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222527222527B004E4CCSQA1UMSB7LAW0RIRWriter of Books - Mage - Mom to Two "Writer, ...0021328313600Awesome idea/pkg but not great flavor.I find the packaging for Mio Liquid to be awesome. It's cool looking, fits in a pocket or purse etc. I love the idea of a handy, non-fridge needing liquid that I can flavor water with easily. I drink a lot of bottled water at work and just thought this was a great little thing to keep on hand when I want some flavor. Well, it's the flavor itself that I have an issue with. It is in fact, kind of peachy, so that's good. But it's got that chemical taste. The more of this you use, the chemical flavor seems to compound. If I used too little, it was barely flavored water. If I used `enough' it didn't taste good to me.

I think that you could get away with using a little to just barely flavor water and probably enjoy it more than if you made it with a full squirt as recommended on the bottle.
222528222528B004E4CCSQA3UORBSIKQ56ZBkdea4730021328227200Didn't Enjoy ThisI don't drink calories, so am always on the lookout for tasty no-calorie (or very low calorie) drink options. While I drink about 100 oz of plain water daily, I enjoy drinking liquids that have some flavor. Diet Coke (yum! though I've almost quit drinking it) and Crystal Light are my two go-to beverages.

I thought this MIO seemed promising, since I could add it to my regular water at work. I also liked the idea of being able to add as much as I wanted, so I wouldn't be stuck with something too strong.

Unfortunately, I really don't like the flavor of it. While I am used to the artificial sweetener taste, and it usually doesn't bother me, it was noticeable in this liquid. I don't think there is any actual "peach" or "tea" in the tiny bottle.

I notice that there are lots of other flavors of MIO, and some of them have rave reviews. After trying this one, however, I'm not sure I'll be buying any of the others.
222529222529B004E4CCSQA17UNMURMLX0ZEC. Weaver0041328227200Makes a pretty good peach sodaSeems like a great idea, and I will try some more flavors.

The container is convenient to carry around
You can flavor any volume of water
Easily adjust the concentration of flavor to your liking
Hassle free mixing, no floating powder, quickly disperses in water instead if dissolving with mixing
No little packets to dispose of

Controlling the amount dispensed is fairly difficult, as you squeeze it won't come out until a powerful stream comes out, then you have to quickly stop
Artificial taste at low concentrations
No tea flavor, just peach
Fairly high cost, seems about twice that of packets putting it in the order of a can of soda (not a vending soda) about 25¢ per serving

The best use I found was using this with seltzer to make a peach soda.
You can buy carbonated water or make your own with a device such as Soda Stream.
Finally I can have a lightly flavored soda. I will be trying more flavors as a soda.
222530222530B004E4CCSQA19GSC3QMK694QColorado Hermit "ColoradoHermit"0031328140800Another pretty good drink mix from MIOI've had the Chrystal Light Peach Tea mix and didn't really care for it and it tended to leave a funny film around the neck inside the water bottle. Now this mix has a lot better flavor and doesn't have that odd trait of leaving residue or a film on the inside of the glass. The mix in the little bottle for this seems to be stronger than the mixes for the other flavors that I've tried. One of the other flavors I've tried I only got ten 12oz. glasses of mix out of it. I've just started using my bottle of the Peach Tea so I only know that I don't have to use quite as much to mix a glass of it.
I've seen where others have complained about it smelling like chlorine. All I can smell from it is Peaches. It does have a slightly odd aftertaste but that's from the tea part of it. It's NOT Peach JUICE, it's Peach TEA. So it's going to have a different flavor than juice does.
Although I kinda like this one I'm not that crazy about it. So I doubt that I will be buying any more of it anytime soon. I'm not that fond of the tea aftertaste and there's several other MIO flavored mixes that I like a lot more than this one. But if you are a tea drinker and like the herbal teas you might like this one. It would probably be better in the summer as a iced drink on a hot day. Since its winter & I'm in Colorado and we are having a snow storm at the moment, maybe I'll try a squirt or two of this in a mug of hot tea. Just to see what its like. If it works I'll come back and update this and let you know.
222531222531B004E4CCSQAUITG1DJ3QUGKE. Swope0031328140800Convenient, green, not bad tasting, but nutritionally questionableI have to say that I was initially put off by Kraft's in your face advertising for Mio. when offered the opportunity to try it, I thought i would give it a chance, as it would be something of a treat for my son to bring to school in his lunchbox.
I like that it is portable, contains no sugar or high fructose corn syrup...and that portability goes beyond the lunch box (when one thinks about the amount of money and petroleum products spent moving water all over the country). So, thinking of it more or less like sodas we gave it a try.

