Amazon Fine Food Reviews

222071222071B004I68Y4GA24J9DGE7DNHMWDafe1311338076800Horrible sweetIt is one of the worst sweets ever. Do not buy this product. I tried it out thinking it was going to be good, just realized its horrible. This sweet is definitely not meant for kids, just wondering who its meant for.
222072222072B007F5MJMAA6MCGGRCW1PAMSnapshot Sally1141344211200Rectified digestive issuesI adopted a 6-ish month puppy last month from a local shelter. He had loose bowels for a month and no amount of antibiotics and veterinarian prescribed food helped.

Pupster had been on a high-quality puppy food that included the color blue and wilderness. I love that food. However, I began to wonder if he had a sensitivity to beef and chicken, as well as high percentages of protein...

Within one meal of eating this product, his stools were improved. Within two meals, I could pick up his stools, rather than wipe them off the ground. I never thought I would be so happy to pick up poop!

I definitely recommend for anyone who thinks their dog may have a food allergy. It is also good for a puppy that needs a lower protein food.
222073222073B007F5MJMAA2QBYILJM7G2X4Riverside0051350691200Best dog food for Labs!This food was recommended due to chronic problems with skin disorders (as many Labs have). Our lab has the thickest, shiniest coat I've ever seen, and not one skin issue ever! I credit the AvoDerm food for that!
222074222074B007F5MJMAATH4YT9BZUXTjoan goepel0051347321600Healthiest Dog FoodAvoderm oven baked lamb and brown rice has proven to be the best food for Trevor (greyhound). It's easy for him to digest, has improved his coat (thicker and glossy) and lessened intestinal gas. He eats it with apparent enjoyment. It's not easy to find this product everywhere. Amazon has had it and at the best price.
222075222075B007F5MJMAA2HIKPKC5DEDF5KrisT0051336003200Great food!My 1 yr old Cocker Spaniel has been having issues with anal gland problems, so I've been trying to find a food to help solidify her #2's! She also had an allergic reaction to the last brand of food. (itcy, biting and chewing her paws and scratching) This one has done the trick! Do not have to squeeze her glands as much as usual, and the itching/biting has completely stopped! SO HAPPY to have found a food that is working so well for my little pup! :)
222076222076B007F5MJMAA2MSTZM2Z974YGwolfalar0041321574400Amazon needs to check priceAmazon indicates that the normal price for the 4 lbs of dog food is about $175 and that they are selling it for about $18. I think they need to do some proof reading before placing product online.
222077222077B001EO7H20A2UK61LFJ2MMHRDorothy Tellez1151233532800Great mushroomsOpened the can to a real great surprise giant whole mushrooms.and they were delious also!
222078222078B001EO7H20A1WOMXOEX90ARIAvid Camper "WS"0041258070400Good Mushrooms, Bad Shipping...Recently, ordered these mushrooms and were pleasantly surprised at the size, quality and quantity, for the price. What was NOT GOOD was the way Amazon shipped them. Packed in a 4-pack, every single can, but 1, arrived so hopelessly dented and smashed that we had to use them immediately, instead of storing for later. Had trouble even opening the cans; they were so dented a can opener wouldn't work. If not for the shipping problem, they would be great! Better and cheaper than the ones available locally.
222079222079B000OJ1H36A29H9RE3JVJIQ4EK0051347235200Delicious, but addictiveI found this on Amazon while I was looking for a snack other than chocolate. I decided to order this without even trying it before. When I received the order, I didn't know how it would taste. To my surprise, this was exactly what I was looking for...Nice, sweet taste. Definately a renewable item.
222080222080B000OJ1H36A1P59RM84ZIA0Ctrail mix junkie0051325808000Tropical Trail MixI found this product in a local grocery store and enjoyed it. Then the store stopped carrying it. I was happy to find it again on Amazon.
222081222081B000OJ1H36A42GQ3TGL54XHH. Oneal "sama"0051292198400healty, good snack.Good Sense makes the perfect tropical trail mix; no extra ingredients that skew the taste buds ( like m&m's for example). If not convinced, I recommend trying other brands trop mix and judge: just not up to par. This the best on the market. But just my opinion.
222082222082B000OJ1H36A2YDGITHVKJGO4M. Stranz0031291507200Better than the typical airport trail mixI fly too often and too early and late in the day... have been trying trail mix varieties. This one is better than what I find in the airport, but the excessive coconut shards end up on me and the seat despite all efforts to be neat. Have moved on to something less prone to debris.
222083222083B000OJ1H36A31N6KB160O508Fran W.0051202256000Yuumy and healthy snack for the familyI love this assortment of fruits and nuts. Sure gives you a healthy treat and nutritional boost of fruits not readily available and quite expensive here.
222084222084B0077D2MLIACJRY60JMAIRUTee2221347321600So SoThe best feature about these patties is that they are pretty big ang thick. Personally, I didn't care for the flavor of them. I like for them to have a vanilla, milky type of taste and they were lacking in that area. The peanuts appeared to be a little out dated also. Not the best experience for me.
