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222151222151B0001689UGA3QY8ACXDRQJQEsusieofutah1141318377600When Regular Walnuts Become Ho-Hum....Reach for these! Nice chunky bag of black walnuts. They are versatile and have been used in oatmeal and muffins in our house. The price seemed reasonable.
222152222152B0001689UGA15XUEXTCJUL6AKilgore Trout "kt123"0021331769600Sadly DisappointingI have craved the flavor of eating black walnuts for years, so I placed an order here when I saw them available. I was disappointed at the stale flavor and lack of the slight, sweet cherry taste at the back of my palate that I remember when eating these as a child.

The price was not inexpensive for this experiment either!
222153222153B000S9GN68A2446YIYZ71DSIL. Wang "SeattleIsRainy"0031335744000My puppy is allergic to thisMy puppy was shedding as soon as I started feeding her this. It took many experiments to pin point to this product, so just fyi in case yours have the same issue.
222154222154B002UGTJFYA13ZBPHJIRT3YPDavid Ryan0051309219200Excellent!Great decaf green tea...found it being served in a coffee shop in Hawaii (where a lot of patrons are Asian) and was glad to be able to order it on-line.
222155222155B002UGTJFYA2702QQVSR5CXBT. Mueller0051303603200Exactly what I was hoping for.I normally buy the decaffeinated version of this tea. I was worried about buying the decaf version because it might be lacking in the same great flavor I am used to. But I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't much of a noticeable difference! I'll definitely keep buying the decaf version from now on. I've also had the Jasmine variety from this brand (not decaf) and it is also amazing. Sadly, it doesn't come in a decaffeinated version but the flavor is well worth the small headaches I get.
222156222156B000GBX1YAA55LS2HWPQB0QJill Florio "Frugal Living writer at Bellaonline"2251214265600Silk packets and large leaves in an exotic blendI tried the Marrakesh Mint Green Tea from Mighty Leaf and really loved it. High end - lots of nice larger leaves in a pretty silk packet to dip into your water, so it's like a compromise b/t bagged tea and loose tea.

The mint and the green tea made a great combination that did not get too bitter when accidentally steeped too long. In fact, I reused the bag a second time to make a glass of sun tea and it was lovely sipped cold as well.

The mint is a Moroccan Peppermint, with green tea leaves from China. One can imagine being in an Indiana Jones movie, trading for tea leaves in a Marrakesh market. :)

An artisan level tea - recommended.
222157222157B000GBX1YAA2H8NP7I9LF6O8Bruce0051329091200I'm not a big tea drinker, but this tea is exceptional !I went to the Paris Baguette bakery in downtown Palo Alto the other day and got a pastry and did not want to drink a coffee drink so I ended up ordering some tea. There were many kinds, so I just said green please, then they gave me a further list of the green teas, so I just said surprise me!

They did, they gave me a big cup of this tea that was really smooth and fresh and very nice and warm and just the right touch of mint refreshing ... I did a double take. I looked at the label and it was MightyLeaf tea, which I had never heard of, but more than that the tea-bag itself was made of a kind of mesh cloth that seemed to allow full circulation of the hot water through the bag. This is the kind of beverage I could easily drink instead of soda, bottled water, juice, coffee, whatever ... so flavorful and just dried leaves in water ... imagine that? ;-) These folks are serious about their tea.

I was very impressed, this was probably the, or one of the best "tea moments" I have ever had ... anyway, enough to look it up and buy some, and maybe try some others. I hope I can find a sampler package. This might me into me a tea drinker.