My initial reaction, even before I tasted it, was that it was a very pungent smell given the small amount I used (just a few drops) and I figured it must be artificial;, probably esters. the taste was cleaner/ truer than most sodas, but given that most sodas are artificial, that is nto saying much.

While kraft acts as though they are introducing this concept, my kids have long made italian sodas using Amoretti Premium Holiday Syrup 6 Pack (Chai, Cinnamon, Eggnog, Gingerbread, Nutmeg, Pumpkin Spice) - 750ml Bottles. I often do the same but using fruit juice instead, much like ORANGINA DRINK HAT ORANGE FRANCE FRENCH LARGE VINTAGE POSTER REPRO (though we can not get the lovely Sicilian bitter sweet oranges for thousands of miles around). That said, the only novel aspects of this product are the packaging, and that it is completely artificial.

When I looked up the ingredients (they are way too small to see on the packaging) here is what i found:

* Water, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, Malic Acid, Contains Less than
2% of Natural Flavor, Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium
(Sweeteners),Potassium Citrate, Red 40, Blue 1, Potassium
Sorbate (Preservative).

at least 2 of the above are listed as potential carcinogens.
In fact, having spent quite a bit of my graduate school years understudying the only non-MD ever admitted to the American college of physicians and surgeons, for her work on non-nutrative sweeteners, i know wnough to avoid them like the plague, and did not know there was sucralose in this porduc or I likely would not even have tried it.

That said, we live pretty healthy. My kids usually drink mineral water or milk and have smoothies or shakes as treats, so I would consider this an occasional lapse. It is something i would let them have on a very irregular basis. Really, I do not want toi get anywhere near the "danger levels" (if we even know what those are) with this product.

I have long hoped (and still do) that amazon would add nutritional information, or at the very least ingredients to their packaged food listings. If you came looking for this information, it is towards the top of my review.
Note: less than 2% natural flavoring, and a stew of chemicals. gggole this and you will see that virtually every organization involved in food has given this a d or f for nutrition. I unfortunately know form experience that a lot of people just do not care about this.

In sum:
The taste is truer, stronegr than most sodas.
It is a convenient package which is environmentally sounder than most (both in terms of packaging and transportion costs, petroleum involvement).
Nutritionally, it is as bad as any product out there, save for the absence of salt 7 fat.
2% natural = 98% chemical.
222532222532B004E4CCSQA31RULW0KNYJ5HLA0041328140800Pleasant Tasting Soda AlternativeThis is the third MIO flavor I've tried.

The taste of this one is not much different from the Peach Mango. It's definitely more of a peach flavor. I don't detect much tea in it.

Still, I find this to be pleasant and refreshing. Since I'm trying to get myself off diet sodas, this is a good alternative.

The one problem I've had with all the MIO flavorings I've tried is that it's not an exact science on how much to squirt into your liquid. It doesn't come out in drops but instead in a stream. I think I'd prefer drops so I had a better idea of how much I was putting into my drink.
222533222533B004E4CCSQA231LBC8EGPO5LOutlawPoet "OutlawPoet"0011328140800Not For MeFirst of all, I must admit that I was a bit mistaken as to the product. I kept seeing the words "Peach Tea" and thought I was buying some sort of Tea.

There is no "tea" about this product. This is a "Water Enhancer" - basically something to flavor your water so that you, ostensibly, will want to drink more of it.

More disappointing, when you check the ingredients, there is no peach listed anywhere. Instead, you get a laundry list of chemicals and dyes that taste like...are you ready...chemicals and dyes.

I'll take plain old water over this any time!
222534222534B004E4CCSQA34DQINHT6NYJUK. Isserman "Kisserman"0031328140800MIo Peach TeaI actually decided to try this product before Vine sent me one. My first purchase was at Target where I compared the price of the generic Crystal Light price to this. The generic price was less. BTW Target's price on this is less than Amazon's. But I bought this because a work colleague thought this was a better product than the powder as it travels better-agreed, and you can add it to a bottle or a single glass-the powder has single packets too, and it gives you the choice of adding as much or little as you want- the jury is out on this last point.

