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221911221911B000NIL602A1F7YU6O5RU432Angela Streiff0051332547200My all time favorite blend of tea, and Harney does it bestHarney and Sons makes many amazing blends of tea. They have something for everyone in their tea room. This blend is for those who are looking for the perfect black tea. The same way that there are flavored waters and then there is a glass of cool crisp perfect plane water, that's how I would describe this blend. While other teas have flavors and notes of fragrances, this Irish Breakfast is like the perfect plane black tea. Not bitter, perfumey, flowery, minty or anything else. Just the cleanest tasting black tea I have never had. This is the blend to take the place of coffee in the morning. It's also wonderful with meal, as it doesn't change the flavors. Not a fan of Earl Grey? No problem, there's no bergamot in this blend. Love Earl Grey? I would then say definitely try this. You get the same kind of bold black tea taste, just in a blend without the fragrant oils and other notes. While I really enjoy all kinds of teas (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, herbal teas, white teas, etc) this by far my all time favorite blend.
221912221912B004DBXL7GA12SFON59JAAKZWallix9951303862400SurprisedI've used a dozen different sculpting goos, gels, pomades, etc. over the years. I probably have $200 worth of half used and abandoned hair products ranging from Chi all the way up to Bumble & Bumble Sumotech. I was at Walmart the other day and they had it for $6 so I grabbed one for the heck of it. I have to say I was absolutely blown away. I had already decided that it would be the standard store-junk thinking that anything non-salon was terrible. I used this glop one time and the Sumotech went right into the drawer of dead hair-products. I couldn't believe how refined this product was! The smell was pleasant and I didn't feel like I was dipping my fingers into old, sticky Crisco. The texture is more like a soft face cream. I ride my bike to work every day in the Florida heat and when I get there my hair is still intact with no sticky crud running into my eyes. It's also non sticky to the touch so you don't feel like you need to run to wash your hands every time you touch your head.

Give this stuff a shot. What do you have to lose besides $6? I bet you'll be surprised, too.
221913221913B004DBXL7GAUGWAQPOMCJDMScott Lanin4451310428800Great stuffI use this as my main hair cream. It is better than a sticky gel. At the end of the day, I can wet my hands and run my fingers through my hair to rejuvenate it and this stuff still holds like new, but it does not feel like concrete. Very natural and smells nice. A really well made product.
221914221914B004DBXL7GA1ZQ2UOAD4QJMVIvan3351324771200Nice hair productThis product does what it says.
Gives you a nice hold without the wet seal look.
The fragrance smells really good. The ladies love it.
221915221915B004DBXL7GAKTHB94SQ4X5FJ. Kerns2251335398400Very high quality!I've used about every type of male hair product out there and this is by far the best I've come across. It does not harden or flake. I would strongly recommend this product.
221916221916B004DBXL7GA2N38WT0UJ8W0ANick Little1151334448000Great productThis product is so much better than any gel I have ever used. It leaves no flakes from the gel drying out, it leaves it soft and manageable and can be fixed with just a little water on your hands. also it only takes a small amount to get the look your are looking for. No crispy, over done, jersy shore wanna be look to fear from this.
221917221917B004DBXL7GA3HIMWW4RA2H3IHGJ3451320278400Great!!It does exactly what it's supposed to and does it very well. It gives a very natural look and feel. You can put it on wet hair and get a bit of a "slicker" look, but you don't your hair won't get dry and crusty. It's easy to refresh and a little does go a long way so it has very good value.

