mention the almond flavor too. I thought it would be ok but this is great. My daughter also loves it. We have bought nuttella before but this is excellent.
221473221473B002JGBC96AQXC1FFMFB19Xbeamcq0051318550400Best nut butter around!No, this is NOT Nutella. Nutella is made with hazelnuts, so almond butter will taste different. This also has 7 gr of sugar to Nutella's 20 gr (per 2 Tbsp), so it definately isn't as ooey-gooey sweet as Nutella. But if you want the best chocolate nut butter around, this is it.

I've tried all of Justin's nut butters - peanut, hazelnut, etc - and I definately like chocolate almond the best. But I like regular almond butter more than peanut butter anyway.

As a former Nutella addict, this doesn't have the smooth, creamy consistency of Nutella. It is more coarsely ground nuts. If you want smooth & creamy, you might want to try I.M Healthy's chocolate soy nut butter. I like that a lot too and it's got the smooth consistency that some demand.

But this one is the best! Great almond taste and rich chocolate taste!
221474221474B002JGBC96A255EMQZTRGKAHeb0051315612800Delicious!I'm on my third jar and really love it. I keep a jar at work too for a healthier snack when nothing but chocolate will do. It does need to be refrigerated, but that's preferable to petrochemicals.
221475221475B002JGBC96AZN9SW5QAIR7CLuis A. Sanchez0041310083200Holy Cow this tastes goodI love the taste of this chocolate almond butter. My caveat here is that chocolate almond bark is one of my favorite things to eat on the planet so this chocolate almond butter is right up my alley. Surprisingly when comparing labels to regular Peter Pan peanut butter and Jif Natural peanut butter Justins looks like a better choice, less calories, fat and sugar. Plus it has chocolate, who doesn't love chocolate? The texture of this is slightly gritty which is not a problem for me but my wife doesn't like the grittiness. Oh well, more for me. Yay!
221476221476B002JGBC96A1LV9ANEJ4CMXXAllie Burness0051309305600Amazing!We're HOOKED on this stuff. This stuff is really great, and I love that it doesn't have a ton of sugar. It's way better than nutella and much healthier. Highly, highly recommend this!
221477221477B002JGBC96AQ16K7GKXO4XHHenry Lee0051303516800Delicious and HealthyThis stuff is just excellent. Made from quality whole organic ingredients, the perfect blend of almonds, cocoa, butter and palm fruit oil (to give it the right texture). The palm fruit oil helps the consistency, so you are not left with oil sitting on top. We eat this right out of the container by the spoonful, it's that good.
221478221478B002JGBC96ATJZ9T302O5BYS. Hokanson0051301097600Perfect for Fancy OatmealMy breakfasts could not live without Justin's chocolate almond butter. I make homemade whipped banana oatmeal and top it with sliced strawberries and a spoonful of chocolate almond butter. (Strawberries and chocolate... fancy fancy!) The nut butter melts and gets nice and gooey. So good! The chocolate peanut butter is also excellent, but the almond variety knocks it out of the park. Really, I haven't tried a nut butter from Justin's that I haven't loved. Simple ingredient lists, mostly (if not all) organic, and delicious!
221479221479B002JGBC96A34DMQO5OY2ZLGBecca0051295395200WOW - Best Chocolate Almond Butter EVER!!Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter is DELICIOUS! Being able to get a taste for both the creamy sweet texture combined with the high quality sea salt makes for an incredible nut butter. I love the chocolate almond butter so very much - I put it on everything from bananas, to sandwiches, and even just eat it right out of the jar or squeeze pack! Don't know what I would do without this nut butter..... it's GREAT!
221480221480B002JGBC96A3A5NRXIRKKI1CLaura Schwartz1251288310400AmazingTry some of this stuff on pretzels, apples, you name it. I thought their chocolate peanut butter was good, but the almond variety is even better!!
221481221481B002JGBC96A1C8F8ZGRIYD8ECJA0131311465600No good if you're hooked on NutellaI so wanted to like this, but neither I nor my kids will eat it. It seems far superior to Nutella in nutrition and quality, but if you're used to the sweet creamy spreadability of Nutella, this may not work for you. Definitely start with one jar (not the SuperSaver 3 pack).
221482221482B002JGBC96A3N7UCEM00PSYQWill's mom0151273622400Great substitute when you can't have chocolate!I am nursing my son who has a milk protein allergy, which means no chocolate, and when I found this I was so excited b/c I LOVE chocolate! I feel like it is good for me and tastes good too while allowing me to healhfully feed my baby-yay! Now if only I could find an equally tasty pizza substitute!
221483221483B002JGBC96A16WHSO9OBKPI3Book Lady "Book Lady"3651263427200so healthyAt first I thought this peanut butter would be loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats like the rest on the self. Upon looking at the ingredients I have found that out to be totally untrue. The ingredients are simple, organic and extremely healthy!!!!!!
221484221484B002JGBC96A133DXQ4G7TRKXVMAX "PAUL"1321309564800not nutellai love Nutella but wanted to try something different. i thought this would be like Nutella but with a different kind of flavor ( smooth, sweet & chocolaty ) it is grannie, not very sweet and not very chocolaty. the texture is what bothers me the most,its like eating wet sand. now take into consideration i like to eat some just by the spoonful and every body has different tastes so im not saying it is bad just that "I" did not care for it!
221485221485B0019LRGEWA1RY1WYSLBF1NWJJB0070051291075200I put this on everything!This is by far the best condiment I have ever come across in my decades of existence. I have yet to find a food that I don't like this on! I put it on vegetables (raw and cooked), fish (I think this is my favorite application of the sauce), stir fry, salsa, even oatmeal! I've recommended this sauce to a few friends and all have been just as satisfied as I.
221486221486B0019LRGEWA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle0051262131200Bon Appétit predicts "Ingredient of the Year": SrirachaAndrew Knowlton, restaurant editor at Bon Appétit magazine, predicts sriracha will be one of the biggest food trends of 2010!