222085222085B003LVSX4AA24608YYBBTQ3JL. Kelly0051346112000Yummy Myntz!These are delish little mints that are sugar free. They do NOT contain aspertame or sucralose. I was looking for mints which contained neither and this is them. I don't know why there is aspertame in gum and mints that is not a sugar-free product but there is. I won't go into a diatribe about sugar-free sweeteners. Suffice to say that these mynts are great. The regular flavor is quite strong, I like the vanillamynt blast the best. Enjoy!
222086222086B003LVSX4AA1HMUM5Q2BMMPBWalker Evans0051344902400Myntz Rule!This mints have a wonderful flavor and leave the mouth dry and fresh - not "sticky" as some mints do. Highly recommended!
222087222087B003LVSX4AA2VLQPRGSMUWGMCaterina "closet geek"0051329350400Love at first tin!I love vanilla myntz! Not too sweet, not too minty. In addition to tasting great, being sugar free, dentist recommended and freshening your breath... I also discovered that they are great for releaving nausea - ESPECIALLY morning sickness!
222088222088B003LVSX4AA3OHO667U0E7Y9B. Liu0051321142400Delicious, effective and healthy.As someone who does not eat sugar and avoids most artificial sweeteners (like aspartame), I've had a hard time finding a tasty and effective breath mint. I was so happy when I found Myntz. Not only are the sugar free, but the sorbitol sweetener is actually good for dental health. I like the touch of vanilla in this flavor; it smooths out the bite of the mint. They do the job on my coffee breath, too!
222089222089B003LVSX4AAZ12LSA3VSHRVL. Rupe0051302048000Love these!These are my favorite mints because they do not contain sugar or artifical sweeteners. I like the vanilla flavor the best.
222090222090B001EHF98GA1ODVT4DJKQARZTony Johnson0051241395200Great spice on any food.This product was great, I first used it on my eggs and it was outstanding. Now I use it on almost all my food, I highly recommend it.
222061222061B000BTEHRCA2Y695A1DXMT1JDrew Samson2251332115200Delightful TinThe tin is very delightful. I like the design. However, I just tasted dark treacle today, for the first time, and have no idea if it should taste this way. It's bitter, slightly salty, very thick, sticky, and sweet.
222062222062B000BTEHRCA2NETQRG6JHIG7Qrysta White "qrysta"2311332806400DID NOT LIKE BITTER TASTETheir Golden is golden but not a fan of this version. Just too burnt bitter a taste for me. If your buds leans toward the grilled flavors then you might like this however.
222063222063B000BTEHRCA3FVA77Y28Y132Tony ""Medic Ricci""0051349827200Bitter tasting for a reason: ~1400mg potassium / 30gTreacle one of the highest sources of dietary potassium available. 30 grams of this is equivalent to two full potatoes, three or more bananas, 12-16 oz of fish. If you like this and want to easily boost your potassium (and possibly lower your blood pressure and risk of other diseases) this can be one easy way to do so.
222064222064B000BTEHRCA3JK4YFURQ8MIZPeter Eggers0041331337600Black TreacleI bought this stuff to use on toast. It is pretty good, actually. To be honest about it, I really thought this would be like the Golden Syrup, which of course, it is not. So I bought the Golden Syrup which I prefer over treacle; after all, I do not cook . . . I only cook things up.
222065222065B000BTEHRCA3QX2CMKK413PLRay Obriskie2551336953600LOVE LOVE LOVEi love this tin, love the lion. Around our house I call him Lyle and my wife insists he looks more like a Tate. I've got one in the garage in which I keep all my loose screws, change etc, another in the kitchen which stores all our pens, pencils and whatnot, and a third in the bathroom in which I keep my false teeth, condoms, dental floss, and various ass creams. Looking at this tin makes me feels accomplished somehow, so why not eh? I don't know what a treacle is or where I might find use one, but when I do that'll just be icing on the cake. What gorgeous use of red, black and gold. I may never be king of the forrest, but thanks Tate & Lyle for making me feel like a lion nonetheless. a ROARING FIVE STARS!!!!!
222066222066B000BTEHRCA2X9LUCAMME1G6Kim0251324857600Quick deliveryDelighted to see that a product was available to purchase to make Treacle Tarts. Quick delivery, well packaged. Will play Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while eating!
222067222067B000FA399YA3NTI0CSF05WR1stalios4431295568000NOT THE CHIPS YOU THINK THEY AREWhile these chips are good, they are not the ones I was looking for and thought I was ordering. Don't let the picture fool you. These are NOT the Wheat Thins Chips Veggie that you get out of vending machines. The picutre DOES NOT match what you will receive. You get the Garden Valley Veggie chips that you can easily find in any grocery store. Those chips are good too - but they are not as good as the veggie chips found in vending machines. I called the 1-800 number on the back of the package for Kraft foods and was told that ONLY food vendors received the product that I was looking for and they were not available to the general public.
222068222068B000FA399YA2X2ZAK2YJSMIMSparky6372231244937600Close but not the sameThese don't taste the same as the small bags from the vending machines.
Very close, but not exactly the same. Crispier (drier) with less veggie taste.
The bag's I received are not as shown: they say 'Toasted Chips' & 'Fresh new look'! 'Garden Valley Veggie'.
This bag and the Ritz toasted chips are identical
Still a great deal. unable to find these in any supermarket or wholesale club. Only at Amazon!!

