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222751222751B002OFH5G6A2WNELE7TKT3AZSomebody in MidWest0051308960000nice chocolaty taste that even my kids love itGood taste and all natural. Kosher too.
Only one cons, the price is too high for such a small portion (per unit size is roughly 1"x1"x.25" in size)
222752222752B002OFH5G6A3I4R24EN29GSHPriscilla Van Sutphin0051301788800Wonderful, and deliciousI LOVE these bars and it's so great to know they are good for you. I don't get hungry after eating them
and they contain all healthy ingredients. I've tried coconut chocolate, chocolate cashew and chocolate raspberry and they are all delicious.
222753222753B00469ROUUA2F8YO8WYHHKC4Nicholas E. Vanderborgh "BlueState"0011350518400Coffee?I had hopes for this Espresso, based on the Douwe Egberts brand, and the claim of "Gourmet". Quality is an interesting thing, and perhaps after a buy-out of two, things change. Now, under the SaraLee brand, cleverly well hidden on the wrapper (you really need to look for it), the taste is in the pudding. And this coffee is just junk. I am sure it had been sitting somewhere for a long time, a very long time. It had a horrid oxidized aroma when the bag was opened. The expresso pull was disappointing, no creme, just the taste of old coffee. As you might bet, the return policy is "no returns". So, this gets to join the compost pile. Anyhow, one time for me was convincing.
222754222754B00472D1OEAKV8M3G9A0C2GLuke Dollard "Luke"1151295827200Lovely!These are excellent! They are a banana puree coated in chocolate - resulting in a cross between baby food and junk food. What more could one want? Excellent price-point since these are flown all the way from Austria! Wowza!
222755222755B000K8FRCIA166FTAYS1BE6ILyn0051312848000YummyI use these flavoring tablets crushed and added to powdered dry milk to make my own sugar-free flavored creamer. Irish Creame is my favorite flavor.
222756222756B000K8FRCIA3DVMP3UOYTEZWMs. "another reader"0051301097600Adds a nice hint of flavor and a little sweetnessIrish Creme is my favorite of the Flavour Creations coffee flavoring tablets. They are very conveniently packaged for travelling, when you need to add something to those dreary hotel almost-coffee beverages to make them drinkable.
222757222757B000K8FRCIAGFHF0CEYVTYUK. Perry0131299628800Thought this was a good idea, NOTBought this item to help cover the taste of the coffee that some of my co-workers make.
You know the type, the kind that even a trucker would dump out.
Well the tablets were not strong enough.
Have not tried to use the item on coffee that a normal human would make.
Only three stars because I like the packaging and the aroma but have not found a good use for them as yet.
222758222758B001SAUCNQA3SVENFLN1NH8BVeja C. Brady "College Student"0051350000000Ting Soda ReviewI enjoyed this soda once before when I went to Jamaica. It is very hard to find in United States, let alone in the state of Minnesota. The product sent tastes just like the Ting soda that is in Jamaica. The only drawback to this product is the price you have to pay; 40+ dollars for 24 bottles. For those who really enjoy the soda it may be worth paying the price, for others it may be steep.
222759222759B001SAUCNQA17OJUYV64QT50Googleme!0041346630400Ting good! But even better in Jamaica!I had this wonderful beverage when we honeymooned in Jamaica last year. Wanted to surprise the wife for the first anniversary. The bottles looked a little different than the ones in Jamaica and said they were made in CANADA!!! Also, they didn't taste exactly as I remembered, but it could have been since they probably taste better on the beech and on vacation!
222760222760B001SAUCNQA1AHV733T9LLDETerry0051341878400BananaKeet DrinkMy husband and I had Ting in Tortola about 5 - 6 years ago. This wonderful restaurant had a drink that was Grey Goose and Ting with a twist of lime. What a refreshing drink. We bought some Ting at the grocery store there and had it plan, just as refreshing. Been searching for it in the US for awhile, with no luck until someone mentioned!
222761222761B003150G5KA18YF4KMSOI7PGJoyce M. Blodgett0051302480000He loves it!My dog loves all the Cesar Bistro line. He seems to feel better on it, too. Worth having a more perky dog.
222762222762B000V1PLYSA1NCI8TV89JAT7L. N.6651202428800I can't drink anything else now!I just received this wonderful tea and can't get enough of it. When I opened the bag for the first time, I was delighted by the tea's aroma. I then made a cup and was in heaven. It has a rich, delightful taste, is well balanced and leaves you wanting more - like a fine dessert without all the calories!
222763222763B001YJBN0MA22BGI38W7Q9X9PracticalWaysToSaveMoney1151313107200Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna is The BestI've been eating canned tuna for more than 40 years so that might make me an expert "consumer" of canned tuna. But seriously, when it comes to healthy eating, canned tuna has it all; rich in protein, low in fat and calories, and it's an excellent source of essential omega-3 fatty acids which help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

But most of us only eat it as "tuna fish salad", with mayo and maybe some chopped celery, because most of us have been brought up on lower quality tuna that tastes "fishy" or simply looks dark and icky (that's a technical term by the way, used by discerning children for decades). I did the same; ate lesser brands of tuna reluctantly as a child, adding everything from cheese to pickles to onions to mask the flavor of the stinky tuna. And the tuna you get in the average deli in my neck of the woods, well it's also cheap and it's usually mixed with sugar to help cut the fishy flavor and bread crumbs to extend the volume.

