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222181222181B0018CLG9SAXLXE8WL6JFY6Mswilk0051348704000These are greatThese are great at keeping my dog busy for awhile. I am happy that he can chew on them and also be safe to eat.
222182222182B0018CLG9SA28ZDVY6NV75PAZ Desert Rat "movie buff"0051311984000My Dog Loves TheseMy miniature Labradoodle just loves these. I give her 1/2 at a time because she can rip through these like nobody's business. I keep them around as a change of pace from the Nylabone Flexi-chews.
222183222183B0018CLG9SA3FVE716F0RLV2A. Parrett "Whirly Girl"0051291248000Dog loves itIt's true that these bones don't last long, but I don't think they were intended to so don't pay much attention to the sour grape reviews. Yes, they're expensive, but they aren't meant to be fed to your dog every day. It's a TREAT for them, not a chew toy. So be aware of what you're buying. This isn't a chew bone; it's a very special treat.
222184222184B0018CLG9SA1QU6YKZA1BW7FR. B. Rothwell0051288137600Great TreatMy dog absolutely loves this bone. He eats them super fast but loves the taste and gets soooo excited when he sees the packaging. It does not last long, but it makes my buddy boy happy.
222185222185B0018CLG9SA2KUMSB0BUD6CNTMBjunior0111287619200Don't waste your money.I spent $6 on this bone and it lasted 4 minutes. I got it in the biggest size available (the souper). I realize it's edible and won't last like the nylabone, but I expected it to last longer than 4 minutes! I'm not exaggerating. When I realized how quickly it was going down, I started watching the clock. I only recommend this bone if you are looking for a tasty milkbone kinda bone.
222186222186B007Q1PHOAA2UUSSN5UHQMFPdfortun1151336003200I love this biscuitsI exercise in a competitive level. I ordered these biscuits after purchasing some chocolate chips in a specialize market. The natural ingredient list is what caught my attention. There are to many food products on the market that are over-processed and contain so many artificial things.

This trio pack is very convenient and the oxygen absorber is an ingenious way to preserve the product. This 4 flavors combo was fantastic to allow me to try. I found, sharing the product with friends, that people get passionate with one or two particular flavors. The Gluten Free is also a Plus for the product.
222187222187B007Q1PHOAAY2OEUJK6D60SLiliana0051336953600Excelent quality!Our family has been wheat-free for 1 year and gluten-free for 1/2 so we've tried many different products in the market. We found this GF Biscuit .
This is DEFINITELY the best we have ever tasted: 100% Natural, is the perfect snack for my kids lunch bag. You cannot ask any more when you find something healthy an you kids like it.
222188222188B004Y8TY24A1E110L9ZKX6FDAll Powerful Wizard Of Oz4451316476800Older Dog? Dog with allergies? This is the best dog food peroid.After Purina changed the formula for the dog food that my pooch was able to eat by adding in processed chicken I had to start looking for another alternative. She has allergies and she's older. The Purina food for seniors was originally lamb and rice and seemed to do her just fine. Chicken does not agree with her though.

It was a decision of mine to go for the best since she is approached 12. I found this food at Whole Foods originally and purchased a 5 pound bag for a little over $20. There was a noticeable difference immediately with my dog. First of all she loved it. First bowl and went to town. Within 24 hours I noticed that the stools she was producing were more moist and of a better color with less smell. Then after just a few days her coat started to shine in a way that I had not seen in a while. She always has had a shine to her coat but this brought her coat back to a luster I had not seen since her youth. Makes me regret the years I spent feeding her the other food but since she never developed any health issues it did not seem to be a problem.

Very happy I had happened upon this natural food for her. The only downside of course was trying to find this on Amazon via a direct search (maybe because of the forward slash symbol) or anywhere else on the web besides C & P's website where the 15 pound bag sells for $60, and that option of size is not available in any pet store around where I live. The way I found it which is most likely how you have found it was by doing a search for the UPC number of the food itself and finally it populated a link for this size bag on Amazon. 15 pounds is the largest size offered so far by C & P btw.

Cost wise I do not mind spending the $46 for my dog and she is 35 pounds so this bag should last at least a month or month and half. Worth every penny to make her happy and healthy.

Highly recommend.
222189222189B004Y8TY24A1PLFO3G8D1HZIC. Pugh0031349827200More comes out than goes inThat's the problem. I couldn't believe the volume of stools this food produced. The dog likes it well enough but seems as if I'm picking up poop all day long.
222190222190B004Y8TY24A3IWN2UY8QSSXCS. Manning0051347494400Healthy, natural and immediate, noticeable changesI adopted an elderly dog from the pound so they sent me home with the food he had been on for 6 months (which was a very well known higher-end brand). I noticed right away that after eating, his stomach would growl and several times he vomited. I attributed his symptoms to a new home and stress so I kept him on it for a while longer. I also noticed that even though he was a short coat dog, his white hair was everywhere. I have many dogs and this guy was the worst shedder of them all. I saw this brand and decided to give it a try. To my dismay it didn't help so on a whim I decided to try the salmon... Wow, what a difference! Not only has his stomach issue(s) resolved, his stool is a healthier consistency and color, he is shedding less and his coat has grown in thick and shiny (so different that he has cute black spots where formally bald or thin.)

