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221632221632B000B5OCFSA2CQBD9NXS3QJWTrinka Mccabe1251298505600Pumpkin Seed Oil is the BESTThis stuff is so good. You should try it. They were great to order from. TRY IT
221633221633B000B5OCFSA3I8JIURSU53W5Sarah H.1351335657600Very good qualityGreat for stir fry!

The flavor is amazing!

I also take a spoonful of it raw. It is really good for you when it is raw because the heat has not change the moleculer structure of the fatty acids yet.
221634221634B000B5OCFSA2TG9WE7RHCI3FThe Tramp1351282694400RemarkableI am very pleased with the promptness in which this arrived. The seller provides a wonderful product and is speedy.
221635221635B005DDC5WAAJZR5U7FZIWCSclaallan0051330560000Favorite from my childhoodI was able to buy this at a local grocery for many years, but it disappeared a year or so ago. It makes a marvelous grilled cheese sandwich (assuming you like pineapple flavor). I recall having that decades ago, as a child. (Like many folks, we used the empty glass jars as little tumblers for drinks, or my mother used some for canning jellies at home, but those uses are long gone. At our house anyway.)
221636221636B005DDC5WAA33TLBCXHX0OLDLinda Noel0051329868800Kraft Cheese Spread, PineappleI did a search on to find these 5 oz. jars of Kraft Cheese Spread with Pineapple. I looked all over the Chicagoland area and couldn't find them anywhere. I finally found them and bought the last six jars available. This is my favorite cheese spread (it's Philadelphia cream cheese with bits of pineapple mixed together). Very tasty for watching TV or working on the computer. I would recommend this product to everyone, just because it's a Kraft product. In my opinion, Kraft makes the best!!
221637221637B0045VUK0UAZOXQ744RAPZJAngel Hsia1211297555200Moldy treatsWhen I opened up the package and looked inside -- every single treat was covered in a slightly furry white film. I realized that they were all covered in mold and ended up throwing the entire package away!
221638221638B000PL5VQMA207OL4M52D2TWB. Murray3351184976000AddictiveBright and refreshing. Not too sweet and not too tart.
Really perks up breakfast.
221639221639B000PL5VQMA2PLJWYTKIX5MORachel2251304640000Absolutely wonderful!This is fantastic lime marmalade with a delicious flavor. It's great on toast, makes an amazing PB&J, and is also a terrific addition when making Asian dipping sauces. I always keep some on hand for when I need to add a "sweet-tart" flavor to recipes. I wish I could find it locally, but it's great to be able to get it through Amazon.
221640221640B000PL5VQMA2PB01NE88T28SJR1151313798400Good Stuff!Rose's Lime Marmalade is especially good on an English muffin. I also like it on toasted rye bread. It's not sweet, not bitter, just tangy lime. I'm sure I can find other ways to use it, but the two above are really enough to add it to my permanent pantry.
221611221611B00166BBXWA3ET5FDBUNVBXPJ. Michaud1251303084800You can live on theseI've been drinking 4-5 of these per week for years. But the Vanilla, not the Chocolate. The Chocolate is a bit watery and not as sweet as the Vanilla. I'd say it only tastes faintly of cocoa. But I'll probably keep ordering it to have some variety.

On the positive side, the protein in these shakes is very high quality. It's a mix of 7 different components and the predominant one is whey. Perfect for drinking after a workout and that's when I use it. They also have no sugar and are pretty low in fat.
221612221612B00166BBXWA23HRTD9I9K90ZVictor B. Schneider "Linux Sharpie"0111346889600Questionable nutritionI have been drinking nutrition drinks off and on for over 50 years, and I think I can tell whether there is protein content by the texture. I have tried two so far, I have faithfully followed directions to shake the container, and I would be greatly surprised if there are even 15 grams of protein in one carton.

Also, my flavor, "chocolate ice cream", is a serious exaggeration. There is some chocolate flavor evident, but the overall impression is that "ice cream" is overly optimistic.

I also found a "no extra charge" extra-large cockroach in the packing container, and it had been thoughtfully colored chocolate. Fortunately, it had been poisoned, so it was nearly dead.