It's just tea, but a real world-class product, 5/5 stars.
222158222158B0024LAQ1QATAVMIIZNYY9Eannelies_at_attune6641299456000Certified gluten free as of November 2010My name is Annelies and I work for attune foods, the manufacturer of Erewhon Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice cereal. Our Erewhon certified gluten free cereals are made in a peanut-free, tree-nut free and dairy-free facility. They are run on a shared line with gluten and we abide by good manufacturing practices to help ensure against cross-contamination. This consists of the machinery being sanitized and thoroughly washed down before the cereal is made. Then after it is made, the cereal is tested to ensure it is less than 20 ppm of gluten. We sent the cereal to a separate facility last fall to double check the levels at which it tested and found it to be less than 5ppm of gluten. In November of 2010, our Erewhon gluten free cereals were certified gluten free by GIG. I hope this helps clarify our current practices as I realize there are reviews dating back many years on and thought it would be helpful to update interested consumers of it on
222159222159B0024LAQ1QA9UFV0VUCL387Jeanne Winrich2251271289600My family ate it up!!!Having a daughter with Dairy allergies, I am always looking for tasty products that are dairy-free. I was set up on this as a subscription, but my family ate it so fast that I needed more... fast. But, everyone must love it as much as we do because now they're out of stock. BTW: We eat it with vanilla almond milk. It provides a little more sweetness and the tastes really work together.

I highly recommend it - just don't buy it until I've had my next shipment:)!!!
222160222160B0024LAQ1QA3KSHF0WVZ878ABeth Groom "OliveJuice"2251264464000YUMMY!We can't find this at the store so we get this on Amazon for my 7 year old who has Celiac Disease. A lot of gluten free products have bad textures and weird after tastes. This does not!! This is DELICIOUS!! Not only does my celiac love it, my 4 year old son loves it too!
222161222161B0024LAQ1QA3DFUOV7XCKGWUMsS0021320451200Great idea but...Seems like a great idea but my gluten free child did not enjoy this cereal at all. She didnt enjoy the taste of it so we won't be ordering it again.
222162222162B0024LAQ1QA37IRE9GZ0CZ7IEliza Hoffman "The Sleepless Reviewer"0051313107200Addictive and TastyI love this cereal. I've never been a fan of Cocoa Crispies but I am a fan of Erewhon rice cereals so I decided to give this a shot. It's so tasty and addictive--without being disgusting sugary like the regular brands--that I find myself eating it for breakfast and sometimes dessert.
222163222163B0024LAQ1QA3M798YYM8TSQGJudy0031305072000Nice substitute for Cocoa KrispiesIncreasing food allergies have made it necessary to give up a lot of my childhood favorites. This is a close, but not exact, replica of Cocoa Krispies. The chocolate flavor is just a little bit flat.
222164222164B0024LAQ1QA2NCQBZ51UCV1SMolly's & Kate's Momma1211279497600YUCK!Since going GF for celiac, I've tried a number of products that have been good and bad. This one is definately HORRIBLE! The cocoa crispies are not even sweet. They have a horrible aftertaste and don't even taste like chocolate. I threw the bowl out after taking a couple of bites. It was that bad.
222165222165B0047CI0A4A1V00KUBGEQM5TLissa Anne2251313107200Great meal replacement!I bought this to use in my cat's automatic feeder during a weekend trip. I had a hard time loading it into the feeder because my kitten was trying to eat the food as I was doing it! It's pure meat, no fillers, which I love. I also use it as a special treat for my boy. My only concern with using it as a meal replacement is that it doesn't provide the moisture and vitamins that cats need, but for a day or two I think it's great.
222166222166B0047CI0A4A32GLSH2IC98Q3Stela Pen "Stela"1141349222400won't give 5 star because it's too expensiveI'm giving 4 stars to this product because the price is sooo expensive.
But I would say this food is good quality per my research.
I used to feed my dogs with "puppy chow" and later when they got older "dog chow"
I have parrots and I always researched for the best food for them because I was a first time parrot owner. While I was researching for my parrots food I started to think about my dogs... so I realized I may have dogs for years but I never took the time to check their food.
Dog Chow is a very popular brand and I always though it was at least an average quality for my dogs that also eat fresh home made food.
I researched and find out that good part of the food is made by corn!!!! I felt so guilty for my babies and I started to look which dog food would be more recommended.
I ended up finding the dogfoodadvisor web site (
Based on the reviews and information found on the website above I decided to buy orijen and also Instinct.
Problem is that my babies' tummy is used with "dog chow" and I know they can get sick with this new food even it's the best quality you can get. So I'll just start to mix a little bit with the "dog chow" until they get used with orijen and instinct.
If you are one person that knows how to prepare balanced and nutritious fresh home made food for dog I would say to stick on that. There is no processed food that is better than a fresh food. The trick about home made food is that you need to know how to prepare to cover all your dogs needs, if you don't know to do that you may ended up giving less nutritional food than a processed food can give to your dog.
Again, something I told before in a review. Please be responsible on caring and loving your animal. Remember you have friends and family, your pet has only you. You may live beyond 70 years old, you dog will have only 10 years to enjoy his life and will totally depend of you to be happy and healthy.
222167222167B004U8WJBGA8ZNS1RE0QEBHa professional student1151343001600Stay away!This stuff is like crack for chocolate lovers. But unlike really good chocolate that will fill you after one or two (or 9 or 10) pieces, it's hard to stop eating these until the bag is empty and your bank account is dry... Don't even think of trying the dark chocolate version. But if chocolate really isn't your thing, then you'll probably be okay having a few yummy pieces and putting it away - so go ahead and serve this to your guests.
222168222168B001LQTJHWAU8EET2NZ907LM. Fernandez1151257897600I've Been Looking for Some Good TeaI really do not consider myself to be very knowledgeable with tea, accessories, brew times, and such. I often go to the nearest import store and just pick the first box that pops out. Ive tried P.G. Tips, Ty·phoo, Williamson's Lifeboat, Lyons, Adagio as well as Republic of Tea and Teavana. Each time I finished a box or a foil bag, I am always left wanting more of something a little different. I had about 1/2 a box of P.G Tips and a near full box of Lifeboat when this English No. 1 tea was delivered. After making a quick sample cup, I realized this is a tea Ive been looking for. The first pitcher disappeared within three hours.

