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222421222421B004E4CCSQARADXCOUVBS09Gavin Scott0121327881600Artificial smell, taste, just not great.There's an odd smell to the water when this is added to it. It's reminiscent of a swimming pool, or at least that's the image that comes to mind for me.

It tastes, well, "artificial" is the best description for it I think. It's not *bad* really, though the artificialness of it hits you (along with the odd scent) with every sip.

It's very sweet, in a strong artificial sweetener sort of way, and it has an aftertaste that I think is a result of the sweetener.

It's strongly colored, something that I really don't think is needed here. On the other hand if you're the sort of person who likes the idea and taste of this, then you probably need it to be bright orange as well :P

Maybe if you had some really nasty tap-water that you were forced to drink for some reason.

But in general this just does nothing to improve a nice glass of water in any way.

222422222422B004E4CCSQA1FPQ54AIB26L0Mike Wallace0151327881600Best tasting Mio so farThe peach tea Mio is the best tasting flavor I have tried so far. It is better than the mango peach or the strawberry watermelon. That being said the fake sugars in the drink make it very sweet tasting. I love the concept of Mio, but a healthier version, with real natural flavors and no chemical dyes or sweeteners would be so much better. It's a great concept and a quick way to make water or any liquid a quick flavored drink.
222423222423B004E4CCSQAPP35M28G2U51M. Lafferman0141327881600Reminds Me Of Crystal LightThis Mio Liquid Peach Tea water additive reminds me alot of the Crystal Light packets that you pour into a water bottle, minius the clumping, harder to dissolve into water issues.

I like this small, compact bottle, and the fact that you determine how much or how little you want to add to your water.

Since so many people do not drink enough water in any given day, anything that will persuade you to drink more water, whether it's adding a slice of lemon or lime, or some kind of additive to your water like this is a good idea.

One thing tho, when you first take the plastic off of the bottle, the plastic that prevents product tampering, make sure that you position the bottle over your water bottle or however you drink you water, because it will kind of squirt out.

One small bottle is supposed to be enough to flavor up to 24 portions or whatever you want to call it of adding it to your water. I wish it came in a larger size, but maybe it's portable size it so that you can take it with you on the go, to the office or some place like that.

For me personally, I enjoyed this peach additive when I have used more of it than less of it, to where you can really see the color in my water bottle, it's not too light or too dark. Iam sure it's a personal preference.

I do drink alot of water due to the fact that the medication that I take each day does make me thristy, but it's nice to have something to drink besides plain water, tho I do know there are many kinds of waters out there, including flavored ones, but if you buy it in a large quantity, it can be cost prohibitive, not to mention harder to carry and lug around.

I like that this Mio product comes in a pack of 4 instead of just 1, but I wonder if they also make a mixed assortment pack, so that you can try different flavors, which would be a good way to keep things interesting, to have variety from day to day.

By the way, upon reading the front and back of the bottle, it says on the front of the bottle that it has natural peach flavor, with other natural flavor, and on the back of the bottle it shows zero for everything, but it does contain sucralose, which is instead of sugar. I kind of figured that this product would have some kind of sweetener, which I wish it were sugar, or else this product would taste kind of sour. The comapny who makes Mio is Kraft Foods.

Lets face it, nothing is going to taste like a peach, a real peach, but a real peach in it's natural state.
222424222424B004E4CCSQA3SMD3T0QTN109Dustin0141327881600UsefulThis egg-sized container of concentrated flavor/sweetener is much easier to use than powdered drink mix. This bottle is strong enough that it doesn't accidentally open, and the drinks mix almost instantly with very little swirling or stirring. In fact, if you just squirt it in before you finish filling your glass with water, there is no need to stir.

The flavor of this peach tea iteration is my favorite. My spouse says they have an aftertaste like many diet drinks, but I can't taste one. I think I'm relatively sensitive to artificial sweeteners, and find this to be a lot more palatable than most diet drinks. However, you can still tell it's not real sugar (it's sucralose, aka Splenda, and acesulfame k).