Wow, is it ever easy nowadays to defraud the public.
221613221613B0000TL61IA1WUUXZ5DDUV0LLouise Tanner2221261267200Too many stems to use this item without placing it in cheesecloth or similar.I have only used epazote one previous time and only the leaves of the living plant. In this dried product there ara a lot of tough stems, too many in fact to just throw some in with the cooking beans. Need to wrap the epazote in cheese cloth or similar to contain the stems. I was surprised because Melissa's usually has a superior product. Perhaps the stems are included because this can also be used as a tea.
221614221614B0000TL61IAP18OS01ZG47VBelcy2251200787200This epazote has so many uses.This herb has so many uses, but for me gives a very special taste to chilaquiles and black beans with pork. This brand is great and the price even greater.
221615221615B003Z6VZIMATVSO72U28NQXM. Papadopoulos "Mihalis the Greek"1151324080000Delicious!You cannot beat Welches' Grape Juice for purity and being delicious. It is genuine juice and although the cans are small, they serve the need for lunches. I would suggest that you do not chill the juice as grape juice tastes wonderful at room temperature to enjoy its rich taste.
221616221616B000BXZ4MKA3D6TFYRMIV3ZLThemis-Athena182251132704000The "Green Pearl" of Tea.Gunpowder tea is green tea, most of which comes from a city named Pingshui in the Eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, south of the Yangtse River Delta, where it has been cultivated for centuries and is known as the "green pearl" of tea. Pingshui tea market records date as far back as the Tang Dynasty (AD 618 - 907). The area's gunpowder tea was an important tribute traditionally given to the Chinese emperors; and with the growing trade volume between China and the West it also acquired an increasing number of lovers in Europe. Particularly during the second half of the 19th century, when gunpowder tea export reached its peak, its price on the London market was second only to then-popular Wu Yi Oolong (also from China). Even today, Zhejiang Province still proudly calls itself "home of silk and tea" for its two primary natural products.

The name "gunpowder" derives from the tea's elaborate method of processing, which traditionally lasts several hours and during which the tea leaves are withered, steamed or stir-fried and individually rolled into small pellets. Early foreign traders mistook these pellets for gunpowder or gunshot.