In fairness I must say this is the first hair cream product I've used. But, after using gel, mouse, hairspray, spray gel and god knows what else, this is far and away the best hair product I've ever used.
221918221918B004DBXL7GA15DVDQPEBKYVPTony92130051350345600Excellent ProductI was using a different hair gel that made my hair crisp and hard. This hair gel smells nicer, feels nicer, and makes my hair feel soft. Excellent product would definitely recommend to friends.
221919221919B007UANJNIA3NZFCXDF54LNIDavid29131151343001600Just like Red Bull!!Bullet energy has the same taste as Red Bull!! It tastes exactly the same, and its alot cheaper, I would highly recommend buying these instead of Red Bull if your trying to save money.
221920221920B007UANJNIA2IDLKSKCZTIGSEllen Bowman00513449888005 Stars without the YUKK factor!I agree with the other review these are an EXCELLENT alt. to redbull without that nasty puke after taste left in your mouth. The acid/pH level of these are well balenced to provied you with a great refreshing taste and After taste! Small size cans wish they could be bigger but all in all i love this stuff and am about to order more!
221921221921B0049Z9ANUA1GF6NCSM4Y3C9Mr3dfx6651305331200Great Breakfast flavor!So, somehow Diamond captured the perfect flavor of french toast without all the calories. Such a great flavor, after tasting only a few for the first time I immediately orderd three more. These don't even have that "Almond" aftertaste, it finishes very nice with a hint of a butter maple

Now: To Diamond please rename to "Buttery French Toast", as this would be much better fitting.
221922221922B0049Z9ANUAM9LRYG6YXV83P. Verkhovensky "uebermensch"5551212451200Unique product, well executedThe flavor of these nuts is similar to cinnamon toast cereal, yet they are filling and healthy, containing little sugar and almost no salt. I would deduct a star for being priced too high both here and in the supermarket, but Blue Diamond deserves credit for their restraint in using quality ingredients and in not producing a sugar encrusted candy. Now if they would only go against the trend of charging a huge markup for minimal extra processing cost...

The other reviewer seems to think these contain lactose. The ingredients:
221923221923B0049Z9ANUA2RTM25CWIXJFFT. Jones "t dani"2251327622400Great SnackI ordered these nuts off a whim because of the flavor. I just got into eating more nuts because I don't get enough Omega 3's. Everybody that I shared these with loved them! I went through 2 containers in a week (because of sharing). This will be a staple in my house from now on!!!
221924221924B0049Z9ANUA21CEM7VBB2LKLspeedgraphic2251320624000Absolutely delicious!These have more net carbs than the Emerald Cocoa Roast almonds (6g vs 3g), but if you're not worried about that, these are absolutely delicious! If you like flavored nuts, you've got to try these.
221925221925B0049Z9ANUA2I2WFAB7UKF3Fnightrph "nightrph"2251269302400Simply the best!I discovered these nuts by accident. They were on clearance ay my local CVS for $1. I wish I had bought them all!
The cinnamon and brown sugar flavor is perfect together with the roasted almond flavor. It is not candy coated like other cinnamon almonds (making it a much healthier treat). Everyone that I have shared them with think that they are
phenomenal! I highly recommend this product. It is one of the most tasty and healthy snacks you can find. I only wish Amazon would put them on their subscribe and save program.
221926221926B0049Z9ANUA3HTMUB72A5P79Jman4511318982400Incorrect informationAt the time of purchase, the production description stated:

Blue Diamond Natural Cinnamon Brown Sugar Oven Roasted Almonds 8 oz
by Blue Diamond
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List Price: $32.55
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Product Description
Blue Diamond Almonds Oven Roasted Cinnamon Brown Sugar - 6 Pack

Both the list price and description suggests that it is a 6 Pack.

I ordered 2 and received 2 "1 packs".
This is a single 8 oz container.
221927221927B0049Z9ANUA2R60HW61H86YBMcGuyver1151333584000Best snack ever!I got these at my local Publix. They're the best tasting almonds of the bunch. The butter toffee tastes natural and the almonds are of good quality. They also make dark chocolate covered almonds. They taste like Cocoa Puffs but are still pretty good if you're looking for a cocoa kick instead.
221928221928B0049Z9ANUA1TMAVN4CEM8U8Gunner1151331251200My 3rd favorite flavorDiamond Almonds
Almonds are a good source of magnesium. One ounce contain approximately 20% of the RDA for an adult recommended dietary allowance (RDA)
Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) the amounts of selected nutrients considered adequate to meet the known nutrient needs of healthy people. The RDA is based on scientific knowledge and has been presented by a committee of the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The Canadian equivalent is the Recommended Nutrient Intakes. RDA is generally accepted throughout the world as a valid source of information. At least 40 different nations have as well as organizations have published standards similar to the RDA.