I often like very, very mild flavored water, so I need just a very short squirt. This thing will last me two weeks if I drink twice a day. The twenty dollar Amazon pack will last me two months. That's a much better deal than most competitors that will taste good.

I also like this for camping because it mixes well, masks the tastes of field purified water, and importantly, leaves no residue like powdered drinks do.

It's one of those neat little products I know I'll actually be buying several times in the future.
222425222425B004E4CCSQA25MW9XAMMBMP4N "Beau"0141327795200tastyThis offers a quick way for a tasty drink. Fill up a glass of water and squirt as little or as much as the liquid in the glass and viola - peach tea! Yeah, not really peach tea but still tastes pretty darn good. They say 24 uses but I probably got only 15 or so since I either wanted my drink a little sweeter or used too big of glasses.

The current price on Amazon suggests more than five dollars a bottle. I think that is pretty steep but I would probably purchase some more individual bottles to try other flavors.
222426222426B004E4CCSQA353U0L2HAMSHVCricket "Living life and loving it!"0141327795200A little flavor or a lot, the choice is mineI've been using MIO in my water for quite a while now. I like that it allows me to give my water that something extra, so that it makes me more inclined to get my daily intake of water in. Additionally being able to choose how much or how little flavor you add is nice too; me I found that with most of the flavors I like 2-3 quick squirts in my water bottle which holds 24 ounces. I decided to try the Peach Tea flavor because Mango Peach is my favorite, with Sweet Tea as a close second and this one now falls somewhere in between. For some the taste may be unappetizing and I admit at first I wasn't sure I liked it, but it grew on me and now I use MIO on an almost daily basis.
222427222427B004E4CCSQA2CT2SA6KFE8GCStanley Runk "Runkdapunk"0151327622400Great StuffI can't really tell you much about these from personal experience, but my daughter is just bonkers about this stuff. We have a ton of these packs in the cupboard, and she takes them with her everywhere. So, I guess it's either really yummy or really addictive.
222428222428B004E4CCSQAMS2CPERWN7JVE. Byers0141327536000Great Taste, but Artificial SweetenersI was leery of the concept of Mio, but decided to try them anyways.

Have tried quite a few different flavors, and the peach tea is by far my favorite. It reminds me of the crystal light or lipton artificial peach tea. It may be slightly artificial tasting, but I have grown to like that specific flavor, and enjoy the Mio one as well.

A couple of issues that I have with Mio. The first being it usually artificial sweetener, this allows the calories to be nothing, but ultimately could have other issues. The second is that this seems to trigger heartburn for me after drinking it, not so pleasant. The last is that if I get a glass with ice in it, if I put the Mio in first it gets trapped, if I put it in last I need to stir my drink, dirtying a spoon, and maybe spilling it all over the place. Not a huge issue, but can be annoying. Crystal Light, etc you make it once and then don't deal with it anymore.
222429222429B004E4CCSQA3MDETK0D5UAINxoxo "woodfairy"0111327536000Nasty Taste! Make You Gag!This stuff tastes so nasty I wanted to gag. The aftertaste is hard to get rid of. I am not a diet soda drinker but this reminded me of the aftertaste from diet drinks. I tried mouthwash and brushed my teeth but it still lingered and made my tongue feel raw and my teeth gritty like it was taking the enamel off.
222430222430B004E4CCSQA1H8JUI9GNQKNRHarold Harefoot0141327536000Not really "tea", but a good peach drinkAlone this makes a pretty good peach flavored drink, which is OK. However, what I found that I like it better for is to actually brew some tea (doesn't matter what kind, as long as it's not an herbal tea with some other fruity flavor) - then add this product to the tea! THEN it tastes like a really good peach tea. I'd recommend using it that way a lot more than just adding it to plain hot water. Of course, that means you still have to brew tea. So, this product, used the way I like it, isn't more convenient than making tea, because I still have to do that. However, the FLAVOR of it when added to the tea is VERY good. I recommend it very highly as a tea additive.
222431222431B004E4CCSQAA8F2HV4DPV2Tkelpiegirl0141327536000Tasty and great on the go!We love Mio. They are better and easier than taking powdered flavoring with you. Yes, drinking plain water is better but if you put a little MIO in and the entire family drink a LOT more than it is so worth it. I always pack one for long trips, that way we can refill our bottles with water and add a little flavoring. These are also great to add just a touch for the kids or me, while hubby adds more to make it to his tastes. Highly recommend.
222432222432B004E4CCSQA2SU6CA6HSK85Imathew0141326931200One way to wean yourself off sodaIf you're trying to wean yourself off of sugary drinks, this could be a good option. The fact that it's a squirt bottle means you can use as much or as little flavoring as you like, and gradually step down the amount you're adding. It's also a small package you can carry around rather than ending up buying soda or over-sweetened water drinks.

