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222211222211B001HTGAQQA1SJCPESMEIFJ8T. Hayes1151294099200YUMMY Lemur BarsMy kids love these (me too) and they are very hard to please. Great snack for schools that don't prohibit peanuts. I have been trying to go organic and better quality foods for us and this company does not dissappoint. Go for it!
222212222212B001HTGAQQA1SZ93G81VBG13Zingerman1151285113600Delicious and nutriciousTastes great and works well paired with other snacks or alone.
A definite buy for a celiac who still wants to eat tasty and good quality snacks.
222213222213B001HTGAQQA2GJ13F7WIYX2EGluten-Free Foodie1131284681600EnviroKidz's BEST Crispy Rice BarsI like EnviroKidz' crispy rice bars, but these peanut choco ones are the best! They have actual bits of peanut mixed in, which gives them a nice little crunch. One caveat: Although these bars don't taste overly sweet, they do have 8g of sugar each. Health food they're not -- but they are a good substitute for candy bars, which tend to be much higher in fat and sugar.

Amazon's price is the best I've found thus far, especially if you do the Subscribe & Save option.

LATER EDIT: Just downgraded my rating because the quality of the chocolate drizzle has really gone downhill. They've also gotten gooier, which I personally find unappealing.
222214222214B001HTGAQQAY3CJF59RRYAFSpecialsSeeker1151283472000Yummy and Gluten FreeThese are a great treat for my son who is two. I try to keep his diet gluten free as mush as possible. I like the taste of these too. The are moist and not sticky. Yummy
222215222215B001HTGAQQA1G6Q2NQMJ2C3XARealAVFan1151282521600Love them!!I tried these recently, bought a single box at the local grocery store. When they're room temperature, they're just ok to me. But when they have been refrigerated, they are perfect. I have been buying the berry, chocolate, and peanut butter rice bars from Amazon for years, and they are a great quality product. I am so glad I tried the peanut choco drizzle, and I am adding them to my Subscribe and Save orders.
222216222216B001HTGAQQA5WISJ26DDN0PNY Chick1151275868800Delicious, great price!Gluten free and vegan friendly, if you eat honey. I absolutely love these bars and they're tricky to find at supermarkets. I usually have to go to specialty markets and natural food stores to find this specific flavor. If you love chocolate peanut butter foods, you'll love these. The price is great and I'm so glad you can get them on a subscription (cheaper, too!). I would recommend keeping these somewhere cool, as they tend to melt.
222217222217B001HTGAQQA1MQZGN920WMW9Blonde Bombshell3441298937600So good, even a mother can eat itWe get these snack bars so that my kids, who have gluten and casein allergies, can have something to put in their lunch. But now that we have the 6 pack, there are so many around the house, that even I was able to try them. And unlike some gluten-free foods, these are really palatable. Especially good with a slathering of peanut butter on top, if your child isn't allergic to nut products, that is. We took a load with us on vacation to Wisconsin Dells, and they proved a delicious, energy-filled breakfast before we hit the waterparks. And on days when my daughter is late getting ready for school, she can just grab a bar for breakfast as I drive her in the car. In short - quick, convenient, delicious, and gluten-casein free. Perfect for a family with allergies.
222218222218B001HTGAQQA2IRSE80KXCSGB. Attwood4651310947200Don't be fooled by the name!I bought a pack of these "Organic Lemur Peanut Choco Drizzle Crispy Rice Bars" expecting to be taken back to my year helping the indigenous peoples of Madascar. I took my first bite and immediately noticed that something was missing. I checked the list of ingredients and disocvered that these bars contain no lemur whatsoever - organic or otherwise! Buyer beware.
222219222219B001HTGAQQA3TWBW1B17R151liat2768 "liat2768"2351264118400Great for kids on a Gluten free dietThe vast majority of granola bars on the market are unsuitable for Gluten free diets since they either contain wheat or are made on machinery that process wheat. The ones that are gluten free are very often just a bunch of nuts stuck together with honey.

What I like best about these bars is that they are made with organic puffed brown rice and peanuts. The nutritional values are decent without sacrificing taste. Not all granola bars with peanuts go over well with my kids. If the peanut flavor is too strong then they reject the stuff instantly. These bars they absolutely love! The chocolate is not too strong either so it makes for a nice blend of flavors.