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and is essential to good health. Approximately 50% of total body magnesium is found in bone. The other half is found predominantly inside cells of body tissues and organs. Only 1% of magnesium is found in blood, but the body works very hard to keep blood levels of magnesium constant.
Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis. There is an increased interest in the role of magnesium in preventing and managing disorders such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Dietary magnesium is absorbed in the small intestines. Are you taking enough magnesium in the diet? The recommended daily allowance is 300mgs/day for men, 350mgs for women. Magnesium is extremely safe by mouth - too much simply causes diarrhea. Try increasing the amount of magnesium you take by mouth until it causes diarrhea, then reduce the dose slightly so it does not. This is called taking magnesium to bowel tolerance (just like using vitamin C to bowel tolerance.

Almonds are a good source of Fiber.
One ounce contains approximately 12% of the RDA for an adult.
So, in summary, Almonds are a very healthy snack, so what's left to say?

Two things:
1st be cautious about "bowel tolerance" or "happy bowels" if you prefer.
2nd Taste. I realize that taste is a personal thing. That's why they make chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

Here's my current favorites"

1st Blue Diamond Dark mint dark chocolate (reminds me of the chocolate mint Girl Scout Cookies with less sugar).

2nd Blue diamond Dark Chocolate Oven Roasted
3rd Blue diamond Blue Butter Toffee
4thd Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Habanero BBQ (reminds me of BBQ potato chips again with less sugar).
5th Bold Blazin Buffalo Wing
6th Blue Diamond Almonds Cinnamon Brown Sugar
7th Blue Diamond Almonds Lime `n Chili
8th Blue Diamond Almonds Smokehouse
9th Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce

But that's just me: you might have a completely different take on these flavors.
4th and 5th are very close.

May, 2012
221929221929B0049Z9ANUA7EK88GF8N40FNicole S. Urdang1151328745600A great little snackAt first, I thought these tasted a little artificial. After a few handfuls I realized I like them, regardless.

I am a big fan of this company's products, and have even gone so far as to speak with one of their growers about the integrated pest management systems they employ (using the smallest amount of pesticides possible). I will keep buying all their other flavors. The Bold line, especially the Habanero, is also excellent, as are the dark chocolate variety.
221930221930B0049Z9ANUAXEQHTFZZ6LB4Themis Nike1151328140800Incredible!These almonds are nothing short of incredible- they are so delicious! If you are trying to follow a low-carb lifestyle (for dietary reasons or weight loss) and need a 'sweet fix' after meals, then this is a wonderful option - only 6 g. Net carbs! And the taste is so yummy! They are just sweet enough! I'm so glad that amazon sells them in bulk, because I could easily go through one container in a week!
221931221931B0049Z9ANUA3D165TX35GR0S. Macnicoll1151233446400Healthy and delicious!If you want a truly healthy, filling snack, you must give these a try, as well as their sisters, the Vanilla Bean Almonds. They are both just lightly sweetened, and fragrant with either the cinnamon or the vanilla, depending on which you choose. The container is marvelous; there is a half flip top which is easy to do with one hand (like in the car). And they're not roasted in more oil, so the almonds are "meaty" and sweet. And almonds are SOOO good for you. I'd recommend that you try them, and then get an Amazon subscribe and save if you can. It's well worth it! And all natural. LOVELY!
221932221932B0049Z9ANUA2HS6ND7J8IQ0Lfemgeek2321335744000Not the same as the canned versionI expected that these canisters of Blue Diamond "Roasted Almonds - Honey" would be the same product as the little cans of Blue Diamond "Honey Roasted Almonds" ( Blue Diamond Almonds Honey Roast, 6-Ounce Tins (Pack of 12) ) but they're surprisingly not the same, and have a very "off" taste. What a disappointment! Blue Diamond has apparently seen fit to add much more maltodextrin and "other natural flavors", which I suspect cause the odd taste, thus ruining a fabulous product.

