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222010222010B002AQP4IKAY7PS9N341GHESWB0051315526400Sprinkles Cookie Crisp is AwesomeThis General Mills cereal is really good. It's a light flavor (not overwhelmingly sweet or too "fakey" tasting). It stays crunchy until the very last bite. It's nice GM is offering a flavor other than chocolate chip; I hope it stays on the market.
222011222011B002AQP4IKA3O217324KJX89Jay0051303948800This is a great cereal!This cereal is great! I haven't been able to find it in any stores near me anymore. I'm glad it's on here.
222012222012B002AQP4IKAVE2J7PNE0L9CJ. Parmelee0051281312000My second favorite flavor of Cookie Crisp. Delicious.Yes, I agree with the other customers who said this is great cereal. While it isn't something you should have every day of the month(if you want to avoid the dentist) it is good to treat yourself to it once in a while. I do have to admit though if you want something from the same makers of this cereal that tastes even better I recommend you that you try Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp(if you can find it) which really does taste a lot like homemade cookies.
222013222013B002AQP4IKA2EHHB13ZVQQWRtheoandamy0121317168000So sweet the kids didn't eat themWe purchased these after finding them on a gluten free website. We liked the orginal version. And, yes I would expect a sweet flavor in a cereal with this title but they tasted like pure sugar. The kids snacked on them dry a bit but I will be throwing half a box away as they have gone stale.
222014222014B002N8IFKEA36K8DLXYRUMBRAmber M. Anderson0051270598400Crunchy!This is one of the most pleasantly textured salts I've ever tasted. It has such a wonderful tooth crunch...adds a lot to things like mashed potatoes or even mac and cheese! Pleasant salty flavor too, but this one is really about those wonderful big crunchy flakes
222015222015B003VWZLQ2A37OXBQWGGMWJTCameo550051349222400Great TreatLola recently went to the vet who let me know she was about 6 lbs over weight. She's not a normal eater but she does go to work with me where she gets treats from everyone. I bought these because they are natural, lower fat and she likes them. Now everyone can give her healther treats and she's not getting all that bad "human food". Hopefully the next trip to the vet proves it was worth it!
222016222016B006JW4VVMA29W700R7V91WUJeanie "tweetybird"0051349827200Happy To FineI know I might be strange but I love Pork and Beans. I have this Hot Dog casserole that has Pineapple, brown sugar and of course Pork and Beans and the larger size cans makes making my casserole just a little bit easier. Also, you know you can freeze the extra Pork and Beans.,
222017222017B006JW4VVMA17GK9E70O7Y9RGrandma in Oregon0051344211200Great productLove these.... a little more expensive than store brands, but these get shipped to my front door. Will buy again.
222018222018B000DZDIYCA1OE4ZDN1L1ZTFMusic Teacher Mom7851243900800My Favorite Cookie!I was recently told by my doctor that I needed to begin a gluten free diet. I love cookies & was SO upset! I found these lemon shortbreads & fell in love! I like to put them in my freezer & eat them cold. My favorite thing to do is have a cup of English Breakfast Tea & these cookies in the afternoon. Now that it is summer I have switched the tea for pink lemonade. I definitely recommend these delicious cookies!
222019222019B000DZDIYCA1X87TMLC2TV72amj12074451283731200DeliciousI saw a case of 6 boxes of the lemon shortbread cookies for sale at the Amazon warehouse online (when did this start? It's great) for $8.99. I had never tried any of Pamela's cookies. I love lemon so I decided to buy the case. I read several reviews. Most people liked/loved them. One person said they were really tart. Another person, one of the few who didn't like them, said they tasted something like lemon pledge had been sprayed on them. I am writing to share my opinion that they are neither really tart nor taste like lemon pledge. They are a lemon flavored buttery shortbread cookie. The shortbread does a lot to cut the tartness. I found them just perfectly lemony without being overbearing. They are a delicate cookie that is easy to eat. Unfortunately the delicateness caused a couple to break into pieces. I don't find that to be a problem because I break my cookies into bites before I eat them anyway. Don't be afraid to try these cookies if you like lemon. They are definitely worth a try, especially if you get them from the warehouse. I'll order again even if I have to pay full price next time.
222020222020B000DZDIYCA244FD5W9JM045R. Klein4451264204800An adult lemon cookieI love lemon cakes and cookies, and Pamela's lemon shortbread cookies are my favorite because of their appealing texture and natural lemon taste. Warning: they are EXTREMELY tart. Adults with a developed palate will like them, but children and teenagers tend to find them too sour. Spreading them with raspberry or blackberry jam will offset the tartness; the flavors go together nicely. They are especially good with hot black tea served the British way, with milk in it. And yes, you can eat just one of them at a time because they are so rich and filling.
