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222091222091B001HBXO54A1TFMR7RE985MFB. Walker "Basia's Bookshelf"9951231804800Aaah, LindtWhat's to say about Lindor Truffles? Yum. There isn't a bad flavor in the bunch, although I was genuinely surprised to find out Nestle is making Lindt products now. You do have to make sure the truffles are kept at the right temperature - too cold and the truffle gets stiff, too warm and they get gloppy. It's a shame they can't make them a little more stable, but hey, it's chocolate, so you can't complain too much. This is a nice assortment of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, caramel and peanut butter. The caramel and peanut butter are way too sweet and I suspect a recent addition due to the Nestle connection (not there years ago). I'd like to see some of the fruit truffles added in the future, but overall, big thumbs up for the big, big bag of chocolate!
222092222092B001HBXO54A2EUR19WO8NRFQBet and Net "tiltv"3351310256000TrufflesI bought these for a gift for my dad. He is a major chocoholic and according to him, these Lindt truffles are the best. I have bought him several different flavors, and this pack was a lovely addition to his chocolate stash.
222093222093B001HBXO54A3SJ6EYG1MKCG4MississippiRed5621325635200lack of a center within the balls of candyI was given some of this candy as a gift and liked it so much I wanted to share some with my family members during the holidays. I ordered this bag from Amazon. When the bag came, I open it up as I found the bag a bit wore looking. I did not mind too much as I was going to create little bags out of the large bag. I ended up eating one... I glad I did. I was saved from giving a poor gift to my daughters.

Found the inside of the ball had a large hole with only half of the smooth cream stuff the other candies had. Tried few more and found the same thing. I ended up taking the candies to school and let my students have one on the last day before Christmas break... They all found the same thing. Some had NO center of the cream at all. While the candy tasted ok - they were not the kind of candy I was looking for and were of a poor and inferior made.

Would I buy this again? NO WAY!
222094222094B001HBXO54A1J9CQ0NY2J7LYAiluros2251315958400DeliciousI live in Australia and I bought these for my family who lives in the States. Arrived quickly, no white stuff that you get with old chocolate (so it was fresh), and my family loved it.
222095222095B001HBXO54A35V32HZEGZH04W. Easley "Opa"1151339632000Tremendous Truffles.

I am not allowed to eat much sugar. My physicians insist that I should eat mostly complex carbohydrates and protein. So occasionally I treat myself to a small indulgence. Recently I tried and reviewed some chocolate candy and received a comment saying that Lindor Truffles are much better. So, I had to try some.

Lindt Lindor Truffles are marvelous. I like the white chocolate, it melts in my mouth and leaves a darling after taste that lingers awhile. The milk chocolate is divinely smooth and excites my tastebuds. The peanut butter is very tasty.

In general each of the five flavors is superior candy. These chocolates are the best I have tried. They are a spectacular treat that tickles the tastebuds and soothes the soul.

I limit myself to only one truffle every few days. That way they do not break my diet much while giving me incentive to continue my bland diet without complaint.
I highly recommend this product.