Gunpowder tea has a delicate aroma with a slightly smokey note. It should *always* be enjoyed without milk or cream.
221617221617B000BXZ4MKA2YS8NHXPM08ZQExumaa2251271635200Best Green teaI love green tea and find this to be one of the BEST. It will wake you up in the morning. Must develop a taste for it. As one who hates coffee, this was not a problem.
221618221618B000BXZ4MKA1KYX8VAGVFPMPben1151346630400excellentI have been looking everywhere for this tea. I was really happy to find it on amazon. If you like a light grassy green tea, this is the tea for you.
221619221619B000BXZ4MKAMBN7Y7DUOKBFKevin1151323648000Very GoodCame in quickly. Wonderful service and happy to have found this product available so easily. Enjoy this particular flavor and will try some others once I'm tired of this one.
221620221620B000BXZ4MKA3H7DJ8TDWZTICJulie Holy "bookie book"1131322438400weak teaI love loose teas -- I was a little disappointed in this tea-- It has a good taste but a little weak side -- I love some Twinings teas -- but this one I will look somewhere else for --
221621221621B000BXZ4MKA2M2GNV9I4EIWZA. Bulman4631302652800Good, but weakI like teas and i do drink them quite freaquently. This one is not really noteworthy. It Is somewhat on the weak side, but far from the worst.
I am only writing this review to tell you to shop around. Check the Twinings website. There are deals to be had!
221622221622B000BXZ4MKA3A6RQ2P4X9VVNRosendo0051350000000Excellent TeaAs usual Twinnings quality is excellent, although is you consume tea on a daily basis there are less expensive options on amazon that provide similar quality for less price.
221623221623B000BXZ4MKABLHJC249WUGSS. Brougher1711271116800Gunpowder tea tastes like gunpowder...who knewThis is the worst tasting tea I have ever tasted. I am a tea lover and have tried many, many different teas but this is the absolute worst.
221624221624B002XVUSKQA1ER7HFMP464NXkush1151327449600Lomo Iberico de Bellota - full loinIf you like Spanish ham then you have to try this,you get two pieces separately sealed, great taste and quality.
221625221625B001FA1828A2C2P4KPUC9Z24Lois M. Frescura ""1151171756800Delicious!I had never tried Mexican Hot Chocolate before. I purchased this because I liked that it was large discs of actual chocolate, cinnamon, sugar. I used Skim Milk and added no additional sugar or cinnamon and it was delicious. It will add more cinnamon next time because it is good for you!
221626221626B001FA1828A306H14L01BUXJR. Blais "LOL WUT"0051247961600I love this stuff!This mix makes a great beverage on its own, but combine it with milk, ice, and Back to Basics Slushie Express, and it makes a great beverage.
221627221627B000B5OCFSA22ZBFI35U2LA8Just Another Gringo4451314144000Once a surprise, now a necessityI first tasted Styrian Pumpkinseed oil a few decades ago while in the service, but on trip to Austria a few years back I had the opportunity to try it again and couldn't believe I'd forgotten what a great flavor it added to foods. I brought a couple of bottles back to the states, after they were used up, I looked in specialty stores and markets all over the NYC area but with no success. Finally, I ordered the oil over Amazon. It arrived quickly and has the same great taste as the product I brought back from Austria. My only quibble is that I can't get the organic oil that I found over there, but it's pretty much a case of beggars can't be choosers when it comes to finding this oil in the US. A note to anyone that buys the oil, keep yours in the fridge once you open it as it will go bad if you don't.
221628221628B000B5OCFSAPT78Q4GK5BV1Pete Peterson4531272844800Pumpkin Sed OilIndeed, as the first reviewer stated this is a wonderful, fragrant oil and it does come in a glass bottle, which is a plus. I just wish the oil was be organic but it isn't!
221629221629B000B5OCFSAI0BCEWRE04G0Stoney1151336521600Wonderful stuffPumkinseed oil has a rich nutty flavor, and is very tasty.

> For many uses, you can use pumpkinseed oil as a (much more healthy) butter substitute.
> Pumkinseed oil is an excellent dipping oil. Pour a little in a dish, sprinkle a little salt over it, and dip warm fresh bread in it---fantastic!!
> Pumkinseed oil is an excellent drizzling oil. That means that you pour it over dishes just before serving, or serve it on the table in a carafe for diners to pour themselves. If you stir-fry, use peanut oil to fry, then drizzle a little pumpkinseed oil just before serving.
> Pumkinseed oil is an excellent salad oil, but may be too intense used "straight", I suggest mixing it with olive oil, and a touch of honey.
> I often cook pole beans or green beans with roasted almonds. A little pumpkinseed oil greatly enhances the nuttiness.
> Pumkinseed oil is a wonderful on vanilla ice cream---giving it a nutty flavor. If you like almond or pecan icecream, you'll love pumkinseed oil on vanilla icecream.

Especially NOT for stir-frying
> Pumpkinseed oil has a low smoke point and burns easily
> Cooked pumpkinseed oil becomes bitter
> Cooking destroys the beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids

Claimed to be helpful for BHP (benign prostatic hyperplasia), irritable bowel syndrome, preventing arteriosclerosis, and lowering cholesterol levels.
221630221630B000B5OCFSA1LFP6B7ZDA581Dana Humfleet "dana7"0051350086400It's the real stuffThey fed me pumpkin seed oil when I visited Austria, and it changed my life. Yummy! Anyway this product is indistinguishable from the best I tasted over there (and I sampled a lot). Vendor was efficient too. Buy this hard to find oil with confidence!
221631221631B000B5OCFSA3AF5TL5080AK6Samuel Wai0041337904000Great Pumpkinseed OilThis is the real Austrian pumpkin seed oil from the Steiermark (Styria)region of Austria. It is the oil used for making potato salad there. From the bottle, it is thick almost like motor oil but with a rich taste and aroma of pumpkin seed. Once lightened in a dressing, it renders a dark green color. It is rich but authentic. It is a very special item not really widely used except in Austrian cuisine. It is one of the specialties of the Styrian region of southeastern Austria.

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