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221731221731B004G923S8AN39FIY3MGJVUAbby Normal1151341187200Delicious!We buy this whenever we are in London. Creamy, chocolate-y - the best instant hot chocolate I've ever had. Wish it wasn't so expensive on amazon, but I guess it's cheaper than a flight to London.
221732221732B004CQWWKYA2Q56HUF46QQX9Michelle Wong "miki"8941304640000love this waterThis is one of the best bottled water (with Smartwater coming in a close second). It's got a softness to it and there is no other mineral or salt taste so it's very clean. The only reason why I don't give it 5 stars is becuase it's a bit on the expensive side compared to other waters.
221733221733B004CQWWKYA2V1R9HBV8M49PBobby182451340841600It's liquid ice.It's amazing what the chemists come up with these days. This stuff is amazing! It can clean your hands with a little soap, it can turn into ice when put into the freezer, it can make soup, and did I mention that you can drink it if you're thirsty! It comes in a clear square shaped bottle which is portable; yep, you can take it anywhere you go (except past those pesky TSA agents at the airport). There are rumors that scientists and engineers are working on a system of pipes that will deliver this amazing stuff to your house and you could have it any time with just a twist of a knob, but that is just speculation. When this happens sometime in the future, I'm sure that they will give it to the fire department first, because, did I mention that it puts out fires! This stuff is the miracle product of the 21st century. If the world was perfect this stuff would fall from the sky.

Sure, there are other brands of this stuff; but, why pay pennies per bottle when what you really want is something that tells your friends and family that you have really made it. With Fiji you don't need to buy a Mercedes or Ed Hardy gear to rub your affluence in your friends and family's face.

If you have the time, you can make this stuff with some oxygen and twice as much hydrogen; but, good luck finding that stuff. But, then again why would you when Fiji has done all the hard work for you.

Once you have tried this stuff you will wonder how you have lived without it all your life.
221734221734B004CQWWKYA1XGFW5016CGQICathio81051315440000CLINICALLY TESTED WATER WITH POSITIVE HEALTH BENEFITS- AND IT TASTES GREAT!I knew when I first tasted fiji water years ago that it was different, better. I loved the taste or lack of taste. It felt smooth and moist in my mouth, even after I swallowed it. I would drink this water forever if I could afford it. I loved the bottle-asesthetically it is beautiful. It reminds me of Bora Bora Tahiti, where I have been, not Fiji where I haven't been. I have heard they are similar though from those who have been to both. (How lucky can you get!)

The tap water where I live tastes good, but has too much lime. We bought a faucet filter for this problem. So, I only bought Fiji water when I was out and about, as a special treat. Just couldn't justify buying it to drink all the time. I could not see buying drinking water we got from the tap for almost free.

Then, I read recently about clinical trials involving Fiji water and the positive affects it has on health
That did it for me. I did my research. I can now justify buying this beautiful water to drink on a regular basis. My son is very happy about this too, as it is his favorite bottled water. With Fiji water around we notice that we drink less sodas, etc. which is good.

The silica in it is what gives it the soft, smooth feel. Turns out silica is also very good for you. I am hoping it will help my joints and connective tissue (I have osteo arthritis), skin and overall health. There is even proof it might raise the good cholesterol in your body and so many other things. I am gong to give it a shot at helping me. I'll do a follow-up later. Google clinical studies on fiji water to get all the facts.

The price on Amazon is good. My first case was delivered with Amazon Prime shipping in two days. I ordered the 16 oz bottles. Almost ordered the 50 oz ounces but just a little too large. I do wish they had the 30+ oz bottles. I did notice the price per oz on the 16oz size is incorrect. My son likes this because UPS or Fed EX delivers it and he doesn' t have to lug it in and out of the car.

Here is info I got on the web-site regarding what's in Fiji:

What are the natural contents of FIJI Water?

FIJI Water contains the following in milligrams (mg) per liter (L):

Silica: 91 mg/L
Silica is an important trace mineral that may positively benefit bone formation and connective tissue, as well as other salutary benefits .

