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221791221791B0008DI8QWA1YTGQ8143H4YKLovebooks0051326153600Perfect for peppermint barkThis is the best product for peppermint bark. I used to crush candy canes when I couldn't find this product locally. Then I realized that Amazon might have it and joila! It produces a much prettier white chocolate peppermint bark than crushed candy canes. The price is good and the shipping was super fast. I don't know why the vendor offered it as free shipping at this price but I appreciated it. I ordered it twice this Christmas, a total of 6 bags, and used them all. One bag of peppermint crunch is stirred into two pounds of white chocolate. Spread on parchment paper and in 15 minutes you have a delectable Christmas treat. Really easy for the kids to help make.
221792221792B0008DI8QWA132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"0051297209600Great hard to find....Great hard to find....Red/Green Peppermint Crunch...every year I make this with white chocolate for my daughter at Christmas time!~ Arrived quickly and I am now using it the second year in a row!~
221793221793B00149MSRYAI5ILHSOQASFQL. Arrington "Rocketmom"4441302480000Lavazza Blue espresso capsulesThis capsule will ONLY WORK in the Lavazza Blue espresso machines. It is very good espresso with a mild flavor.
221794221794B00149MSRYA196FAJLB72441NANCY41511293926400Beware-Not K-Cups for KeurigI bought a case of these for around $60.00, thinking I am getting some delicious Italian Coffee,
the cup is not the right size for the keurig coffee maker and I have wasted my money. I am not
sure if this will work in the tassimo machine or not.? I am sure the coffee is probably good,
but not when it doesn't work in your machine. They should list what coffee makers support this
product. I hope you can learn from my mistake. In the picutre, the cup looks longer than it
really is. It is a small narrow cup in actuality.
221795221795B009SR4OQ2A32A6X5KCP7ARGsicamar1151350604800Awesome TasteI bought this Hazelnut Paste (Nocciola Spread) at a local shop in Palm Cost, Florida. The taste is excellent and healthier than Nutella.
221796221796B002EX2K22A14BTJ9S2QUF9EBob Hedrich0021342569600Great looking but jelly beans inside were like rocksI purchased a couple bags of this product for a trade show. I had it ship directly to the show. Big mistake because when I sampled them the soft jelly beans were hard as a rock. I could use them and I was not going to try to ship them back. Do not buy.
221797221797B0078DPKSOAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051344470400Light And Pleasant. Nice Drink!I can be somewhat lazy and I've discovered that my nearby Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market has a wide variety of prepared meals all made up and ready to go. Typically, all that needs to be done is to heat them in the microwave. Now, does this appeal to a lazy person? Oh, yes, and as you take your item to the register, there's a wide variety of drinks on display. Tonight, I had Chicken Alfredo (quite good) and a 16-ounce bottle of Hubert's Strawberry Lemonade to go with it. The lemonade came to about 120 calories for the whole bottle and it was sweetened (lightly) with cane sugar. The taste was light and pleasant. Nice drink!

Gary Peterson
221798221798B000FEF0B0A20JSYJW089HZ3Camille303051280361600What the hell can't they do?Not only are Red Vines my favorite snack in the whole world, they are also a great way to meet a new best friend, my favorite Aimee Mann song, my favorite color of vines other than green, and my favorite way to say "red wines" with a German accent. Truly a great product.
221799221799B000FEF0B0ACIWERLM1AB7UAubrey "bean"242551280361600Red Vines -- the REAL lifesaverHERMAN, RON & HARRY were running through a dark forest to escape a vicious vampire! They took cover behind a tree root.

Harry: Are you alright, Herman?
Herman: Yeah, I'm alright. Are you alright Ron?
Ron: I will be... after a Red Vine.

