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222601222601B000Z8Z8DQAL5R4N10IKSX3M. FritzMiller0051341360000I'm not a dentist, nor do I play one on TVI am not going to review why Xylitol is great or beneficial. I am not going to comment on the effects of chewing gum to reduce cavities, lose weight, catch the eye of the person on the subway you are attracted to, or eliminate planters warts on the bottoms of your feet. I will not go into the wonders of this gum, and how I keep packs in my desk at work, in my car, and under my pillow for those late night cravings.

However, I will state that this is a great price to pay for twenty packs of this gum. In the stores, this gum runs about $2 a pack. The price I paid through Amazon is less than 75 cents per pack. I no longer have to feel guilty when I take that second piece because sometimes one piece just isn't enough.

This is a great, guilt free, chemical free, wonderful tasting and long lasting gum. If there were just some way to harness the power from gum chewers' jaws into a clean energy...
222602222602B000Z8Z8DQA3OO14O8Q3F4CJTrisha0051336608000fresh and good flavorI got the gum because my dentist recommended it to keep cavities at bay. It arrived quickly and was in good condition. The gum was fresh and had a good cinnimon flavor. The intense flavor didn't last any longer than most gum. I'm chewing it after meals when I am not near a toothbrush and during the day when I would normally reach for a snack. So far I have no complaints but I have not been to a dentist to see if there is a difference in my teeth condition.
222603222603B000Z8Z8DQA1E807WCM1PUPamazonop0051334793600love it!I bought these because I am addicted to gum and I need all natural gum because the crap they put in regular gum is super bad for you...I am not sure if Xylotol really helps your teeth like they say...but if your looking for an all natural sugar free gum that tastes great and won't give you headaches, this stuff does the trick...I will buy again and again...
222604222604B000Z8Z8DQA30QLM9JFRERC5jlpohl0051319328000Great Deal and Good for You!This gum contains xylitol, a sugar that the "good" bacteria in your mouth like, so they can thrive and can help you avoid cavities. One piece chews down pretty small and loses its flavor fairly quickly but I only chew it to clean my mouth. It does its job and this pack is a good deal because you would find 1 pack for .99$ in stores.
222605222605B000Z8Z8DQAYMHHTBVA0WHXSunshine0051319328000Perfect!This gum is awesome! Love that it doesn't contain all those bad-for-you chemicals that most gums have in them! The individual packages are fabulous and don't take much space in my purse.
222606222606B000Z8Z8DQA1M1D1KIF7YUEDErin Leland0051319155200Best Gum EverThere's really nothing else to say. I'm a gum chewer. It suits my needs and is better for me than other gums. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good gum.
222607222607B000Z8Z8DQA3SWV1SYADVTBVJulia0041317340800Eliminates bad breath, tastes great, handy packagingI was researching dental health one day and found lots of evidence proving how great xylitol is for oral health and teeth (although it is deadly for dogs so beware of leaving it lying around and don't litter! Unfortunately, over the counter gums have other ingredients that counteract or nullify xylitol's positive effects.

Spry is a great example of a gum that is really pure in its delivery of xylitol. If you get into the habit of chewing a piece or two after you eat (I prefer chewing two pieces at a time to extend the flavor) it's meant to eliminate the bad bacteria in your mouth and prevent acidic foods from doing damage, leading to staining and cavities on your teeth. Plus, Spry is very inexpensive!

An added benefit I noticed is that it increases salivation, which is very good for me since I am prone to having a somewhat dry mouth.

I love the peppermint flavor- this gum doesn't give you an aftertaste and leaves my mouth and breath fresher than they've ever been in my life. I agree with other reviewers that the gum does lose the majority of flavor after a few minutes of chewing, but it's not unpleasant until about 30 minutes into chewing, which is better for your jaw anyway. I have not had any abdominal discomfort at all from chewing this gum.