These are a real life saver for us as a quick portable gluten free snack
222220222220B001HTGAQQA2T5WU1SC8VS63Venturans0051350172800Awesome!I am an adult and use these for a snack at work. I have tried several flavors from this product line and this is easily my favorite. Actual peanuts are crushed and used to top a rice krispie treat with just the right amount of chocolate flavor. Fairly healthy, natural tasting -- and delicious!
222221222221B001HTGAQQA36E68YOWHTIDNJessica0051348963200So delicious think rice treat meets reeses...but slightly nutritious!Ok, so these are marketed towards kids, lunchboxes etc, but as an adult I say "Hey why not!", I can enjoy peanut buttery, chocolate drizzled rice treats in a colorful animal decorated box too, right! So I went for it, and sooooo glad I did. These are delicious and nutritious! I would say these completely satisfy a sweet tooth, and could totally replace a candy bar craving. They fall somewhere between a rice treat and (for anyone who's ever had one, a whatchamacalit bar) essentially, if you like both of those, I'd say you'd definitely do well with these treats. Things of note, there are 120 calories so this is a better choice calorically, and at just 8 sugars it shouldn't spike anyones levels. It only has 1 gram of fiber and 2 grams of protein, but considering it practically tastes like a candy bar it's not so bad. I will say, this item does have brown rice syrup in it and a lot of people are steering clear of that due to the arsenic warnings, but I'd say in moderation it should be reasonably fine. Also, these have soy in them as well for anyone with allergies. Okay, so looking for a yummy pb choco treat I'd recommend these for sure!
222222222222B001HTGAQQA3JKDP03J29EC3Lizabeth0051335052800Best gluten-free bar in the EnviroKidz lineup!Tasty bar! My kids all love this -- the peanut butter is not overwhelming but it makes it considerably moister and chewier than the other flavors in this lineup. We do like the other flavors, though, too -- we just think this one is the best.
222223222223B001HTGAQQA3IPMKY05SFHV4stuartm7580051334880000Chocalate riceThis is a very good product, I am extremely satisfied especially since I have Gluton intolerance. Thanks for the great product.
222224222224B001HTGAQQA2KZRK2T9KFA0XSarah0041332633600Convenience Snack for KiddosOrganic portable option for kiddos. Beware if you give it to a toddler though, it does have peanut pieces that are large enough to pose a chocking hazard, so don't leave them alone. Also you need to keep in mind that the choco drizzle is going to melt if held in a hand long enough. It's a little bit of sweet, a little bit of salty, and a little bit of crunchy. Good size as far as bars go, in individual wrappers.
222225222225B001HTGAQQA34B92YXOQO4SFJ. Staker "scioto celiac"0051330905600Love these bars!I love these gluten-free Peanut Choco Drizzle Crispy Rice Bars. I was so excited to find these on Amazon and at such a great price. I cannot buy these locally as our gluten-free food items are very limited.
222226222226B001HTGAQQA224ZS8XF88KIPMama2J&O "Mama"0051330300800My son's favorite snack.Kids love snacks. But sometimes their snack choices can be unhealthy. But Envirokidz bars are a great healthy, organic, gluten free snack for kids and adults. I buy these by the caseload for both of my kids. This is my youngest son's favorite variety of all these bars, and we'll keep buying these for a long time.