Knowlton was a guest on the CBS Early Show and shared, "If you walk into any chef's kitchen or home, you will find sriarcha. Sriracha is a hot sauce with flavor -- it livens up every dish you put it on."

Once only found on Thai or Vietnamese restaurant tables, a bottle of Sriracha (sree-RAH-cha) Hot Chili Sauce is now a telltale sign of a great eatery, whether it is on a sidewalk hot dog stand, a family hamburger joint or my favorite Asian restaurant.

Last year, New York Journal News reporter Kara Newman provided some background about the condiment nicknamed "Thai ketchup." Here's an excerpt:

[[The two most commonly-found brands are Huy Fong, which sports a white rooster on the label, and Shark. (Supposedly, the shark is in homage to the shark-infested waters off the coast of Sriracha). Shark brand is made in Thailand and is used widely there as well as imported to U.S. stores and restaurants. Huy Fong is made in California by a Vietnamese immigrant, David Tran, and is the U.S. favorite.]]

Sriracha is made of sun ripened chilies that are ground into a smooth paste with garlic. The sauce is nearly as thick as ketchup, which makes the squeeze bottle a handy way to deliver a spicy kick to your favorite foods. Speaking of ketchup, a little sriracha can add a nice kick to ketchup or your favorite dipping sauce without overpowering the other ingredients.

Newman's story featured recipes were adapted from Greg Gilbert, Jackson & Wheeler.

Sriracha Remoulade

1 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup sriracha
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

Whisk together until smooth. Serve as a dipping sauce with fried calamari rings.

Fried Calamari

1/2 cup calamari
1 cup milk
1 cup flour
1/2 cup semolina
Vegetable oil for frying
Salt and pepper

Soak calamari rings in milk for about 20 minutes; drain.

In a bowl, combine the flour and semolina. Dredge the calamari in the flour mixture, and shake off the excess. Heat the oil to 350 degrees, and fry the calamari until golden brown. Season with salt and pepper and serve with Sriracha Remoulade.

Sriracha Spicy Buffalo Wings

6 chicken wings
Oil for frying
3 tablespoons Frank's Red Hot Sauce
1 tablespoons sriracha
1 tablespoons butter, softened
Baby mache or other lettuce to garnish

Fry the chicken wings until crispy. In a bowl, combine the red-hot sauce, sriracha, and butter. Toss the wings in the sauce and serve. Garnish with baby mache or other lettuce.

In summary, I grew up with pepper, salt and Tabasco pepper sauce on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Did sriracha replace my bottle of Tabasco? Yes. Sriracha is hotter but with a light, sweet finish that sets it apart from the vinegar tang of other pepper sauces.

Rating: Five stars
221487221487B0019LRGEWA1YP5WLIHGG136Techthusiast "n00b"0051260489600OK I'm obsessedI love Sriracha and this satisfies!

Stuff you find in restaurants, this stuff keeps very very well. Trust me, I have so much of it now but I've managed to get through most of it... it refrigerates and freezes well...and the keep-by date is still a couple years out.

I cook with it, add it to everything to pizazz it up... it is a specific palate so when you need it, you know it ;)

Good for home, good for gift... great great deal!
221488221488B0019LRGEWA397SNR9YPSATRJenn in Baltimore1251224547200Sriracha Chili Sauce is my FAVORITE!!!This stuff can go on everything - pasta, pizza, and even in soup! I would recommend this to anyone!
221489221489B000EQ6AEAA35JZXTLKT8F87Cindy "Tea drinker"1151227312000Ineeka DarjeelingIneeka Whole Leaf Organic Tea, Elevation - Darjeeling, 1.23-Ounce TinIneeka Darljeeling Tea is the best on the market. I have tried many different brands of Darjeeling tea. This is the best. It is a loose leaf tea in a fabric bag which makes it possible to brew a cup that is as good as if you brewed a whole pot of loose leaf tea.
221490221490B000EQ6AEAA34Y5JARAI7DNQSteven3451183075200Excellent flavorI highly recommend this tea, as it actually has flavor to it, unlike most pre-packaged teas available on store shelves. The "brewtaché"s included make it easy to pour a perfect cup and get optimal flavor at the same time. Plus, the manufacturer's committment to organic and trade-friendly production is also noteworthy.

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