222021222021B000DZDIYCA1HKBX2L0DV258Dena Leasure2221264982400Gluten Free cookiesI am not a fan of these lemon cookies. I love other Pams' cookies, but these have a too strong lemon flavor and that's all I taste. I still have most of the case and I may just throw them out.
222022222022B000DZDIYCA34PCLT8APO0IZColdShot "TruthTeller"2251263254400Not your typical lemon cookieThis has to be my most favorite lemon cookie ever. My preferences are cookies with less sugar than others...if that helps anyone. I shy away from fanny may candies, not for the flavor but for them being way too sugary for my palate. So if you have a sensitive palate and like a nice chewy, crumbly, lemony cookie with not too much sugar in it, then you should absolutely love these. I also love those little italian sesame cookies because they aren't too sugary either.
222023222023B000DZDIYCA3HN7ZRWOZMH5QDorothy S. Yufer "dormery"2251261612800Scrumptious cookies!Though I am not a celiac and originally ordered these for a friend who is, they never lasted until she got here. Bet you can't eat just one . . . box.
222024222024B000DZDIYCAN69X3452UW61Paul K. "Building local community resilience"2241258156800Lemony zingy tastyPamela's is a good brand overall. These particular ones are very lemony, so if you like lemon, these are a good call. I find the texture very nice--they are crumbly and soft. Very tasty.
222025222025B000DZDIYCAVXNQIEJTPB5HM. Wilson2251254960000Best lemon cookies - ever!A friend first shared these cookies with me since we both have food sensitivities to wheat, yeast, and sugar. I didn't expect much at first bite -- at best, I'd be able to swallow them. Boy, was I surprised. These cookies are moist, tender and loaded with lemon flavor. If you like cookies on the tart side without making your lips pucker, you'll love these. I continue to share them with my friends and family, and they all have been delighted. You won't be disappointed with these cookies Pamela's Products Lemon Shortbread Cookies, 7.25-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6).
222026222026B000DZDIYCA176E94N0G2HIQSam Hill4551234137600Delicious!Product arrived well crumbled cookies. These are the best gluten-free cookies I have ever tried. Very rich shortbread with delicious lemon taste.
222027222027B000DZDIYCAWPOEIIWN7RWUSnow White "Diane"1151289606400best tasting Gluten Free cookieThe Lemon Shortbread Pamela's cookie was the best I have ever eaten. The lemon flavor is so robust and you can feel the lemon pieces on you tongue when chewing. A great find!!!!!!!!!
222028222028B000DZDIYCA1EDNBNH0TA9OMJimena4611243468800Don't buy them, this is not shortbreadI never write a review but I thought I should to lower the number of stars this product has. We bought the subscribe and save package of 6 and after eating 1 cookie I am thinking on throwing out the rest. The cookies are chewy and you don't feel the crumbles you usually have in a good short bread. They leave a very unpleasant after taste in your mouth. I am extremely disappointed with these cookies. Please buy something else!
222029222029B000DZDIYCA3PKBLGR117QGNPCH0051342828800Too good to keep on hand!These are my favorite cookies; and I ordered a number of boxes online, because I could save money, rather than buying them in the store. But they're too good for me to keep on hand; because I end up eating too many of them!!!! Oh, what to do?!? Perhaps I'll go back to buying 1 box at a time in the store.
222030222030B000DZDIYCA3P6N4SX6PSV66D. Gurko0051340323200The best ever for lemon loversThese are the best lemon cookies I have ever eaten. They are refreshing to eat although they crumble easily. My friends who are not gluten free agree. If you love-love-love lemon, then you will love these cookies!
222001222001B000BRV9NYA2TRPWXCH0PLJFMary E. Garguilo0051176249600Barrys Gold Loose TeaThis transaction was the best the tea was wonderful. Great seller and would recommend this site to all people but especially those of Irish Decent. I gave my Brother-in-Law some of the other products purchased and it made his feel like he was home for a visit (being from Ireland). Thanks Again
222002222002B000BRV9NYA309F94Y19OX7HShostakovich "is my lover"3551298851200smooth and mildAs someone accustomed to Lipton and other crappy black teas, I'm giving this 5 stars. The flavor is subtle, and not at all bitter. The preparation was easier than I anticipated: I didn't need to filter out the leaves, as they managed to stay in the bottom of my cup. Anyone who thinks black tea is bitter and disgusting should try this. They'll be pleasantly surprised.
222003222003B003UEMK1UAU6ZBIOLK7NDYxyqxyq3351326067200The only "flavored" black tea I drinkI'm a bit of a purist with both black tea and coffee. I don't add anything to either beverage. I deny the existence of flavored coffee, and once denied the existence of flavored black tea. I'm not one who is swayed easily, but I was basically forced to just try this once. This tea is so good that it became my one exception.

