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221761221761B000Y434HIA113UIDZQ471KGrdrdinghood0021347408000I thought odor free wouldn't make a differenceI would only get this product if you really can't stand to smell them. regular bully sticks really only smell if you're smelling them or up close, like flowers. In order to make these odor free, they're covered with a plastic like coating and are not natural looking being all them same exactly size. My older pitt bull would not touch them even though bully sticks are her favorite. Luckily my puppy is teething and likes chewing just about anything so they didnt go to waste. After these were gone, I ordered a package of regular smelly sticks and both dogs are plowing through them. Dogs like stinky things!
221762221762B000Y434HIA1NA8VBHIFTDCNPam Leach0031344124800Good treat...but NOT odor free!My dog loved these bully sticks!! No question about it! But in my opinion, and that of my nose, these are definitely NOT odor free! I contacted the seller who readily offered to take them back...but I kept them because my dog did love them. In fact we call them "stinky sticks" because they smell horrible!!! If you want a tasty treat for your dog, these are great...but if you want an odor free treat, don't get these!!
221763221763B000Y434HIA3H24JMYOVGBQGBarb0051326844800Outstanding!My corgi loves these bully sticks! They are much better than the thin bully sticks. They last about a week. What a great price! Thanks!
221764221764B000Y434HIA87XWL0X05ZQEElaine M. Zentner0051326844800My dog loves themMy dog thoroughly loves these bully sticks. It is a treat I give him once a week; and so unlike some of sticks I have gotten from other dealers, I have NEVER had worms or bugs grow in the bully sticks that I have purchased from
221765221765B000Y434HIA3E260L8NYRU6Gddkphotos0041318118400My dog loves these!great price compared to buying them in pet stores! 1/2 to 1/3 the price! I thought where it says single sealed that each one came individually wrapped. Not so - they come all together in a bigger bag. Not such a big deal - I just hope they last and stay fresh seeing I ordered alot as my pooch would each one of these every two days if I let her!! Looks exactly like in photo. Great value!
221766221766B000Y434HIA2RNXWA9UV1FDGbounce760051311379200Great chews!Great chews, my puppy loves these! The bigger size are fantastic, lasts a long time for my puppy, unlike smaller ones that are gone quickly.
221767221767B000Y434HIA2LA148YU4QHK7N. Hays0041274486400My Dog Loves These!Like the title says, my dog really loves these! He's a big chewer but these keep him interested enoough to not chew on things he shouldn't. These are also completely affordable and last my dog a long time. I find that all bully sticks have a smell, but compared to ones I've bought before these aren't bad at all.

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221768221768B000Y434HIA33M19SQGBBIFEMatthew Wietzke0041265241600Skimping on thickness?The first order I did with BBS was for 5x 12" sticks. They were nice and fat. My dog loved them. So I decided to purchase 15 of them to save on shipping. They shipped me 15, but they were really thin. I contacted the seller and discussed my concern. The seller was great in following up with me and rectifying the situation.
221769221769B000Y434HIA30I81EAPZC7JML. Borden0041263772800Keeps my dog busyMy dog loves these bully sticks. These are a good size, although not always consistent. It takes my dog about 15 minutes to finish one, which is much better than most products I've found. Would order again.
221770221770B000Y434HIA28KGPUAQ74IW8Ginger0031261958400Bully SticksThe dogs liked them fine.