He didn't love the fruit or veggies at first and left them in his bowl but I found a way to "trick" him. I buy the salmon (grain free) canned food (in this brand) and will mix about 2 tablespoons in his food with a bit of warm water to make a nice thick "gravy". The bowl is always cleaned! To mix it up a bit I will also use their beef grain-free a few times as well. A can will last about 4 to 5 feedings if kept in the fridge.

While he still suffers from seasonal allergies and is red where he rubs his face in the grass, this food has truly helped him blossom. I highly recommend!
222191222191B004Y8TY24A38IS2R2HND51LJ. S. Bowen0031343865600Didn't help my dogs allergies and she doesn't care for it eitherThis looks like great dog food and the ingredients are good. Sadly my Cocker Spaniel does not care for it at all. She's been on it for 3 months and I'm going to try a new product as her itching is still bad and she leaves most of this in her bowl.
222192222192B002UVNF18A3H1Q0AQU62VZRJoel G. Alabastro "Joel Alabastro"3351317168000Excellent product, however, shipping is very expensive.The pistachios arrived in very good condition and was packed very well. Very delicious and for the first time, I tasted unsalted pistachios. I am wondering now why Pistachios had to be salted when the unsalted nuts are much more enjoyable. Shipping cost is quite prohibitive and is almost the cost of 1 lb of pistachios.
222193222193B002UVNF18A38PAVZT15H1ZVspottydog57 "spottydog57"0051330732800Great productThis is my 2nd order for this product. I love that I can purchase these unshelled and unsalted. The product is very good and I have had no problems with the companyor the product. I will continue to purchase this product. I have received my orders on time and in good condition.
222194222194B002UVNF18A2EN2TMMXPP6KPZ. yu122011268870400very low quality pistachios for very high pricea lot of unopened ones, a lot of over roasted pistachios with dark brown meat, much more expensive than the ones at
the local supermarkets, AND they charge too much for shipping.... or by the way, very bad customer service, if they have one at all!
222195222195B002UVNF18A27KTLDSBWXNEDDavid C. Filmer "David Filmer"0131334793600Great pistachios - better than the lower-priced alternatives. But worth the cost???I have been buying two-pound lots of pistachios from a bulk seller on Amazon. These are good, but have a fairly high number of "bad" nuts (maybe 1 out of 25).

I decided to splurge on this brand. The nuts were much better packaged (in a heavy plastic resealable envelope). They have a little bit more "crunch" to them, and the incidence of "bad" nuts is a bit less (maybe 1 out of 40 - but I still need to visually inspect each nut I eat - those little black nuts have a strong and very disagreeable flavor).

But I do not feel the extra cost (and higher shipping) is justified by a small improvement in quality. I will go back to the bulk seller for my next order.
222196222196B000I6PXMQAPK6RSWWG893AK. L. Friedrich1151289260800Fabulous!!This coffee is rich and decadent! Definitely a must for chocolate lovers! It has a very strong chocolate taste that works very well as a dessert coffee. I use it in my Toddy cold brew system and it is wonderful. I would highly recommend this product!
222197222197B000I6PXMQA1P80DQ1QCO68QHide0031324598400OkayThis coffee is just okay. The flavor is okay but not great and not very chocolate. I wont buy again and I wish I didnt now have 4 bags left to drink.
222198222198B002FBV2IQAFAD8V7YJ1PNFDenise M. Alexander4551275868800BestIf you can't get fresh tomatoes for sauce this is the next best thing. It maybe a bit pricey but well worht the money if you want good sauce.

I am a firm believer in this product.

222199222199B002FBV2IQAVSLT1PZP5FQPSally0051348358400Authentic Italian Tomatoes!I lived in Italy from 1980 to 1985 and I used to buy this brand of there. They had milk in cartons, tomatoes in cartons and the new swifter mops (where you remove the cloth and wash it) for sale really cheap. They certainly had some useful and wonderful products and that was over 20 years ago.

Now to the tomatoes. They are rich and full bodied. They do not have that acidy citrus taste that the canned tomatoes have. There is no water added so they are pure tomato. I buy the strained and the chopped and highly recommend them. They have a long shelf life and they are a base for many of my sauces. I find them much tastier then then canned in the grocery store. Well worth the price. The grocery stores used to carry them but I guess people struggled with tomatoes in a box?

Pomi has been around a long time and you can read up on them at [...]