The lemon flavor pairs absolutely perfectly with the flavor of strong black tea. The lemon flavor comes on subtly, and ends pleasantly strong. There is no overwhelming sweetness or sourness. If you smell the tea before brewing, you'll probably note that you can barely, if at all, detect the lemon. When you introduce very hot water, the lemon comes alive and puts a nice, subtle, natural, lemon scent in the air.

Anyway, I opened up a little after tasting this, and have now also tried Orange Bliss by Twinings. Nothing wrong with it, but I don't think the orange flavor agrees with black tea quite as well. I'll stick to only non-flavored black tea with Lemon Twist as the one exception.

I will drink this tea at any time of the day.

TL, DR: I used to be a total tea purist. This is my one exception now. Black tea and lemon go together amazingly well.
222004222004B002AQP4IKA3N822HXN3V2LUniffer5551256947200These are amazing!So, this cereal is amazing. I bought it not being sure what it was like, and I am not disappointed. Deliciously vanilla-ry, this is a cereal good enough to eat out of the box. Obviously it doesn't score highly for health benefits, but with a name like Cookie Crisp, who's surprised?!
222005222005B002AQP4IKA1O4FARADB31PMMatt A4451296604800Tastes Like Sprinkle Spangles!So Sprinkle Spangles were easily my favorite cereal growing up. However, they were sadly discontinued in 1995 and never brought back. Though this cereal is not quite the same, it is also made by General Mills, and tastes as close as you're going to get. Basically Sprinkles Cookie Crisp is to Sprinkle Spangles as to what Vault is to Surge. So enjoy this wonderful cereal!
222006222006B002AQP4IKA2KYR02NBY21KMPatrick Fay3351302480000Great taste, and no GLUTEN ingredientsLove this cereal, it tastes great and it does not contain GLUTEN ingredients. I am gluten sensitive, so I have to be careful with cereals that I eat. Cookie Crisp Sprinkles cereal is safe for those with gluten sensitivity.
222007222007B002AQP4IKAX6O5BPNQIKATLonia2251268006400Yummy DeliciousI love this cereal and bought it first when my local grocery store was discontinuing it. I think it's even better than the original Cookie Crisp. Now that it's discontinued in the stores, I buy it here. It smells so good, like a vanilla butter cream cookie and pretty much tastes like it too.
222008222008B002AQP4IKA112XLN4J4TYLRMor and Tookie0051344816000cerealit's cereal and it's good ... my friend is afraid of buying cereal online because he thinks it'll be stale - let me assure you that i've never had a problem with staleness. cereal is always delivered quickly and is fresh.
222009222009B002AQP4IKA14813F8H2OBTIDisappointed Customer0011342828800Stale cerealOpened only one box of cereal and it was stale. Not fresh like in stores. Was actually looking for the vanilla cookie crisp without the sprinkles and was excited to order. I'm extremely disappointed that someone would sale STALE Cereal. Not worth the $ that I paid. Now I have 3 unopened boxes of stale cereal that I can't do anything with. Go to your local grocer to get quality cereal. Lesson learned for me.

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