On the minus side, I don't really detect any 'tea' flavor, just peach. On the plus side, I didn't detect any unpleasant aftertaste, but perhaps that's because I wasn't using a large amount--just a single squirt in a glass of water.

One thing I do wish they'd do is skip the acesulfame-K and just use sucralose for the sweetener; sucralose is generally considered safe, whereas acesulfame-K is not. Probably won't be drinking it on a regular basis for that reason.
222433222433B004E4CCSQAVHN134ADVP4RA4Q96 "Gadget Lover"0141326931200Like it, but expensivethe MIO Liquid peach tea is tasty, convenient, and easy enough to use. The only downside is that it ends up being pretty expensive per use. I would have expected the per use cost to be lower for Mio than the single serve packets. Still tastes pretty good and if you like the flavors/utility, probably more environmentally friendly than single serve packets.
222434222434B004E4CCSQA3DOPYDOS49I3TConfucious0141326931200Not bad....When I read the reviews for this and tried it myself and thought it was not bad as others mentioned. I still wouldn't choose this over Crystal Light peach tea or Snapple peach tea. I think it needs more tea flavor than peach. It is a little sweet but even by using a little squirt it still taste a little sweet compared to the competition. The down side to this is the shelf life after opening. It is best to use it within 30 days of opening. Like Crystal Light and Snapple I eventually get bored of the flavor. I always have flavor varieties on hand and the MIO might not last in the shelf. What I like about the MIO is the portability. As far as the flavor goes it is not bad. I can drink it as it adds flavor to water. They do have other flavors that I prefer.
222435222435B004E4CCSQA37PZJH2F13IORJ. Rose "JR From the Ball so Blue"0141326931200Tasty, easy to carry treatI drink a LOT of water every day. There are times I want something sweet and tasty. This fits the bill.

It took a while for me to understand the amounts to use in my big mug, but it is a nice little package. Easy to carry, and seals tight.
222436222436B004E4CCSQA3OJX18B60PJR9DAVERAT "daverat"0141326931200Best of the MIO line yet but still not as good as Crystal Light flavorsI was really exxcited about MIO when it first debuted as a product and even got in on the giant facebook free sample bottle giveaway. I've tried 4 flavors now including this one, the Peach Tea and this one is the best so far. I like the IDEA that you can control how much flavor you add to your water but so far MIO just hasn't mastered the concept that Propel Zero has of addingh flavor essence without intense sweetness or aftertaste. It's a clever concept which is why it get at least 3 stars from me and it IS convenient. Other folks on my household have liked it better than I have and carried it with them to work. The 4th star is becuase this is the best flavor we've tried. The other flavors would just get a three because the aftertaste is stonger in them.

