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222481222481B004E4CCSQAQB4DH57MSZSCA Regular Joe0031332633600Great product, poor flavorWe enjoy MIO's for our bottled water, but this flavor is just off. Maybe we don't appreciate tea enough, but like other reviews have said, we didn't like it. MIO itself though is great and we do buy them from the grocery store.
222482222482B004E4CCSQA3R1PGM3772MBOSarai0031332374400Didn't jump out at meI was looking for a more portable cost effective alternative to my Sobe life waters and Vitamin water zeros. This is great cause you can carry the small bottle in your gym bag and then turn any water into your sports drink. The taste is not bad but not exciting enough to make me drop my Sobe Macintosh Apple Cherry. It is a little too artificial to me. It could be that I need to try a different flavor other than peach and I intend too. I do keep this in my gym bag though for times when I plow through my water or other drink and still want something else.
222483222483B004E4CCSQA15Q9YEG1XPEJNGet What We Give0041331942400Love iced tea, and this ain't bad!This is a great way to get a quick iced tea-like drink! While it's not quite the same a home brewed iced tea, it does have the full flavor of tea and the overall hint of peach (which I love) like you get in those chain restaurants. It's a great product to carry with you when you're on the go or when you are at the office.
222484222484B004E4CCSQA19EKT8H85AKO5EnergyWork0011331769600Full of Artificial FlavorsThis "tea" drink is very sweat, but in an artificial way. Sucralose and acesulfame are the sweatners(no thanks). I'll stick to pure cane sugar(easier for my body to digest).

The ingrediants list is full of artificial junk. I'm used to tea drinks such as Tazo and Honest Tea with simple ingrediants and are natural/Organic.
222485222485B004E4CCSQA3NDUBKYPI47N2LawyerMom0011331769600I'll stick with ArizonaI was not such a big fan of the taste of this tea, but I have to admit that the convenience provided in the concentrated little bottle is a big plus. You can take it and flavor your water wherever you go and it fits easily into a purse or pocket. I do prefer the taste of Arizona iced tea powders, though--but those require making larger batches of tea at a time. The biggest drawback of the MIO tea is the ingredient list--it's got propylene glycol (anti-freeze) and artificial colors --which I try to avoid.
The ingredient list is as follows: water, malice acid, propylene glycol, citric acid, and less than 2% of natural flavor, sucralose and acesulfame potassium, potassium citrate, red 40, yellow 5, blue 1, potassium sorbate. And despite it saying "natural flavor with other natural flavor" on the front--you'll have to note that on the back it says 0% juice.
222486222486B004E4CCSQA3DZFEICHK5LF2Just Trying to Help "Product Guru"0041331769600As strong as you like itI had my first opportunity to try Mio Liquid at a club when a friend pulled it out as a way to add flavor to my Vodka Tonic. It worked ok for that purpose although he made it too sweet.

I do like the liquid peach tea idea, and the flavor is very good. We took it on a camping trip where we used it to flavor the bottled water we had brought, as it is easier for the kids to stay hydrated if there is a flavor that they like. Sometimes they'll drink plain old water and sometimes they need some encouragement, which Mio provided.

It will take each person who uses it some time to get it right... my wife preferred the least amount of drops, and the children the most (duh).

I do prefer it to the various powered additives. So, 4 stars.
222487222487B004E4CCSQA2UEB48LAWFUCWJoseph "jck09"0031331078400Good, but Too Sweet for My TasteI love the idea of Mio. The bottles look cool, and now that so many people are trying to drink more water, Mio offers a chance to drink water without, you know, having it taste like water.

I love actual peaches, and Mio Peach has a lot of peach flavor and color, which is great. My only criticism is that, IMHO, Mio Peach is way too sweet. If I flavor the water lightly, it comes out as lightly peach flavored and heavily sweet, but if I go any heavier, it's super-sweet.

It uses sucralose for sweetening, and various other colors and flavors, so if you're sensitive, be careful.

