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222121222121B001EQ5DK6A1HYS4VZSAEBMQLinda Dolan1151273968000great product that I cannot find anywhere else!Thanks for carrying this product. I had been unable to find it in any store.
222122222122B001EQ5DK6A3QCMFSYDN75SCC. Leibbrand3451200441600New look for Kool-aid Sugar-Free GrapeSugar-free (Nutra-sweet) grape has been remade in a cannister form, similar to Crystal Light's packaging. Each packet makes 2 quarts.

This is a better value than what I buy at the store, even when it's on sale. At the store it's 4 familiar looking packets in a box for $3.35; $2.50 on sale. The Amazon product has 6 packets for $3.30; so it's like you're getting 2 packets free! I had free shipping because I'm a Prime member so it won't be as good a deal if there are shipping costs.

Haven't seen this product in any grocery stores.
222123222123B001EQ5DK6A1N655X9X7C6QYC. Cook "LIVE..........LOVE........AND..........0051309478400I didn't know it had changed to packets....The Kool Aid folks got smart. I didn't know that they had changed their packaging to small and easy to handle tubes.

I had switched over to another brand because the Kool Aid took up to much time and handling........

NO MORE !! The packages are now nice flexible tubes. Great for not only making quick and easy at home---but also for traveling. getting together with friends...all you need is water and a container.

I have always loved Kool Aid as a soft drink and now I have even more reasons to enjoy it. Quick , easy and reasonable cost.
222124222124B001EQ5DK6A3GKVAX489Q7MDWayne Covert0051299456000Amazing ProductThis is a greaat drink anytime of the year especially for those on a diet or
for children or grand-children. Makes great popcycles too. The fact that it
comes in a cannister either in a tube or small "coffee cream type" container
makes it easy to store and to prepare. It comes in the usual Kool-aid flavors.
222125222125B001EQ5DK6A3H8288VHL1607Nicole Brown0051284940800Only On AmazonOur family drinks a lot of Sugar Free Kool Aid. For some reason all the stores in our area stopped carrying all but the Tropical Punch flavor. Amazon seems to be the only place where you can buy Grape and Cherry, and at a decent price to boot.
222126222126B001EQ5DK6A2OBX3W148CSWMJohn Gault0051283644800Oh Yeah!!!!Grape has been my favorite kool aid flavor since I was a kid, for some reason the stores around me do not carry any flavor besides tropical punch which I don't care for. I used to have to buy the unsweetened grape and mix it with splenda.

But now, thanks to amazon prime, I get free shipping. And by subscribing to the item I get an additional 15% off, so it works out to about 25 cents per quart. I can't make it myself for that price, and this stuff tastes better than what I was making....
222127222127B001EQ5DK6A1VYFEJM12ZP11Jana Taylor0051265500800A good substitute for pop!I am on a diet and also weaning myself off caffeinated soda-pop, so for me this drink is a good crutch. Low calorie and tastes so good.

By far, grape is my favorite of the sugar free flavors. I am thinking about freezing some of this stuff and making low calorie ice pops.
222128222128B001EQ5DK6A1CWZM0KEBV71WBob DeLuca0051246665600Favorite soft drinkSugar-Free Kool Aide has been my favorite soft drink for 40 years. Still very easy to prepare by just adding water and of late in a more convenient package. Great flavor and no can you beat that for less than a buck per half gallon?
222129222129B001EQ5DK6AWKCARHYTAOVXBigFatPanda "BigFatPanda"0051245024000Great product!Another diabetic here and this stuff can fool a kid used to the real stuff. It tastes like good old Kook Aid. Also, if you ever need a drink mixer - make it with a bit more flavor and you have a sugar free drink mixer. Awesome stuff.
222130222130B001EQ5DK6AXQGUIIKJV2VQL. Fitzpatrick0051237507200Soooooo Good!!I love Kool-Aid and have since I was a kid but I stopped buying it when I had kids because of all the sugar! I'm sooo glad Kool-Aid came out with sugar free flavors especially since now I'm a diabetic. My kids love it too and we all agree that you can't even tell that it's sugar free. I keep it in the house all the time now since we all drink it.
222131222131B001EQ5DK6A1IKRED04XODNSJ. Harris0051219968000Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, Tastes Great! Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, Can't Wait!Just like when you were a kid only sugar free. Great packaging except they could put twice as many portions into the canister and thus save space. Just a thought.
222132222132B001EQ5DK6A10K7O9CUTFP5ZWolfie0051208390400Kids didn't even notice the differenceMy DH likes grape Kool-aid and usually buys the regular kind, but I decided that the kids didn't need so much sugar so I thought I would try the sugar free. It tastes great and the kids can't tell there is a difference. I just make up it up in a gallon jug and keep it in the frig. The packets make it very easy.
222133222133B001EQ5DK6A18C6WZTODKORTDatDudeAG0051206748800AMAZING!! HOW DID THEY DO IT??No aftertaste. Tastes great. Better for you. What more can you ask for?
222134222134B001EQ5DK6A1X70NI0QIKCGMWendy M. Jones1321326585600Why so expensive?Why is the price of this on Amazon twice as much as what I can buy it other places?
I love the product, but not for $48 for 6 containers of 6 tubes?
222135222135B000I1PKCEA1RMUKHUTO1DIKChip Green2211327968000Hernia Inducing Cat LitterI used Fresh Step and Scoop Away cat litters for many years and was quick to tell any of my cat owner friends that they were the best "bang for the buck" litters. They clumped hard, making the chore of cleaning the cat box a relatively easy one. Sometime around 6 months ago, that all changed. Now, they form a sludge in the cat box that is nearly impossible to scrape out. The amount of effort necessary to clean the box could easily induce a muscle strain or hernia for those unfortunate enough to purchase one of these litters. Both products are made by the Clorox Pet products Co. Consider yourself warned!
222136222136B006C3ROOOA32P8S49GT2S53Allemrac0031346025600Great for a partyI got these just for a theme. I really don't think anyone will eat them, but they are great decorations.
222137222137B0055ZV7UCA1AEYYMQ8RLVMLL. Klein0041326240000Easy! Yummy!These are great. Note: unlike regular boxed cake mixes, these only make 12. The icing mix is great. They turn out pretty, just like the picture on the box. My kids didn't care for the mint candy topping, so note that you can make these non-mint as well.
222138222138B0026QR7F2AYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"1151300665600Excellent!I still remember the first time I ever had Pringles. My older brother introduced them to me and I've loved them ever since. They only had the original flavor for years. And my wife has told me that these things aren't really potato chips, but that's OK, I still love them.

