Amazon Fine Food Reviews

221821221821B003BKOTQ2A9YOC9B2N84A1Regan1151337904000The only chew stick brand for usTeddy (lhasa apsso) is normally quite disdainful of chew treats. However, the day I brought these home he took it from me right away and ran off happily chewing. He will normally go through about one a day (small stick), I switch it up between these ones and the "Gut Health," by the same brand. It ordinarily takes him a few hours to chew through, but he's not the biggest chewer. I'm very glad to find a treat he'll actually eat, he's glad to chew it, and lastly, I'm glad that it seems to be comprised of quality ingredients.
221822221822B003BKOTQ2A1OMUYIM8UF00AMark Walker0051349654400dogs like them, low calorie, tooth frienlyMy dogs really like these. My six year old adopted Spoodle came to us with bad teeth and a weight problem. She had 14 teeth pulled and is halfway to her weight goal, and has learned to like crunchy snacks.

My ten year old lab likes anything, but also needs to watch his teeth and his weight.

I like to give them a treat before I leave the house, so that they are happy instead of anxious when they see me get my coat and keys.

These treats are perfect at only 18 calores each, and the dogs are excited to eat them. The lab makes short work of it, but the Spoodle gets to give her remaining teeth a workout. ChristineJW
221823221823B003BKOTQ2A20CCVJU2RD853I. Tauber0051346889600BETTER THAN GREENIES!My dog loved Greenies forever, but she developed a wheat allergy in her old age. So I searched for an alternative and found these. I call them brownies so she still has the same sort of word for her favorite treats and she sure loves these treats! And they seem to have so many good ingredients in them, much better than what greenies have in them. I will be buying these by the case if I can. I just wish they came in a bigger box, a value pack or something, since I give one a day.
221824221824B003BKOTQ2A1V3QP9L9DVQWLElanGrey0041346630400Chew sticksThis is a good product that both of my dogs enjoy.I may not have paid close attention when ordering:the only negative I can say is that the sticks are a little too small for my large dogs.
221825221825B003BKOTQ2A108DY2AA4K66INancy K. Oneill "Chow"0011346198400My dog just says 'no'My dog, a miniature dachshund, would gladly eat out of the cat box if she could but she will NOT eat these. Just saying.
221826221826B003BKOTQ2A300DS26XYT0JUE. Eells "Married with cats and dogs"0051344643200My Dog Loves These Chew SticksMy dog loves these Get Naked Super Antioxidant Dental Chew Sticks even though he is a bit finicky and tires easily of treats. I have been giving my dog these treats for over a year and he still loves them.

Every night when I get home, he barks in front of the container where these treats (and two other dental chew treats) are stored. He loves all three of these treats, but seems to prefer the Get Naked Chew Sticks. I put all three chews beside me on the couch under a pillow. He comes by, pulls them out one at a time and runs away to chew them. He routinely chooses the Get Naked Chew Sticks first. Later, he comes back for the other two.