222096222096B001HBXO54A4O7O2R3TEXYEAlfred Tripplebakker1111332374400Melted!I've ordered this product three times. This last time, the bag was sealed but the chocolates were all melted and squashed and there were chocolate stains inside the bag. I returned it. YECCH! Never again.
222097222097B001HBXO54A3OGA76E22L5CUM. Gaidhane1151323475200The yummiest, affordable truffles aroundI have sampled a variety of chocolates from many countries. Lindt lindor truffles undoubtedly are not the absolute best, they come close.
I received these last Christmas and have been hooked ever since. They are affordable and delicious.
222098222098B001HBXO54A3QEDBP7ENI90Eshyrjiann twu4611325894400too expensiveThe discounted price is still 30% more than I can get from my local Costco store. Won't be fooled to buy from this website again.
222099222099B001HBXO54A92PPFLDJ9UX0MM FaShiz0021336521600They melted =(I sent my mother these thinking it was such a great deal. Why don't they put something in the box to keep them semi-cool. Dry ice? Oh well supposedly they are refunding me which is good but I just wish she got all those chocolates for Mothers Day. That's the thing about buying foods or snacks on Amazon other than that I'll still use the site.
222100222100B001HBXO54A2QK2V1CLPUP25Lady in Maryland "Shoe-lady"0051335916800Yum! These are good!This bag of candy is a great value! It didn't take long to arrive and the box and candy arrived in good condition. This is such a great value as you get 52 pieces. Excellent product and shipping!
222101222101B001HBXO54A3OBLMKTE7X1PAMs Mariette0051332979200D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.!OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh my goodness! These are the bomb and honesty I don't like chocolate like that...! Seriously, there is no competition to the smooooothness and quality of these chocolates....I send these to my family and now they too are addicts! I didn't mean it, I just wanted to send them a taste of heaven that I myself have experienced....The "other" chocolatier in San Francisco that starts with a "G" is not good and its grainy tasting, not smooth like these guys. Honesty, visit their website and you too will be hooked line and sinker!
222102222102B001HBXO54A1IRN1M05TPOVTSharon M. Helfand "Scrapper"0051325116800TrufflesIf you crave chocolate, these truffles are for you, especially if you like variety. I personally love the dark chocolate, but the peanut butter ones are also extremely good. If you like white chocolate, then you will enjoy the Lindt white chocolate truffles. I highly recommend this product!
222103222103B001HBXO54A2YDJUK1N082POYe Hua0031324252800Items are OK, but package is badI bought these Lindt Lindor Truffles as a gift. But the package of them are wrinkled and looks old, which is a big matter to me...
222104222104B001HBXO54A30H2335OM7RD6apoem "apoem"0051322179200Yummy. A great mix of flavors.Lindt Lindor chocolate is so yummy. There are five flavors that come in this bag; and I would say that there is not one type that is in this bag more than than the others. The flavors are very good. Just as others have explained there is a harder outer chocolate shell with chocolate truffle filling on the inside. One of my favorite flavors- hazelnut- is not included in this bag. However, my second favorite flavor is included in this bag. The white chocolate is very creamy and very smooth and is not a heavy flavor. I really like that flavor. However, all of the ones in this bag are yummy. A great mix and assortment for a party or other special event.
222105222105B001HBXO54A24X8P2TG2AR02Cody0051306800000Very rich chocolate but very good.This gift bag had the best chocolate I've ever had. There wasn't any melting from shipping which I was surprised by - having problems in the past with chocolate melting from Amazon. Shared these with a group of friends and we could only eat maybe 2 each before we had to stop. Very rich chocolate but very good.
222106222106B001HBXO54A2C1LD5228MIGEDarwin1211334275200Melted-no middles-don't buy on lineVery disappointed, I should have believed the prior reviews. My family loves these truffles and they were melted, the middles were gone.
222107222107B001HBXO54A2M84QX1OG5BY1bbrik0131326067200Chocolate... what else...This is the same lindt chocolate you would expect. The variety was nice but you could get a bag this size for half the price at any store. Not a good value but still delicious chocolate.
222108222108B001HBXO54A18CEGOR80OFT0Firstsnow0121323302400they dont look newThe chocolates are just fine but the packaging looks very wrinkled - not good for gifting. I'd buy for personal use only.
222109222109B001HBXO54A3D7WGHMU2EVSOConee M. Spanos81511275955200truffles meltedWe love these truffles. I just received them after waiting many weeks. When they arrived they were all, and I mean all were melted. They were put in a box with popcorn around them. I was very disappointed with the way they shipped them. I think they should be shipped with some ice packs to protect them from melting. I will not order from these people ever again. Hugh mistake in packaging!!!
222110222110B001HBXO54AGI47GRQHRKBZLawrence Mah "law"0241326758400people complaining about price and giving low rating for people who have put a low rating because of the price... you must be pretty stupid or just a as s coz you know what your gonna pay so dont cry about it.. unless you really never tried these before for some reason and never googled it at any point.. you should already know what it is like most chocolates unless they are high class example amedei those are about $1.50 for a piece thats 1/3 of a ghirardelli square but you'll really need to like chocolate to try those and have a decent palate to find those hints of awesomeness..

These chocolates are as usually.. not the best but they are good and simple
personally prefer good tempered chocolate but not that many places sell those for a cheap price except ghirardelli that or make your own tempered chocolate..
222111222111B001HBXO54A8HBRBXRAEF9Tubernate8601941322179200Careful ...If you're ordering these, you already know how delicious they are. I just can't give them 5 stars knowing each little chocolate has 6g of fat and 4g of sat fats ...

I would only buy this 50cnt bag if you have incredible will power, otherwise you may find yourself in an emergency room.

Nonetheless, exactly as advertised. Bravo!
222112222112B000IK8VJYA3J4FP9Z0J0535Ms. Divine0051166745600Refreshing mintsIf you like strong mints you will enjoy these. They are smooth and creamy. The small packages are just enough to feel satisfied.
222113222113B003SBU0NKA3TUEWLN2NRNRRkate miodonski0051350777600Yummy!I experienced hot chipolte chocolate at a gormet chocolate shop in Toronto several years ago and have been looking for it ever since. Now I found it & it's exactly as I remember it! First you taste the chocolate, THEN you get the little kick of chipolte! It's not hot like a hot pepper. It's like the unexpected taste of sea salt with dark chocolate or orange with chocolate, yummy & different! I like it on chilly nights & I'm not going to share it!
222114222114B0016KQI9KA30745ARTZHOOEMarilyn2241317945600Not bad at allI just ate one of the Omaha chicken in pasty. It was quite good with substantial pieces of chicken and veggies. I would have liked more peas. The only problem I found with it was I would have enjoyed a bit more sauce as it was a bit dry. It would be wonderful if Omaha could send along a packet of the sauce, that we could make up, so one could put some over the top. But I will re-order them. PUT them on "subscribe and save".
222115222115B0016KQI9KA3BCHRYB7T6NXFcatlover0031345680000Chicken Pastry PuffThese were just okay in our opinion. They tasted okay but not seasoned enough for our tastes.