Fluoride: 0.26 mg/L
An important element found in FIJI Water is natural fluoride, which helps fight tooth decay.

Bicarbonate: 140 mg/L
Bicarbonate plays an important role in maintaining our bodies' pH levels.

Total dissolved solids: 208 mg/L
The term "Total Dissolved Solids" refers to the amount of dissolved minerals found in water. The more dissolved solids, the more metallic the water's taste will be.

Read more about the minerals in FIJI Water.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are substances found in the body that help regulate important physiological functions through electrical impulses. When dissolved in water, electrolytes are formed into positively and negatively charged ions.

What is bicarbonate?

Bicarbonate is essential for maintaining our bodies' pH balance. Working as an important buffer in the blood, it helps prevent blood from becoming too acidic or alkaline.

What is pH?

Many metabolic functions have a narrow range of pH at which they function adequately. The average normal pH is 7.4.

With a pH of 7.8, FIJI Water is an excellent choice for your daily hydration needs.
221735221735B004CQWWKYA1RZZHF2FCGA0HTough To Please3331343347200OK but not the bestI Drink only water that has been "purified" water that does not come from tap..I relized that the water coming form my tap tasted acceptable ,,it still tasted funny.Then I found out all the "stuff" they were putting in the public water and I endevered not to drink it UNLESS I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO.Now I do have my own water purification stuff but I do like to have a good supply of purified water in bottles for my family,mainly for emergency plan supplies.Anyway I have tried many different kinds and this is what I have found...Fiji water is ok..but somehow the so called artesian water tastes i am not ordering it again..It tastes kind of "slimy in a way..Silica in this Fiji water I guess is not a good thing.My opinion is that the "Smartwater" brand is just that,,good clean tasting water..Plus it is less expensive than the Fiji water.So....again this just being my opinion..go get yourself the Smartwater.I do not think you will be disappointed in your choice.I would buy it from the local Wal-Mart or some other grocery or local store if they had it but I am disabled and cannot leave the home ,seeing as i can not walk very well.
221736221736B004CQWWKYA1VFYW0YB3IO9PMark Little2351336348800Great water, high priceI was at the Emergency Room for food poisoning a few weeks ago and bought a bottle of this water on the way home. It tasted like ambrosia! However, the price above is higher than at my local market. If it comes down I will get some.
221737221737B004CQWWKYAXKVR7L4MFNHMJoe N2341333238400FIJI Water 16.9 ounce bottle reviewI had seen FIJI water around before and never thought much of it. I always felt that water was water and thought it was all made the same and tasted the same. I decided to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised with how refreshing this water is. It has a very pure taste to it and will quench your thirst. It is more expensive then your average bottle of water but then again FIJI is not your average bottle of water. Give it a try and I'm sure you'll be just as surprised as I was at how different FIJI water is from other water.
221738221738B004CQWWKYA3J8218G6FQXU9David Allen "@DWAinFL"0051344729600Fiji Water is the best!I buy my Fiji Water on subscribe and save. This is the ONLY bottled water I will drink and very much worth the price. Fiji gives back from profits for earth conservation. It's pure, clean and soft on the tongue. Great value on amazon.
221739221739B004CQWWKYA1NBOXI00Z2KSPJohn Marshall0051344643200Great waterThis water is good, does not have a mineral taste that you have with some waters. it is freash and pure. You can find it in the stores cheaper than what you pay here at Amazon.
221740221740B004CQWWKYA27P9SDST3XWEKLocaLada "live rich"0041342310400great water and got it at great priceGreat tasting water, perfect bottle size, and Amazon offered it at a great price. I tried other bottled water brands and you can taste the plastic in the water.
221741221741B004CQWWKYA2D1LPEUCTNT8XAli Julia0041318204800I like it. Artesian water sourceWe don't have the best water on tap at work (it has a taste I can detect and don't like). I have several bottles of bottled water stashed away in my office in case I forget to bring fresh tap water from home. I do not detect any smell or unexpected taste in Fiji natural artesian water. I like it!