English No. 1 has a very smooth taste and feel. The color is a nice dark brown- a brown that best matches a mental picture of a perfect cup of tea. Without sugar, I dont find it bitter, tart, or very peppery. I make a 64oz pitcher of tea, lightly sweeten it with less that a 1/4 of a cup of German Rock Cane Sugar, and sit back and drink it all at dinner; rarely do I even have enough to consider to placing the pitcher in the refrigerator. For my 64oz pitcher, I brew 6 tea bags (although 5 do nicely) for an amount of time ranging between 5 to 10 minutes. A tea connoisseur might have their heart skip a beat at that statement, but I do like my tea strong and dark. I do not like looking at a cup of brown tinted water (in SE Houston, there is a small joke about cloudy water looking like the water in Clear Lake or Galveston Bay). Even so, the final product is not overwhelming. From a longer brewing time, the tea becomes opaque. After pouring a tall glass, I will then add more water into the pitcher to further dilute it. The bergamont flavor is still detectable and still contributes to the overall taste.
Even if this tea is brewed appropriately and as a single serving, this tea is still great. My next shipment is not scheduled to arrive until the 16th but I am already working on my last tin.

The tin is small but sturdy. It does not feel cheap nor is it cumbersome to open. The lid forms a tight seal and nicely preserves the tea. The image on the tin, if I remember correctly, commemorates the opening of the Tower Bridge. Its a nice tin, to be sure, and a nice memento to keep but after your first shipment youll have three too many. I would have liked to have seen different paintings on the tins but... who cares? This is about the tea not the purty pictures on the sides of that them there tins. Something so minuscule should not detract from the quality of something so great.

Amazon, as it is described in the product headline, says they will ship four tins in one shipment. If there are similarities, you may just as well make a pitcher of tea each day and run out way before the next subscription shipment is delivered.
222169222169B0026S7CAUA23UC4XIUK6LY1Grace H. Kim "architect and author"2251261440000Tastiest nuts ever!My brother from NYC introduced these to me last year. I've purchased and eaten all flavors - they are amazingly crunchy and flavorful!
This is a small, family run company - there are just a few hands producing the graphics, cooking the nuts, and packaging them up for our consumption.
Their website has some gift options that come in beautifully crafted and unique packaging that are perfect for foodie friends and clients. We sent them as corporate holiday gifts to some of our clients this year.
222170222170B0026S7CAUA3ION2I1PGUXVDSony Fans2251242259200Delicious CashewsI tried all of the flavors. Every single one of them is delicious. The cashews are of high quality, fresh & the flavors are so deliciously different than other cashews I had before. Even the simple Lightly Salted is not the same as other lightly salted cashews in the market. Highly recommended! I even bought the ones with gift packaging for my friends & they all love it!
222171222171B0040875PGAJYXB96C8CNKFSLC Snowdrops111151294358400smooth, rich, easy to digestThis almond butter is nothing like the ones you usually find at the store. It is made from blanched almonds, so it has a creamier texture, sweeter flavor (no bitterness from the skins), and is easier to digest.