Omaha Steaks 6 (8 oz.) Chicken in Pastry
222117222117B001EQ5DK6A1HOQU5CLVJ22MKatie Worth2251306713600Doesn't taste sugar free.My husband is trying to cut down on sugar and caffeine, but doesn't really like to drink water, so I ordered this sugar free Kool-Aid for him. He and his friends love it. None of them think it tastes sugar free. They go through 6 canisters in less than a month. We now have 2 different flavors on subscribe and save, so that we can get 12 canisters per month delivered regularly.

When made at full strength, I think it is too sweet. I have a lower tolerance for intense sweetness than most people, though. I like to use half of the recommended amount of powder when I make it for myself. It has a nice flavor with no bitter aftertaste.
222118222118B001EQ5DK6A1UJBDNJYUJOJYF. Yannetta2251286150400Grape Kool-AidHave been purchasing the Grape and Cherry Sugar Free Kool-Aid on since the Spring of 2010 when I first saw that it was available here as I was thinking of the Grape Kool-Aid that I drank as a kid. Of course that Kool-Aid had to be mixed with Sugar. At my age of almost 60 I need to take in less Sugar then I did as a kid so I decided to give Sugar Free Grape and Cherry Kool-Aid a try and you know what it tastes just like the sugar version to me that I drank back in the day. Can't really tell the difference other then knowing it is Sugar Free. If you liked either the Grape or Cherry Kool-Aid as a kid give yourself a treat. has what you are looking for. Trust me you won't be sorry when you pour yourself a nice cold glass filled with either the Grape or Cherry Kool-Aid. Don't forget the ice but plenty good without it cold. A message to I also liked the Strawberry Kool-Aid while growing up. Hopefully you will check with the makers of Kool-Aid to see if they have the Strawberry Sugar Free version available that you may want to also sell here at I will be among one of your first buyers of that product if that happens.
222119222119B001EQ5DK6A3TAS1AG6FMBQWJeri Zerr "formerly a Road Rarrior of the Nth...1111347753600petroleum derived FD&C BLUE 1 = extreme GI issuesOver the years as a child my parents would send me to school and I was just fine until usually either lunch or a snack time with the school or a well-meaning room parent providing grape or fruity colored sugary drinks... or bright colorful candies.. or maybe mom splurged on those bright colorful cereals for breakfast. YUM! Every kids dream, right?

Well each time I consumed some of these brightly colored cereals or pastries or drinks or candies, over the next few hours I would develop at least mild stomach pain. The deeper the color or the more I consumed, the worse the experience. Eventually it ended with me locked in the bathroom, doubled over in pain, for hours on end, as perplexed school officials called my parents to come get me, as I was AGAIN being sent home from school. I was soo embarrassed. Pity the few subs who refused me a hall pass - I remember vomiting at my desk more than a few times to the stunned sub who hadn't realized how seriously I had GI issues. If I say I need a hall pass, I meant I *needed* a pass.

Growing up as a teenager, dad remarried and my stepmother didn't buy much colorful "kids" drinks n such anymore. Wow, what a change, I even managed a year of perfect attendance! Me?! The kid who averaged 20+ days out sick from school had perfect attendance! My grades improved! I felt better....

Then as a young adult, I was trying to kick the soda bucket and went back to the colorful sugary drinks of my youth. The abdominal pain and diarrhea was unreal. I began missing some college classes and my grades slipped. I was having some difficulty at work with a male boss who did not understand, he even implied I was lazy. Really? I was going to college full-time while working in a factory with forced overtime and tutoring on the side. It wasn't my fault I had a sensitive stomach....

...until one day I was at home with one of the really bad episodes, doubled over in pain with diarrhea again and it suddenly hit upon me. GRAPE KOOL-AID. I had consumed a whole pitcher of GRAPE KOOL-AID that day before getting ready for work (2nd shift). I read through the label... RED 40 and BLUE 1 stuck out... so I stopped drinking grape Kool-aid and went back to Pepsi for awhile. Symptoms stabilized... until one day when I had a tuna lunchable. A small attack convinced me to read labels- there was BLUE 1 again.

I was 25 years old when I made the "BLUE 1 DISCOVERY". I am now in my 40s. I have since learned to avoid lotions, mouthwash, dish soap, GRAPE KOOLAID and even "white marshmallows". Since learning to avoid BLUE 1 including GRAPE KOOL-AID my life has significantly improved.

I discovered very serious and relevant information about BLUE 1 from the FDA website... the term "BLUE 1" and "causally linked to fatalities" was significant enough for me that I wrote to the medical doctor who issued the press release; we shared a number of interesting email exchanges.

I have learned some "natural" brands of "children's cereals" are made with elderberry juice for coloring. I wish KOOL-AID would change to natural colors! (If using colors at all...) Oh and I kicked the soda bucket, too. I learned what fresh squeezed lemons mixed in a glass of water with d-ribose could do for both taste AND for energy. I feel so much better!
222120222120B001EQ5DK6A3382FAGYU9NIMmistersister1151322179200Great value- harder to find product.We use a lot of sugar-free Kool-Aid at my house. With all the competing powdered drink products these days, this product is getting harder to find locally, especially in this flavor.
This is a nicely packed 6-pak of containers, and the super-saver free shipping makes it a great purchase.

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