I don't think I'll be buying more Mio Peach myself, but if you like peach and have a sweet tooth, give it a try. (But definitely don't buy a four pack until you're sure it works for your taste.)
222488222488B004E4CCSQA1QBOC76MIOJYPMyPenName0031330473600Not bad, but not good eitherOf the 2 flavors I tried, this one was slightly better. It still has some sort of "off-ness" to it though.. like you can't get the taste quite right no matter how much or how little you add.

I ended up using some in mixed drinks with alcohol and actually liked it that way. So there's an idea if you have some or decide to try it an aren't happy with it in just water. It was the only way I could actually tolerate drinking a whole glassful.

I did not find it appealing at all in just water or even adding to lemonade. I tried a few different juices with it just to experiment and try to use it as opposed to just tossing it out in the trash - I hate being wasteful.

Everyone is different though, what I don't like, someone else may.. so everything is worth a try I suppose.
222489222489B004E4CCSQA2IMLOJ2Z2QEU2Naomi (Storm)0031330387200Peach in an artificial sort of way, also super sweetI'm glad that Amazon offers the MIO product because I have been curious about it - I grew up as a die-hard soda drinker who's trying to ween off the stuff, and lets face it, water just tastes too boring sometimes. I was hoping that the MIO might be a good way to bridge that gap. Unfortunately for the Peach flavor, it's pretty "meh" on all accounts. There is very little peach taste, and what is there tastes very artificial - like what you imagine the scientists thought peach should taste like, but couldn't figure out exactly how to get there. I was also surprised by how sweet it is - even just a few drops in a pint glass and it tasted super saccharine to me. The sweetness also has that hallmark flavor that most sugar substitutes have - that sort of strange, chemically Equal/Sweet n Low taste.

Honestly, if you're a water drinker who just wants some sweetness or flavor in your drink, I still think the little plastic honey bear is probably the best bet.
222490222490B004E4CCSQA1QMN8SJYRREMTDave Cunningham0011330041600H2-Oh NoThe bottle tells you to dispense one squeeze to flavor 8 fl oz of water. Exactly how much is "one squeeze" supposed to be? One family member's squeeze colored his whole glass of water orange and gave his water a sticky sweet aftertaste, like several dozen Sweet Tarts had melted into it. My one squeeze left a few peachy tendrils floating in mostly clear water and made it taste like someone who ate Sweet Tarts an hour ago had backwashed into my glass. Neither was pleasant. If there were supplements in the drink and I was getting enough vitamins in the sugary sweet mess to, say, eat another In-N-Out Double Double and not feel as guilty, I'd choke it down. As it is just basically food coloring with flavor, I would not drink this on purpose again.
222491222491B004E4CCSQA30IP5D5DLHRPAKyle Slayzar0021329868800Tastes Metallic, Weird AftertasteNever was much of a fan of water additives beyond Crystal Lite as they taste like mercury-laced water and require a few Cobalt flavored gum sticks to offset the aftertaste. I tried to give MIO the benefit of the doubt and feel as though my preconceptions stand true.

While the idea of a non-crystalline water additive is novel, the taste has to hold up to standard otherwise it's a waste of money. MIO liquid peach literally tastes like metal and smells like bad cough syrup. I could not get through a whole bottle without cringing so I just dumped it down the drain, rinsed out the bottle, and drank good ol' fashioned, calcium-laced North Dakota tap water.

Yum, yum.
222492222492B004E4CCSQA2PSC7LUNIDEAHDmitry Kristal0051329696000Anytime you want peach tea, use this little guy(or girl.)MIO provides a great water enhancer when peach tea is not available. A small size means you can take it with you almost anywhere tap water is available. Use a little or as much as you want. MIO uses artificial sweetener, so it has no calories.
222493222493B004E4CCSQA28CCN6VYHRUKSAndrew Gray "Beezer Review"0051329609600This one I likedI had the opportunity to try the Sweet Tea version of this prior to trying this one.

