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222451222451B004E4CCSQA1GXIQMIF5M000Joel Holtz0131322697600BlahAnother great concept, but unfortunately not real good tasting.
No sugar, but other than that not much to offer.
Good idea, but not much substance to taste or even convenience.
But a valiant try!
222452222452B004E4CCSQA75W6T9I2S8BAB. Case "InquiringMind"0151320364800Marvelous, especially with added lemon juiceI'm a water drinker and I still drink a lot of it straight from the filter. But water can get is nice to occasionally use an enhancer to add some zest. At various times, I've tried all the commercial products out there. None come close to matching the flavor and convenience of MiO. This is truly an original and outstanding product and it has become a regular part of my food life.

I'm an extremely health-conscious eater. I eat a mostly plant-based diet of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. I grow a large portion of my own veggies and buy the rest from local farmers' markets. I try to avoid processed food and cook almost everything from scratch. MiO's ingredient list shows artificial colors, sweeteners, and you might wonder why would I even consider drinking it. Well, I don't use that much and I don't worry about this one little misdemeanor in my pantry. My diet is so healthy in so many other ways that I consider MiO a small indulgence.

I've tried to go natural with water enhancers--for example adding pomegranate juice. But truthfully, it is not nearly as flavorful and far from convenient or cost-effective.

What I frequently do use to make my MiO drink more healthful is to squeeze a real half a lemon into it. The artificial sugars used in MiO are so strong that they sweeten the lemon, too...and the lemon enhances all the MiO flavors. Lemon is extremely healthful! I could fill up this review page with medical and nutritional information showing the beneficial qualities of lemon juice. I've known about this for a long time but rarely fixed lemonade for myself because I dread using all the real or artificial sugars that it needs to take away the intense sourness. The artificial sugars used in MiO are 600 times sweeter than sugar...they do the trick with a little squirt and nothing more added. So, by using MiO with a half a lemon squeezed into it, I find that I am drinking more liquid per day than I did before I discovered MiO and I am incorporating lemon juice into my daily diet. In the balance, MiO has been a health improvement.

Yes, I am aware of the propylene glycol used in this product...but it does not cause me great concern. I am more fearful of coming into contact with bad chemicals from insecticides, common home cleaning products, factory-farmed meat and fish, and the tons of processed foods that I avoid when cooking my own meals from scratch.

Taste is a matter of individual preference. I keep all the flavors on hand for variety's sake, but seem to prefer the Berry Pomegranate and the Mango Peach.

The MiO bottle is a marvelous invention that should win some kind consumer prize. There is a double-locking lid and little membrane over the opening. The membrane creates a tiny vacuum within the bottle as you squeeze, so you'll never fear dripping the contents on clothes, carpets, or tablecloths as you remove it from your glass. The double-locking lid is so secure that I have no fear carrying a bottle in my purse.

My personal wish list for MiO is that they'd remove the artificial coloring. That would make is more healthful and not detract from the flavor in any way.
222453222453B004E4CCSQA14BE4N94LAXIAs3ttt0151307750400good-bye snappleI love the peach tea flavor. At the grocery store, one Snapple is nearly the same price as one Mio. I actually end up getting more out of the Mio than a case of Snapple simply because I can control how much I want to drink in one serving whereas sometimes I end up throwing half a Snapple away. I haven't noticed any chemical taste or smell like some of the other reviews. It's also great how this Mio has no calories or sugar so I love it when I need a water replacement. However, I wouldn't buy this product on Amazon it's far less expensive in the store.
222454222454B004E4CCSQA30TYH23ZPEM1PS. K. Vesteng "msmisty"0151306800000Great!!!!!!!!!!This liquid is great! You control the amount of flavor you add to your water. It is so compact, I keep a bottle in my purse. When I go to a restaurant, I order a glass of ice water, which is free, and add my own flavoring without any extra calories. I use it everywhere. One of the waitresses at a casino thought it was a great idea when she saw me adding it to my little bottle of water. It is hard to find in the stores these days........guess because it is so popular. Be sure to get all the flavors. My spouse loves the sweet calories and excellent taste!
222455222455B004E4CCSQA3VKQD1UZ1A66YT. Ogaard0151302825600Yummy!We came across these at our local grocery store. We grabbed a bottle of the fruit punch and tried it and before long we have tried every flavor! Mango Peach is my favorite flavor out of all of them, but each one is exceptionally good!
222456222456B004E4CCSQA3LGT6UZL99IW1Richard C. Drew "Anaal Nathra/Uthe vas Bethod...1321327968000Taste is OK - artificial tastingI've tried a few MIO flavors, and this is my least favorite. The after-taste, well, it's like pool-water. That chlorine-bleach taste. It also tastes a little Peachy. I guess the accurate description would be "Peachy/Bleachy" - seriously. If you like the Peach taste and don't mind the overly artificial taste, you'll like this. Personally, I'll take a pass on this flavor.
222457222457B004E4CCSQA3R1WFO4KIUQXZPhotoGraphics0221332892800Too expensiveOthers here have reviewed the taste. I am in agreement that it is "chemically" and cloningly sweet. Others have compared it to other products like Snapple, Crystal Lite and Arizona Teas. How is that possible? Its not at all a competitor to any of those products.