As I continue to use this, I will let the buyer know if I can get 24 servings out of the container as advertised on the small bottle. The squeezing takes some practice as with any hard plastic bottle. My squeezes were inconsistent from one glass to another. The peach tea tasted like peach but not peach tea. I have yet to try the berry pom which I bought at Target. I also would not put a flip top in a purse or briefcase to carry as it may spill. If one does not secure the top with a final click, it is not closed. A screw cap may have been a better choice.
I do like the small bottle, but is the price worth the extra plusses? In my opinion only as a convenient travel drink, not as an every day replacement to powder. There are so many inexpensive powders that compete with Crystal Light that taste good. Mio is a great novelty, but not a replacement as an every day drink.
222535222535B004E4CCSQA2XA8CW5DF4MNZIron Man "JON"0051328140800Great tasting water enhancerI drink a lot of water, especially during workouts and while at work. Before getting the MIO, I have never heard of a "specific brand" water enhancer before. The closest thing I could compare to enhancing your drinking water was adding a slice of lemon in some restaurants and that was it. Getting a chance to try this gave me a different perspective of water in its variety all together. The MIO water enhancer gives a dash of creativity in the way you drink this life-giving liquid. Adding a few squirts of the MIO Peach Tea to a glass of water gives it flavor that one can tolerate. It just gives it a sweet flavor for your to enjoy water in a different way. I like the fact that it is free from Caffeine, Fat, Calories, Sodium and all other stuff that you may find from drinking other not so healthy beverages. It is artificially sweetened with Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium, which after doing a bit of research, are both non-caloric sweeteners. In fact, Sucralose is actually Splenda so you do not need to concern yourself about caloric intake when it comes to drinking your MIO-enhanced H2O. Overall a pleasant and new experience in the way you drink water.
222536222536B004E4CCSQASF0R1CMSF26FA. Burke0041328054400Cool concept with an "OK" tasteMIO's concept is quite cool. Basically, these are small 1.6-ouce squirt bottles which you can store pretty much anywhere - a cabinet, a desk drawer, a backpack, etc. - and you squirt them into water to create a flavored drink. In this case, it's "peach tea" flavored and you put in one squirt for every 8 ounces of water. It's extremely convenient to just grab a bottle of water, throw two squirts of this stuff in, shake it up, and enjoy.

But more importantly, does it taste good? Well... it taste OK. Nobody would mistake it for fresh Peach Tea, but it is somewhat palatable. I didn't notice the "chemical" aftertaste that other reviewers have mentioned, but it definitely does come across as artificially flavored. Based on other reviewers comments, it seems like there is wide range of opinions on the taste (as you would probably expect). So if you're looking for a convenient way to have flavored water anytime, then it's probably worth at least trying this product.
222537222537B004E4CCSQA13WOT3RSXKRD5LD0041328054400This is better than Mango PeachI found that the Mango Peach was sweeter but had an artificial sweetener after-taste. The tea flavor at the end of the Peach Tea masks that after taste. I believe that if you want a strong taste you have to use more of the product and that means fewer servings. I like the product but the cost seems high.
222538222538B004E4CCSQA1KEK09ZA6J9P8Colleen M. Schneider0031328054400a little too tart.....I've tried several of the mio flavors and my favorite by far is the mango peach, so I was anxious to try the peach tea. Hubby and I both tried it today and we came to the same conclusion. The perfect blend of sweetness didn't come through on this one and it left a bit of a sharpness or bitter taste. Out of all the flavors I would say this one is the least favorite and I would not purchase this one. I'll most likely use up what I have, but it won't be on the grocery list. I do, however recommend the peach mango and I found the sweet tea to be pretty good as a second choice.
222539222539B004E4CCSQA2JAEZ0FMAMJVWA. Helfer0021328054400Not my glass of tea *rimshot*I was intrigued by these new "flavor enhancers," so I took the opportunity to try one out. I like peach tea, so I chose the Mio "peach tea" liquid.

The bottle is pretty small. The lid snaps securely in place. It has a pinprick nozzle -- if you squeeze it with any force, it will shoot a thin jet of liquid with considerable force.

I squirted a little into a glass of cold, filtered water.

I can't say I was impressed. While the product purports to use "natural flavor with other natural flavor," whatever that means, this Kraft Foods liquid does not taste much like peach tea to me. It tastes like a peach-flavored Jolly Rancher® circa 1982. I got no tea flavor at all.

I tried differing amounts of the Mio to see if I was simply using too much. But that wasn't it. Using less resulted in a watery drink without much flavor. It just doesn't taste like peach tea. It is reminiscent of peach candy with a somewhat odd aftertaste. It's not quite the same as the artificial sweetener aftertaste of diet soda, but it's in the same ballpark. Worse, the aftertaste lingered for several minutes.

