Amazon Fine Food Reviews

221869221869B001FXQALOAYJ33PQ0H8A7PBrandi0011322784000Is this a joke? If I could give it a 0, I would.First of all, I am aware that this is made for the gun, however after reading the reviews I purchased it and let me say I have never been more dissapointed. In the picture the gold is brilliant, bold, and intense. When I got this product it was oily in appearance and looked like vinegar in color. I used a paintbrush as I read in a previous review. The color is a yellow, maybe a copper tone---nothing like gold. I used part of this for an anniversary cake--I had to drive to the arts and crafts store to purchase Wiltons Gold shimmer to attempt to cover this disaster. I thought $15 was pretty expensive in the first place, but after using the product I am sure it is not worth a single cent. I cannot believe how grotesque this color is. If I wanted a copper/yellow tone I would have just used edible dye---I sure would have saved the money for something else. I bake hundreds of cakes each year, and I am confident to say that this is the worst item I have ever used. Garbage. I have another bottle that should be arriving in the mail in a couple days for the silver color, I will be sending it right back and getting my money back for sure!
221870221870B001FXQALOA1K0TEFCRCKU9BChelas Cakes & Fruit Arrangements "Chela"0051322179200Blue Pearl Sheen, AmeriColorEverything AmeriColor that I have purchased works great! I was looking for some lighter tone colors, everything I had was pretty bright. These sheen colors are light with a pretty sheen, it's great! Thank you!
221871221871B001FXQALOAUHEZA8AYSXOEVera0051321920000Love itLoved it. I didnt have an airbrush so I just shook it real good and painted it on. Came out beautiful I had to do a couple coats though.
221872221872B001FXQALOAKGIHE73N0HJWjennifer0051301875200Love this product works amazing!!!I love this product, first it was supose to get here between the 5 and 20th which made me mad, but it actually got here on the 3rd. So that was awsome!!!! Also some people say that its to thin to paint with, not at all it paints amazing!! Looks great works great and came fast, in one word...........perfect
221873221873B001EHF986A1HZHZ9XH5RR7NMattie "Mattie"1151334361600Kicks up Grilled ChickenThis seasoning gave a nice flavor boost to some grilled chicken. Not too spicy but with a pleasant flavor that tickled the taste buds, no one could put their finger on exactly what was the new flavor but everyone loved it. I would buy it again.

UPDATE: Here it is almost the middle of June and I'm about to re-order this seasoning, we are addicted to it! When the first order came in I figured we wouldn't use all of it so I shared with friends before I tried the seasoning. Once I started using it we discovered we love it and now we are almost out of it. Last night I made roast beef and this was the only seasoning I used on the chunk of beef, I covered it liberally and cook it as usual only this time hubby raved about the taste, it wasn't the same old, same old roast beef. Give this stuff a try.