I've been having a hard time finding the small cans of Blue Diamond "Honey Roasted Almonds" at the supermarkets, despite all the other flavors being carried. It's as if Blue Diamond just, for some reason, *wants* this product to fail. First they make it hard to get the canned version, then they completely change the taste of a great product and package it in a canister, using a name that is so similar that it contains all the same words, but without a hint that it's not the same product.

I'd contact Blue Diamond and complain, but I already know that they never respond to customers despite having a contact link on their website. In the past, I wrote to them when they test-marketed and then removed some wonderful silvered almonds (not "slivered" but silvered, as in almonds with a very light sugary coating); when I wrote to ask, instead of appreciating my interest as a customer, they simply ignored me.

So I'm offering this review as a warning to anyone else who might make the same mistake, and think that these almonds will be like the similarly-named canned "Honey Roasted Almonds" from the same company. The ones in the can are great; these are just plain awful, and I'll be throwing out 2.9 canisters of 3 purchased.
221933221933B0049Z9ANUAZN88CCKEQN0Gary Cavener2331217116800Nice salt on a very dry nut.OK, I like a little richness. These nuts have a flavorful salt taste, but are almost too dry to get down your throat.
221934221934B0049Z9ANUA2TP8VCDYHH3MTJackie P. "Loca"0031350432000The taste is crunchy,I love these almonds. They are my favorite to date and I would definitely buy again. The taste is crunchy, they are well toasted and the salt that has been added is just perfect. Not too little, not too much. Best I have ever eaten!!
221935221935B0049Z9ANUA2ILSYQM0CO9SCR. Townsend0021349740800Too Much Sugar!This is basically candy masquerading as a "healthy" snack. They taste good - because they have three different kinds of sugar in them! Blue Diamond wants you to think that eating sugar is a healthy snack - c'mon!

I purchased these thinking they were sweetened with stevia. Yeah, there's a miniscule amount of stevia (very last ingredient) - but sugars are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ingredient listed. These have corn maltodextrin - the worst thing there is on the glycemic index (can you say fat formation?). Now I'm stuck with 3 containers of this sugar snack.
221936221936B0049Z9ANUA3DZ7YTDAI7NUGN. Colonna "Nick C"0051349136000Always fresh!These are the best tasting almonds. I buy them in bulk to share at work. Any time someone finds cheaper almonds, they always come back to these because they can't be beat.
221937221937B0049Z9ANUA3GV9YG4LWSDKNAllieD2040051348185600Like Snickerdoodle cookies!I love these almonds!! They taste just like a snickerdoodle cookie, but make for a much healthier snack! One of my favorites of the Blue Diamond Oven Roasted varieties. Buying them in a 6-pack is more cost-effective for me, especially now that I can't find them in my grocery store. I wish they came in the large resealable bag like some of the other flavors, but for now I'll stick with the 6 container pack.
221938221938B0049Z9ANUA1SQPBEUL9VEDRRuth0041348012800Delicious and healthy treat!I wouldn't call these almonds sweet, but they do have just the right hint of sweet flavor that the almond is elevated and feels like a treat. The taste and texture of almonds doesn't particularly appeal to me, but they're such a healthy snack that I'm glad to find this delicious option. Also, the small container is the perfect size to have on your desk or keep in the car, or use as stocking stuffers like I plan to do for a couple of my healthy eating conscious friends!
221939221939B0049Z9ANUA18W1DLQGPFLXGJust a shopper "Shopper"0011347408000You are only getting one container!I purchased 2 other types of Blue Diamond almonds on the same day, and they were both around $11 for a pack of 3. T his one was only ONE 8 oz. container, and I assumed it was at least 2-3 containers since the cost was over $8.
221940221940B0049Z9ANUA1XWVBI4ZUM9B8VLee0051346976000Yummy!Nice sweet treat with some nutritional value. These are fantastic! The only thing is I can find them in more local store at a lower cost.

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