I just can't figure out why they cost so much.
221771221771B0050JSRU6A1D6Z6JG3K7K1OAllForHim2251326931200DONT BOTHER WITH OTHER BRANDS!!These are THE BEST!!!! I have tried other brands and there is no comparison. I have one of these every night after I put my son to bed for my me-time :) They are not too strong and definitely not weak. They taste like the best apple cider, only hot! My favorite!!
221772221772B0050JSRU6A3KGO3AAFB9Y01L. Paul2251323302400Wonderful warm drink with full flavorSeveral years ago a friend introduced me to Jewel Osco's cider that they carry in the winter and she would heat it up in the microwave and it tasted delicious. I was very pleasantly suprised when I purchased this and had my first cup and it tasted just as good. I have not read the nutritional information (anything that tastes this good must be bad for you) so I can't rate that, but I love this drink. I had a second one straight after the first! I use the middle setting (my brewer has 5) and that seems to work.
221773221773B0050JSRU6A1WPNLQF3YY2WJApril Sadowski "Aibrean"1151338681600Full bodied flavor...for a non-coffee productIt has a nice rich flavor. It doesn't take artificial or fake and I love that it's sweetened with Stevia rather than aspartame which you'll find in other cider brands.
221774221774B0050JSRU6A1NC0H3L3ZMG5UMonique Rosenbaum1151334275200taste like you made it freshgreen mountain hot apple cider k-cups are awesome!!!
I ordered this for my new keurig, got the kcups before my keurig and hated to wait to taste>>so my 2 yr old and I used some boiled water and opened and poured the cider in his cup. It was soo good, like your grandma made it. Has like little pieces of apple and spice in it. I'm not sure how it will taste filtered thru the keurig(I will leave feedback on that later if it sucks). but it is great without the kuerig. I think I'll use some for when we go camping with just hot water. go green mountain!!!
221775221775B0050JSRU6A3LHLGOI96VUSQHuntergirl0051351123200exceeded expectationsExcellent quality apple cider. I am not much into sweet drinks so I drink this cider as it is, someone with a sweeter tooth might have to add sweetener.
221776221776B0050JSRU6A2AE1V3CVHC6SMMedGurl0041349395200Yummy but a tad too sweetI really like this apple cider, but I find it a bit too sweet if I make it on the middle (8-10oz) brew setting. If it's made on the highest setting it's better, but of course the taste is slightly weaker. It does have good flavor, without a lot of cinnamon. Compared to the other brands I've tried, this one is the best, and my fave for the fall.
221777221777B0050JSRU6ATHRCOFF3IZGUErica Moon "kiwi"0021348790400It's alrightFrom the reviews I read, I was expecting it to be a lot better. To start off though, It smells amazing - rich, cinnamony, and sweet. I was excited to take the first sip. However, I found the flavor to be disappointingly flat and watery - not the full bodied apple flavor that I read in the reviews. Instead, it was a generic tart flavor with a lot of great spice but not enough deepness in flavor to satisfy. The aftertaste was something akin to the aftertaste of sugarfree gum, which was strange because the ingredients list real brown sugar. However, I added a dash of pure maple syrup and that improved the drink quite a bit. All in all, an okay drink. Just don't expect it to be as good as the real thing.
221778221778B0050JSRU6A10J9ST5PZ7FYQChaosnMotion730011348704000In the MinorityI am definitely in the minority on this one because I did not care for this Cider at all. I the flavor of the Cider it to be poorly spiced and quite watered down tasting. I did try a couple of the cups thinking perhaps the 1st one I selected to large a size for the quantity inside the K-cup but even on the smallest setting I was still unimpressed with the lackluster flavor of this cider, on the plus side it does make your kitchen smell wonderful while it is brewing.
221779221779B0050JSRU6AP8TM6A5RSDT8compuray450041347494400K-CupsTechnically I did not get what I ordered. I was supposed to get 4 boxes of 24 count Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider. What I did get was a box with the k-cups all packed together. There was no damage and the k-cups are fine, but I gave it 4 stars because I thought I was getting original packaging. It would have made it easier to store. Advertising was a little misleading, but I am happy with purchase. It was shipped right away. I would purchase from this seller again.
221780221780B0050JSRU6A1J30SWWE5WB2ERedhead0051345507200Redheadthis was a great choice, very tasty and not too sweet. Try it you will like it. It's a great value also. So glad I chose this brand, it is not so sweet. Love it, try it
221781221781B0050JSRU6AUVUTAC87UL1XLisa Chu "twin_mommy_in_CA"0041345075200$11 for shipping? Really?My 4-star rating is for the product quality. My only beef with this is the shipping - $11 for a box of 24? Totally ridiculous.

I rate these 4 stars for taste. Not quite as good as the real thing, but as close to it as you'll get with a K-cup!
221782221782B0050JSRU6A1DRP5P7YOYR38zSprawl0051341360000Great Evening CiderI drink the coffees with caffeine in the morning and this cider in the evening. Great great stuff. Highly recommend.
221783221783B0050JSRU6A287197FSZPRCRSouth Florida Matt0041338422400I'll Keep Buying ItThis seemed just a bit pricey, but I ended up liking it a lot. I gave 4 stars and not 5 only because it's a little too sugary ***sometimes*** - in general, I really like it. I'll make one of these hot ciders, or a hot coco at the end of the day and sit outside with it - nice 'dessert' k-kup.
221784221784B0050JSRU6A1K1K02A6SCOWHNatures Retreat "Singing Bird"0051337817600Just like the real thing..almostAfter a rinse cycle, these are perfect, then another rinse cycle to clear the machine of any built up pressure. This product is packed with actual apple, not apple powder like other apple ciders in Kcups. It's natural and doesn't have artificial sweeteners in it.
Great hot, add in some cinnamon candies for a variety.
Also great cold using the 4 or 6oz water feature and icing and filling sparkling water or mixing with tea or plain water.
I have stocked up!
221785221785B0050JSRU6AXJ0XAERE5WPRJC20070051336694400My FavoriteThis is my favorite of all the K-cups I use! I have one almost every night. I'm not a coffee drinker so this is a good alternative. It has a good taste and I don't notice an aftertaste like some of the others.
221786221786B0050JSRU6A1S6HNNKJVHIJ6J. Hedin0051334620800WOWGreat apple cider flavor. Well worth the price and with the ease of a K cup just so handy. Tastes like you just picked the apples!!
221787221787B0050JSRU6A1GBBPS9OFITTPSandra0051325462400YummWas new to Keurig - this product helped sell me. Tastes so fresh - and such a good value. Highly recommend.
221788221788B0050JSRU6A1L7QXRM4EXD02Denise Burkert0051323388800GREAT STUFF!!GREAT STUFF - GREAT PRICE!! No more need be said but since this review needs to be at least 20 words I can tell you my family loves this cider and I love the price at Amazon...
221789221789B0050JSRU6A1N33WYIOMK2DCDeborah C. Filkins0041320537600Good ProductIf you like hot apple cider, this is pretty good. I do add a few spices to it, but like it very much.
221790221790B0008DI8QWA30N4AMAR6G9N9Mimi1151294963200Peppermint Brickle for CandyFor several years I have been able to purchase this item in my hometown of Hopkinsville, KY and in April 2010 the store closed and I was unable to locate this item.

I make peppermint candy using vanilla almond bark and peppermint brickle as a Christmas present and everyone states how excellent it is.

I saw a comment when I was trying to locate this item online and I believe this is exactly what the lady was trying to find.

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