My main problem with this product is it is grossly overpriced for something out of the chemical labs of Kraft. Sure, on a per-drink basis it may be cheaper than a prepared bottle of any of the above, but consider that it is ... 1.6 oz of chemicals in a little plastic container. Way overpriced.

Several people expressed that they like flavored water and this is convenient for adding flavor to water anywhere they go. That's what earned it the second star. The concept is one of convenience and Mio score okay on that. I don't mind drinking plain water so there is no major lure for me.

If you like such a product and don't think paying $18 for four 1.62 oz containers is too much, there's no reason for you not to try it out.
222458222458B004E4CCSQAAP0J12JUSRV0Carol Roberts0231322956800Not Their Best FlavorI agree with the other reviewers that this particular MIO flavor has a strange taste/aftertaste. My husband loves the MIO brand, but he sticks to other flavors that he enjoys more. It's very convenient and easy to use the little take along bottle to flavor your water in restaurants, etc... I would just recommend a different flavor.
222459222459B004E4CCSQA13FEDZA2FZLCCRyan Walsh0251301356800A delicious treatWell, since some other user decided they'd paste their review on to each flavor allow me to give my short but sweet review:

MiO is delicious. I like that I can just put in the tiniest of splashes in my drink and just have a hint of flavor... or splash a lot in and get a real flavorful experience. It's a quick and easy thing to use. It's also fun to watch it splash into the water. I've also found it's good to flavor different types of alcohol.

In regards to the criticism by other reviewers for it containing propylene glycol - don't be in a panic like them. propylene glycol is harmless unless ingest massive quantities of it. Using a canard like "it's considered harmful to pets so humans shouldn't ingest it!" is just alarmist behavior. Chocolate is harmful to dogs. Better not eat that then!

Lastly, in regards to it having so many "food colorings" - well, if you don't like anything that flavors your water to have anything artificial in it, squeeze a lemon into it. Put a dash of sugar. Or just drink the water plain. You know what you're getting into when you buy this stuff.

Bottom line: This is my new favorite drink flavoring. I will be buying from them again and again.
222460222460B004E4CCSQAJRFZ0VZ0LD26Reader "cvrcak1"1131327968000Concentrated flavorKraft Foods Global has come up with the new product. MIO Liquid Peach Tea is not tea. It is actully highly concentrated peach (tea) flavored liquid that can be mixed with (bottled) water. It comes is a portable plastic package that can be easily carried around. This small bottle does not need to be refrigerated once it is open and it can last for 30 days once it has been opened. Only a small dash of flavor is needed in the 8oz size cup. Drink does not have caffeine or any other enhancers. It is a new fashionable way to flavor one's water. You will not be adding any minerals or vitamins to your drink. This is also not the energy drink.

As far as innovation goes, this is a great product and a smart marketing move. Personally however, I would rather buy already flavored bottled water, that spice up my own. But of course this is simply a matter of personal preference. Other consumers may feel differently.
222461222461B004E4CCSQA39650P2CZUUC9Bonnie Brody "Book Lover and Knitter"1151327881600Peachy Tea Flavor AND No CaloriesMio drink flavorings have no calories and are in small enough containers that you can carry them in your purse. The Peach Tea is delicious. It tastes like tea with a peachy flavor. I love all the Mio products and they are a hit with me, especially now when I'm dieting. I highly recommend this product for a thirst quencher. All you do is add a few drops to iced water and voila! Your drink is ready.
222462222462B004E4CCSQAJQDIT55SZ3ZXkindred spirit1121327881600Bad aftertaste and just tastes like chemical water.Well the product comes with no instruction on how much to add to your water. It just says "flip it, tip it sip it" Huh? So ok I do that thinking it is drop by drop to add to water bottle. WRONG it came out in a stream and sprayed all over my favorite top. The shadow of the stain did not come out. So hold it directly over the bottle.