And that's the true story of how Red Vines SAVES LIVES.
221800221800B000FEF0B0A1EC0N43JWJ7R3Desert Bloom1151308355200They came SOFT and FRESHThese arrived soft and fresh. All 24 boxes!! Our baseball team loved their treat! I got them for a great price at less than 40 cents a pack. Excellent way to treat classrooms and teams! If you love red vines, this is the way to buy 'em!
221801221801B000FEF0B0A3NASF0ENVT9QEDave A0051304553600Love them!Great price for a classic candy. Mine came quickly and were very fresh. I like the individual packs as opposed to the tubs so that I can always enjoy them fresh.
221802221802B000FEF0B0AT060HGKZZNSJJulie Roth0051300060800American Licorice Red Vines, 5 Ounce Pack of 24Came Perfectly Packaged. Licorice was nice and fresh. The price was amazing. Expiration Date on my box was 10/24/11, plenty of time to eat them up before they go bad.
221803221803B000FEF0B0A1QT4U10DUPX2neat tunes0051297382400Red Vines licorice candyI think everyone has had these and loved them. An American staple. I've been eating them since my youth. Cheap and tasty. Can't go wrong with Red Vines. They are best when they are fresh and not hard. I tend to buy them and they are hard which is a dissappointment. I remember in the early 1990's there was a green apple version of these that was very good or maybe it was another brand. I liked those the best. Never seen them since. Anyone remember those?
221804221804B000FEF0B0A3ME5IFJYC2ZNVPaulie0051297123200American Classic Baby.If you've ever had a Red Vine from American Licorice Co., I would surmise that you're either indifferent to them or you just totally LOVE them. In my case, it's a lifelong love affair that constantly brings back fond memories of childhood. They have an indescribably unique flavor that just screams out more, more and more. The Brach's candy company had a version back in the 70's/80's, but I think it was either the same thing or a copy. I don't know for sure, but I do know that I am hooked forever. So is our 90 pound yellow lab. We limit him to 1 per day to keep his diet healthy, but MAN he can hear that Red Vines package rustle on the ground floor even when he's upstairs.
221805221805B000FEF0B0AQOFWFTNQY1CNTaylor S. "Film Gamer"1251315008000Better Than TwizzlersI mean.. Twizzlers are delicious and everything. But Red Vines are classic, and just can't be beat. The only thing that comes close, is that delicious red Australian Licorice that's really chewy. Mmmm. :)
221806221806B000FEF0B0A2TP8VCDYHH3MTJackie P. "Loca"0121349740800so bad...taste like melted wax.Horrible. They taste like melted wax. There is no licorice flavor at all. They aren't even a dark red, they are faded looking. I am tossing all of them in the trash. Save your money. These are the worst I have ever tasted. Thank God I didn't spend a lot on them. Give me twisters or Good & Plenty.
221807221807B000FEF0B0A10V911ZBQ0YRYcandystore20110111319760000so disappointedits first time write a review,ordered 5 boxes of them (120 packages), expiration till Jan.7 2012 only,and its not returnable. so disappointed.
221808221808B000FEF0B0A2R0GKSG5KUTG9Linda Azmon0311302652800yukFirst off, I didn't realize I was buying 48 packages of Red Vines....more importantly they taste GROSS and are not returnable. what a mistake.
221809221809B000FEF0B0APDIODPO2O8ITberkswar0821300147200Twizzlers are much betterI'm surprised that previous reviewers thought highly of the Red Vine taste. My Grandkids and I agreed that Twizzlers have a much better taste and texture. The Red Vines have a chemical aftertaste. I'm giving away the 23 remaining packages of Red Vines.
221810221810B000FEF0B0A1MCUCRXJ2IQHSPeggy Griffeth21451231286400Producct was returned,The product was not delivered and Amazon did not notify me nor have they credited by credit card "Editor"1111343001600Anything but real Indian foodI bought this paneer at the local market because my usual brand was not available. DO NOT BUY THIS BRAND. LOOK ELSEWHERE. To be absolutely certain that this was the brand I bought, so that I didn't give a poor review to a brand that didn't deserve it, I wrote to the NANAK website today and received this reply to my query; "What are the ingredients?"

Ingredients in NANAK paneer are:

What should paneer contain? Milk and lemon juice (or a small amount of vinegar). That's it folks. No "modified milk ingredients", no preservatives, no salts, no guar or xanthan gum.