It wasn't until I was in my thirties that I decided to stop buying the less expensive brands and cuts of tuna and try something new, in hopes I would want to eat more tuna, and therefore eat healthier. I tried just about every brand and cut of canned tuna I could find in my local stores (in NY). And what I found was Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore (I prefer it packed in water) is the absolute best tasting tuna I could find. It's so good I can even eat it straight from the can, without doing anything to it!!

Although I can eat it straight, I do prefer it with a little mayo as a sandwich. But when I do make "tuna salad" with Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna I don't have to add all sorts of things to mask the flavor of the fish, because there is no "fishy" ickiness to it. When I'm in a hurry or just want something easy to make, I simply add a little black pepper and maybe a little lemon juice, and some mayo. It's fantastic, never fails, the quality and taste is always consistent. But, if I'm in the mood for something with a little more kick I add diced fresh veggies and herbs, maybe even some diced cheese like I did when I was a kid. Either way, straight, with mayo, or all dressed up, this tuna is without a doubt the best. I even find it to be better than Bumble Bee's more expensive tuna in the pouch. No need to waste your money on that when this tuna is perfectly fine just as it is.

Talking about money, you might notice the change in packages sizes in the last few years, for just about every product sold in the grocery stores these days. Used to be you had the choice of a 7 ounce can of tuna or the smaller single serve portion of about 3 ounces. Now most grocery stores don't offer the 7 ounce cans as the standard size. They offer the 5 ounce in place of it. All tuna's are now sold with 5 ounces being the standard can size, not just Bumble Bee. This is a trend throughout the food manufacturing industry, reducing the package size. But 7 ounce cans of tuna are not gone for good, not yet at least. You can still find them, and I have found, in my travels, the price per ounce for the 7 ounce can of Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna is often cheaper than the 5 ounce, when you can get it. So, I highly advise you shop around for the best price, and see if you can find the 7 ounce cans on sale. You'll find tips on this and other money saving advice on my blog. See my Amazon profile for details.

PS) I've had the privilege to eat wild tuna caught and canned locally on the coast of Washington state, and it is awesome, but I didn't include a comparison to those tunas in this review because they're a local product, not something everyone can get (or can easily get) in a national grocery store or supermarket chains. But if I were to compare Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna to those fresh caught & canned tuna's, Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore ranks right up there with the ones I've tried.
222764222764B0001R0516A2WPLEZSMHZKMEMarla B DeWaine0051323216000Anniversary treatsIt was a huge hit. I sent to aunt and uncle on their 40th anniversary. They were so impressed that they sent me a video of them enjoying it. I really made points.
222765222765B000QV2GZUA1TJT6GXDGNN8QOpinunated1131254960000Good (but not great) flavor from a Smaller CroutonGood flavor from a smaller crouton.

I can't find any flaws - smaller size, good crunch and some real taste.

If you want to know why I rated these croutons only 3 stars - it is because I have had better.

I only wish I knew where better croutons were easily purchased on Amazon at a fair price.

While I can certainly recommend these croutons, I hope someone on Amazon can recommend an even a better one. Post a comment!

I really doubt anyone would be disappointed with these croutons although they may not be overwhelmed by the taste. I also like a larger crouton.

In my opinion - this is a true 3 star product - which is to say good but not great
222766222766B000QV2GZUA30BSDA8Q8KJ3BSherry L. Pugh "Brian and Sherry"0051275350400THE BEST CROUTONS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so happy I found these online. These are the best ever and it sucks that no one has in store in my area, but now my problems are solved.
222768222768B004H4N9LWA1YJURJS4MEMY0Dar in Rome0011326844800MORE THAN NUTS IN THESE COOKIES!I loved these cookies,I was buying them as fast as the store got them in. When the store ran out, I ordered an entire case online. I will not order again. The last pack I got at the store had more shells in one cookie than nuts. I tried the Contact us at the site and got some one on Amazon full of excuses. Contact the manufacturer he said, If i go to the Almondina site, you are who i get. If Almondina doesn't want to address this issue,I am done. No more of these cookies. WARNING DANGER CHOCK FULL OF SHELLS. MAY CAUSE INJURY TO TEETH, MOUTH AND OR DENTAL APPLIANCES.AND NO ONE CARES, THEY ONLY WANT YOUR $
222769222769B003O5W6MIAE4DPB1LZQWZTDiane Webster "AUTHORWANNAB"0051341705600Oolong mango teaBest tea ever, Oolong mango tea. I have enough for now, but I don't ever want to run out of this wonderful fragrant tea.
222770222770B003O5W6MIA295DH2AFUOQL1Tea_Lover0051286236800Outstanding Service, Teas, and ShippingOhhh...this tea is GOOD. I mean I typically stay away from Oolong, White, and even Green Teas (primarily because most companies have low quality product that turns bitter too fast) but I decided to give this a shot. I am more then pleasantly surprised, I will have to try more from the ESP Emporium's store front.