From time to time, my dog does tire of the Get Naked Chew Sticks and so, I stop giving them to him for a while. When he tires of the other dental chews, I return to the Get Naked Chew Sticks and find he love them again.
221827221827B003BKOTQ2A3D7CIBU34ID9Kscrippscgu0051342828800Great treat!My miniature poodle loves these, so does my brother's terrier mix. I don't give these treats every day, so I'm not sure how good they are with helping keep teeth clean. But I like giving my dog these treats knowing they are natural. He has never had any problems digesting them.
221828221828B003BKOTQ2AFVXRLSN6CWUHyasminegreek0011342828800My dogs smelled it 1 time and that was about itYup just another waste of $$ buying something I thought my dogs would like but its quite obvious they wouldnt even chew on this if it were the last chew on earth.
221829221829B003BKOTQ2A1STJZ70SC7HP6Mrs. O0051341446400Get Naked treat sticksI have one small Chihuahua and one large Chihuahua mix. They just LOVE their Get Naked treats. My smaller puppy gets the small puppy stick broken in half. My larger girl gets a full small stick of either super antioxidant or tummy control. These are great treats to give when we leave the house to help with separation anxiety, gives them something to keep them occupied while we slip out the door. I am very mindful of my dog's weight and these give me piece of mind offering such a great treat w/ low calories. I just wish they were a bit cheaper! Prices on Amazon are $1.00+ less per bag than local store. I buy a bag or two every time I order from Amazon, helps me get the Free Shipping!
221830221830B003BKOTQ2A27ILL8W1LMVDIAthina0051335830400my puppy loves theseI gave one of these to my toy poodle puppy today and she loves it she will not stop chewing on it. I'm glad to find something that will hold her attention for more than a minute! It's even better that these are all natural.
221831221831B003BKOTQ2AMPGRXQMO89X9Faye L. Bowring0051332806400They are healthy treats that last a bit longer than most!These chew sticks are one of our Callie's favorite treats (she has so many) and they last longer than most chew sticks and have healthy ingredients as an added plus. I have purchased these in the the various pet stores and will keep them in stock as long as our little dog enjoys them. They arrived within two days and were among other pet treats and packaged very well.
221832221832B003BKOTQ2AS2S92OS4F9HASC0051325203200Great Dental StickI highly recommend the Get Naked brand of products, and these dental sticks are no exception. With all of the negative information about the "green" dental sticks for dogs out there, I found the Get Naked brand and was interested to see if my dog would take to them, and she loved them.
221833221833B003BKOTQ2A22ALS3J8TYZFBAngela Lovell0051317168000Good, Safe Chews and Excellent Poop!I have a hard time finding chews that are safe (won't splinter like rawhide) and won't give my dogs diarrhea. These are PERFECT! They break them down pretty quickly (within ten minutes they're usually gone) but it still makes for a nice post-bath treat.
221834221834B003BKOTQ2A2DZ8D42JIFK4Tmakeup maven1241328659200I like them alot but too expensive....I'm all about dental treats for my dog and i prefer these to greenies because i find the ingredients a liitle better but @ over 40 cents a treat that lasts 1 minute, i'll probably buy them maybe only a couple times a year. His other dental treats by Virbec, the CET chews and the hextra chew dental treats @ $9 for 30 treats is 30 cents per stick and that's usually my limit (teenie greenies are $0.22-25 each). Definitely a nice texture, not unhealthy and my dog very much likes them.

Get Naked Treats:
Organic brown rice powder, rice powder, tapioca starch, gelatin, natural chicken flavor, oat fiber, carrageenan gum (natural seaweed extract), chia seed, parsley +(vitamins/minerals)

Gelatin, wheat protein isolate, glycerin, soy protein isolate, sodium caseinate, natural poultry flavor, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, lecithin, vegetable oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols) +(vitamins/minerals)
221835221835B003BKOTQ2A34TH2GGO7WC3GBostonSooner0151320969600enjoyed buy a sweet and picky pupOne of my dogs is quite selective when it comes to treats. She often turns away from them. She loves these and has never refused one.
221836221836B003BKOTQ2A2RDLSG5LGD12EJean1351309737600Naked truthHaven't received these chews yet but do love the idea of a healthier dental treat then Greenies or the enzyme coated ones.
221837221837B001E95KOWA3VGIO7MG9HXJStzcnd3351296777600Variety pack provides a nice assortment to choose from.Discovered this tea after my wife had it in a higher end restaurant. She actually brought the wrapper home so that she could order some. After a quick bit of on-line research discovered that Amazon sold the Mighty Leaf brand and at a very good price. As for the price this is an expensive tea but in my opinion (and my wife's) well worth the price. If you are used to getting 100 tea bags for $1 at the dollar store then you will be in for sticker shock but you will also be in for a taste shock. This is what real quality tea tastes like.

The tea comes in sewn nylon? bags. No chlorine bleached paper bags here. The hang tag lists the name of the tea and the recommended brewing time. If you want to try Might Leaf tea for the first time I recommend this variety pack as it gives you seven different varieties to sample. We have tried all the varieties and some we probably won't be buying individually and some we definitely will.
221838221838B001E95KOWAI4O5NI0IVLNLD. Grzegorski "Darlene"3351210550400A Tea Lover's FindMightly Leaf makes a great tea. If you are a discriminating tea drinker, you will enjoy actually being able to see what makes up each cup of tea--leaves, flowers, bits of orange peel, etc. The silk bags really are beautiful--adds sophistication to the tea-drinking experience.