Your mileage may vary. Some people may like this. To me, however, it tastes like a scientific counterfeit of peach.
222540222540B0051COPGCA50YT0YIW7O9SHarpseal0051336348800Great flavor!My son absolutely loves this flavor! Great quality and love the packaging! Great for on the go and was a great price on sale!!!
222511222511B004E4CCSQA3CG6YLYZJXQG4Tracy Rowan "dargelos"0041328918400Good flavorI've tried several of the MiO flavors now, and the peach and peach-mango are the two best. I can only assume it's because the company got the peach flavor pretty close to right. Either way, I'd recommend this if you're looking for a way to flavor your water sans calories. It's a reasonably good, clean flavor and the artificial sweetener isn't overwhelming.

MiO is a handly little product; you can carry it with you to sweeten and flavor water anywhere, and the price isn't bad considering how many servings you get. All things considered, you could do far worse for yourself.
222512222512B004E4CCSQA16YU3GRGCD95STheresa M. Studer "Terra57"0051328918400My Favorite!Of all the MIO flavors the Peach Tea has to be my favorite. I have tried some of the other but this just has the wow factor to it for me at least. A nice peachy tea flavor that you can make stronger of weaker according to how much you add to your water bottle.

I love the small convient packaging so that it fits in my purse and I have it no matter where I go. If a restaurant doesn't have what I want to drink then I just ask for cold water and add this to make my meal more enjoyable. So so easy,

The price is actually better than the powdered drink add ins and I swear they have a funny taste and don't mix as good as this does. Just a few drops and your actually doing what the doctors would tell you most. Drink lots of water. That you cheat a bit with MIO great products doesn't hurt any. I was ever so happy to see this and hopefully it will be around for quite some time.
222513222513B004E4CCSQA27L5L6I7OSV5BAlex Nennig "al27"0051328918400Perfect for my friend...I think these little MIO guys are pretty great, but what I really wanna tell everyone about is why I got some of them for a friend.

I have a buddy who's wife is always on him to drink water, since he's had issues with kidney stones in the past. Problem is, he hates drinking straight water, he doesn't like the taste, and says it makes him gag when its too cold. Hey, I don't get it either, but if that's how he feels then that's how he feels.

So in the interest of keeping him from having to pee out any more gravel and to please his wife, I passed along a few of these to him. He says its WAY better than drinking straight water, and due to their small size, keeps one in his coat pocket as well as in his car so they're always on hand. I'm sure its not as great for his kidneys as just drinking straight water, but I'm very sure its a LOT better than him drinking coffee and soda all the time. His wife likes them too.
222514222514B004E4CCSQA4D5B7Q8A7PA6Vynny "Vynrod"0021328918400Chemicalicious!I enjoy the Strawberry Watermelon MIO from time to time and really thought peach tea sounded even more lovely. Sadly this one tastes and smells insanely like some weird chemical concoction that suggests instead I should be using to it clean something with. And there's this bitter after-taste which is still haunting my mouth some twenty minutes later.

It's not tea and it's definitely not peach. Wow - avoid.
222515222515B004E4CCSQA2UOHALGF2X77QD. Hentze0041328832000I like itI've tried two different flavors of Mio. Peach Tea, and Mango Peach. To be honest, they both taste almost identical to me, but I like them. This stuff is potent. After adjusting the amount used, I got it to where I really like it. Less is definitely better. The flavor isn't all that natural tasting, but it is very pleasant when you don't use too much. I highly recommend you start out with only a drop or two, until you reach your desired level of flavor. I like MIO Peach Tea, but I only recommend it if you're a fan of fruity diet drinks. If you're more of a juice drinker, and/or someone that does not like diet soft drinks, you may want to look elsewhere.
222516222516B004E4CCSQA1GNYV0RA0EQSSSl Judge "gatormomz"0041328745600I like the flavor!We have tried a few of the MIO liquids. So far, I have enjoyed them all. It has helped get the kids/teens to drink more water. The Peach Tea is exactly what you would expect - Peach Tea. It is not overly "peachy", so don't think that this is a very sweet flavor. Much easier to use than those packets of flavors that are hard to open, don't mix well with the water and leave a mess. We enjoyed it! The only downside there is to this product is that I feel it is expensive for what you get.
222517222517B004E4CCSQA23GS4UGLQBG2VC. Boudreau0041328572800Another good tasting MiOOf the 3 MiO flavors that I've tried, Peach is my favorite. I'm generally not a big fan of peach flavored anything, but this is good. Not surpringly, it tastes a lot like their peach mango.