As for the taste, it ruined a perfectly good bottle of water. It tastes like medicine or chemicals. I love a good glass of peach tea but this is not it. Well if you look at the ingredients there is no mention of tea or peaches, just "less than 2% of natural flavors.

Sorry but this doesn't do it for me.
222463222463B004E4CCSQA2G04D4QZAXL15xkydivr1141327881600matter of taste, I guessI think all diets I've tried say "drink at least six or eight glasses of water a day". The problem is I HATE water out of it's natural habitat. I've tried all the tricks and can usually make it for a week or so then I slide back to getting my daily quota of water from a cup of coffee. I already drink sugar-free soda and I don't know what real peach tea tastes like so I don't have any negative comparisons. I use just enough of the MIO to kill the taste of the water and I like it so far. I'm hoping the positive hydration will out-weigh the intake of more artificial sweeteners.

Afterthought: This is a "water flavoring" , nothing more. No juice, no nutritional value. Don't expect something like iced tea or Kool-aid. It just adds a subtle taste to your water. If you're used to diet soda and artificial sweeteners you won't mind the taste. My sample had a non-removable label over the ingredients so you will have to check other reviews for that.
222464222464B004E4CCSQA1FK6IQ111SJDRChris1151326931200Good TasteMIO Liquid Peach Tea has a great taste. The bottles are small so you can toss one in a backpack or purse and take it with you to add to your bottled water. It is easy to add too much to your water so start slow and taste first before adding more. I would really recommend this.
222465222465B004E4CCSQA6LUXI8I8BU6PD Strick "Entertainment D"1131326240000Peach Tea MiOI've been curious about these MiO Liquid "Water Enhancers" so I tried the Mango Peach flavor, Sweet Tea and now Peach Tea. It comes in a cool little bottle with a flip lid and non drip type nozzle. So, if you were so inclined, you could easily carry one around in your pocket.

About two quick squirts into a bottle or cup of water (I prefer a bottle so I can shake it) is enough to flavor your water. The Mango Peach was nice and fruity and the Sweet Tea tasted really like Sweet Tea but this one, Peach Tea, falls somewhere in the middle and just doesn't quite spark my taste buds like the others. Still good but not my favorite.

One item of note is that these are not health products. They do not have vitamins. They only flavor water. I just wanted to mention that because I was not sure myself before I tried one.

So it's a cool little product and if you drink a lot of water and want some flavor in it you could do worse. And it is portable and lasts a pretty long while. I'd certainly try some of the other flavors.
222466222466B004E4CCSQA1LJR5IS0B6ADXThe Straw Man "J.E. Hoppock"1141323043200Actually a good tasting faux peach ice teaThis product by MIO is a water enhancer. Basically it is concentrated juice-like substance that gives water a different flavor. The flavor of this enhancer is "peach tea". The application is pretty simple, fill a glass with water and give it a squirt or two and then stir.

As for the taste, well it is pretty good. The flavors of peach and ice tea blend very well together. In addition, there isn't any odd aftertaste. Also a little goes a long way; at least it did for me. Nevertheless, someone could certainly use more to give it a more bold taste.

There are plenty of people who refuse to drink water (I for one love water). This product might promote the consumption of H2O. I have been keeping this little bottle in my lunch bag at work. When I fill up my 20oz cup with water I give it a little taste of peach tea. Overall, this is a good product and I am eager to try some of the other flavors MIO has to offer.
222467222467B004E4CCSQA2XNOB1T796Y6BChibiNeko "Sooo many books, so little time!"1131321142400Good, but I'll stick to my CL flavorsI was pretty excited to try this out, what with the rows and rows of MIO flavors staring at me on the shelf as I purchased my occasional pack of Crystal Light. I love adding things to water, but I'll admit that at times the packets will either be too much or too little, depending on the size of the water bottle. (And not all of us wants to carry around a partially opened packet of drink powder that always seems to want to empty out into the bottom of our purses.)