Wonderful product!
222200222200B0051COPGWA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"2251334102400Awesome Not just for babies. We all eat this. Love the cinnamon apple flavor smashed vegie and fruit. My 11 year old loves this.My 11 year old Aspie loves smashed veggies and fruit for snacks. He said does nto taste like sweet potato pie more like delicious 'cinnamon apple sauce. So much better than candy or cookies. He gets more of his daily requirements with these organic natural baby foods( not just for babies). it is shelf stable and portable organic bliss.
222201222201B0051COPGWA3RTCD1M000YDFS. Rains0051350518400Great when on sale!These are yummy and I feel good feeding them to m'babes! I only get them when there is a subscribe and save deal paired with an Amazon grocery coupon, because otherwise I can't justify the expense.
222202222202B0051COPGWA3P2CLUEHYWW98VMSerna0051343520000Very, very tasty!This is one of the tastiest baby food pouches I have tried. My son ate these at 6-8 months old and always really liked them. I had no problem finishing off the last few bites if he didn't! I am giving it 5 stars based also on the price I got since when I bought they were on sale at .78/each (a STEAL!). I cannot say I'd pay more than $1-$1.50/each. Although they are very yummy, any more than that is simply not a competitive price even for an organic baby food pouch.
222203222203B0051COPGWA2W122IM0OT3RVKimberly R. Boje "Kimberly Evermore"0051331424000mmm sweet potato pieMy daughter loves this baby food and I think it tastes great too. It is a little bit more expensive then some of the other organic brands but worth it for something a little different.
222204222204B000VOJOM0A3KQ7JLZXP2P9YA. Alvarez "California Farms"3351228867200Any Warm Blooded Kid Will LOVE it !I bought two and gave them to a couple of boys (ages 6 and 9) and they had a riot. Really Funny ! !

The toys themselves are sturdy and can take a child's beating. The Animal's tale serves as a delivery lever for the candy to dispense, and can be refilled after the Poo candies are gone (Any Jelly bean would work, or any candy about or smaller than a Jelly Bean.) The toy is simply a cavity with a hole to dispense candy. You could even use it as a Pill Dispenser if you had a great sense of Humor, "Time For My Pill.....Oink Oink".
222205222205B001HTGAQQA39M4HBRZWCTSWHyprgrl3351288656000My son loves these!!!We were paying 3.99 a box at the grocery store. This is a terrific value. My autistic son is on a Gluten-Free diet and absolutely loves these. His sister who is not on the diet prefers these too.
222206222206B001HTGAQQA3QNN2T9FVI7TTphilbert "buddy76"3351267228800choco drizzle barsThese bars are very good tasting and I think very good for you! We got started on them because they are gluten free, and they are the best tasting gluten free product we have ever found period. My wife and I both have one mid-morning and mid-afternoon with our green tea---very good. The only problem is that I requested that Amazon get them several months ago, then I got the notice that they had them, so I promptly ordered six boxes, only to be told they had a limit of one box!! Now its been several weeks and they still do not have any more in???? And its not because they can not get them, because every one else has them available with no limit on how many you can buy??
222207222207B001HTGAQQAECX1DOAI6HH1Reve Parker2251287705600Really Good Snack BarsI can't speak for the kids, but as an adult, these rice bars make a perfect snack. The peanuts provide protein while the rice and chocolate provide carbs. These bars would be great for anyone with a busy lifestyle. They're not messy, which makes them an ideal snack while working on the computer. They're surprisingly tasty and flavorful. The consistency is very appealing - soft yet crispy. I buy these a lot.
222208222208B001HTGAQQABXKM2U4EZJF2J. Davis1151329264000Lemur bars are the bestI'm an adult with no children, and I buy these because they are the best-tasting rice-krispie type snack I've ever had. If you are looking for something to munch on, this is it. I get them by the case.
222209222209B001HTGAQQA6BBR19SSNS4KMouser "The Chinchilla Guerilla"1151308528000Delicious Breakfast or Snack Bars for Anyone!I was looking for chocolate-peanut butter healthy bars to have for breakfast and found these. I was leery because the whole organic movement is not a passion of mine, nor do I have any problems with gluten. Then I got these and they are delicious. I eat one for breakfast every morning when I have to get up and running, and some nights I'll have an extra one for dessert. They work perfectly. When I babysit my godchildren they do love them as well, but as a single 30 year old workaholic these are perfect for my lifestyle and taste buds.
222210222210B001HTGAQQA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"1151296432000Awesomely delicious. TASTES remind me of BABYRUTH BAR. Organic, gluten free, our whole family 2 TO 85 loves these. * * PEANUTSThese are delicious. We all love these little bars which are 4" X 1 1/2" X 1/2 " and come individually packaged. The tastes reminds me of eating a BabyRuth Candy Bar. They are very sweet and provide a quick pick me up or anythime snack. Great for quick breakfast with glass of Soy or Almond milk. They are covered in chocolate and have a few peanuts for extra flavor and crunch. They are a little sticky compared to regular rice krispy bars , because they use honey and brown rice syrup instead of marshmallows.
**gluten free but does have peanuts

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