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222683222683B000G671SMA2MDK4CNB7SBPDmeezerlover1451319155200WOW WOW WOW!!!I haven't thought about "swine rind" in years. Just reading the reviews instantly made me so hungry for these crunchy, wonderful puffs;I will go out tomorrow and get some. One of my most vivid recollections is that of my first cousin sitting in his recliner watching TV eating "swine rind" he had just made himself, and drinking a 24 oz coca cola having the BEST time!! He was a farmer and he had raised the pig, butchered it himself, cut it up, and took the skin and made pork rinds himself. His wife was always nagging him about eating so much pork because it had so much fat; she never did any research because then she would have found how low in fat swine rinds and I didn't notice she had any problem eating pork chops (lol). I have never tasted any snack food than just the original pork rinds. So, everybody who loves pork rinds raise your right hand and yell OINK, OINK.
222684222684B000G671SMA2C6RD8GRHUH09Cathy Hayes1551233532800great giftThey where given as a Christmas presant to my father-in-law, and he really did like them. He is a hard man to buy for so when my husband saw this we thought of his dad, because he likes them. Thank you for a very nice Christmas presant for my father-in-law, because his a very good man and I like to give him something he likes.
222685222685B0017SUVVMA7B49JA8ZZ1RQD M Burke2241234051200Chrisps are good to eatIn order to get the benefits of the ingredients, I am willing to eat Crisps that are satisfactory to good in taste. For that reason, I recommend them. To me, they taste better than the White Cheese type..
222686222686B0017SUVVMA3GPYETUS7E926Sonarman1151245542400Glenny's Soy Crisps - An essential in my bookThis is my favorite snack food product. I follow a macrobiotic lifestyle (vegan, 50% - 60% whole grains, no sugar, no sugar substitutes, no hydrogenated oils, no dairy, no meat, etc.), and Glenny's Soy Crisps are one of a very few snack foods that fit the bill.
222687222687B0017SUVVMA3IN67S5R3LI7UKathleen West "Kathy"1141226188800Crunchy, Subtle Cheese FlavorGlenny's white cheddar soy crisps have a nice crunch with a hint of cheese. They are a good choice for those looking for a low-fat snack. Because they contain rice they are not a very low-carb choice, altho an improvement over other snacks. Watch the portion size, as they are smaller than one might think.
222688222688B0017SUVVMA3AIOOMJNJ18QEAnaD0041304035200One of my favorites...I would have given 5 stars if the price wasn't so high. I love these chips, but why are they so expensive??
222689222689B0017SUVVMAHS26T6Y36W8XJ. Bowen0031243814400Keep some water handyProduct has an excellent taste, but it is extremely salty. If you are on a low salt diet this product may not be for you.
222690222690B0017SUVVMA7B49JA8ZZ1RQD M Burke0021234051200ok to eat for benefits of ingredientsIn order to get the benefits of the ingredients, I am willing to eat Crisps that are satisfactory to good in taste. For that reason, I recommend them. The White Cheddar crisps are not as tasty as Barbeque crisps.
222661222661B003VZBGIGA1Y1RAB6AD7ZTDCluster Lover5911302134400Not the cereal I remember...I'm surprised to read the other reviews for this product...I was soooo excited to find my favorite Honey Nut Clusters on Amazon after searching for so long in the grocery stores where I live. I could not contain my excitement the day I knew that they would be delivered! I got home to find 3 beautiful boxes with that memorable little squirrel smiling at me... I had to have a bowl immediately!! As I poured the clusters into my bowl...I thought to myself "hmmmm...this doesn't look quite right" I procedeed with faith that it had just been so long since I had seen the cereal. As I took my first bite I knew it was too good to be true... "THESE ARE NOT THE HONEY NUT CLUSTERS I KNOW AND LOVE!!" I continued to eat hoping that I was imagining it or that it would just take a few bites to set in. But alas...Honey Nut Clusters truly do not exist anymore. This cereal is more like Honey OAT Clusters I do not see NUT Clusters. I even checked the other 2 boxes to insure that the first one was not just a bad batch. So to all those Cluster lovers out there...I am sorry...but the end is here :-( RIP Original Honey Nut Clusters!!! You will be missed!! As for those of you in search of the next best thing...Let me introduce you to Honey Graham Oh!s and you can get them at a grocery store near you!