Convenience-wise, this is pretty awesome. You can add as much or as little flavoring to this as you like, so if you like a very strong peach tea flavor, you're covered. Like it a little weaker? You can do that too. It's all liquid so it mixes together pretty awesomely as well. No clumps of powder in the bottle or cup that need to be shaken apart. (Which means no clumps of powder hitting your teeth if you're not willing to let the drink sit until the powder dissolves.)

It's unfortunately not the best tasting stuff I've ever had. It's just a little too artificial tasting for me to really like it as much as I wanted to. I wasn't expecting miracles from this drink and I knew that it'd taste at least a little chemical-ish, but this is just a little off putting. It's good enough to where I'll drink it, but it's just not the best as far as peach tea goes. However, if you're on the road and can't get real peach tea and don't want to go the powder route, this will be your best bet. It's still better tasting than some of the artificial stuff you find in various drive-thrus.

I am curious to try some of the other flavors out there in the MIO line and I have a feeling that I'll enjoy those far more than I have this pack.
222468222468B004E4CCSQA1GWPAZBGMUAFJGLENN LEVY "lover of fun"71011320019200Chemical peach flavor anyone?I thought the idea was a good one, I drink a lot of water. I'm a Diabetic so I'm always looking for more flavor where and when I can find it. Unfortunatly this tastes just plain bad to me, I squeezed a healthy amount into my cold filtered water and wow the first thing I noticed was the strange chemical smell. Then after tasting it, it really was a sweet artifical flavor, very chemically not at all like good diet peach ice tea like AZ Ice Tea or Snapple. That's the flavor I was hoping for really. I tried it again and I just can't use this stuff, what a pity because I really wanted it and needed it be good. I would have been a customer if I liked it at all. I could not even give this a two star, I just thought it was that bad.
222469222469B004E4CCSQAE6EW56G8OSQTRobin Lachnit172551326153600I love MIO.. as a cleaning agent!Let me start this by saying that I have tried multiple flavors of MIO in varying concentrations, and while the taste is somewhat bearable, I'm just not a fan of its aftertaste and artificial flavor. I'm writing a review to let potential buyers know of its alternative use!

When I moved into my new home about 6 months ago my husband and I were disappointed to find that the kitchen sink was badly stained. It was made of white porcelain and appeared as though someone had poured blue ink or dye down the drain. It coated the sides and pooled at the bottom and left a ring around the drain. It was quite unsightly. For the first month we tried several cleaners, including bleach, peroxide, magic erasers, comet, goo gone, paint thinner, ammonia, CLR, and tile cleaners. We planned on replacing the sink entirely, mostly due to the chips on its surface and our preference for stainless steel, but the blue stain did play a part.

As if by magic the solution came to us. One afternoon I discovered that a bottle of MIO in my pantry was leaking. I removed the bottle and placed it in the sink til I could check to see where the problem was coming from. I cleaned up the mess on the shelf with little problems, amazed that a concentrate like that didn't stain the shelving! When I returned to the sink and lifted the busted bottle I discovered that an oval MIO shape had been formed in the blue stain. It was like applying a Crest white strip to my sink! I then began to pour the concentrate all over the sink. No scrubbing, no pain, no effort. I simply turned on my faucet and watch MIO strip away the blue ink that had plagued me for 3 months as I rinsed it down the drain. I contemplated how or why this worked. Citric Acid? Malic Acid? Propylene Glycol? Which chemical was to blame for its magical dye stripping properties?

Beats me! But to be honest.. I certainly don't want to drink it any more. It can bleach porcelain better than.. well bleach. So why on earth would I put it in my body?

Hope this saves you from chemical cleaning of your digestive tract, or if you need a great spot remover... give it a whirl.
222470222470B004E4CCSQA38VQ2TIPPBKNNSir Charles Panther "Life is hard. It's hard...2341327449600Better Than Plain Ol' WaterThis stuff tastes just fine. That is, it tasted just like I expected it to taste, which is the taste of artificial peach flavoring. I'm used to this stuff in other drinks, in teas, in candy, so I know what it tastes like, and this product delivered perfectly on that taste. Now, does it taste like I've squeezed a totally ripe fresh peach into my water? Well of course not, and you'd be a fool to expect that.