After tasting the sweet tea one I was a little disappointed. However, I was intrigued enough to give this one a shot. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It had a nice flavor to it. It wasn't over powering but it wasn't completely dilluted water either.

The delivery of this product is very good. It's a small compact bottle. Easy to use. You can add more/less flavor to suit your tastes. Personally, I hope they expand their flavor options. I would willingly try different flavors. The sweet tea one isn't for me, but this one certainly is.
222494222494B004E4CCSQAKJHHD5VEH7VGDominique W0041329436800Decent-still not prefectThis blend isn't as good as the mango peach but so much better than the sweet tea.

I have purchased this brand in the past and have encountered the same problem every time. The suggested use in the instructions don't make the perfect flavor. It is a trial and error process. The tea blends are harder to get perfected but the peach tea comes close. It's obvious that the flavoring is artificial. Seriously, it's on a store shelf. It does not require refrigeration. To knock it down for artificial flavoring is insane because it's plain as day what it is, right?

With that being said, it's decent. Now that I've tried the mango peach flavor, I probably won't be buying this flavor.
222495222495B004E4CCSQA2JR5MYW7Q4XGNCalifornia Greg0031329350400interesting...This product is ok. I didn't hate it, but I also didn't love it and want to drink it every day. The peach taste seemed a bit muted and there was something about it that had its first moment on the palate seem really good, but then it settled into just "OK" afterward. I will try another cup later today and see if I think it's better. It's possible I didn't use as much as I should, so I should factor that in and try it with some more.
222496222496B004E4CCSQA2IT7S59GSASN7Mark Taylor "markdtaylor"0011329350400Splenda sweetener, nothing beneficial about this water enhancerDon't be fooled by the fancy delivery mechanism and the take as much as you want campaign.

Sucralose is the main sweetener (Splenda). Artificial sweeteners can cause the body to release enzymes that break down food more completely in your gut, giving you more calories that you would if you had nothing sweet.

Given that the Mio Liquids have no other benefit, no C, no B, no D, no Calcium, just a lot of ingredients that are manufactured in a lab, well, I will stay away and not order again.

Mine is in the trash.

That said, if you don't care what you put in your body, the taste is not bad.
222497222497B004E4CCSQA319Y83RT0MRVRAIROLF0031329350400disappointing because it doesn't taste like teaI find this whole line disappointing, perhaps, for no other reason than I expect this to taste like tea. Sadly, it tastes like colored water.

Disclaimer: I'm a foodie who likes the finest tea. I do not drink Lipton under any circumstances.

If you like tea that's not very good, this might be an acceptable product.

Also, I still believe this would be an acceptable addition to undrinkable water as it would mask the fogginess of the water.
222498222498B004E4CCSQA2M1MNG7G40V85Surface to Air Missle0041329264000Big taste in a little bottleI must say I was somewhat skeptical about the MIO liquid peach tea at first. But, after trying it out for over two weeks, I actually really like the way it makes water tasty to drink.

First off its very concentrated and a little really does go a long way. You really just need a few drops and one bottle will last a long time. The tea is best prepared on the watery side with just a faint hint of peach but whatever your preference is, you can attain after you get a sense of how powerful the a little amount really is. I think other reviewers here are frequently mentioning a chemical like taste because they are drinking way too strong. Its not Snapple folks..