I highly recommend this product
222608222608B000Z8Z8DQA6Z70N6L1XSC4electriczipper0051314316800Xylitol sweetened Gum.Good product! If you are set on chewing gum this is the stuff. You can feel the difference, teeth stay cleaner between brushings. Sugar sweetened gum will degrade your dental health if you are a constant gum chewer like me. I just hope they don't find out something seriously wrong with xylitol down the road. ;)
222609222609B000Z8Z8DQA3R33KMESG0XGQromevi0031313712000Good, but could last longer.I'm a gum fanatic, but usually I'm used to the sugary versions, or else the very minty alternatives. I'm trying Spry for the first time, and I think it's a fantastic gum, but I feel the flavor runs out very quickly, and it also comes in very small portions. The packaging is also frustrating, because I'm used to pushing into the tab for the gum to come out, but the packet that actually holds the gum is small compared to the sleeve, so you have to shake it out.
222610222610B000Z8Z8DQA111W7L1E3NQZTBaloo0041312329600Good for you but doesn't last longI like Spry because I know it's good for me, but the gum size is meager, and the flavor, while good, doesn't last long. So I pop in two pieces at a time and just enjoy it while I can. I kind of assume that the reason it doesn't last is because it doesn't have a lot of the nasty chemicals in it to preserve it, so I am willing to accept the tradeoff for better health!
222611222611B000Z8Z8DQA1BG0O5PPMW69SPratham Brashe0031310256000Not very greatThis product has xylitol in it and its useful/good for your teeth, I get it. But, at the end of the day I chew gum to freshen my breath up. The flavor of Spry lasts only for 3-5 minutes. Then you are basically chewing on flavorless gum. You need to chew atleast 2 at a time to feel the flavor. This product might be good for your teeth if used extensively but honestly I think its overrated. You will do as well with any sugarless gum like Trident, which has xylitol too and lasts much longer. Not to mention that its expensive too as compared to Trident or any other sugarless alternatives.
222612222612B000Z8Z8DQA3H6NNGCINPLECA Customer0051234915200Xlear - Spry Sugar Free Gum CinnamonThe Xlear Spry Sugar Free Gum Cinnamon is one of our favorites. It replaced Dentyne because of its non-melting hard shell and sugar free ingredient.
222613222613B000Z8Z8DQA37ZTFKGCWWHCJLeitha S. Talmage "leitha"1221210204800flavor let downAlthough the flavor is good it doesn't last very long. After the flavor leaves the gum is unpleasant to chew.
222614222614B000Z8Z8DQA37U0Y35VCINGMAl Stinkfoot Bundy0141187049600good gumThis was a good price and now i don't have buy gum again all year. It's not my favorite brand but i know it's better for your teeth than Trident and Orbit
222615222615B000Z8Z8DQA3V9VAX8X7ECT6Susan L. Weakland "Slash the Punk Lover"0251254182400Wonderful itemI will buy from this seller again and again. This item is good and good for you. Great price and fast shipping! Thank you so much.
222616222616B004IKY8FGAHVEWD30PLRWCrJaZZ1151334361600Second to none!This hot sauce is the best tasting around. I've been using this sauce for over 10yrs. It's great not only for tacos but pizzas quesadillas, nachos and more. It has the perfect hotness where u can still enjoy the flavor of your food. Highly recommended!
222617222617B004IKY8FGA1BM0YRVTX7HMRC. Brewer1151310947200Yummy sauce that is my favoriteThis sauce is my absolute favorite. It goes well with beans (black or pinto), makes a tasty burrito topping, and adds a great base flavor for any tomato-based filling.

It's spicy, and I like that!
222618222618B004IKY8FGA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0041343520000Better than you might think!This is a Herdez product, which means its also a Hormel product. And while I'm
not a fan of Hormel, the Herdez subsidiary is still doing it right!

I was reluctant to try this sauce cause I had its twin brother (Chipotle) and
thought it was terrible. This stuff however has earned a place in the cabinet
for its flavor and versatility.

First of all this sauce is clearly made from fully ripened Jalapeno peppers, so
this sauce has fruity more mature flavor, rather than the alfalfa-like greenish
flavor of the unripened green jalapenos. The carrots and sugar also cut the normal
bite of the jalapenos, and give this a very mild faintly sweet flavor.

Its more complex than your typical Mexican style sauces, and the frutiness of the
chilis really shine through with a hint of lemony/herbal flavor in the background.
The consistency is also fairly thick which means its perfect for tacos, beans,
and any other Mexican dish you can think of. Also works well on burgers and as an
additive to off the shelf barbecue sauce. 4 Scovies!
222619222619B001IZJZ8OA28DIJFQ8T1QU7Bob's Opinion2251280016000Strawberry Kool-Aid ROCKS!This was my favorite drink as a kid and I still love it.'s says it all right in its name. This price is better than what you can get at the grocery store for sure...comes out to 26 cents a package; and with free shipping from Amazon Prime, it's a winner any way you look at it. The best part is I'm able to find it...all the grocery stores in my area stopped carrying strawberry for some reason, so now I'm set.