The product is officially "peach tea," but I really didn't taste any tea flavor at all. It's got that brownish tea tinge once you get it mixed up, but the only taste I was getting was peach.

I asked my 15-year-old daughter (a core prospective demographic, I would think) what she thought of the product. Her first reaction was that it tasted like "chlorinated pool water." Ouch. Tasting it with that description in mind, I could see her point; there is something in that slightly astringent peach taste that can be interpreted as chlorine-like. If you are thinking that way, you'll taste it, but if you're thinking peachy, then that's probably what you'll be tasting.

Water is better cold than warm, but even at room temperature, this product made water a more enjoyable experience.

The unit price is pretty good, at around five bucks. That seems like a lot for such a dinky little package coming in at least than two fluid ounces, but it's touted as being able to flavor-up 24 bottles/servings. That's something like 21 cents a serving, which you're never going to see at your work cafeteria or local convenience store. That being said, our family certainly didn't get 24 servings out of this package. It was more like seven or eight. There is no way to measure how much you're squirting into your water, and the depth of color (light v. dark) once you stir the mixture in doesn't really help that much, at least in terms of flavor. We did learn that more Mio in the glass doesn't really make the flavor that more intense.

And, for the hydrological experimenter among us, this product is lots of fun to use. Get your bottle or glass of still water, and put it in drop by drop, and you've got fascinating lines and curves, which move ever so slightly in the water. Psychedelic, man. Drop this stuff in from a height, and it's even more fun. Squirt a huge shot in all at once, and the action is really good, your own potable lava lamp. And then, get that water going in a tight vortex and drop your Mio in--very cool. (Add a laser pointer into this aqueous exploration, and you might just see God looking back at you.)

The cap locks down tight, which is a good thing, if this product really is going to be dropped into a purse or a backpack for rockin' hip and youthful on-the-go Mio-nization of your drinking water. Even if the cap comes up, the dispensing nozzle is valve-like in its operation, which means you've really got to squeeze your little Mio bottle to get that concentrate to come out. That was smart packaging.

I did do a stain test on this stuff, as its color is a deep, crimson, salmon-blood red. I put a couple of drops on a white dish towel, let it soak in and then dry, and then washed the towel. The good news: all traces of the stain were completely gone.

Bottom line: This is not going to give you the fruit-flavored tea experience that you'll get with a powdered mix. Its taste is slightly artifical, but in general is not bad. It's a neat advancement in the hydrate personalization.
222471222471B004E4CCSQAY6WN7CHFJDW4Kitchen and Houseware Enthusiast0031350864000Just OKThis product is an amazing concept, however the taste was too sweet for my liking. I have tried other flavors from this brand and again love the concept, this flavor was just not to my liking. I do believe I would try other flavors still!
222472222472B004E4CCSQAKNLE9I396PEEminarri0011346630400Want to drink pool water but don't want the chlorine? Get thisNo matter how much or how little of the product I put into my water (filtered or unfiltered), it always ends up smelling and tasting like chlorinated pool water. I'd heard good things about MiO, and I love peaches, so I thought I would try this. I'm regretting my decision.
222473222473B004E4CCSQAYNAH993VDECTbsg20040041345075200Alternative if you are trying to cut sodas/colasIf you are already drinking healthy/natural/organic beverages, as many other reviewers have pointed out, this has a number of artificial ingredients, so you probably want to stay away from it.

On the other hand, if you are like me and are or have or had been trying to cut back and eventually cut completely the soda and cola addiction, this can be helpful because it is not addictive like the Colas and it is very quick to prepare, so you can counter the cravings (for worse things) before they build up. It only takes a couple of seconds to squirt a little in a glass of water and then add ice if you prefer. I do only one squirt per drink, press and release, not press and hold. It is small enough you can take everywhere.

The taste is reasonable considering what it is and what I use it for. It obviously tastes nowhere near as good as fresh peaches or freshly brewed tea.