October 2012.......I just ordered this again, try it on a simple pasta saute with fresh veggies. Gives galic bread a little something extra too. I've tried it in a lot of different dishes and haven't been disappointed in any of them. Hopefully Amazon will continue to carry this as I have never seen it in any local store.
221874221874B000I6PYACAMUFC8PZ85ZT1Terry3351244851200YummyA friend of mine got me hooked on this blend of coffee. It's soooooo good. It has just a hint of rum in it. On weekends I like to add Baileys Irish Cream to it. I have shared it with my coffee lover friends and they love it also.
221875221875B000I6PYACA7ZBOZZ0RYB9HG. Thomson "PopsGT"2231301788800Jamaica me....Not bad, but don't make it too strong! I enjoyed the flavor, but I drink a lot of coffee each day, and this stuff will make you queezy if you a) drink lots of it. b)make it real strong. c)drink it for an entire month.
Not bad as a dessert type coffee.
221876221876B000I6PYACA2XKXXP9LAOJOJamn bookworm "readalot"1151297468800Delicious!This coffee is so good I make a pot and enjoy it hot, cold, iced until the last drop. Packaged well. Excellent flavor!
221851221851B001E95KOWA3CP3OL9EYI5MDKitty Von Doenhoff0051241481600Terrific TeaI used the tea boxes for a little gift at a ladies luncheon and they were a big hit. We all fell in love with the tea and the variety helped us pick the one we liked most. The tea bags themselves and the tea leaves are good to drink and lovely to look at. Enjoy!
221852221852B001E95KOWAUZ0KOSGATDR3D&M0051217721600I love Mighty Leaf!This tea sampler is excellent. Mighty Leaf tea's have a great flavor. Each is sealed in individual pouches for extra freshness. Each bag shows you how long to brew the particular tea you have, just in case you don't have the box around anymore. Great bargain from Amazon!
221853221853B001E95KOWA3KYGQI7G4NJPYIg "Ig"0051214179200wonderful tea & an excellent giftGot it as a gift for my aunt. She loves it! The tea is awesome!!
221854221854B001E95KOWA2XOYPF99PRH2Ipickymama1311334620800All Mighty Leaf "silken" tea bags are made of corn!I ordered 12 boxes of Mighty Leaf tea, after trying it a restaurant. The tea is delicious, but I have to give a one star review because the product description is misleading. I am allergic to corn. Because the word "silken" sounded odd to me, I called the company to find out what the tea pouches were made from- CORN! Sorry for the big return coming your way, Amazon.
221855221855B001E95KOWA3JKUQP7H88XN6Diana1811295568000artifical flavoringI was very disappointed with the artificial flavoring in teas in the multi pack. Definately not something that would be found in nature. I emailed the company for the ingredients in the "natural flavoring" and they stated that would not be able to disclose the ingredients for natural flavoring. Natural is too broad and perhaps something that would be undesireable or an allergin.
221877221877B000I6PYACA2CT71KZ6KD0YGJacqueline Brust1151293408000good value for good coffeeThe coffee beans are fresh and fragrant. Because they are in four small bags the coffee beans stay fresh longer. If you're a Jamaican Me Crazy fan i'd say this is worth it.
221878221878B000I6PYACAAH2D6ZL2H1VCRoe Dorris1151256428800Jamacain Me Crazy Coffee ReviewGreat strong robust flavor. Typically a straight up coffee drinker not into flavored coffees at all. This is an exception. Nice blend of flavors makes it a preferred choice for me now! Definitely worth a try!
221879221879B000I6PYACA1BEA8APLHZR9XMarcia H0051347840000best flavored coffeeThis coffee is the best. Vanilla and rum combine to make your regular cup of joe even better. No need to add cream or sugar--it is awesome straight out of the coffeemaker. I signed up for the automatic delivery which ensures I will always have this delicious coffee in my house.
221880221880B000I6PYACA37Z2BJ1KXJDITMaryan0051340928000Great coffeeliked me. Strong coffee. Good smell.I will buy again, this beautiful coffee. '''' '''''''''' '''''''', ''''' ''', '' '''''''' '''' '''''.:)
221856221856B00013WX7OA1F1RJ7H7ECJABWilliam T. Larsen3351227312000great stuff!!!!!!i've been looking for this product for a long time (at grocery stores, etc.). had to get on line to find it!! great product for stir fries!!!! thanks a lot---bill
221857221857B00013WX7OA3GE6DEDVQ4HY1Jonathan Sharp0051344643200Great ProductMy wife used these beans to make an excellent gluten-free black bean paste! She was very satisfied with the quality and taste.
221858221858B0040WHJM6AGQA2R5SKBQ08Texas Bee Roo7751315699200Great Quality Meal for Home, Office, or CollegeI keep several of these McDougall's meals in my office at work. They are high quality and taste great. I like the convenience when I forget to pack my lunch. I'm vegan and find it difficult to eat out in the area where I work, so having these stashed in my office is great. My daughter is in college, so we send her a care package of McDougall's once in a while and she loves them too. It's so easy to do with Amazon and these are perfect for college students.

The preparation is easy if you follow the directions. Although you microwave them, there are a couple extra steps with adding water, stirring, heating, stirring again, etc. But the preparation is very manageable and worth the small extra effort to get such a nutritious, vegan meal.

As a full grown male, the serving size is a little small, so I need to either fix two of these or have something with it, like a hand full of nuts, some fruit, or a small salad.