I aslo like how small the bottle is as you can take it just about any where.
222499222499B004E4CCSQA1WXG10FJ353K0Michael Agostino0051329264000I can't believe I like this... a lot.I am a recovering Diet Pepsi addict and have been clean for a few years now. I then started my staple of Polar seltzers with "essences" of flavors. Carbonated water with a hint of orange, lemon, even vanilla. But then considering all the money I have wasted on Diet Pepsi and soda, I then started drinking tap water with a little Splenda and lemon juice. I would buy the concentrated lemon juice and just use a little. In other words, I have been drinking water more than anything else. I did remember seeing this MIO stuff, and never thought twice about it. Then took the time to try it. My only option was this Peach flavor, and it would not have been my first choice, but I really enjoyed it. 1.62 oz does not seem like a lot, and it is a small bottle, but for me, a couple drops in (filtered) tap water gives me that "essence" flavor effect. I noticed people were talking about aftertaste etc. but I think it may be due to using too much of it. It is so highly concentrated, so I would imagine the strength would be overwhelming. With a few drops of MIO in water, simply means I will drink more water. And drinking water is boring, so this is the remedy. The only problem I see here is that it's not very easy to order. Keep in mind the MSRP is only 4 bucks, and currently all I see are third party merchants inflating the prices, as usual. Why MIO is promoting the product and not supplying it is beyond me. Once Amazon is stocked, then it will be a better price with free shipping. I will be buying more, but not until it is fulfilled by Amazon.
222500222500B004E4CCSQA20L63B48RPSOHWix0031329264000Great idea, ok tasteI drink a lot of bottled water as my well is constantly acting up. I was given one of these to eval and thought I would give it a try. First of all, the review with this acting as a cleaning agent kind of weirds me out a bit and now I am tempted to give it a try. If it cleans my sink stains better than my commercial cleaner then the rest of this bottle is going straight in the trash.

I thought this tasted worse than peach Lipton Tea, and I hate peach Lipton Tea. I gave it 1 star for portability, 1 star because it performs as described - flavoring tea and I gave 1 star because it did not make me sick. Needs a flavor overhaul, but I think about any peach in a bottle is going to taste a bit fake.
222501222501B004E4CCSQAUCOL2XUE1IX7Joshua P. OConner "Josh O'Conner"0031329264000Great concept but peach flavor is underwhelmingOverall, I like the idea of the MIO line. I have found that it helps me drink more fluids throughout the day and it breaks up the monotony of constantly drinking water. I was slightly disappoint in the "peach tea" flavor in that it was a little too complex and it was hard to find a balance where I could taste it but it didn't become overwhelming.

I was impressed by the number of servings that I got out of the container (it's labeled as being a 24 serving container, but I found that I got at least twice that).

The container that MIO comes in is extremely portable. I was able to put it in my jacket pocket without fear of leaks (the container actually has a valve to prevent leaks and spills).

While I am not a fan of the peach tea flavor, I will definitely buy MIO again simply because of its convenience and the fact that it does make me drink the amount of water I should. I calculated the price to be less than 10 cent a serving which is really hard to beat considering the alternatives.
222502222502B004E4CCSQANVPLS56WCKL2K. Sandberg "JaxBeach"0031329264000So portable!If your like me and hate water, even bottled water, then this is a great portable water enhancer. Like the other flavors it does have a certain taste other than the flavor that is consistant in their product. Can't really describe it but it doesn't really bother me either. I do like adding it to my water bottle when I take the dogs out to the nature preserves for a very long hike since I can't stand water. I do recommend the other flavors to this one though. I love sweet tea infused with real peaches and this is not at all close to the real thing in my opinion, more like close to a kool-aid flavor. Still RECOMMENDED.
222503222503B004E4CCSQA3H6NNGCINPLECA Customer0041329177600Artificially YoursPerhaps this product could've been named, MIO "Water Enhancer," with the flavor as a subtitle.

It's fake tea, but it tastes real; and somewhat better than the original without acidity or caffeine.

* Are we recommending this product? For flavor, yes. However, you decide according to the food scientist's ingredients:

Water, Maleic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Contains Less Than 2% of:, Natural Flavor, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Potassium Citrate, Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1 Lake (CI 42090), Potassium Sorbate

*Flavor: Tea
*Caffeine: Non-Caffeinated
*Food Additives Claims: Artificial Sweetners Added, Artificial Coloring Added, Artificial Flavoring Added
*Serving Size: 1/2 Teaspoon
*Servings per Container: 24
*Weight: 1.0 Lb.
222504222504B004E4CCSQATANE2SC44592Loves those books0031329177600It's ok...I am a big water drinker and have been wanting to try MiO for awhile. It is very easy to use but I really don't care for the taste. It definitely has a strong aritificial taste to it. If you are someone who drinks Diet drinks regularly this is probably something you will like. As for me, I will stick with plain old water with a fresh lemon slice.
222505222505B004E4CCSQAYNRALJ4X1COSJon0031329177600Tastes ok but..So i bit the bullet and got the Mio Liqud. This flavor tastes.. ok. It has a funky fresh aspartame kinda taste to it. I dont like diet sodas at al because they give me head aches (allergy to the artificial sweeteners) and this had the same headache.