Update: Found them at BJ's club today for less money.
222069222069B000FA399YA3ONP7D1T1XP3NKM0051321056000Awesome, slightly acquired taste!Yes these do taste VERY slightly different from the vending machine ones but I have acquired a tasted for these over those as of late. They are nice and salty (but not overwhelmingly so), and I love the crunch and veggie combo taste that I get. I wouldn't go back to the vending machine version now if they were in front me vs. the new ones. I have them almost every day now and have to hide them from the rest of the family so they're all mine! The sour cream flavor used to be my favorite, but now these are it. I'm glad I gave the new packaging a try!
222070222070B008R7X6JKAQYH2DHP78S83Alexis2211343520000BadMy son loves all the Ella's Kitchen fruit & veggie pouches (along with Plum Organics as well). But this chicken meal... yuck. Not only does it not smell appealing, but it tastes awful. My son is 11 months and eats everything I put in front of him, but this Ella's Kitchen chicken meal (along with the Ella's Kitchen chick-chick Chicken Casserole with vegetables and rice - 7 pk) is something he refuses to eat. I literally spoon it in his mouth and he sticks out his tongue and pushes it out as quick as he can.

The only way I got him to eat this is by mixing it with fruit baby food (with a ratio of 2:1 fruit to chicken). I recommend sticking with homemade chicken. I have not tried other meat-based baby foods but given how Ella's Kitchen tends to be incredibly tasty, I can only imagine how bad other brands' food must be.

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