222620222620B000ALGNHIA2GHDCG0470BI3ogurek2231233273600Sounds great, but cat doesn't agreeI bought this product because of all the great reviews. I like that it's all natural and full of protein. But when I try to give it to my cat, he doesn't go crazy for it. He does like other treats like chewy or crunchy ones. I'm not sure if it's the fishy smell/taste or the form, which is light and thin flakes, that he doesn't like. I give it three stars for effort because he does eat it reluctantly.
222621222621B000ALGNHIA11R2QCEF4X8IICynthia Guillot2251175385600The best treat ever!This is the ultimate cat treat. My cat hears me opening the top of the container from the other side of the house and comes running. The light flakes just melt in her mouth. I've shared this with my friends' cat who traditionally does not like the seafood flavor however loved the kitty caviar. If you love your cat order a few cans now.
222622222622B000ALGNHIABIUK0KK3NVNTJulienne R. Sequin "Love Birmans"2251167782400I have a Birman CatMy cat is three years old and does not like any other cat treats except Kitty Kaviar, he absolutely loves it,would recommend to anyone who enjoys making their cat happy.
222623222623B000ALGNHIA3AVJCB1ZD6ZY5R. Kyle1151194998400Great gift for feline loving friends and your fish loving pudders may like it tooKitty Kaviar (or Delicious Fishes in my house) is the favored treat of my finicky felines. As long as they like fish, they're guaranteed to love KK because it is all tuna all the time. That's a good thing--no adulteration from carbs that cats cannot assimilate anyway. Kitty Kaviar is also a great gift for cat lovers. I recommend the smaller size for this purpose just in case their cat is not a fish fan.
222624222624B000ALGNHIA3JWR2O1MZ7VNEElizabeth Renee Blue00413501728002 out of 3 cats love itMy 3 cats are super picky treat eaters. They only like real meat. I've tried other bonito flakes and no one cared for them. With these, 2 of my cats inhale them. Its funny to watch them scarf them down. Sadly, my uber picky cat didn't go for the flakes. I'm still searching for something that comes out of a bag or a container that will please the King.
222625222625B000ALGNHIA36N3H1VTDINFTDonnaD0051338336000Wonderful ProductThe cats were running all over the house trying to figure out what smelled so good when I opened the can!
222626222626B000ALGNHIAEN8159GFVTI9C. McWilliams0051333065600kaviar crazed "boys"This is the one treat that our two cats (who are 1-yr-old twin brothers) never tire of. All I have to do is tap on the lid and they forget they are cats and fly like birds to get their kitty kaviar. One has very severe issues with trust due to his rough transition from being feral to domestic (as well as possible raccoon raids on their infancy nest), but he can put that aside for the kitty kaviar. Although, he doesn't like kitty kaviar enough to go willingly into his crate like his brother does.
222627222627B000ALGNHIATK2ZR4G8IGRVTexas Time0051320624000Yummy Stuffy - Per The KittiesMy two kitty girls love this stuff. When I first got it they couldn't figure it out but the smell drew them in. When they started eating it they love it now. When I get the blue can down the two kitties come running and wait anxiously for their treat.
222628222628B000ALGNHIA1COXI0ZDBCWYNme20051303603200Cats like it but not at firstIt took about a year before the cats would gave it a try, then with in 2 month it was gone. When I first got it, they sniffed it and that was about it. Now it is like cat nip to them but more smelly. I just ordered some more, maybe it has to set for awhile & ferment when 1st opened... I know it was not as smelly when they liked it & went kokoo over it. It was more potent smelling when freshly opened.
But my cats are odd, they like sticky buns, cake, marshmallows, Mexican food & sandwiches with all the fixings besides there normal diet of Diet Eukanuba & canned cat food.
222629222629B000ALGNHIA1EFTMPP6YOX53S. Brown "sbrown"0051264118400Kitty is ADDICTEDMy cat is so finicky- there are no treats that she enjoys. I bought Kitty Kaviar a few months ago after the urging of a friend. Since then, not an hour that i'm home goes by without my cat begging for it- i know that she's begging for it because any time i get near the kitchen, she's under my feet going crazy. when it's feeding time, she has no interest in her other foods, just wants the kitty kaviar. it's at the point where she's a maniac if she doesn't get it. i'm hoping it's good for her, because she gets numerous servings per day...
222630222630B000ALGNHIAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051252022400Our Cats Say 5 Stars.We have a couple cats. One is three, the other is four. Both are very nice pets to have around the house. We feed our cats partly soft food and partly pellets. Both foods are of a somewhat expensive prescription variety because of a urinary tract blockage one of the cats developed. The cats do not seem to particularly like the food. Given the choice, they'd take Trader Joe's tuna. However, day after day, it's the same old same old. Do the cats get bored? Well, they don't show it if they do. But we try to add a few minor treats from time to time, just in case. My wife found these Kitty Kaviar things at a local pet store. Well, they smell disgusting. Somewhat like an aging fish market. However, the cats are just delighted with the treat and each small sample supplied seems to disappear almost instantly. It's an interesting product and the cats love it!

Gary Peterson

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