As with all the MiO's, the biggest negative is that it is hard to get a consistent amount of mix. It is next to impossible to measure it with a spoon. Short of that, it is a matter of how hard you squirt. Two strong squirts is the best guess I have.
222518222518B004E4CCSQA3TP31S61PPE3GAlexJouJou0051328572800Sweet but not overly so and easy to use!The Peach Tea Mio has a great taste - very much similar to other low or no calorie beverages on the market. It is easy to get the amount right for the water and you can vary it depending on how you feel. I found I did not need as much of this particular type of Mio as I did of the Sweet Tea type to achieve the same result. I'm not sure why that is.

I like this option better, in some ways, than the individual packets since they are a one size fits all. The Mio container is small enough to slip into a purse but I have not done it since I'm worried something will knock it and it will open and spill all over. That is the only downside - it is convenient to have around but perhaps not as portable as I'd like. It works great for the office.
222519222519B004E4CCSQA3FMPT5IH0CJ50Lindsey0021328486400Not A Great TasteThe concept is pretty cool. Customize the amount of flavor in your water. What's not to like? Maybe it is just the peach tea flavor, but I found that I just could not get a good balance. It is mostly peach flavored, but the tea portion means that in lower quantities, it has a weird lacking taste. In larger quantities, it is too overwhelming peach a artificial sweetener. I didn't enjoy this at all. I had hoped the kids would enjoy this flavor, but they didn't enjoy it either. Bummer. (The kids like to order water at restaurants and add drink mix to it since they don't like soft drinks very much. This just didn't do it for them.)

I do like the little container. It is small and discreet. So, when you are adding it to a glass of water at a restaurant, it isn't like you're pulling out some giant container to use. I also didn't have any leaking issues (which I worried about) in my purse.
222520222520B004E4CCSQA2H667ZUNLNTF1Wendi Barker "Wendi's Book Corner & What Wend...0031328486400Great Concept, Handy and Portable but Very SweetTo be frank, I love the concept of the MIO Liquid flavors (I tried the Peach Tea), and really wanted to be able to give it 5 stars and recommend it to everyone, but it fell a bit short of that wish.

The bottles are small and will fit in your purse or coat pocket really nicely (love this). For me, a very small amount was more than enough for a strong glass of Peach Tea... the problem came when I drank the Peach Tea. At first I loved the taste, but then the artificial sweet flavor took over and I ended up pouring it out. Wanting to give the MIO Peach Tea Flavoring another chance, I even tried adding it to Club Soda as I love flavored seltzer waters. I had the same problem - the sweet is still too artificial and really takes over.

I think MIO is on the right track, but maybe instead of being 0 calories and using artificial sweeteners they could use REAL sugar and have a concentrated flavor without the sickeningly sweet fake/chemically taste.

In short:
- Handy, compact size
- You choose how much to use, so you can vary the strength of your drink
- A little goes a long way
- Good alternative to plain drinks for some dietary concerns
- Initial taste is great, but then the artificial sweetness takes over
222521222521B004E4CCSQA1ODOGXEYECQQ8Nuknuk0031328486400Make your own flavored waterPutting flavor on regular water really depends on one's preference. I am curious and very intrigued with this new product that I tried the following three flavors: Peach-mango, sweet tea and peach tea. Out of the three, I prefer sweet tea the best as it tastes closer to the real kind than peach tea and peach-mango. Although I prefer water in its plain form, the taste is not far from ready-to-drink flavored water available commercially. If you like those, it might worth to try as you more control in what flavor and much flavor you want to put in your water.

Mio is very concentrated "water enhancer" - I never heard of those words until now. A small bottle can be used 24 times. The plastic bottle has a unique way of dispensing, it will not leak unless you squeeze the bottle for a squirt - one squirt, one serving, and one squirt is enough for a 6- to 8-ounce glass of water. Of course you can squirt more it depends how squirt happy you are. The amazing thing is that even if I don't stir it, just letting it stands for 20 seconds and the flavor spreads.