The bottom line is this: MIO has a cleverly executed and well-designed product but they have yet improve on their two major competitors Crystal Light or Propel Zero in bottles. They are trying to be both and I think that's where they fail. If they want to be a flavor essence, I feel they should ditch the colorings. Any of the red colors will almost always have a bitter aftertaste to a large sector of users due to the red food coloring they use. This Peach Tea tastes somewhat peachy and somehwat like tea but not enough of either for me to give up my occasional pitcher of Crystal Light Peach Tea Drink Mix (12-Quart), 1.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4) or buying the individual bottle sachets(Crystal Light On The Go Peach Tea, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)) when they are one sale and have a coupon. They have captured the loyalty of many water drinkers so I'll give them credit where credit is due. I just don't feel it's the best value for the money they are charging. I wish I could give this 3.5 stars.
222437222437B004E4CCSQA1AEPMPA12GUJ7Glenda Boozer "Live, live, live! Life is a ba...0141326585600An easy way to drink more waterMio Peach Tea is a quick and easy way to add flavor to my water. Whenever I feel like I need some fluids, I grab a big glass, toss in some ice, fill it up with tap water and squeeze some Mio flavor in it till the color looks good. In fact, sometimes I want it stronger than other times, but I'm in control. I don't have to make up a whole pitcher, and I don't have little packets to deal with. Open, squeeze, close and put it away. Easy and no mess; I like it!
222438222438B004E4CCSQA2OMQEK9OW2FY6Brad B0141326585600Fake Tea Made EasyMIO liquid tea is really easy to make and tastes like fake peach tea.

Don't expect brewed tea taste. If you are a tea drinker then you probably are accustomed to the fake tea taste is like. This is it. Not a bad version at all.

I have been filling a liter sigg bottle with cold water, shoot two squirts of this into the bottle, screw on the cap and shake. Done. Go back to my desk. Drink the whole bottle in an hour. The drink is rather tasty when you want something other than water or pop.
222439222439B004E4CCSQA39KOJG83K8F1Utemply1230141326326400Nice drink!It is much better to mix this liquid with water than to mess with the powder types! It is concentrated so you don't have to use much. Perfect for office, locker, gym bag. Taste really grows on you. Good product.
222440222440B004E4CCSQA1H7Y5XKPGT0OSRama Rao "Rama"0141325635200I like this peach teaIt is very easy to make a nice cup of caffeine-free drink with this product. Just add few drops into a cup of water and it tastes great. The flavor is fine, and the delivery method is simple. You can adjust the amount of stock depending on the size of the cup. It is convenient to carry to the office. You can also use small portions, if you don't want to make a whole pitcher of tea; recommended!

1. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Coffee Liquid Extract, Regular, 33.8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)
2. Tazo Tea, Spiced Black Chai Tea Concentrate, 32oz
222441222441B004E4CCSQAR16G2FPTTWJFMichael Burke0141325548800goodGood design on the container. upside down it won't spill. You must squeeze and on my first try it dispensed a small stream. enough to flavor a 20 oz bottle. You can vary the amount with practice. The Peach Tea taste (my choice) was very nice. I don't like Sucralose, but that aside, it was pretty good. I recommend it, Unless you dislike the aftertase of artificial sweetners.
222442222442B004E4CCSQAI0PLL5DQAHRGTy Arthur "xFiruath"0141325548800Tastes just like Crystal Light, but you get to control the strength of the flavor.Plain water alone can be pretty boring, and if you're burned out on adding lemon or lime then an option like the Mio line of water enhancers is a solid choice for making your drink more exciting without switching to something less healthy like soda.

The peach tea flavor tastes almost exactly like the "Iced Tea with Peach" Crystal Light variety, so if that particular sugar free drink floats your boat this one will equally tickle your fancy. What's great about Mio is that you can add as much or as little as you like to each individual glass of water, so you are in total control of the strength of the flavor.