I used to think that all bottled water comes from a clear mountain stream. However Consumer reports reveals that this not so.
Aquafina, Dasani and Nestle are made from purified tap water. I picked Fiji because it does come from artesian water. According to Consumer reports so do Evian and Poland Spring.

Regulation for bottled water are more lax than those for public water. The EPA requires municipalities to publish a complete annual report, bottling companies only have to reveal contaminants above a certain level.

Refilling your own bottles at home in most cases is cheaper, greener, better option. I try to use that option as much as I can... but when I forget, I have Fiji.

Ali Julia review
221742221742B004CQWWKYA158I4XBGHVQ7Wglj1043551316476800Best water you can buyVery unique feel and softness to it. By far the best water you can buy. I subscribe and save with this product and have been very happy. I would recommend to anyone wanting a better quality of water.
221743221743B004CQWWKYA15S9M56XRLC4Nmthshop ""1211347494400this water is pure fake and fraudi have used this water for more than 6 years and i am disappointed. and I want to call myself a jackass! i have been tricked to believing this was some natural spring water with some potent silica or other minerals. but it doesn't. according to REAL USA government WATER test's and private non-profit tests of both fiji and evian water and also dozens of other bottled water; it showed both are worse than tap water and no more different than walmart water and other .50 cent harmful bottle water.

moreover, these plastic bottles are not even BISPHENOL-A and PHTHALATE free. the water in FIJI and EVIAN are more polluted than the water that comes from our USA only facets! That's because there are US government mandated sanitary, germ(UV lighting,etc) cleansing requirements for most USA water municipalities.

fiji has one of the dirtiest scandal tricks by promoting to hollywood figures and then promoting a popular celebrity drinking that fiji water to the ignorant general public. And then, as you know, that popularity advertisement campaign goes as: "MONKEY see MONKEY do mentality bandwagon personality!

this FIJI and EVIAN water is fake and fraudulently labeled as natural spring water but is nothing more than chlorinated, unnatural water from sewage rivers that are polluted with toxic chemicals from some polluted pacific land! And if that!

there is only one water, and true water and its made right here in the USA! guess who? it comes from a true geo-thermal underground natural spring water system in which the water is naturally super-heated(at temps of molten lava) and then cooled as it travels through a natural sedimentary detoxification process and then producing minerals like natural calcium and magnesium from the minerals rocks that it travels from the YOSEMITE mountains in california with no sodium contents! NATURAL CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM ARE HIGHLY ESSENTIALLY NEEDED MINERALS FOR THE HUMAN BODY AND HAS HEALING PROPERTIES AS WELL!

And that real natural water is called Adobe spring water, aka: NOAH'S WATER.

there are some other mildly flavored water but the best is just the natural water and maybe the oxygenated water--which has a high content of oxygen in the water.

This water has over 4 times the World Health Organization's minimum standard, having 110 mg of magnesium per liter. This is the ONLY water source ON EARTH that has this much magnesium, without also having harmful levels of sodium, etc. Also, the water has less particulates than perhaps any other state-licensed water source in California, with only .11 NT Units per liter. This means this water is the cleanest water in California.

its the ONLY state-licensed water source in California that meets the UN's World Health Organization standard for magnesium content of having at least 25 mg of magnesium per liter, to prevent heart disease and stroke. See page 80 of the WHO book, CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM IN DRINKING WATER, [...]
221744221744B004CQWWKYA1H24FZWRSJ9RMTakato142451338854400Honestly the best spring water that exists.Filtered/purified water is absolutely disgusting compared to this water; if you have never drank spring water before because "animals leave things behind in it" then you MUST try this water. Fiji comes from an Artesian aquifer. The water filters through volcanic rock and then sprays out of the ground like a fountain. This filtering process is what gives Fiji its unique flavor; there is no human way of replicating this taste and there never will be. The result is absolutely phenomenal.