I took out out just for some flavor to add when on some walks and or hikes etc..
I mean its nice to keep something portable in a bag and just add if you want for flavor in the water - but im not sure whats in it.. all i know is the taste n the headache.
222506222506B004E4CCSQA2SLX6UHHYCMCVM. Cordoba "mxc"0031329091200convenient, slight hospital taste, alcohol based sugarsTo be honest, I was not expecting much. What can 1.62 ounces of tea really do? I expected to get about 4 or 5 teas, and not much else, despite the claim to many servings. However, this is a nice product and might be better for others.

1. The taste reminds me too much of a hospital, maybe its just the peach flavor, but it reminded me of it (and I wasn't alone with this opinion)
2. You really can get a lot of servings out of it. The measure is very unscientific (they define a servings as a "squirt", which as you might guess varies quite a bit. A strong squirt? A quick squirt? A you-hold-for-a-second squirt? Who knows, but it falls somewhere in between. In general a strong squirt can give a bit of flavor to a 12 ounce glass of water.
3. Its convenient as it mixes very easy with water. If you are not picky, you don't even have to stir it. For a consistent taste, you can just stif for 2 seconds. If you want it sweeter, just keep adding squirts, (3 squirts on a 12 ounce glass makes for a very sweet tea, I wouldn't recommend more than that)

Another positive in my book is the use of alcohol based/type sugars, as opposed to high fructose corn syrup.

However, at around $5 dollars per 1.6 ounce jar, it's quite expensive. I would say you get 20 decent size servings out of it, that comes out to 25 cents per strong squirt. Maybe the convenience is worth it.

If it weren't for the hospital taste, I'd give it 4 stars.
222507222507B004E4CCSQA244CRJ2QSVLZ4J. B. Hoyos0041329091200MIO Peach Tea Reminded Me of Olive Garden's Peach Bellini Iced TeaI've been using the MIO products for approximately two years, ever since discovering them at a demonstration at my nearby Farm Fresh. The tear-shaped bottles are convenient for carrying with me in my backpack; I use them at restaurants, church, work, etc., for flavoring my water. Thanks to MIO, I've considerably decreased my intake of carbonated sodas.

I suffer from chronic sinusitis. Sodas have a strong tendency to make me congested. A few minutes after I begin consuming one, I notice that my nostrils start to feel clogged. This doesn't happen when I drink tea, coffee or the MIO liquid water enhancers. Indeed, I am living proof that MIO products are a healthier alternative to sodas.

The MIO Peach Tea liquid water enhancer reminds me of the delicious Peach Bellini Iced Tea I sometimes order at Olive Garden during the warm months. Thanks to MIO, I can enjoy this delicious flavor anytime of the year. All you need is cold water and ice. Also, I can control the taste by varying the number of drops I squirt into a bottle, tumbler, glass, etc.

MIO offers a wide assortment of liquid water enhancers and I have indulged in all of them. However, my favorite ones are the tea flavors. They are more refreshing; they are also more suitable for quenching my thirst after exercising and for drinking with my meals. Note: I haven't tried any products from the line of MIO Energy Liquid Water Enhancers.

I recommend the MIO liquid water enhancers for those who want a healthier, more economic alternative to sodas. I always carry a MIO product in my backpack inside a Ziploc bag to prevent spillage. All the other products are kept in my refrigerator. They don't need refrigeration but I believe the cold environment helps maintain freshness. In this manner, one can enjoy a wide variety of flavors at the same time without worrying too much about expiration dates.