Definitely worth trying!
221859221859B0040WHJM6A2A2JYDOR6GJ3EMelissa2251314057600Great taste, great quality.I was looking for noodles that were low in calorie with an ingredient list I could read. On top of it all, these taste great! Some people may comment that the portion is small - and I would have to agree. But for me it was a perfect opportunity to bulk up my meal with lean protein (chicken or shrimp) and fresh veggies.
221860221860B0040WHJM6A39LJ0F8VQBLXN09GalantDriver1141334966400Solid Low Sodium AlternativeA co-worker got me hooked on these. I had never heard of them before and they are VERY hard to find in the grocery store so I have resorted to buying them at Amazon. It tastes way better then those styrofoam cup alternatives. The serving size is slighly smaller then the alternatives but its whole wheat noodles with more fiber. Plus the fat content is nearly zero and the sodium is nearly half of the alternatives, its just delicious. I usually only use 1/2 the ginger/soy packet. Using the whole thing makes it a little strong for me. The only reason I didnt get 5 stars is that it tends to leave a after taste in my mouth and if I use the whole packet it can lead to some nasty breath.

There not cheap either 6 for ~$12 nearly $2 per cup. However, eating something healthy and just tastes better is worth it. I would definately buy again.
221861221861B0040WHJM6A2PBF8V7UDJ5CPBerudandi0021349654400Bland and flavorlessI didn't like the product. It was bland and flavorless. I could barely taste the ginger. I even tried adding vegetables & tofu and it didn't help. I gave it 2 stars because it is edible and it helped me survive until payday, but still. I guess this is what you get for low sodium product?
221862221862B0040WHJM6AWRM7YO706L4LKatMama0041347926400Tasty vegan noodles in a microwaveable cupSo far all of the McDougalls brand noodles have been amazing (can't say the same for the soups though), and a healthy and tasty option for those of us stuck in a cube all day. Also great for those counting calories and portions! Unfortunately this specific flavor is always boiling over in the microwave, causing me to have to put in a mattress of paper towels each time. Not sure what it is, as I use less than the specified amount of water and each time it boils over! Tasty product nonetheless, highly recommend! I get the Subscribe & Save and never have to worry about what to eat or making bad food choices.
221863221863B0040WHJM6A1NE8566K9IXR4KittyParker880131308009600These noodles are just okIf you want to save yourself the time and money, just go out and buy ramen noodles and save yourself 7 or 8 dollars. They have an ok flavor - nothing special. Once cooked down, there's hardly anything in the box. I wouldn't spend nearly 2 dollars for each one of these again. Yes, they're all natural, but are they organic? No. Are they gluten free? No.
221864221864B001FXQALOA2QSKQYEA493BYL. Downie4451309046400Wonderful gold food paintI don't have an airbrush, but I used it to paint on the fondant with a brush. It did a great job, will be buying other colours.(That's how we spell it where I come from)
221865221865B001FXQALOAKLT9KJIBWAIVBB21111343779200NOT metallicThere is nothing metallic about this color. It is gold in the fact that it is yellow, but that is it. There isn't any sheen or sparkle. I was bummed.
221866221866B001FXQALOA2EN37RUJTLFYLJanstar0021342396800not the sameI bought this product thinking it was a gold sheen as seen on the bottle being sold by amazon. It has no sheen to it at all it doesnt even say sheen,its just "gold"
221867221867B001FXQALOA3PJD1PGZXD5TFMissy0051324339200Lovely color, great to work withThe most important thing (to me at least) is that the color of this gold is great. It may look greenish in the bottle, but on icing or fondant it has a nice warm color, not too yellow, not brassy, just really nice.

I also like the different effects you can get through layering. One coat produces a pearly gold shimmer, sort of like an Art Noveau enameled brooch. 2 + coats will get you a bolder solid gold look. It's not going to come out like polished metal, but the effect is still VERY pretty and impressive.

I wouldn't recommend this paint for writing or drawing on icing or fondant (you have to stroke over it repeatedly to produce crisp lines), but it's GREAT for "highlighting" raised areas and adding a beautiful something extra.
221868221868B001FXQALOA14UUJMRQ6ULRVShaunnaMichelle0051323216000Just what I neededThe AmeriColor AmeriMist Edible Paint and Airbrush Color Gold Sheen worked great with my airbrush or you can just spray it on. Awesome color, just as in the photos.

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