Having said that, I only use this occasionally to counter cravings and such. I don't think it is a good idea to drink this on a daily basis. But if it can stop you from running to the soda vending machine at work or grabbing a 2-liter cola from the convenience store, it is a small victory.
222474222474B004E4CCSQA32VUK5VY3V11DPaula0051344124800Yummy & fresh!I love this flavor. Very peachy and great for the summer. Hard to find in my local stores so thought I'd try Amazon. Got here very quickly and is perfect. A bit pricey? but since it's my favorite and hard to find locally that's the price I'll have to pay.
222475222475B004E4CCSQA3SO4SZPDNW0S3William Krischke0041340323200Great productThis is super yummy and so easy to use. I like it better than single serving packets because the squeeze container lets you decide how strong you want it to be. No, it's not the same as real brewed tea, but for an on the go alternative to water for us sweet tooths, this is a great choice. I've bought it several times at the grocery store after I got it from Amazon.
222476222476B004E4CCSQAUUFW7PTUHLTMamaSylvia0041338163200No stale taste for meIf you ever doubted that people taste things differently, just look at the reviews for this product!

I had tried only the Mio Strawberry-Watermelon before picking up this product at my local WM. I was very skeptical because I love restaurant flavored tea, but have never tasted a commercial instant-tea product that I considered drinkable, including Snapple, Lipton, name brands, off-brands, you name it. They all have a stale chemical taste that I cannot stand. So until now, I've either brewed my own or done without.

So with tremulous hand I added this to some ice water and hesitantly brought it to my lips - to be pleasantly surprised. It's not as good as Olive Garden's peach bellini iced tea, but it doesn't have the stale taste that has put me off of most brands, and I found it quite acceptable. The peach flavor is not as strong as I would prefer, but it is there. Like others, I wish Mio would quit adding artificial colors.

This isn't my favorite flavor, but I will be keeping it among my sugar-free aspartame-free water flavorers for when I feel like tea.
222477222477B004E4CCSQA1ROYTFVKXZUY5E. Smith0041337212800Great for making water tasty! :)I drink a ton of water anyway due to a variety of medical "issues" that require me to stay away from sodas, juice, alcohol, etc. Needless to say, water is my go-to drink whether I like it or not, and truthfully I've gotten used to it, but every once in a while I just need something to make it actually TASTE LIKE SOMETHING. I was using the powdery mixes for a while, but now I'm loving MiO. I like that you can control how much you add to the water without wasting. If you just want a little bit of flavor, you can squeeze in only a few drops, or if you're a person who really wants legitimate iced tea, then squirt away! The flavor is delicious too. It definitely tastes like iced tea with a nice helping of peach and doesn't have an artificial flavor in my opinion. I'd absolutely buy these again, particularly this flavor.
222478222478B004E4CCSQA2W4014S06NAITFathom "Fathom"0051335484800Love this productI am a huge fan of flavored water, however, they get expensive buying it in the bottle form. This product works great in that it's add flavor to water you can get anywhere including from any restaurant you are dining in.

It's a novel way to add flavor without adding sugar or resorting to soft drinks on the go. A great product that I carry in my purse wherever I go.
222479222479B004E4CCSQA1P27BGF8NAI29Alice in Wonderland0021335225600A for effort, but D for resultsThe idea behind this product is quite good - a small container of drink concentrate that you can add to water anywhere and have an instant soft drink. Sadly, the product is not as good as the idea. The problem is the taste. I have tried various tea products, including Crystal Light, and have generally not been too impressed. Sadly, this MIO stuff tastes very artificial, and not at all pleasing. I tried it out on the kids, to see if it was more in their range, but even they did not like it.

Sorry, MIO - A for effort, but D for results.

(Review of MIO Liquid Peach Tea)
222480222480B004E4CCSQA3FA7Z4X1P1ESECJ0011334275200Chlorinated teaI don't know if they've changed their formula - when MIO first came out, I bought the three or so flavors that were available and found them all to be pretty good. With warmer weather approaching I bought a few more and was drinking my ice water with the Peach Tea formula and nearly spit it out. At first I thought the drinking fountain water or the ice from the ice machine at work had been sanitized a bit too thoroughly, but then I smelled the MIO container and was surprised at how much it smelled like bleach. Undrinkable. Even diluted in water, the smell is extremely strong. Is there a problem in the formula? I've not compared it to the other flavors but doubt that I will be buying any more based upon this...too bad, it's a more convenient package than the powdered sticks.

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