222662222662B000SATID2A1CZKTIKZUMD1LNight Kitchen Queen "the eclectic reader"1131321142400a bit heavy on the spiceWhile I enjoy a bit of spice in my tea, the cinnamon/cassia element in this tea way overpowers the raspberry. I was hoping for something similar of the blend of fruit and spice that's in Bigelow's Constant Comment, and this tea does not have that balance. It takes a LOT of sweetening to make this tea palatable, even when not brewed overly strong. I think this tea would be really good as a base for a tea punch -- say with apple cider -- which would help cut the strong cinnamon overtone.

All in all, I'd recommend this tea if -- and only if -- you like a really strong spice flavor in your tea.

I do intend to use all that I purchased, though I'll probably cut it with another variety of tea and/or a fruit juice. I may or may not purchase it again.
222663222663B000SATID2A1MWQY88FDIX4BA. C.1151245369600mmm tastyI like it it is very tasty, and I was about to give it 4 stars because it has a lot of cloves but it might be only my personal test, because anyway it suppose to be spicy.
222664222664B000SATID2A25JUTML3R72GCmopedmom10021330905600All spice, no raspberryThis is basically a black tea with cinnamon. I cannot taste any raspberry, which is probably right because they are not even listed in the ingredients, unless you count "natural flavors". I would recommend passing on this if you hope to enjoy a raspberry tea. I would recommend passing on this in general.
222665222665B000SATID2A83N14T7FQV82S. Houston0041308700800Great Tea, Terrific DealThis is the first Davidson's Tea that I've purchased and I'm pretty happy with it. My preference in teas are those with stronger flavors. The Spiced Raspberry has a good combination of tea and spices, but you definitely will want to be careful with it. The tea tastes really good, but smell amazing. Be careful though because steeping the tea too hot, and especially too long will result in an very overpowered, bitter flavor. If this happens turn it into iced tea. This will mild it down and tastes delicious. I'm sure after I get through the entire pound of tea I will be wanting something different, but I will likely get another bag one day. Overall very happy with the tea and I will be trying other Davidson's Teas.
222666222666B000SATID2A274PCBQQTCRLVKathleen Warren0041302134400Better iced than hotThis tea smells wonderful when it brews! But for hot tea, it doesn't quite taste as good as it smells so I rated it 4 stars. I would give 4.5 if that was a possibility. It has just a little aftertaste for me. When I served it as iced tea, it was really good. The package was large, lots of loose tea, and I am looking forward to making more of this especially for the aroma and served over ice.
222667222667B000HZIIJIA3NAVE6XO1FAHUChorus of Chaos "Chorus of Chaos"2251224288000Best pre packaged Udon noodles I've hadHaving sampled a variety of both dried and instant type udon noodles I have found that Myojo's are some of the best. The noodles are always pleasantly textured and the flavor packets are tasty, but not so overpowering that you can't add things to your soup to make it a meal. (seafood, vegetables, miso, seaweed, etc) Pricing is very good on these as well, and with amazon's free shipping they are far more affordable for me than driving 100 mile round trip to the nearest large town with an asian grocery that carries them.
222668222668B000ALGNHSA37CJXZYOFTG78Diane B. Lobaugh "Dog Lover"0021349568000Not for my dog with copper storage syndromeI purchased this product because it advertised that it contained zinc and it does. My dog is on zinc maintainance because he has copper storage disease. When I read the ingredients I found an ingredient that would be harmful to him. The packages were never opened and returned with no questions asked. The delivery was fast and the customer service was courteous. I only give it 2 stars because I never used the product.
222669222669B0044CVYP0AFUB7FBT8KXQLFLUFFY0051345420800BOYFRIEND LOVES CHOCOLATE!!!What a huge hit these cookies turned out to be. It was an ice-breaker for me to talk to someone I really wanted to get to know better. I knew he loves football and chocolate, so voila, a perfect combination. I will continue to spoil my hard-working, football fan with this special treat.
222670222670B004M1R4FCA35QWFV4WDD4VDKathleen J. Putzig "blue stocking"0051342483200Great response to complaint, thanks!When I got a Galaxy Bar, and it had melted en route, I complained on this venue, and got a new candy bar - a delicious one. Thank you very much!
222671222671B000634818A31NSODB4F5P2NRichard Thrift1141205193600Happy PuppiesOld Mother Hubbard Special Recipe Mini Puppy Biscuits (20-oz bag)
These Mini Size Puppy Biscuits contain baked chicken with oatmeal, flax seed, apples and carrots and our two new puppies are crazy about them. They work well as a training reward. Our older dogs like them as well and get one occasionally.
222672222672B001GXDHTGA36Q114NI941CRMichael J. Vincent1151238544000PERFECT transaction!This seller is awesome! Ships promptly - Packs well - Great communication - My highest recommendation. Thank you!