Keep in mind that Fiji is a very 'soft' water. That is, it has a very smooth texture to it and has more of a 'flavor' than most water. Purified water would be described as 'hard' because it doesn't have any flavor. You may or may not like this water; it all depends on what your taste buds think. I however have found that 90% of people LOVE this water when they try it.
221746221746B004CQWWKYA1I9HXUNII198JJack Chai1341333584000it is just about the right sizeI like it, and it tastes good, and just about the right size(not that heavy)! I recommend students buying this! LOL
221747221747B004CQWWKYA3I4TQNEO4G6LTMadrok91721318464000Tastes OKWater is good if you're thirsty. Fiji certainly tasted softer, less minerals, less metallic than my tap water at home, but then so does other people's tap water. I was unable to definitively say whether I preferred the tap water or Fiji. 2 stars because in my opinion this is a very over-priced item marketed to the delusional obsessive. It may or may not be better or worse for health than the tap water, since they only list the "good" minerals that are in it...maybe they shouldn't list fluoride. My tap water is deliberately treated to be free of the most dangerous contaminants.

Fiji implies (though they don't concretely claim) that this water comes from a CONFINED aquifer and that means it is not replenished by rainfall so there is none of the airborne pollution we have seen in the atmosphere over the last 150 years or so. Of course this means that it will run out, so I guess buy it while you still can! It must have been in the air and through the ground at some point though since that's how the water cycle works, so we must assume that dinosaurs or some organisms have pooped in it.
221748221748B004CQWWKYA3FDOAIQ3M6WZ4James41311346025600I'm not even thirstyI would never buy this water! I'm not even thirsty! Why would I buy some water when I'm not even thirsty like some kind of idiot? For decoration? To pour out onto my shirt which is currently on fire? Yeah right! I'll probably be completely burned to death by the time it gets here, even with the free 2-day shipping!
221749221749B000Y434HIA1EMIG8DU3G6BQJChiCago6651263340800Great deal on the best "odorless" and long-lasting bully sticks we've tried yet!If you try to buy bully sticks at your standard pet store, they aren't cheap! And if your dog loves them like mine does, that adds up pretty quickly.
That being said, these were a fantastic deal. They are thicker than the ones we were buying at the pet store (we were getting pencil sized thickness bully sticks) - these are more like 2-3 pencil size thickness. Given that I have a little yorkie puppy, these 12" sticks are humongo. She enjoys them better when they are smaller and she can hold on to it. So they are really tough to cut through (I'm weak...other reviewers have an easy time breaking them but I certainly don't!), but it's possible, especially after she's already chewed on it.
Plus they last much longer. The pet store 12" one that we were getting for $8 a stick (but they were nice, they were pretty odorless too) - would last her a couple of hours in one night! 1/3 of one of these will last her a week!
And yes, they are almost odorless compared to other brands we have tried. Granted if you stick your nose right where she is chewing, it's a little bit stinky, but not anywhere close to some of the other stinky brands out there!
BTW, we started to get these because Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer recommended them in his book...he said they are better for your dog's digestive system than regular rawhides.
I will definitely continue to buy these, but the nice thing is that I don't have to buy it that often since they are longer lasting!

In summary:
-yorkie puppy LOVES them!
-great value
-most "odorless" we've found yet
-much longer lasting than other brands of bully sticks
-Dog Whisperer recommended - better for your dog's digestive system