Unfortunately that can also be its main drawback, as it's easy to go through a bottle of Mio much more quickly than a package of Crystal Light or an equivalent powder-based drink. Even if it does go faster than other options, I still recommend giving it a try if you want a new sugar free drink and like a light peach taste.
222443222443B004E4CCSQA1C4J5MRES1KRKJennifer Sanders "Ethans Mommy"0121325462400Too expensiveThis version of the water flavor enhancer has too little flavor for too much money. My husband took half of the bottle to work with him to use during his breaks. He said he used the entire half bottle in one regular bottle of aquafina water. It gave it so little flavor it just made it undrinkable. I would buy other flavors of the MIO but not this one!
222444222444B004E4CCSQA3AQO91DYWF8R0Seth Caddell0151325376000Delicious and affordableMio is simply delicious. With zero calories, it makes an awesome addition to any glass of water. If you don't like much flavor, you add a little. If you're like me, you add a lot. But the stuff is great. It's super affordable, and way cheaper than trying to buy flavored water. The Peach Tea flavor reminds me of the stuff my mom made years ago. I'll definitely be purchasing some more, and checking out the different flavors. Highly recommended.
222445222445B004E4CCSQA2XSY4L7GDHV4WRobert T. Brennan "Rob_1970"0151325203200Excellent!Nice peach tea taste made with Sucralose (which I like, Aspartame and Nutra Sweet products give me headaches). This is not a powder mix, so the concentrated liquid mixes with water very easily (you almost don't have to even mix it). Great taste for a diet product, and you can mix in the exact amount of your liquid to suit your own taste. I like that you can even slip a little into your glass of water without making an entire pitcher of the stuff (not like most packet-based products that force you to make a quart of the stuff). A nice product if you like peach tea.
222446222446B004E4CCSQA3VJ27010XUWTFC. Wong "Book worm"0151325203200This is great!I love the peach flavor. I have bought powdered mix before of peach tea drinks and the tea flavoring was over powering. This is so convenient. I just leave it on my desk and then when I want, I go get a bottle of water, squirt some in and instantly I have peach tea.

I haven't bought the powdered peach tea since I first tried it but this really beats it. I am excited to see so many flavors by this company. I am very happy with this tea.
222447222447B004E4CCSQA3T1LD0C65QCWKGordon M. Wagner0111325203200BlarghInteresting concept and package, but even a single drop of this stuff in a glass of water tastes... vile. Vile, yet peach flavored. It reminds me of some ultra-sour candy my kids used to like. Overly concentrated, and even diluted it has managed to fasten itself to my taste buds, which is not pleasant. I'm afraid I don't have anything good to say about this product.
222448222448B004E4CCSQA31YSTICHFYN7OCPR "xfilebuffyfan"0141325203200Very Compact & Very ConvenientI got this for my girlfriend who always buys the powdered tea mixes. She usually buys the individual packets that you add to a bottle of water. After buying several boxes I realized she was leaving boxes at work, my house, hers, etc. Then of course, she would run out at one location and 2 boxes at another. I thought this would make a convenient way for her to carry a large amount in a small package. Now she can carry up to 24 servings in her purse. To me, that's very convenient. She mentioned that the taste was about the same. My only complaint is that you have to be very careful with the liquid. They have very concentrated dye in the liquid, so don't let it drip on the carpet or your clothes. It's much harder to clean than a drop of actual tea. All and all though, I was extremely satisfied with the product.
222449222449B004E4CCSQA2JNW9NNS7KKVSChristy Tillery French "reviewer/writer"0141324512000Good!I'm a fan of peach tea and the MIO liquid peach tea tastes good (although still not as good as Snapples) and is so convenient. If I don't have a pitcher of tea made and am in a hurry, I just add a few drops to water and that's it. I even carry it with me to flavor bottled water when I'm out and about or at the lake. Very convenient to use and has a great flavor - what more can you ask for?
222450222450B004E4CCSQAF3X7J0XC391LStratiotes Doxha Theon "2 Thes 2:15"0141323648000Tasty and refreshingGood tasting and refreshing, with just a few drops for a lot of flavor. The hint of peach takes the bite out of the tea flavor to provide a nice refreshing balance.

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