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222781222781B000N9VLJ2AZZY649VYAHQSWorldwide11151309737600I Have Spoken.All of the chocolate arrived with out melting an not broken in peices. The taste is supreme and melts just right. This is a 2 Quantity buy because 1 is not enough. Starting with the Assortment which will make the best impression on the taste buds.
222782222782B000N9VLJ2A38KRK4Z0AXC59TODD TEMPLETON5731334361600Could be 5 starsDaaaark! In this Large package of all solid dark chocolates squares are varied by the percentage of it's purity - 50%, 70 and 80%. The 50% is excellent and the higher percentage chocolates (In my opinion) should only be used for baking. Then again I found no problem finishing these with help from friends. The bag contained much more of the 50% with less again for the darker squares.
222783222783B000N9VLJ2AVXC4URNTSSE7Water0051349395200my favorite chocolateLove Ghirardelli, especially their dark chocolate. Easy to share with others because of its individual package. Love it very much!
222784222784B000N9VLJ2A36W89J5398KDIGary A. Brinkerhoff "Gary A Brinkerhoff"0051337644800Love that Chocolate!Three Differant levels of Dark Chocolate flavors for the Chocolate Lover and well worth every penny. I take my time to enjoy the moments of eating pleasure.Ghirardelli Intense Dark Premium Dark Chocolate Assortment 50 Pack
222785222785B000N9VLJ2A1ZB8AP7A4TY25Amazon_Customer_X0051337040000Tasty and HealthyLove these! And since dark chocolate is now said to be good for your heart, you won't feel guilty about eating one or two every day.
222786222786B000N9VLJ2A3PVH39XS18YP8R. Hurst0011336953600Disappointed!!!!I ordered this chocolate as a Mother's Day gift and when they arrived they were dried out and discolored. I believe they had melted at some point. Not exactly what you want your Mom to get on her special day. At least Amazon customer service was great and issued a full refund.
222787222787B000N9VLJ2A3UA3EW8ON431JRichard G. Ewell1241330473600Dark Chocolate. It's good, but it's not for everyone.This is a bag of dark chocolate squares.
The dark chocolate squares are individually wrapped.
Good quality.
There are three different types of dark chocolate in this bag.

The 60% percent dark chocolate, which is the sweetest, but least dark.
the 72% percent dark chocolate, which is less sweet, and more dark,
and the 86% percent dark chocolate, which is not sweet at all, it is very bitter.
It has a strong aftertaste to it. like chewing black coffee grounds. No milk, no sugar. Just black chocolate taste.

I like dark chocolate. I find most milk chocolate to be way too much sugar, and way too sweet, and not enough chocolate.
But the 86 percent dark chocolate is really dark and bitter.

So if you really like bitter dark chocolate, go for it.
222788222788B000N9VLJ2AGQFPMI5XRCFDKenny Manion2411329782400Still misrepresentedAs other reviewers have said, no mint bliss in this package. That was the only reason I ordered what I thought the picture accurately depicted. I wish I'd seen the other reviews first. Going back nearly two years on the reviews, I guess no one is reading their feedback.
222789222789B000N9VLJ2A3EVYQJV331N4QMinnesota Sky0111350432000HorribleI am not a big chocolate fan. I bought this because it was dark chocolate. All three varieties of assortment taste horrible. I never ate a cardboard but I think cardboard might taste better than this. I tried few pieces of Hershley's bliss dark chocolate and it is much better than this product.
222790222790B000N9VLJ2A2627RSY1RFD2NShannon71711275004800MisrepresentedThe only reason I purchased this item was to get the Mint Bliss chocolates and when I received the item, there were none of those included. Very disappointed!
222791222791B002C6IRXWA2W9DOKIU8Q34KMark Dunlap "Markhawks"0051321315200Excellent value - plant in great shapeWas hesitant about buying the bonsai on line, but it arrived promptly and very well packed. Seems to be doing well in its new home.
Would buy from them again.
222792222792B002ZSXT3KA26ZYSMMEV6FXRC. L. Parker "poetswings"0011346544000big POUTDid not taste the apple nor the shallots--- went to the trash. I was expecting a fruity flavor, with the hint of shallots... this was not a good flavor, tasted "old", was not good enough (I thought) to keep as a marinade.
222793222793B004DY35TWA3OM0I03DI716UGary G. Gagne0051348185600My dog loves these bully sticksI have purchased several brands of bully sticks for the years. The red barn brand is by far the best quality.
My dog actually prefers this brand to the brand that is available locally here.
222794222794B005LR4I4QA11Z81ADK6TUSYMary E. Rondeau0051346025600AWESOME COFFEE! LOVE IT!This is a superb Starbucks coffee. I just wish it had been clearer that it was WHOLE BEANS (as opposed to GROUND coffee).
222795222795B002V02IJIA1RTXT0UZQFIU3blool2251316304000crystallized gingergreat price per pound. fast shipping in box and double plastic bags. nice sized pieces. perfect taste. only wish it had been shipped in bucket as illustrated rather than in well-packed box
222796222796B001DTOFI0A2PAQ4RBJ3TOEKKyle4411321488000arrived warmI guess I need to chalk this one up to buyer beware.