Joseph B. Hoyos
222508222508B004E4CCSQA1501C38OCSEMALiterary Wonders! "Literary Wonders!"0041329091200Good way to drink waterI was already a fan of Mio. I have tried their other flavors, but never the Peach Tea. T?his flavor is as equally good, however, its a little sweeter than the other flavors I have tried. I still think it's an excellent way to get my water in. I think Mio needs to create more flavors.
222509222509B004E4CCSQA3ITL5EYKTZTF0Tracy Marks0021329004800Too sickly sweet and loaded with chemicalsFor the past few months, I have been hooked on the delicious glaceau vitamin water zero (acai blueberry in particular), but drinking 2-3 bottles per day has been costing me $25/week and resulted in the use of too many plastic bottles.

So I decided to try MIO peach tea liquid water enhancer, which is not only less expensive and also calorie-free, it is also smaller and more portable. One easy-to-snap-closed container makes 24 servings, although those of us who use 3 or more "squirts" per glass of water may only have 15-16 servings available per bottle, at the cost of about 35 cents per glass. Still, not a bad deal, comparatively.

However, I was disappointed. Although MIO peach does have a somewhat peachy taste that is not altogether unpleasant, it is a bit sickly sweet and altogether too chemically flavored. Whereas vitamin water zero contains mostly natural fruit ingredients and 100% of a day's requirements for vitamin C, B6 and B12, MIO water enhancer has no nutritional value and is loaded with more chemicals.

Its label lists its ingredients as: malic acid, propylene glycol, citric acid, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, potassium citrate red 40, yellow 5, blue 1 (whatever that means), and potassium sorbate.

Whereas vitamin water zero contains the no-calorie natural sweetener stevia, MIO peach's ingredients include the more questionable sucralose (also known as splenda), approved by the FDA but containing chlorine and believed by some medical authorities (such as Dr. Janet Hull) to be risky in regard to cancer, diseases of the thymus gland, and weight gain.

A less expensive, also portable and more nutritious alternative to MIO water enhancers is to carry around wrapped sections of lemons which can easily flavor water, are tasty, natural and rich in vitamin c. Or at restaurants or cafes, simply ask for a slice of lemon with your drinking water. It will be more appealing to your taste buds and better for your body than artificial, chemically-based alternatives.
222510222510B004E4CCSQA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0011329004800not goodI like water but sometimes I need a little bit of flavor diversity. I tend to turn to Crystal Light or my water infuser to vary my drink selection. I was excited to try the MIO Liquid. MIO seemed like an easy way to make a beverage that had the perfect amount of flavoring. Unfortunately, I found this beverage to be lacking.

Some notes on this product:

Flavor: Do you like jello? That is what I felt like I was drinking. The liquefied version of some jello that I would not classify as peach or tea inspired. It tasted highly artificial and would not be a beverage that I would offer to a family member or friend to quench their thirst on a hot day.

Color: The color was orange. It did not resemble tea and had the appearance of jello.

Ease of use: I found this product to be burdensome. It is messy and I would never let a young child use this product. The product cannot be squirted at even a slight angle because it will splatter - clothes, the floor, hands - and stain. I was so disgusted when I first used this product and some of the product splattered onto my white vinyl floor and left huge stains. I had to scrub the floor multiple times for the MIO stains to fade.

Health impact: I tried drinking this stuff twice and on both occasions I developed headaches. I do develop migraines after consumption of certain foods and beverages but usually the food/beverage culprits contain caffeine or chocolate.

Packaging: MIO is packaged in a #7 plastic. #7 plastics are the most difficult type of plastic to recycle. Unless you live in a really progressive place that accepts #7 plastics, the product packaging will have to be pitched.

In sum, I cannot recommend MIO. The product stains flooring, does not taste like tea, possibly causes headaches, and is packaged in a plastic that is difficult to recycle.

.000001 stars out of 5

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