This tea was gentle, and yet flavorful; aromatic and just the right color. I followed the instructions that were printed on the label, and it turned out just right not too weak, and not bitter (which I had over-brewed tea).

In conclusion whatever ESP emporium is doing they are doing it right.

Btw the service is outstanding I never had such a prompt and pleasant reply.
222771222771B002EB8QPEA2RBQCJR3S50R2David E. Sarna4441268265600Good Coffee Bit Unusual Taste
222772222772B002EB8QPEA1HFQ956W3D5VGNathan Arthur1151316563200My wife loves this, better than Senseo decafWe have a Senseo coffee maker and my wife usually drinks decaf coffee, but she doesn't like the Senseo decaf. After looking around, these Aloha Island pods seemed like a good (but comparatively expensive!) option, so we tried them. She loves them - we're absolutely going to keep these on hand from now on.
222773222773B002EB8QPEA566QLNKWM2MQWilliam G. Bruce1151313625600The best decaf there is.While coffee should pack a kick there are times when you just would like a hot drink. This is by far the best decaf there is. Tast great with a little Baileys!
222774222774B000IKCP9GAYJFP2AJ5Y64LSal G.0051336003200Jelly Belly's are the BestNeeded some bulk quantity jelly beans to fill small jars for baby shower favors. Buying them this way saved a lot of money over buying them by the pound at the local candy store. As stated in another review, the jelly beans just come in an unlined cardboard box. This seemed a bit odd, but there were 2 sheets of wax paper, I guess to prevent dust, etc from getting into the box through the top and bottom. Not much else to say, they're Jelly Belly's at about half the cost of the local guy!
222775222775B000IKCP9GA3TRQU8YII5TO6Golddust "jungle dweller"0031244851200a little surprisedI was shocked to see that the bulk version of these Jelly Belly's are just in a cardboard box, no plastic, no nothing. Doesn't seem overly hygienic. Since I didn't open the box for a few months the Jelly Belly's were getting softer and crystallizing [unbeknownst to me] because we live in a wet climate. Hmmm...just be aware that the packaging should be upgraded
222776222776B004OW6XMEA19X109J9COOPQjean lewis2251311552000Laxmi's Delights Golden Flaxseed Spread with Dates & OrangeThis stuff is GREAT, especially with peanut butter. Tasty, tangy, and good for you. My sister just tried it and wants some herself, so I'm sending part of my order to her. "Delights" is appropriately named, for sure. Now I'm going to try the Lemony Flaxseed Spread with Ginger and Honey. I'm sure it will be just as good.
222777222777B000N9VLJ2A2CIM63PECYOOHW. L. Feistel101141307318400Favorite Dark ChocolateThese are very high quality, and especially good when you want to cut back on all the sugar that comes in the various fillings and milk chocolate found in their other varieties of squares. Very satisfying chocolate flavor without much regret. The photo at the time of this review shows one of the three flavors is Mint Bliss 60% Cacao, but my experience (and that of another reviewer as well) was that the mint flavor is replaced with Midnight Reverie 86% Cacao. The other two flavors are correct: Evening Dream 60% Cacao and Twilight Delight 72% Cacao. Still an excellent bag of chocolates, worth 5 stars, but I have to take off a star due to the misrepresentation, which has persisted for over a year.
222778222778B000N9VLJ2A1GQAKL9CGQLP1L. M. Keefer5551323475200Love This Sampler of Dark ChocolateI bought this assortment of Ghirardelli Intense Dark chocolate. It's a combination of 60%, 72% and 86%--anything above 60% is recommended by nutritionists as being positive for health benefits. An ounce a day is great. It's a non-guilty pleasure. As a friend said, "Chocolate is a vegetable--it's a bean!" These are not too bitter for my taste and silky and smooth. I'm quite satisfied with a small amount after dinner as the flavor is intense and lasts. This chocolate is an affordable, healthy and daily treat.
222779222779B000N9VLJ2A32ZVU4YLGSDIFJean H.Hill1151341446400Delicious Chocolate purchased at AmazonBeing a great fan of dark chocolate (which is healthy if eaten in moderation), I loved the Ghiradelli Intense Dark Premium Chocolate assortment. I would order it in a flash but I would gobble it down quickly, being a chocoholic.
222780222780B000N9VLJ2A1RJZGDDWSWOT4Helen MS1151333411200Ooooooooh.....AaaaaaaahI love, love, love this assortment. Yes, the 86% cacao Midnight Reverie replaces the mint that's shown and to my mind, that's a good thing. I find it intense, but not bitter, but that could be personal preference. The intensity helps me limit myself to a few squares, so I get indulgence plus antioxidants. Highly recommended!

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