I was pretty upset when these steaks arrived at what was an unsafe handling temperature.

I had no idea how long they had been in this state, so they were unsafe to eat. In the trash can with em.

I also thought the description was worded rather poorly. It is only 18 ounces / 3/4" thick if you stack them together (maybe not even then.)

I weighed one for fun on the food scale own and it rang in at 7.5 ounces. I would say they were 1/4" thick each, if that,

It's back to Whole Foods with me
222797222797B001D6SH1OA3160YSU1KRL8EMichael Ziegler0051292889600Aristocratic sauces prepared for the gourmetRoland is known for providing the very best of gourmet products for use in receipes that require the most distinctive ingredients. The Mango here is perfectly blended as if one were making a distinctive hollandaise or other sauce The chili is not overpowering! Wonderfully useful at the table as well for adding accent to vegetables and asian dim sum. Well recommended. Everyone will love this product and ask where you bought it.
222798222798B002QOF8TGA21EKBEHJRRY8AMike0041302566400Great syrup, groosly overpriced! (on Amazon)Do yourself a favor, and buy this syrup at your local Target for <$4.00.
I buy these syrups from time to time- they taste great.
They are a bit thicker than other syrups I've used, but it's all good.

If you look at the ingredients, you could almost think you could make them on your own.
It's essentially, water, and flavoring.
The non-sugar-free variety, sugar is the first ingredient, followed by "filtered water" and "natural and artificial flavor."

Still a pretty good deal, for a person like me who only uses occasionally.
For $4, I mean.
Not the ridiculous $14! these are listed at.
222799222799B001EO777AA1OZP8TJR77E9QSEGOOEY "RAY"3351273795200Great FlavorThis decaf espresso is really great. The flavor is full bodied. Does not have the watery taste of run of the milll decafs..
The aroma also compliments the full favor and tastes more like regular coffee that is made with fresh coffee beans. I have tried it now for over 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the bustello.
222800222800B001EO777AAN391HEORUYSJMishelle3351258848000tasty and quick to makeI have used this in protein powders to create a quick coffee drink flavor. I'll drink this for a quick cup on the go when I don't have time to brew some espresso. Takes time to grind beans, steam etc. I use about 1tbs for a 16oz cup and its just about right for me. I normally can NOT stand instant coffee. Weak in flavor and taste. This isn't as good as a good cup of espresso, but when using a cheap at home espresso machine - this stuff is pretty comparable. I'm not a big coffee drinker but when I do drink it, I feel it better be good, or I'm not going to bother. I've also tried the starbucks VIA - and this stuff is just as good. Though when I got the bustello they did not have a decaf via. A warm cup of decaf is so soothing at night YUM
222801222801B001EO777AA38K5QB8US44IOTreeland2241212969600a quick espressogood for moment when one is short on time but not very strong and the flavor is mild.
222802222802B001EO777AA3UJXS6E963IMBIsis "Green Eyes"0041350172800GOOD and Quick, but too priceyI like to take a cup of espresso out with me every morning. I was disappointed when the doctor said for me to cut out the caffeine. This stuff is pretty good and is a good substitute if you are busy, single and take coffee only a cup at a time. Its quite expensive though and lasts only about 6 weeks for the large pack.
222803222803B001EO777AAWCP50JMEJCCMMike0051342051200Good Stuff!We've been drinking the instant Bustelo Decaf for a while and it's pretty good. You have to remember one thing - it's instant coffee, so you can't expect it to taste "Exactly" like a freshly brewed espresso from a coffee shop. That said, the flavor is good and we've drank it hot, iced, and mixed into a smoothie to give it a little coffee flavor - all methods worked really well. The product dissolves really easily in either hot or cold water, so you can do a lot with it. Just like anything, it's a matter of personal taste, but this is one of the few instant espressos we've purchased and actually enjoyed.
222804222804B001EO777AA38NSWSSC4NE89judy0011294876800Very disappointed!This does not at all taste like espresso. It is very weak in flavor, almost no flavor, and is light in color not like dark espresso roast. I wish I could return it. If you want something to taste like espresso do not buy this!
222805222805B001EO777AA24UZG6IN2UZGOM. Thomas "free8401"1251252713600want moreI looked online and this item is out right-now and this is the only place i have found it in semi-bulk............. order more please
222806222806B001EO777AA2IA7B2RK07543Teri Benaron0111282348800not what it represents itself to bei was expecting real decafineated expresso. Not instant coffee you use more to make your expresso. Amazon should evaluate their products better.
222807222807B001EO777AA2A1XYSB692L6JPatricia "A Reader"2731248912000S Y R U P Y ,....S T R O N G......B I T T E RI was looking for instant coffee, because instant coffee is what I
normally drink, as it is easy to prepare. I was looking for decaffinated coffee, because that's supposed to be better for your health. I was looking for espresso coffee, because, so the legend goes, if you mix it with regular instant coffee, it will make the resulting cup of instant coffee taste like brewd coffee.