This product is a pathetic blend of trashy ingredients which yield a paneer that is tasteless and without much structure after frying... not to mention that it is anything but healthy.
221812221812B003BKOTQ2A2FF3HR3020T9JKelli151551295222400Wow!!Me and my husband are always looking for responsible, healthy, by-product free treats for our sweet dog, but the problem we usually come across it lack of flavor and lack of excitement on our dogs part. These treats REALLY shocked us! The first time we gave it to her, she took it and bolted under the bed. The second time we gave one to her, she knew exactly what the treat was and did literally EVERY trick she knew, frantically one right after another! She is crazy about these things, so we will definitely be buying more! I would highly recommend these treats.
221813221813B003BKOTQ2AMIPRQWY4IMC5Jay & A. "J&A"222431316649600Contains CHICKENAlthough these are a quality dog treat please be aware that these do contain chicken. I did not see this ingredient listed on the product page. This is just to advise those pet parents if your kiddo has a poultry or chicken allergy like mine do that every variety to date contains both chicken and natural chicken flavor.
The ingredients are as followed for the Super Antioxidant variety
Organic brown rice flour, rice flour, vegetable glycerin, gelatin, water, tapioca starch, chicken, natural chicken flavor, organic oat fiber, organic flaxseed, pectin (apple), dehydrated carrots, cranberries, l-ascrobyl-2polyphosphate (source of vitamin C), parsley, chia seed, carrageenan (natural seaweed extract), blueberry pomace, pomegranate, mixed tocopherols (natural source of vitamin E), green tea extract (decaf).
221814221814B003BKOTQ2A3WOZRUNGNH8GDebbie141631317945600Contains CarrageenanI ordered "Super Antioxidant" Naked treats last week. Both my dogs love them. It's the only treat I've found so far that our dog with part of his lower jaw removed, due to oral melanoma, can and will chew. The problem is that I now see that the treats contain "carrageenan". Now, I will have to find another dog (or trash can) to give the treats to. I just ordered two more bags today. Although common in many foods, carrageenan is supposedly a carcinogen, per I've read from other sources that carrageenan can cause stomach problems. If my dog had not already suffered from oral melanoma cancer, I might not be concerned. But, I figure why take any chances. Per, it's not the seaweed that's the problem, it's the processing to turn it into carrageenan. Just like with things like Nutrasweet, etc. Maybe this company uses a safe process. I'll skip giving it to my dogs, until I know for sure. Wow, shopping for dog food gets complicated!
221815221815B003BKOTQ2A1QDXMW7FMYMBQJessica6651309132800My Morkie LOVES these!!My Morkie puppy loves these, she will dance for them when I pull them out.. Way better received than other alternatives to rawhide chews we've tried. I give her one of these when I need to keep her busy and quiet, like while I'm working or when company comes over. I have also bribed my clients Chihuahua mix with half of one of these as she is a barker and wouldn't stop barking at people.. It worked like a charm, she took off under the couch and chewed away, ignoring everyone and making our meeting peaceful! Love these!!
221816221816B003BKOTQ2A302WAL30PE9MOC. Jones5551310083200Only dental chew my dog will eat!I've tried everything with my 7 month old corgi/chi mix. Normally he would eat half of a new brand's bone and then wouldn't touch another one again. He just finished this bag a few days ago... he LOVES it. And I love it too because the ingredients are way better than most of the dental chews out there. No animal by products; no corn, wheat, or soy which can create horrible skin allergies... just really awesome and healthy ingredients. I already bought two more bags and will definitely be a long term customer.


It's been a while since my dog has first tried these. He is a SUPER picky dog, but the minute he sees me pull out this bag, he goes crazy and starts to whine for them. I can't believe he hasn't gotten bored of it yet. I am very glad Amazon has lowered the price on these.
221817221817B003BKOTQ2AWCHFZ05FPJYHShaun G. Powell7831307318400Tasty but not so great for breathOur little 14 pound terrier mix did enjoy these treats, but they don't seem to be crunchy enough to really help clean her teeth, nor did we smell any improvement in her breath. If your dog's a chewer, these treats go fast, but they are seemingly well received.
221818221818B003BKOTQ2AOR789D8SQEM1S. Rojo3351329264000My Shih Tzu loves theseMy 4 year old Shih Tzu gets two of these a week. She chews them down and I don't have to worry about her choking at all. The best thing is that her teeth are squeaky clean and no bad breath at all.

Highly recommended.
221819221819B003BKOTQ2A327ERPI0O9RO6N. Huynh2251338422400Must have!My little picky pug/chihuahua mix loves these. I have given them away as gifts to other picky dogs (small and large bread) and they all love this treat. I don't give the whole stick to my dog, it's usually cut into thirds or in half. It's hard to find in stores, but amazon offers a great price. MUST HAVE and I am happy with the ingredients.
221820221820B003BKOTQ2A20NC1C2UWFBFOB. Keating "BEK"1151338422400My pup loves these!My puppy (8 months) loves these. He will stop chasing a bird for these things. I totally would recommend these to anyone. Love the fact that they are natural as well. Thanks Get Naked for a great product. I break them in half so they last longer. A bit on the pricey side but he's worth it.

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