Amazon Fine Food Reviews

222564222564B004PYREHOAY22VOIZDC2RHProdreviewer1131331078400Not Much IntensityI was making a very special cake from scratch with different colored buttercream frostings and fondant decorations for my granddaughter's 16th birthday. I had a really nice set of gel colors Ateco 1112 12-Color Food Coloring Kit but I wanted to use some neon colors as well. I was thinking of lime green, pink, and purple but on the neon side. I found these neon colors at wal-mart but when I tried use them to color a bowl of vanilla buttercream frosting a pale orange, drop after drop I couldn't get much color to show in the frosting. Rather than dilute my recipe with a whole tube of gel color, I switched back to my Ateco colors which tinted the frosting after a couple drops. Then I tried to color some fondant neon purple and again had to resort to the regular purple from my Ateco set. I'm not sure what I'll do with these tubes of gel color now. Maybe I'll try them in whipped cream or a white cake batter. Possibly they might work in a smaller batch of frosting.
222565222565B003UPWISEA1PVRRRP45F39NSoCali "So Cal"0051280448000Dieters TeaGreat Item received, just like the local asian markets, just convenient since none are close by where I live.

This product is also used by my husband and son for the occasional constipation, cleans everyone right the first time. Plus this product is non habit forming, great, great product. Highly Recommended!
222566222566B000HDMWR4AL0LKRWOYZY4DV. K. Feldman4451215820800True Oyster CrackerThese OTC crackers are truly the best-- I grew up with them, but find them hard to find locally. So glad I thought to check with Amazon!
222567222567B000HDMWR4A28TBJQ8SU7XFHVox3341259712000The BEST Oyster Crackers Made!The title says it all, but the down fall is the quantity you must order since no single family would use them up by their expiration date.
222568222568B000HDMWR4A124U1TNAOHZP6A. Nice2241213056000Good but larger than your standard oyster crackerWas surprised to see how large these crackers are. Not your typical oyster cracker size. Would be great to break over soup or salad but at our wine tasting bar I'm afraid they are too big. Good flavor though.
222569222569B000HDMWR4AIDQYKOSO65T1J. Murphy1121306281600Glad to find OTC's, but...Like others, I grew up with OTC's. Received the shipment and it was full of stale crackers. Contacted Amazon and they shipped another order. They were stale also. Would not order again. I'll wait until I go back to Jersey and visit Allen's Clam Bar (in Tuckerton/New Gretna area) to get the real deal.
222570222570B000HDMWR4A76S7B6HB6Y0CSteve>601151299974400Glad to have a trusted source
222541222541B0051COPGCA1G794K4KUWHNWcoffee bean lover "coffee"0051333584000Daughter loves itThese organic pouches I believe are less sweet than others. They are on the pricier side but I got them on sale when they offered a coupon on Amazon so they were affordable. if they were not so expensive I would get more of them. I do not like that the pouch opening is on the side but I think that they are not meant to be eaten out of the pouch like the other types like earths best or plum organics which have spout on top which my daughter is use. They are also bigger pouches than most other types. My daughter is a pretty picky eater but she seemed to love them. She was hesistant at first of eating them but after a couple times she went for them when she saw them.
222542222542B005Y4222GA1ZRW996LZG98POmi0111323648000Not really Aachener PrintenAmazon should take the words "Aachener Printen" out of the description. "Aachener Printen" was what I was looking for and all I received (must say the shipping was incredible fast) were european chocolate cookies. So, I will pay more attention next time. Much dissappointment.
222543222543B004W4ZYZQA3POAWC2JPQQQPme0051333152000Pricy, but at least ORGANICMy local grocery store (even the closest Whole Foods to me) doesn't sell ORGANIC lemons, so buying these lemons on was a good choice. I might of had 3 or 5 "bad" lemons.... but then again it-s a box of 35-38 pounds of lemons, so that's bound to happen.
222544222544B003V019RYA23WYON5O3314Zpicky mom4451304294400finally!I have bought Dr. John's xylitol pops before but wondered why they didn't make a them without artificial colors and flavors. Here they are! Delicious and good for your teeth. They don't last long in my house.
222545222545B003V019RYA3F7I8SIRON6BFChattyCathy "Holistic RN"3351317772800Tastes the same as sugar without the problemsThe low carb world has many options. These suckers were my choice for Halloween last year. The kids loved them. The only glitch was I had a few that were not consumed and they softened after 9 months...still tasted great. I highly recommend them
222546222546B003V019RYALHVV0IY30V5Qsilvercloud1141334966400niceGood tasting candy ,but sticks need improvement (shredding w/ saliva) ~ flavorful ,but annoying ~ plastic reinforced sticks might be helpful
222547222547B003V019RYAJTJJ05JZZN8TGlen Carl Vorster1151332979200Brilliant Sweets!Been looking for natural xylitol sweets for some time now. These are wonderful. I have a daughter who cannot have sugar and this is a wonderful treat. All three of my kids give rave reviews.
222548222548B003V019RYA1EVWW8R086IGXred300zx0021350777600icky sweetIf you like really sweet lollys then these would be the best by far for you. For me, they were just too sweet. The positive is that you just cannot believe they are sugar free!!!
222549222549B003V019RYAXLXE8WL6JFY6Mswilk0051348704000Great for the diabeticThis suckers have been great for the diabetic in my house. They offer flavor and has ben a great item to have around when the sweet tooth hits.
222550222550B003V019RYALFSGEPUBGLK1alibear0041346025600Very tasty...but pricey!I discovered these because my daughter's dentist gives them out to his patients (children's dentist). I didn't know anything about Xylitol and was a bit skeptical about it. So I researched it and learned that it's just a natural sweetner, that's actually good for teeth! A mother's dream come true! And they taste really good! I gave it 4 stars, however, because with the outrageous shipping, they are pricey for the amount you get. The bag these came in is about the size of a medium ziploc bag.
222551222551B003V019RYA1C4OY7IPROH6Mapricot's mom0021345161600not sweet enoughThey might be good for teeth, but not sweet enough to be substitute of regular lollipop, my kids don't get sastisfied with it, even though I am criticized for not allowing my kids to get used to sugary foods, still this lollipop did not work, so will not buy again.
222552222552B003V019RYA1EN3JW3VA2U0ERachelleL0041335484800Great SuckersOur dentist recommended Xylitol suckers or gum for our daughter who gets cavities really easily. We opted for the suckers and we are very happy with them. They could probably be a little more flavorfull, but we love the fact that they are sugar free and feel good about giving them to our children.
222553222553B003V019RYA2XYCGH97FSKNROutdoor mom21111305158400Not for kids with crownsI loved the idea of these lollipops, since we have had some big problems with my 5-year old and tooth decay. She has a crown on one tooth, and the lollipop instantly stuck to the crown, with a very upset child! I used some water to extract the lollipop, but we will not be using these again. They may be suitable for kids without crowns, but I imagine they will still be very sticky to teeth.
222554222554B003FQLEO2ARJ66FYA1331JJohn Smith "Movie Guy"0051336608000MmmmmI love sour stuff. This isn't TOO sour but still gets the job done. Good chewy candy. Arrived faster than expected too.
222555222555B008GQ2JPOA2E50PIYVI7ESEManga "Rembetes"1151348876800Great for people with Fructose MalabsorptionThis is pure glucose, which to me is the "good" sugar.