I found all I wanted in Cafe Bustelo Decaffeinated Instant Espresso 97% Caffeine Free coffee. All I wanted -- except TASTE! This coffee is, to me at least, sort of bitter and syrupy in taste -- even when water is added. FAR more bitter than the Medaglia D'Oro undecaffeinated espresso I usually buy. Also a bit too strong. Luckily, I also have on hand Instant Decaffeinated Taster's Choice Coffee, Instant Regular Maxweel House Coffee, Instant Decaffeinated Maxwell House Coffee, and other instant coffees, both decaffeinated and regular, that I have bought in the past year or so. So -- I have mixed other instant coffees with the Cafe Bustelo Decaffeinated Instant Espresso 97% Caffein Free Coffee. The strong, bitter taste of the Cafe Bustelo Decaffeinated still unhappily predominates -- but at least it's subdued, somewhat, by the other coffees, and I guess I can get through all four bottles.

P.S. The 3.5 ounce glass jar -- larger than other instant espresso coffee jars, and yet smaller than most regular instant coffee jars, however, will make a PERFECT carrying case for my pet betta fish, which has sadly developed some black spots on her otherwise pristine, pretty pink exteriour. No, there are no air-holes for breathing in the instant-coffee's screw-on top....but if I leave three-quarters of the space free, and only add water for one-quarter of the area of the jar, there will be plenty of air for my sweet little fishy to breathe, during the 15 minute car-ride to the pet shop.

I try hard to find at least SOME advantage in even the worst purchasing situation -- and seem to have found one here!
222808222808B005MHRGH6A1TXQ6BSLRR3VPprestonsmommy1151334620800highly recommend!This is a great product. My 7 month old son can eat the entire 4.22 ounce package and remain satisfied and happy for at least 3-4 hours. I highly recommend. The product is easy to dispense and is safely packaged. I am making my return order now!
222809222809B005MHRGH6A384KMIDQM8385Ami1151329868800Delicious Flavor!The Pumpkin Banana flavor, according to the response of our 7-month-old, is quite tasty! She gobbled it up in no time at all. Even though Plum puts lemon juice concentrate in this product (as they do all their products, and it is the last ingredient listed), my children have no aversion associated with the food, including this Pumpkin Banana product. While it is not her favorite (the Spinach, Peas & Pears is), she does enjoy it and happily eats it when it's served. Our extremely picky 3-1/2 year-old also enjoys the Pumpkin Banana flavor, and he is one tough cookie to please, so it must be decent! We would definitely get it again.
222810222810B005MHRGH6A31Z6A9QECVMCNC. OKeefe "1337"0051338940800Love this stuff!I give these to my son all the time. He's now 2 years old and these are the perfect on-the-road snack for him. All of the flavors are just fantastic really but pumpkin banana is my son's favorite.

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