I will say that my oldest son doesn't like peanuts, but he does like peanut butter (weird, I know). Anyway, this variety does have actual peanuts in them. So if you have a picky kid like me, choose one of the other flavors. They're all great.
222227222227B001HTGAQQA2EHHB13ZVQQWRtheoandamy0051328918400Excellent Gluten Free SnackEveryone in our family enjoyed these bars, even my picky eaters! Easy snack to carry along in a lunch bag or to have something available for the gluten free eaters who can't just grab something while we are out.
222228222228B001HTGAQQA1A31FTEQDJULZSugar Glider Sioux0051326067200Delicious and fun snackI was very pleased with how quickly these arrived and they are delicious. I'm always on the lookout for vegetarian/vegan snacks and while these aren't the most nutritious snack they are a fun indulgence.
222229222229B001HTGAQQA3RO8EWFXJSMLBBelle Gayer0051326067200ALMOST CANDY, But Healthier -I can't say how MUCH healthier than candy this is, but I imagine it's quite a bit. It's much lower in sugar and calories than a candy bar - only 8 gr sugar, 120 calories, and it has 2 gr PROTEIN. And it satisfies my chocolate and peanut cravings! Also only 18 gr total carbohydrates. Oh, and it's ORGANIC with nothing artificial.
222230222230B001HTGAQQA12ZUD1MAL5C8BMs Curious "Mimi"0051325894400Wonderful "candy bar" treat for people who need to be gluten and dairy free!These bars are yummy and prepackaged, for a tasty snack on the run... which is not always an easy thing to find when you have to be gluten and dairy free. It's very fun to be able to have a "candy bar" once in a while. These are delicious and fairly healthy, considering how yummy they taste! I love them!
222231222231B001HTGAQQA1051DBTLWP5A2Monkey Momma0051325894400These are the best tasting of all the EnviroKidz BarsDon't get me wrong - all the Envirokidz bars are pretty good - but these are amazing. I don't personally eat all that many of them since I primarily buy these for my son who can't have gluten - although my other children love these as well. (They're so good though that sometimes I can't help but have one.)

They taste a little bit like a candy bar. They aren't bland, sickeningly sweet, don't have any odd aftertaste, etc. The sugar content isn't through the roof. I love that they're organic and have ingredients that I can pronounce. They're expensive, but aren't as bad as many other gluten free bars. They're really nice to take along in the car while running errands. If my son's best friend in school didn't have peanut allergies, I'd send these along in his school lunch.
222232222232B001HTGAQQA2HPE1RY1Z81W5momoftwo0051309564800Yummy!I buy cases of these for my celiac son. He loves them. If you like PB and chocolate, these are for you. They are soft and chewy, so they get smashed a bit in his backpack, but he doesn't care.
222233222233B001HTGAQQA5P3VYWBGLITTJ. E. Romeo0051306281600An Exellent Snack BarWe picked this up initially with much trepidation while looking for a snack that was Gluten Free and was not out of this world in ways of calories or fat. What we got was a surprise. These were absolutely fantastic, and now ranks as our goto snack for lunch bags and midday snacks.
222234222234B001HTGAQQA1F5GLRQLKFCFEJinxedagain "jinxedagain"0051304294400perfect for GFCF snack time!This item is a perfect snack for those on a GFCF diet that love chocolate and peanut butter! Thank you so much for offering this.
222235222235B001HTGAQQA253ERL78IINT6Erin Boaz0051303084800New Favorite BarThis is my son's new FAVORITE bar. He is allergic to gluten and we are big fans of EnvironKidz. We have tried all the others and this is his #1 preference.
222236222236B001HTGAQQAE0NDNWY0UPCNLavendar Sunrise "Lave"0051301270400Favorite Chocolate and Peanut ButterThis is by far my favorite Envirokids cereal bar. Just the right amount of chocolate and peanut butter, delicious!
222237222237B001HTGAQQA18QGBLI21ZBMNMichelle Mybelle "momsie101"0051299888000Delicious!My son and I love these. They are great to pack in lunches or for a quick on the go snack. We like the Peanut Choco Drizzle the best out of all of the flavors.
222238222238B001HTGAQQA84TB8MTL37MVLoretta0051298851200between meal snack.Tastey filling wheat free snack or breakfast bar. I was purchasing these for afterschool snacks even before I found one of the kids has a wheat intolerance. So we were pleasantly surprised to discover a snack we can hold on to for all of them.
222239222239B001HTGAQQA3JHON7QGC6HWTabt2f0051295308800Great ValueWonderful natural product. They are very easy to pack for lunch or on the go. I love them shipped right to my door. The price is hard to beat. My kids get excited when they are delivered.
222240222240B001HTGAQQASXBHODV9LIY9E. S. Yarborough1251252540800Definitely the best barThese bars are light and crunchy and delicious. They have pieces of peanuts but not too peanuty that it overpowers the chocolate. Definitely my favorite of all the Envirokidz bars.

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