I have IBS caused by fructose malabsorption, so I can't eat regular sugar, high-fructose corn syrup or other items containing fructose (honey, dried fruits, apples, etc.). I've been using dextrose to replace regular sugar in recipes. As a result, I can still eat my favorite baked good and all of my stomach problems have gone away.

Dextrose is not as sweet as regular sugar, so you may need to use more dextrose in your recipes. I was worried this would increase the calories in my baked good and cause me to gain weight, but it hasn't. In fact, I've lost 12 pounds in the six weeks since I cut fructose out of my diet.

If you looking at dextrose as a way of reducing the fructose in your diet, I recommend reading The Sugar Fix: The High-Fructose Fallout That Is Making You Fat and Sick
222556222556B0002QF1COA21KF7IRXLV5R6steve'o "stevemacqueen"7751196985600Here's the real deal, best darn chili in the world!Here's the real deal, best darn chili in the world!
I've lived in four different states and visited another 40, and each place I've visited I've tried their chili.

"Wolf Brand Chili" is the best chili to be found, and should be in every kitchen. It's got a thick hearty body, full taste made for a real western fan, infact "Wolf Brand" is as western as John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.

I don't care if your driving a cab in New York City, or cutting trees in the South Carolina pines you deserve to give yourself the best of the best.
So listen to a Texan who knows his chili, "You've got an empty kitchen if you don't have at least one can of Wolf Brand Chili."
222557222557B0002QF1COAH09PULJAQFIBEric B Hendricks1151318377600Best canned chili I have foundI have never rated anything on Amazon before, but I was very impressed by this chili. I have tried many different canned chilies and have found most of them are like a bland bean soup. My favorite before trying Wolf's was Amy's vegetarian (and I am NOT a vegetarian) just because it had some flavor. You can't get any better chili unless you make it yourself.
222558222558B000F4ET58AMAI5OW9O3GSBmom744411284076800disappointedi had bought these crackers at the store and loved them. they were so crispy. when i began eating the ones i purchased on, they were not crispy. so, i emailed the company with the date code and it turns out they were manufactured over a year ago and were outdated in 10 days! 12 packs of expensive crackers that were outdated in 10 days! UGH!!!!!! never again!!!!!!
222559222559B000F4ET58A3PLS6U0V96JY7C. Palmatier3341195689600Plain ones are boringThese are great crackers, and I wanted a variety to try them all. Only thing is, you get these really boring plain ones in the case--three packages of them! Oh well, next time I'll know better . . .
222560222560B000F4ET58A35B7CDZ3DHUMZChuck Willow "Willow"2251200182400Brown Rice Crackers - Wheat and Gluten FreeThis is a great product for those of us with wheat and gluten allergies. It's crunchy, has great flavor, and a real treat. I eat them with soups, chili, and crunch them up and use them as a breading for meat. These crackers fit into my whole and natural foods list. We purchase the assorted for variety, but my favorite is Tamari Sesame. You won't be disappointed with the taste or the price.
222561222561B000F4ET58AANBR96F8067Apinkwiggy1111317600000Stale.Love Mary's Gone crackers, but hate the price. Trying to be thrifty, I decided to switch to these; I have bought this brand of crackers before, from local grocery stores. After they arrived I opened up the first package, blecchh. Out of date. Tossed the package, figured it was a one-off. Next package, same thing. third package, ditto. Don't think I am going to test my luck further. I looked into returning them, but as they are a food item, they cannot be returned. I have subscribe and save for a number of gluten-free foods, this is the first and hopefully only) time I have receieved something in-edible. Back to Mary's from now on.
222562222562B000F4ET58A3FJR4UJ07BZSUVickie S. Chapman0031346112000Not my favorite flavoesBrown rice snaps are great, but I didn't care for any of the flavors in this assorted pack. My favorites are cheddar and black sesame, which are both EXCELLENT.
222563222563B004PYREHOA31HFL2LSFRFWWMary Spradling4441313625600Great colorBought these because we couldn't find these colors locally. They were for my granddaughter's 5th birthday party. She wanted to make her own cupcakes. The colors were very bright and they were a big hit with the kids

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