1) Great packaging, doesn't take up a lot of room.
2) Flavor, but that's subjective.

1) Fatty, they are fried and have 60% of the calories from fat. That's more than some regular potato chips and a lot despite their non greasy feel. So basically you have to limit yourself to 1 or 2oz's at a time.
222139222139B0026QR7F2A33KW73PINKECAnnBanan0011350864000SUPER ANNOYED - False Advertisement!They sent 14 packs of Original Pringles that were NOT reduced fat. If I wanted to buy the full fat chips, I would have ordered full fat. False advertisement and now I'm stuck with chips I don't want!

Basically, if you're looking for Reduced Fat, look elsewhere
222140222140B0026QR7F2A1T6L71QYOQXN5Brenda P. Grammer "Daughter-in-law"71411252713600Crumbled ChipsNever thought Pringles cans would allow such crumbling of the chips.
We've made casseroles, etc, but there are only so many recipes calling for broken potato chips.
Amazon has promised to make it right. But it is 9/12/09 and nothing has been done.
222141222141B001EQ4H1MA202YDAA8F5GIBDanielle Poux2331254528000Review of Baker's Coconut OrderI purchase Baker's coconut because it is generally more fresh and moist than other brands. It is really important to me and for my reputation that I use only the freshest ingredients when baking, especially when creating products that I will be selling. The 1st couple of times I placed an order for Baker's coconut through Amazon it met my expectations. The last couple of times I found that some of the bags contained fresh coconut the others contained coconut that was dry and old. In the last shipment I only had 1 bag of really fresh coconut. I'll attempt one more order and if the same thing happens I'll have to discontinue the orders.
222142222142B001EQ4H1MA20RN9YST29VAForengineer0051236124800Good buy if you use oftenAs a frequent ice cream maker, I end up with a lot of extra egg whites. My favorite use for these is to make macaroons and this coconut is great for that. It's tender and sweet. I ended up subscribing to a box every 6 months because it was cheaper than getting at the store and my family looks forward to a batch of treats every month.
222143222143B001EQ4H1MAHB11HN2FGYC3Linda Lee0051220832000Sweet and MoistThis coconut is sweet and moist and the preferred brand used in my Grandmother's delicious, buttery, coconut and pecan German Chocolate Cake frosting. Grandma isn't here anymore, but every time I make this frosting for a birthday or any special day I always think of her.
222144222144B001EQ4H1MAS44QEHT3KSPKslaphappy0051220140800fresh and deliciousAlways a risk buying food in bulk, but this was fresh and delicious, and a great deal, too!
222145222145B001EQ4H1MADYR1G8BP2N0Julianne Fredrickson0051207958400tastes like fresh coconutI like to have plenty of coconut on hand, because I use it in so many of my recipes.
222146222146B001EQ4H1MA18L1CVUIQRE9LMary McKinney "PRINCESS MERI"0151196640000COO COO FOR COCONUTI like this flaked coconut
the best for recipes.

I have used it for 20+ years.
222147222147B004OCX4RQA2HPUTLBY5QODCDebbie Jordan0051318809600Works very well when travellingI bought these to use with an immersion heater in those hotel rooms that don't have a coffee machine in the room. They also work nicely in the machines so that I can have my own preferred blend. I'm happy with my purchse.
222148222148B0001689UGA2XZLQZSPDEWPYBruce L. Lahue121251196380800Fabulous tasteAs a lover of black walnuts, I'm pleased to say these are among the best I have seen.
222149222149B0001689UGA2A2CZ32RFD7N5Susan A. Gordon "FlashGordon1023"91051240272000Taste GreatThe black walnuts come in large pieces not whole or halved. They are fresh, taste good, and I will buy them again in the future.
By the way, I read in "Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness" that black walnuts have some unique health benefits.
222150222150B0001689UGA3QI9X57XN5AR7L. Michael Gundy4411312761600stalethis item arrived stale. it was virtually uneatable. i believe it was in stock for several months before it was sent out. i would not recommend this item under any conditions.

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