-hard to break into smaller pieces if you're a weak, petite person like myself!
221750221750B000Y434HIA105BOR5D5S7CJARL5541235606400Nice thickness and very little smellA big hit in our house: these lasted a good while because they're thick, and although not scent-free they're still not anywhere near as bad as some bully sticks smell. I wish the shipping was less expensive given how little they weigh and how simple they are to throw in a padded envelope, though.
221751221751B000Y434HIA2N8JBTYX5W4T2Curly Locks4431220918400Stinky StickWhy my dog loves these, I will never know. They arrived in a timely manner but were not packed in a smell friendly bag. When opened the envelope I was almost knocked over by the stench. Plus, although they were very long and med thickness (not as thick as they suggest) he ate it in less than ten minutes. I will probably get them again for him since his teeth are really sparkling.
221752221752B000Y434HIA1AWQMVUKLCHLJJ.T.5631210896000My dog loves them but they are not "thick" as advertisedI ordered a dozen or so and about one third of them I would qualify as "thick" the rest were a standard thickness that you can find at any pet store. My dog loves them and he didn't seem to mind, and the price is still fair, I was just disappointed that they were not as advertised.
221753221753B000Y434HIA1AAEEIKDU65FWK. SMITH2231350345600sometimes "odor free" and sometimes not!First of all because of the nature of this product, I don't think its possible for them to be "odor free". However I've ordered these from this seller several times. The first two times they were great - nice thickness and smell wasn't too bad. The third time I ordered, they smelled horrible - even worse than bully sticks that I've bought in the past that were not labeled odor free!

I contacted the seller because I thought that perhaps they sent the wrong item (they weren't labeled) I was told that they probably smelled so bad due to being in an airtight package and once they aired out, the bad odor would lessen. Wrong! They stunk when they arrived, they stunk a week later after airing out, and they stink to high heaven when my pup is chewing on them. But my pup loves them, so when they're on sale again, I'll probably order more and hope for the best...
221754221754B000Y434HIAFDCIGPD9V3NFDoodle Owner "Doodle Owner"2251259452800Great Product!Bully sticks are such a lifesaver for my active 8 month old Goldendoodle. Whenever I need a little break I just give her a bully stick and it keeps her busy for a while. These larger ones are great! She goes through the regular size sticks too fast.
221755221755B000Y434HIA1L7YD6M3S194DG. L. Hage2231252800000good, but not good enoughI recently adopted two rescue puppies and bought a few different chew toys that lasted only a half hour or so. I was at a craft fair and bought a couple of bully sticks for [...] bucks each. They were expensive but lasted almost a week. So, I found these on amazon and immediately ordered them. Yes, they are much cheaper than the ones I bought at the craft fair, but they only last about 2 days. My puppies are now about 11 weeks old and medium size border collie mix. I will be trying something else when these are gone.
221756221756B000Y434HIA54ROAR5ETNQIS. Lott4551208476800GREAT Dog BoneI should have ordered more of these bones as my dogs shared and this was a favorite with them. They are Dingo bone fans and this was a hit! Great seller to deal with and great communication.
221757221757B000Y434HIA8QLIB65ETE29Scruff's mom1151253059200bully sticksI was very pleased with the quality of these dog chews and will order them again.
221758221758B000Y434HIA3TNZ8SCX10VJLB. Ahad1141236384000My dog loves these!!My dog really likes these bully sticks. The only issue is that the size is pretty inconsistent. But otherwise, this is a good treat and it keeps him occupied for a while.
221759221759B000Y434HIAMV6BYEESA5IGSara Patricia Masters "sara"1151235260800Bully sticks are great!These bully sticks are such a blessing! My dog loves them and it will keep him occupied for days! These particular ones saved me a lot of money because I was paying $7 each for them, which was way too much. I will definitly be back to buy more.
221760221760B000Y434HIAJV2QY96IVPVMSuperFids1151232755200Great bully sticks! My dog's favorite!These were the first bully sticks I bought for my puppy and he LOVED them!

I bought this brand because they come from free-range cattle and are baked vertically. They also look and feel a lot fresher than bully sticks sold at my local PetCo.

My puppy seems to prefer these bully sticks over the braided ones and the Merrick "Flossies." They're his absolute favorite, and I can only surmise it's because of their flavor.

My dog weighs 8 pounds and I soon realized that the 12" are way too big for him - one practically "stabbed" his throat as he was taking it to his crate! So...if you have a small dog or puppy, you may want to buy the 6" or simply break the 12" bully stick in half (which is what I did).

You can't go wrong with these. And the price seems very reasonable.

The seller, Happy Dog Place, is wonderful too. I've already placed several orders through them and have been impressed by the fast and efficient service. I even sent an inquiry via e-mail, which was answered by a human being a few hours later! :-)

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