I just discovered this tea during a hotel stay and went online to order more. This medley box is a great way to try it out, at a great price. I can make a small pot of tea (2-3 cups) from each bag.
221839221839B001E95KOWA18TGY5T94H55Umel0051339804800My Favorite TeaThis tea is absolutely wonderful. Every flavor in the assortment is delicious, I can't seem to pick one as a favorite. I also love the Mighty Leaf Tea Organic Detox Infusion Herbal Tea, 15-Count Boxes (Pack of 3). I order the 3 pack of that one and keep a box at work. I use this one a lot after I eat lunch or if I have a small tummy ache. Love this stuff. I haven't tried every flavor yet, but I am so looking forward to trying some new flavors in the very near future. Enjoy!!
221840221840B001E95KOWA2ZHL8WT3BP4QVtbellard10051322438400Best tea ever!Great flavor & visually appealing. Each tea bag has a recommended steeping time on the label. The ingredients are visible through the silk bag and makes drinking the tea a great experience all around.
221841221841B001E95KOWA3OUKYWKNCOF0LDaniel Hoherd0051300060800Changed my whole perspective on teaI was not exactly a tea lover before I had this. I did like tea, but I didn't love it. I found Mighty Leaf at Nijiya Japanese Market and reluctantly bought it when another brand I had enjoyed wasn't there. What a great time for them to be out of my old stuff!

Not only are the tea leaves in these packets really delicious, but they make an incredible amount of tea. I drank a 16 ounce cup of tea, then later filled my cup back up with hot water and the tea was still dark and flavorful. Pretty remarkable, I'd never had a tea bag do that before.

Tea has replaced my morning coffee recently. I find that starting the day with tea is a smoother start. I get coffee later, but start with tea now because it hydrates and doesn't spike your caffeine.

I highly recommend this variety pack.
221842221842B001E95KOWA2VTS9UL7BODVRChris Kirkwood0051290816000FantasticRecently enjoyed these teas at a high end restaurant. after returning home we ordered some more online , they arrived promptly and were just as delicious.
221843221843B001E95KOWA2RSDAGAIZ5E9BJKCR ""book worm""0051284249600Great Tea!I had tried the Mighty Leaf Chamomole Citrus tea in a restaurant and I loved it. In fact I kept the label from the wrapper to see where I could get some. The supermarkets by me did not carry it. I went to their website and it is expensive. I tried Amazon and was pleasantly surprised to find the tea at a good price and a variety pack so I could try other flavors. Shipping was fast and the tea is delish! Try It!
221844221844B001E95KOWALIU1R2MJQ53FLM0051274659200DeliciousThis tea is delicious. It's a bit expensive, but it's definitely better quality than liptons.
221845221845B001E95KOWA1VJXEPZHN1JC1C. Vaughan0051270339200Best Tea I've Ever Had!So worth the price. This is the best tea I've ever had. The aromas and flavours are so bountiful. I love this stuff.
221846221846B001E95KOWAM78WFHEBDBGMHeadless0051267228800great tea...There are many teas on the market and Mighty Leaf is of the best. They have great packaging and all their flavors are great. I really only buy Mighty Leaf tea now...nothing else compares...
221847221847B001E95KOWAU6890Q08RKEGV. T.0041264118400Very good teaLove the tea. I drank this for a couple of weeks and switched back to cheaper tea. I noticed a big difference. I like the different variety.
221848221848B001E95KOWA3Q0A0HFN163Q6Helen C. Stone "Creative Buyer"0051262995200Excellent teaI had the opportunity to sample this tea at the Gallo Center. I searched Amazon and found it be just the right stocking stuffer gift for tea drinkers in my family.
221849221849B001E95KOWAL7NTWX7J5YSHL. Hakimian0051260316800great tea varietyLove Mighty Leaf Tea. All of the flavors are tasty and unique. Buy the variety pack!
221850221850B001E95KOWA2IIWID6OXROEJBenjamin Tang0051244332800Great variety gift for tea loversGreat collection of teas. Gave as gift to tea drinker and they loved it.

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