222673222673B00860YDKYA39GTE3XQJTNP2dtabell0221342396800Not Aranciata Rossa like the photoOrdered this thinking it was San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa (like the photo on the product details page), however it was San Pellegrino Pompelmo that was shipped. Either they have the wrong photo on the product details page, or they shipped me the wrong item.
222674222674B0011DTKTCA2FG76MW7Z08RJB. Tri "Research Librarian"2251235347200Exactly as described, and a lot better for you than most gumXylichew does not contain artifical ingredients or sweeteners that are borderline cancer-causing. In fact, it has xylitol, that in some clinical studies has been shown to actually re-crystallize teeth. While some other gum may also have it, they also have questionable artificial sweeteners - why would you put that in your body?
222675222675B000G671SMA3IR8KHXQNV81Veronica Williams "Shy Gal"9951232064000Certified Addict in the Process!Once I had one bag, I could not stop. I should have DOUBLED my order! These pork rinds were by far the most fresh, delicious, flavorful set I have had in a long long time. I am glad I took a chance with the variety pack. For those of us who like it hot and tangy, the spicy bbq will be right up your alley. The taste is a little bold. Hot sauce goes great but is optional. The salt and vinegar pork rinds have a very bold, distinctive scent. They may make you say "whew!!" when you first open them. Nevertheless, they have a powerful tang and are as crisp and wonderful as over. The plain pork rinds should be eaten with hot sauce, but can stand on their own just the same. The sweet and mind flavor is very quiet, very subtle. I suggest hot sauce on these as the flavoring is a tad quiet. It reminds me of the bbq flavor. Finally, the regular bbq flavor is the only one I really had a hard time tasting. Again, bring the hot sauce for this bag.

All in all, It was a speedy, safe delivery I will be buying again and again. If you want pork rinds, do 'em right. Southern Things Inc. Has it down pat for this city gal.
222676222676B000G671SMA3KJFAHSF48KH3Discursive Boojum4451296086400Good low carb salty snackMy wife hates these, the very idea of them offends her deeply. "Pork skin fried in fat with salt, how is that even remotely a good idea?"
She's never eaten one and I'm pretty sure she never will. She's never kissed me when I've eaten them either. So she really has no idea how good pork rinds are really.
They are a wonderful snack for people who are following an Atkins diet. Almost all the calories in these little puffs of goodness are from the fat, they have less than a gram of carbs per serving, and 7-8 grams of protein per serving.
Also darn tasty. They don't crunch so much as snap, they are salty and delicious with a bit of hot sauce. With all these flavors you can please lots of party guests.
222677222677B000G671SMA25A10CM83UGXBgenie5331151298160000great product & great serviceAs a lo-carb dieter, I have such a hard time finding pork rinds in the Midwest. They are a vital part of so many of my menus, I was thrilled to find this product on Amazon. The shipment arrived much faster than predicted, the rinds were fresh and flavorful, and my lo-carb pork tenderloins and "breaded" minute steaks are back on the table! Fantastic!
222678222678B000G671SMA3Q1Q2TSGLBBB6Paula Trigg0051349308800Bariatric Surgery PatientAs a bariatric surgery patient these are one of the few "treats" I can have, due to the protein and low carb content. I highly recommend this product.
222679222679B000G671SMA1VYM47ZEUNTEZBLUEJAY0041341014400snacksthese make a great snack at night when i am watching tv i get tried of air popcorn so i figure why not try these pork rinds there pretty good too
222680222680B000G671SMA3PKDMBJLI5EHHBeth Skaggs "silverbets"0051340236800Fried Pork Rinds Mixed 24 Case (4 of Each Flavor)WOW! Its nice having a choise of flavors! BBQ, Plain, Salt & Vinegar, Hot BBQ, Sweet Mild BBQ, & seasoned with red pepper.......
222681222681B000G671SMA5BYBP87ZF431potteryferret0051337904000These are great!these flavors are all good...the red pepper are quite favorite are the salt and vinegar! Shipping was fast! Would definitley order these again!
222682222682B000G671SMA1RXS3NADEEEDCDouglas W. Middleton3511345248000Many additives, dyes and biblical quotes on packageI wanted a nice clean simple snack. What I received was pork rinds adulterated with MSG, several food dyes, Hydrongenated soybeen oil MSG and sugar. To put salt in the wound they plaster biblical quotes about Jesus on the package! They can do without this Buddhist's business! Total waste.

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