I love it mixed with a bit of honey or blended with medjool dates for a rich treat or topping.

It also makes a delicious almond milk. Just blend with water.

Of course, I can blend my own blanched almond butter, but it is nice to have a pre-made version, too--especially since good quality blanched almonds are hard to find and quite expensive (maybe a little cheaper than the price of this jar, not sure). Blanching them on your own takes considerable time, and time is at a premium.
222172222172B0040875PGA2ZZR6615HLMDQbhappy4451328140800Outstanding Product!I use this every morning in my health shake. It's creamy, delicious, and perfect. I'v tried many other almond butters, this is by far the best one. I love that it's raw & unpasturized. I highly recommend it.
222173222173B0040875PGA1ZW2OJJRT1M9LMichele0051343260800Family FavoriteAll I can say is it is nice and creamy-Delicious! My family loves almond butter and we have tries many brands and this is the best. Love the fact that it is made with unpasteurized almonds! Thanks
222174222174B0040875PGA2S0YE8GUSX20ACityKitty0051332028800Great tastingThis almond butter tastes very good and it has a pleasing creamy texture. I will buy more even though it is expensive. It is worth it on my restricted diet because of the convenience and the good taste.
222175222175B00283OA12A3POZ998J26OIFTex5551273190400Delicious sweetenerThis is really good stuff! Get it while you can--supply seems to come and go. Some baking adjustment needed, but once you figure it out, it works great and keeps that glycemic index down!
222176222176B006TM53XMA1JZ124B7J1HL8Catalina Millán0051330300800Great service!Awesome speed in sending abroad, especially international! The product was in perfect condition, yummy and just in time for Valentine's...with a special surprise package of mints! THANKS!
222177222177B004P0FHK4A11D2FA8ZITY6XEmily0041315872000Finicky cat loves it, ingredients suckAs far as my cat is concerned, he'd give this 5 stars. He's an extremely finicky eater, but he is obsessed with this food. The chunks are small enough that even though he is mostly licking the heck out of the gravy, he's still getting the solid food as well. It seems like most other foods "in gravy" the chunks are just way too big. far as ingredients..."meat gravy", gross. If they don't list the specific animal the "meat" came from, it could be anything. Wheat gluten, soy flour, big allergens. Artificial color, awful. Meat by-products, yuck, but we all know that. But hey, if it keeps my cat from being underweight, I suppose it's worth feeding him something he'll actually eat as opposed to pushing high-quality food in front of him that goes untouched.
222178222178B004P0FHK4AUH3LK40TAOVHJames Blanchard "James - The Scholar"0051306713600I got stuck with the most finicky cat on earth!He would rather starve than eat ANY kind of cat food wet or dry. But he loves this product. I don't know why Purina doesn't make a whole line of GRAVY LOVERS.
222179222179B0052TVBZ2A3OYGQFYTLXDEIJames C. Heavner0021317168000Beretta 12 Ga Snap CapsI have Beretta guns and thought the quality of these caps would be superior to generic ones in my local gun shop. They should be superior since they cost nearly twice as much! Well, in my opinion, they are not made as well and are more fragile than those I purchased for $10.00.
222180222180B000NCXVJMA10Q9YNZKI0KPQRobert Warren2251293926400A Great Addition To Spice Up Meat DishesWe use this smoked chili powder in soups, in Mexican meat dishes like machaca and adobada, as well as on brisket prior to smoking. It has the extra smoky flavor that adds to the overal taste of the dish and we really like it. Since chili powder is not merely ground chiles, but a blend of other spices -- including salt -- it may not be for everyone, but we seldom need to add anything else to our recipes when using this chili powder. We also haven't been able to find smoked chili powder anywhere else. It is priced right and the shipping is reasonable.

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