It uses the artificial sweetener called Sucralose, whose scientific name is Splenda (OK, I probably have mixed them up). Anyway, it is 600 times sweeter than sugar and has 0 calorie. Mio is also gluten-free.
222522222522B004E4CCSQA2GL934UT3XENHJuli E Ocean "The SilverPen Reviewer"0051328400000Just Peachy MIO Peach TeaSince the first time I tried the MiO liquid water enhancement products, I've tried other flavors: Berry Pomegranate, Strawberry Watermelon and now PeachTea. I like how fast and easy it is to use these. I've gotten used to filling my water bottle at work squeezing the bottle for a second, and then presto, it's ready to drink.
I have one in my desk there, and one I carry in my lunch box. They are a convenient size, caffeine free and full of flavor. All the flavors are equally good, and the Peach Tea is a welcome addition to this family.
222523222523B004E4CCSQA6X1O3A5C5FX1SMB0021328400000Not a fan.Truth be told, I'm exceptionally hard to please with water flavor enhancers. I typically think they taste way too "chemically" and often fail to taste like they intend.

The MIO Liquid Peach Tea is not an exception. The peach taste is absolutely all you get, and its assaulting. It is not a "day at the beach, little umbrella in your glass with some ice" memory flashback. Using the recommended dose, It is an over-powering sickly sweet peach flavor that is not very reminiscent of warm summer days, or tea in any capacity.

After you get over your initial shock of the extreme sweetness, you may then note the acidic aftertaste of the chemicals used to acquire the peach'y goodness. Although I recognize I may be overly critical and many may not be as judgmental as I am, for my personal palette - this tea is just too harsh.

I was under the impression this would be a water flavor enhancer, not a water flavor obliterator.

On second thoughts however, with something this strong - I believe it will do well in places where you are desperately trying to mask the flavor of impure water. Overseas the water in Iraq and Afghanistan is reportedly considered notoriously bad so I think MIO Liquid Peach Tea would be loved with open arms.
222524222524B004E4CCSQACJ9N7ED37HXSkstars "truth-seeker"0051328313600great with great packagingThese are great drinks. I put 2 long squirts into 24oz with ice. The sweet tea is more sweet than tea, the peach is nice, and the mango-peach is very very nice. Keep in mind, those are my taste buds.

They are liquid, and have a cap that is attached. The connection to the bottle seems a bit frail, but it has not come off.

The package is sealed very well; however, one out of three bottles I got had leaked through the seal. I believe these must be boxed, because envelopes invite crushing.

I really like these drinks. They last 2 months opened, no refrigeration; however, anything sweet goes in my fridge.

What is also good about these drinks is that they have a little color, but not enough to stain my clothing, as my sippy cup leaks sometimes.

Nice product; needs improvement.

UPDATE: The product bottle is more durable than I had anticipated. These drinks have been my mainstay to stay hydrated throughout the day. I even dilute the product because I drink it all day. Green Apple and Black Cherry from the store are wonderful too. I am sold on these water flavorings. Sweet Tea was my favorite from the batch I got from Amazon.
222525222525B004E4CCSQA3CA3RWZYJDWXEBJ Fraser0051328313600Flavor on the GoSomething I never thought of before is why they only put Kool-Aid or Crystal Light in pre-measured packets. It wold be much more convenient sometimes, like at the office or on vacation, to be able to make just one glass instead of having to make 2 quarts or however much it is for Crystal Light "singles" pouches.

Mio Liquid gives you that kind of flexibility. Just squirt one shot per 8oz of water and instantly your water has some flavor in it. And if you're like me you might want to add more than one shot per 8oz just to make it stronger.

Overall I can't find anything to say negatively about the product. The liquid is less messy than powders and no worrying about any residue left at the bottom. The taste is pretty much the same as Crystal Light or sugar free Kool-Aid. And really the flexibility of being to add just as much as I want would make it a better buy than powdered stuff.

That is all.
222526222526B004E4CCSQAN81JUYW2SL24Charlie0041328313600Simple to use, tastes greatMIO Liquid Peach Tea

A co-worker showed me her MIO Berry drink and how it worked, and that got me thinking about trying the MIO liquid peach tea. The packaging is very small, so it fits in a lunch bag or pocket of a back pack without taking up much room, and it is very secure. The valve used to dispense the fluid is similar to the valve used in Heinz upside-down ketchup bottles, the ones that require quite a bit of force to squeeze out and does not leave a mess.

I found that 4 or 5 squirts into a 16 oz water bottle was enough to provide a good tasting drink. The Liquid Peach Tea tastes just like peach tea, but with a strong hint of citric acid. My co-worker's berry drink contained some Vitamins, and we noticed that there was also an Energized version of MIO. This liquid peach tea was just a regular MIO water enhancer, no extra vitamins or caffeine is added.

Overall: 4/5, easy to use, tastes good, but the actual metering is variable - just use as much as you feel is needed

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